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97.72% BTS FF'S / Chapter 43: REGRETS. {MIN YOONGI FF} CHPAPTER 1: Uninvited

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Chapter 43: REGRETS. {MIN YOONGI FF} CHPAPTER 1: Uninvited

It was another boring day at the palace.

I was used to this but I couldn't help but feel really bored since my best friend was sick today. There was no drama in the palace or no one to tell me what was going on in the palace would be better to say. So I talked to Yuri, my angel, that well that I kind of made up.

"Are you having fun back there?" I asked into the air.

Yuri didn't reply with her voice it was like silent treatment. I soon gave up on reaching any of her or any of my angels and just laid in my bed.

1 day.

there was only one day until her sister's coronation.

I had never wanted the coronation to take place in the kingdom.

1. I would have to wear an uncomfortable gown.

2. All I'll probably do is just smile and wave at everyone including the girls who would be dying over my extremely hot brother.

3. It would be boring.

did I really have to go? It's as if I'm signing up for my death by all by myself. It's not like my sister would care even if I didn't come. But then all the gossip from the nobles wasn't something I wanted either.

"tomorrow please don't come," I whimpered praying.

but it came anyway.


instead, I drifted off into an interesting dream.




the preparations were made.

I knew too damn well that the throne was mine. I was the rightful heir to my ancestor's throne and my powers proved it I could control lightning for God fucking sakes.

But then again I also knew that I couldn't get it from my goddess-like sister and annoying step-mother.

my free hands turned into clenched fists.

I could cause the lightning but, I can't, I can't cause harm to innocent people just because I'm the rightful heir I need to prove myself.

And I will, just not by lightning that will be the last resort.

Now in my dreams, I saw the crystal crown, and it reminded me of something.

Our family's history.

The history of the crystal crown says; it will only shine on the true heir, and true heir only, only the true heir can command the crowns power to do anything they wish as long as the crown gives their consent. The crown judges the rights and wrongs and works with the heir,

however, if the crown is placed on the only heir to the kingdom (or the eldest) the crown will search the whole kingdom to the next, and beyond to see if there is someone more worthy and capable for the throne, and of course, they must have royal blood.

Of course, mother and sister were unaware of this as it was only a fairytale, the fairytale however was based on true scenarios and there was only one book of the fairytale that was the only one made and gifted to me by my father.

King Eric Elanior Alos; The greatest king, warrior, and kind king there ever was.

He died, unfortunately.

Someone tapped my shoulder waking me from my thoughts.

"Alice! Do you feel better?!" I asked my best friend who was also my personal maid.

"Duh, what do you take me for?" she says rolling her eyes like it was the most obvious thing in the kingdom.

after a bit of, light-hearted chit-chat with my friend the crowning ceremony took place.

"You positive your fairytale stuff will work?" she asked holding my hand worriedly.

"Trust me, Alice," I whispered back.

"fine! but only because you can make thunder appear from nowhere," she huffed silently. Taking her hand off mine.

Then it was time for the crown ceremony. I was praying that it would work. What if it was just a fairytale after all? What the hell would I do then?!

I tried to keep my posture and focus on the daughters of the nobles who were eye-fucking, my older brother as if they want to eat him up. Which they will probably do after the ceremony for the record. I rolled my eyes at the thought. and then, I saw the crown.

"Beautiful," I whispered.

I could feel my eyes flash y/f/c and back to my original color.

(y/f/c stands for your favorite color)

My heart pounded my sister had been waiting for this moment her whole life, training for it. what if my powers aren't enough for me to be the heir? What if the crown doesn't search for me?

What if it's just a stupid fairytale after all?

I could feel my heart sink in my chest as the suspicion rises in me.

The crown was about to be placed on her hovering above her head. I immediately stood up. Except it wasn't me, my powers were taking control. My eye colors had flashed once again until they were set on one color. and it wasn't the natural color of my eyes.

"Who dares to take over the true heir's throne?" I could hear the priest whisper.

"that's the true heir?" I heard other nobles in the crowd ponder on the thought.

it sounded more like an insult.

My beauty was average, so I could see why they were so surprised, after all my sister looked like a goddess compared to me. And she was treated like one too,

suddenly my feet weren't on the ground anymore but in thin air.

the crown flew to me instantly.

it was in front of me, glowing brighter than the 7 suns.

after all, it was made from the 7 suns, a little part of each sun.

But why was it just flying in the air?

am I not enough?


my mind went into chaos.

questions, so many of them were circling me.

I reached out wanting to touch it but I put it back down. The crown doesn't want me, I put my head down in disappointment and failure. I won't force it.

I can't.

Sister has been training this day for years. I closed my eyes focusing and my feet slowly reached the ground. The crown was moving back to my sister, and it was about to be placed on her head looking stunning on her. Like it should have been.

it was her who worked day and night, it was my sister who learned every language, it was not me who learned how to dance, it was she who always topped their classes while working hard.

Not me but her.

It makes sense why the crown chooses her.

It was a smart choice.

My anger was reaching beyond what I could handle.

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because they pitied my fate?

for useless hope?

False hope wouldn't solve anything. A fire was burning inside my chest. knots tied up in my throat if I were to speak I would just end up sobbing. sobbing, in so much pain.

'Why?' I wanted to ask.

The crown was flying above her head.

And suddenly,

an explosion, A storm, a hell released from the sky.

but it was not from me,

I guess there was an uninvited guest to the coronation.

everything was flooded with water, a heavy fog not allowing me to see anything. I was emotionally weak and unable to see. Before everything faded in front of me I saw two eyes staring into the depths of my soul from the thick hail falling onto me.

Those eyes were red,


I hope you guys will enjoy this new series as it really does have a storyline to it that I hope you will find it absolutely stunning.

and it is not your basic "bad step-mother" book either, it's very different.

maybe it will catch you off guard. ;)

I hope you will find it special and read it.

Author whose been watching too much Asian drama's lately.

word count because this has become like a flipping tradition: 1335

I purple you.

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