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What would you do if you were reborn in the world of Battle Through the Heavens without a distinguished background or an elder in your ring and just a decent talent?
Luckily, Xiao Ming has awakened the Life Simulator System!

[The Life Simulator is on]



[You have experienced an ordinary life.]

[Elements are being chosen.]

[Currently available: Green Lotus Core Flame, Flame Mantra, Woeful Poison Body.]

[Please choose one.]

Every seven days, he can choose to extract one of the elements from his life simulation.

In this way, Xiao Ming began his ordinary life.


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I will be mentioning some important points that might help you decide whether or not to read this story. SPOILERS WARNING FOR FUTURE EVENTS! (Not explicit) ..... .... ... . Summarized: 1) The MC is calm and tolerant, not like most Chinese MCs, but has a bottom line. 2) The MC will not seek to antagonize Xiao Yan actively, his attitude will be indifferent. 3) The MC will not follow the same path as Xiao Yan. 4) The story is slow-paced at the beginning. 5) There will be some OC's, especially in the first major arc. 6) The time will come when the MC will actively influence the original story. 7) The love interests are very relevant to the story, in the future very powerful, and will be of great help to the MC. (If you want spoilers of who they are check the comment in chapter 2 where I answer that). 8) The Life Simulator System will simulate a maximum of 10 years ahead. Long version: 1) The Protagonist: The MC unlike most Chinese MC's, usually thinks things through calmly and will not jump at the slightest provocation, he has quite a bit of tolerance, but also will not hesitate with those who have crossed the line. He's not perfect, but you definitely won't think he has a hole in his head. This story is not based on walking the same path as Xiao Yan and stealing his chances, this is the story of Xiao Ming (MC of this story) and he is going to walk his own path, so some OCs might appear especially in the first major arc, of course then during his adventures he will influence the original story more and more. The MC will not actively antagonize the original protagonist (Xiao Yan) of the story, whether they become enemies in the future will depend on Xiao Yan's actions. 2) Pace of the story The MC has good talent and a quite useful system, however, the development especially in the first 50 chapters will be slow-paced, as the MC needs to practice his techniques, learn alchemy and go out to look for his own opportunities that will be the basis that will make him very powerful in the near future. After all that, despite being considered a powerhouse, he won't ruin the story with an invincible MC, his power level will be consistent and his adventures interesting. So if you are looking for an OP MC from the start this is not your thing. 3)Love interests Love interests will be very relevant to the future story, the MC will not actively seek a relationship, it will happen based on circumstances, however, the main emphasis of the story is on the adventure, so take love interests as travel companions and a great help for the MC.

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'As of Ch.185' Evaluation: Sparkling Gem! WQ: With less to no mistake grammatical errors and a well thought storyline, plus long chapters. 5/5 SD: With an average to fast pace development without affecting the story & MC progression. 5/5 CD: MC is not that OP as he also uses his foreknowledge of BTTH to his advantage rather then 'hugging-thigh' of Xiao San, plus his high intelect and out of the box strats' which help him overcome the schemes and plot of BTTH-verse. 5/5 US: Author-san kept the pacing of his update up to speed which stimulates readers to keep it on our toes. 5/5. WB: As the story is still in the development phase we haven't noticed the big plots that is in the BTTH cannon as well as the world of the Big Clans. 4/5 Don't be discouraged by the reviews but take it as a challenge to do better. Kudos to author-san and well wishes! xD

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This is a great novel with an MC that has his head straight and the story is moving at a nice pace. Recently I am hooked to simulation novels and am happy that I get more. The translation is very good and am happy to read this.

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I might be a little harsh here but even though the story is written quite good compared to many ff on webnovel it's hella boring with a boring mc boring interactions boring plot and seems like a waste of time to me.

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This fanfic is making me very sleepy. The reason why I kept hanging on until chapter 100+ was only because I was hoping the MC would soon get a love interest for him from the heroine. But so far the MC looks like a person who has no interest in women, even the main heroine like Gu Xuner doesn't really interact with the MC. It probably takes hundreds more chapters to get to the point of MC falling in love and it takes hundreds more chapters to see MC sleeping with the heroine. Gosh this is so slow! The MC is like a background character who doesn't even want to get involved with the canon plot. People praise this because the MC doesn't antagonize or do anything to the canon protagonist, but that's exactly why the story is so boring! The 100 chapters I read just to see the MC adventuring using his system to become strong, I'm not sure what the MC's purpose in life is. Living quietly? Boring, he doesn't even have the desire to get the heroine. The harem is basically still 0, there is a heroine who goes with him on adventures but the two of them only have a friendly relationship. The MC really has no intention of furthering their relationship. I feel like the romance and harem genres in this book are fake, but I heard in the china version of this book the MC will actually have a harem. Well but it will probably take 200-400 chapters to get to that point.

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The good reviews made me somewhat hopeful about the quality of this novel, only to leave me greatly disappointed. This novel reads like a mid to low quality MTL with the staple of all those types of novels... a mentally challenged MC. The MC has no imagination, and when given an ability the literally gives him a day by day prophecy of the future for years in advance only utilizes it as a loot generating passive. The MC never really thinks about the impacts of his decisions, just goes with the flow. The main issue that made me drop it so early just sums down to the MC being a flat and robotic character, lacking life or anything past levels of intelligence that AI models I can access for free would leave in the dust (in relation to decision making). If you are the kind of person that doesn't care whether the MC uses his golden spoon correctly or posses that human spark of emotion and intelligence we usually expect, then as the other reviews attest this may be the novel for you. P.S. I hate that the paragraph comments I was agreeing with the most were from a user titled "HaremKing"

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Dude, author comment: I_LOVE_MEGUMIN: Ohhh, nice, last question who is the love interests??? Author: Xiao Yi Xian (FL) and Zi Yan Your novel you choice but don't put a harem tag if you have only 2 fml, and even chose the boring ones. At least a disclaimer on the description ffs

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I'm always confused, does the MC experience the simulation like a VR, or does he just see the words himself? It is never explained if he experiences each life until he dies, or just reads the words.

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I literally forced myself to read on and on. Its boring. There's no suspense. No actual conflict for the protagonist. It seems as though every character wants to boot lick him. The way we also see him behave and appear to other people is corny, and unbefitting, considering he's more spoiled than the offspring of a billionaire. And he's a bit weird. He labeled a 4-6 year old kid that he is a pervert, and you might rebuttal, claiming that Xiao Yan is a reincarnate. But the protagonist already knew why Xiao Yan sneaked in Xun Er room or whatever. It was to help her body with circulating Dou Qi or her dou bones or whatever. Anyways, I just take this as the protagonist wanting to possibly date Xun er in the future, which is weirder. As he wouldve have perverted intentions for a woman that's very much mentally younger than him at the time. The way the characters act towards him is funny. Especially the women. They will have stiff smiles or whatever, but that would be out of place. When you consider that Ya Fei and the Princess of the Jia Empire with their years of experience, to face some sort of negative reaction at least once in their career. Tl Dr: Protagonist is a spoiled brat and weird. Side characters are buns. The story is wish fulfillment.

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As of ch16: It’ an edited MTL I believe. The Editor is doing god’s work. Writing quality is pretty good and the cultivation ranks and such come out well. Update stability: No issues. Like 7+/week I guess? Story development: I mean it’s 16 chapters so this could go any direction but I really like the life simulation thing going on. Character design: I quite like the MC. Rational, not lecherous, has a good head, tries to stay low-key if it’s beneficial and not if it is not anymore etc. you will like him to. Not much seen of other characters right now. World building: Now thag I think about it, it’s been relying a lot on knowledge of the novel. Knowledge is not required but don’t expect much world building here. Promising with potential!!

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I just hate this MC. The writer literally destroyed the original plot of battle through the heavens and the life simulator system is just name MC forgets that he has some cheat system for 60-70 chapters.

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It had a good starting and i like what i read for the most of the early chapter, went downhill after 100+ and now mc is just collecting underage harem so im out.

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This is the best BTTH fanfic I have ever read. Usually BTTH fanfics would get abandoned too soon. Among the dozens I have read none except this has the MC going beyond dou grandmaster. Keep up the good work Author. Hope you finish it.

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Translation is good but, the author were trash. i read until like 46 chapter and there no meaningful plot development, the character was one of generic cultivation novel called cardbox. there nothing hinting his own conflict or what ever, just like watching gameplay pf open world in youtube, no matter what power up or fight he get it make me sleepier the more i read it. i hope it getting better but currently i feel like i can just skip 10 chapter and still can ignore the devlopment happen in there.

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Most of my enjoyment in this novel is bullying the original MC... being a chad and declining women... and chaos duo brought by Zi Yan being mischievous...and they are all gone... The harem is pretty much unnecessary and the romance thrown out of the window after he gets the first girl ...

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Honestly, it was good until author killed Yao lao. After that incident, the author is just dragging the plot. It's literally boring. Same old helping MC's buddies to increase there cultivation then increasing MC's cultivation so that he won't be left to far behind. It feels like system is there to help MC's wives rather than helping him. Not to mention, author is not even utilizing the system properly. So, it 3 star form me...

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i hate xiao san. don't let him get a relationship with any girl pls

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tbh, i didn't know that Xiao Yan was a reincarnator. even i was oblivious to his childhood. knowing that, i was disappointed and immediately thought that it was better if Xiao Ming let him die to avoid future trouble, kekw. since, you know, Xiao Yan is a child of disaster, more or less. anyway, it's a nice story. and i love it as it immediately hooked me to read from the first chapter to 249 almost in one go.

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I'm sorry, I'll leave it, the growth of the poison girl seems ridiculous to me, the growth of the Prota was already ridiculous, and I hate when someone grows like that on their face, without trying in the slightest

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So far it's great, update stability is perfect. The MC is quite level headed and doesn't follow Yan like a dog. A great potential for this kind of genre. Keep it up [img=recommend][img=recommend]

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