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100% Buddhism Fanatic' / Chapter 64:  Distribution of Power

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Chapter 64:  Distribution of Power

There were many powers within the Qingta City, and those who could establish their foothold, without exception, all owned their own businesses. However, under such intense competition, there was not a single industry that was able to stand out.

Thus, the ones who relied on normal industries to establish their foothold were the lower level powers within the Qingta City.

With a population of millions of Qingta City, the biggest profit was still the business tax, which was the right to manage twenty of the trading market. This right was nominally granted by City Lord's Mansion, but in reality, it was being fought for by the various powers.

And the power that obtained the right to manage the market relied on profits that ordinary industry couldn't earn, becoming the middle level power of Qingta City.

As for the upper echelons, they were the three great powers of the Qingta City.

"Twenty permits for business, not only related to the right to operate the trading market …" Lu Zhan said slowly, "It's also a ticket to enter the forbidden grounds' remains!"

"Hmm?" Lu Yang never thought about this.

"The resources in the ruins of the forbidden area are more abundant, and there might even be treasures left behind by ancient sects." The resources in the forbidden area might be even richer, and there might even be treasures left behind by ancient sects.

Lu Zhan's tone was somewhat disdainful, "In order to prevent the Bluestone Ban from falling into an endless conflict, the three great forces had no choice but to rope in one group and suppress the other …

"So they gave the qualification to enter the ruins to the other twenty forces, which is the same as hauling them onto the same boat. Even if the other powers in the city were unwilling, they would not be able to compete with the powers in the Qingta City and above. "

Lu Yang quickly understood this level. Fortunately, his Lu Family was one of the twenty forces and he had the qualifications to enter the ruins.

Lu Zhan saw through what Lu Yang was thinking, and said: "According to the rules set in the past, the three great powers can send five people into the ruins each, and the twenty great powers can only send two people, so if you want to obtain this position in your family, you must also compete with your eldest uncle and second uncle."

Lu Yang's eldest uncle and second uncle both had late stage Spiritual Spring Realm cultivation. Both of them had stopped at this level for many years and had already faintly sensed the opportunity to break through.

This kind of cultivation, which was only half a step away from Spirit Lake Realm, was also known as the Half-step Spirit Lake Realm. Its strength was quite a bit stronger than ordinary Spiritual Spring Realm cultivators.

In Lu Zhan's opinion, although Lu Yang was an absolute genius, if he wanted to snatch a spot from his two uncles, he was still lacking something.

Lu Yang himself was not too concerned about this, but he was more concerned about one thing: "The two spots in the family were given to Eldest and Second Uncle … What about you, father? "

Caught off guard, Lu Zhan was slightly startled by Lu Yang's question. After a while, he said, "My strength has not been recovered, so I'm not suitable to participate in the competition for the forbidden grounds."

"He hasn't recovered yet?"

Lu Yang could clearly feel the undulations on the surface of Lu Zhan's body, his cultivation had increased by a lot, his sensitivity towards the Spirit Element had also increased, thus he was able to discern even more things that he could not have discovered before.

"Although the fluctuations of the Spirit Element are strong, it is short-lived and unstable. This means that even though I can use the Spirit Element to unleash a certain amount of power, I won't be able to sustain it for long …" Lu Yang quickly revealed his conclusion.

Lu Zhan was surprised.

After he displayed his skills at the hunt, there were at least eight people who were watching him closely. In order to not let these people see his situation, he had purposely concealed his aura and even disguised his undulations.

Lu Zhan was confident that the conclusion that the scouts could come up with would be: his strong undulations, his restrained Qi, and his lack of comprehension.

But Lu Yang saw through his weakness with one glance!

Lu Zhan's emotions were complicated, as he felt both happiness and bitterness.

It was hard for him to believe that his own father, who he was most familiar with, was able to hide anything from his son, even easily seeing through the disguise he had put up. He was very happy about Lu Yang's sharp eyes and accurate judgement.

"Father's injury should be within the meridian, right?"

What Lu Yang said next immediately caused Lu Zhan's face to change!

That's right, Lu Zhan's injuries were all on his meridians, and if a cultivator's meridians were to be destroyed, it would be equivalent to cutting off the Spirit Element's pathway, which meant that no matter how strong the cultivator was, they would be unable to activate the Spirit Element in their body.

It could be said that now that his meridians and meridians had been destroyed, it meant that his cultivation had been crippled and he had become a cripple!

However, this was Lu Zhan's secret, and only he and Lu Tianxiong knew about the entire Lu Family.

Then there is only one possibility... He had seen through it himself!

But, could the perception of the fluctuations of the Spirit Element make such an accurate judgement? Even the alchemists in the Alchemy Association would not be able to do such a thing, if not Lu Zhan's situation would have been seen through long ago!

One must know that there were many people who wanted to snatch the qualifications to do business from their hands while Lu Family was still calm and tranquil. The biggest reason was because those people could not see through Lu Zhan.

And now, this secret had been seen through by Lu Yang with a single glance …

It's a good thing he's my son, Lu Zhan thought self-deprecatingly.

Lu Yang seemed to not have noticed Lu Yang's change in mentality, "For the past few years, Father had always been relying on the elixirs obtained from Chen Jian to repair his meridians?"

A secret that no one knew about was revealed to Lu Zhan yet again, but his heart was no longer as shocked as before, "Mn … I took the opportunity to request Chen Jian to treat Qing Lian and bought some spirit medicine from him to help me heal my wounds. "

Lu Yang had already guessed it.

With Lu Zhan's experience, he naturally knew that Chen Jian was an ordinary but extremely greedy alchemist, and Lu Zhan was using these two points to buy spirit medicine for him.

Chen Jian was greedy for money. As long as Lu Zhan was willing to pay the price, he would be able to find some medicine for him. At the same time, because his abilities were mediocre, he would not assess how the medicine he sold was useless against Qing Lian.

In actuality, most of the medicine that he had sold to the Lu Family had been consumed by Lu Zhan, yet such a swindler who frequently went in and out of the Lu Family, had actually failed to arouse anyone's attention.

"Everyone knows that there are a total of eight meridians in the human body. Back then, my enemy intentionally crippled my cultivation and broke my eight meridians, but he did not know that I was born with an abnormal appearance and had a total of nine meridians. As a result, the last meridian survived, but was also heavily injured."

The matter of the nine meridians that Lu Zhan had spoken of, was indeed somewhat inconceivable, but to Lu Yang's ears, it was like it was normal — — He actually did not even blink.

Lu Zhan continued to speak, "That person was vicious and merciless, I was afraid that he would know that I had made a mistake and he would come knocking on my door again. I did not want to implicate the Lu Family, so all these years, this matter was kept a secret, and even your grandfather was not aware of it …"

Lu Yang finally understood why Lu Zhan did not ask his family for help.

In fact, the reason why Lu Zhan had refused to help them with their family's matters, and had gone to the side courtyard to deeply distance himself from the family, was so that he could have more time to heal his injuries in secret …

All these years, he had to bear with it and pay a shocking price. It was a pity that Lu Tianxiong still did not know about it, and thought that it was because of the disappointment that caused him to faint.

"If the situation wasn't critical during the hunt, father would have continued to endure, right?"

Lu Yang thought in his heart, but since he had already awakened, he was no longer afraid that someone else would harm his Lu Family. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";_17814537805040405/%C2%A0distribution-of-power_48286717249123042">;_17814537805040405/%C2%A0distribution-of-power_48286717249123042</a> for visiting.

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