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Skill - Building a Guild in a Fiction World using my Gamer System - Chapter 22 by Snake_Eyes_ full book limited free

Chapter 22: Skill

"Noted!" John said taking deep breaths as most likely he was caught up in a surprise attack too.

The inventory or the storage system, seemed so common in the fictional worlds, that people don't really seem to understand its true value. They use it to store food, carry clothes, and all sorts of shit around it as if it was just nothing more than a piece of luggage that you didn't have to carry.

But it was much more than that. The inventory was the biggest advantage one could have, regardless of wherever the fuck you were in the world. Not only was it an insult to treat it as nothing but those people who never understood the value of it were nothing but complete idiots.

In modern-day warfare, all it mattered was a bullet to make a difference, but what if you had a whole arsenal you could carry around by yourself. Not to mention the surprise element of it all, you would basically become a weapon of destruction.

With higher skill accompanying that, you would become an extraordinary force with just weapons alone. The only thing stopping you from becoming a complete force being your own mortality.

But there was nothing Bruce could do about that, after all, they didn't sell immortality potions in a gas station that you could just buy.

But one lucky thing about being in a fictional world were the villains, each villain would come up with a weapon of destruction now and again, collect enough of them and you'd be a dangerous force on its own.

No amount of superpower would be able to save you from a nuclear warhead after all. And not only that, with the world of marvel and all, he was sure that there are bound to be some mystical and magical weapons he could get his hands on.

In his earlier days as a transmigrator, it was one of his plans to do so. Being an avid otaku one could hardly miss the character Gilgamesh from the Fate series, with unlimited arsenal.

This not only proved that he didn't have to be immortal or physically strong to fight but he could basically just gain power with crazy strong weapons.

Granted it was hard to achieve what he had done, but it wasn't impossible. Maybe now with his newfound freedom and free will, he could meet stronger people and villains and get his hands on sweet weapons.

And be a modern-day Gilgamesh prototype.

With no point in being sneaky anymore, Bruce drove in head first through the gate with his car, crashing through it.

With most of the people on guard outside dead, there wasn't much resistance except some people who were shooting through the window that weren't previously there before.

The car wasn't bulletproof proof and honestly, if it wasn't for the driver who spoke too much, he would rather be caught dead than on this shit of a car. Luckily the car was good enough regardless of the design choices.

So with no fucks about the car, he could wreck it as much as he wanted to. Without waiting around to be shot down, Bruce pressed the NOS button which sent him flying through the entrance of the mansion.

Bruce who had never experienced the power of NOS before didn't know what to expect beforehand, but one thing was clear to him now, one needed a fucked up brain to be willing to drive one of these things.

Bruce passed through, running over a man who he didn't even see before, as he finally pressed on the brakes, which sent him sliding towards the wall.

A hailstorm of bullets came out of every direction shooting at the car that was crashed next to the wall. But regardless of the fact that they had emptied the clip, they couldn't hear a single sound.

"Go check!" A man's voice rang out as he held his hands up signaling everyone to stop shooting.

Another man nodded walking towards the car that was nearly blown to smithereens as there were nothing but bullet holes in it. Sure that they had won, he looked through the car window only to find nothing.

When suddenly from the back seat of the car, the tip of an automatic rifle came out sneaking through the seat, shooting the man in the face.

The people who were spectating were surprised as they saw the man fall down and began shooting again, recklessly at that.

Bruce who had gotten out of the car's backseat was facing the wall. Using the car as a cover, he was basically chilling as he counted the bullets the men were shooting at him waiting for the right time.



"And... 3." Bruce who was counting down till they emptied their mags, stood up shooting precisely at the men, who had him surrounded as they were too busy reloading.

There were 15 people in total, and it took exactly 15 bullets to bring them all down. Not a single bullet wasted.

One by one as the men began falling down one after the other, while the kid in a suit was breezing through them like they were nothing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Bruce quickly found himself a cover, as he began exploring the mansion. According to the information Brian had given him, the upper floor was where Iosef was at and that's where John was heading.

Bruce was sure that the upper floor would be crawling with Assassins, so before heading there he wanted to complete his mission first. Which was to wipe out, Carter's gang first.

Carter wasn't here anymore and according to Brian he had already headed to the airstrip, an hour before them, taking 5 of his trusty men with him

So with 40 of them being assassins that he had nothing to do with, and 5 of them being gone he was left with 62 Carter's members he had to go through.

With a total of 38 people killed by him and John, the number of enemies remained to be 24.

If it wasn't for the quest he wouldn't have bothered through them at all, after all, humans generally tend to give an exp between 70 to 120 depending on their skill set. Which wasn't that big of a deal, considering he would have to kill thousands to level up with those exp numbers.

So he never took killing humans as an option, for exp farming. And he mostly focused on the quest, so unless the quest required it, he didn't bother with killing as much as possible. Since doing so was mostly meaningless and dangerous for meager exp.

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