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Chapter 4: Inheritance

In the royal palace of the Kingdom of Arkland, you could be someone harshly stepped on by a man seat in on the throne while the other people around does not even have to courage to look up, and stopping this injustice is rather far fetched.

[ Muhahahahah, this is where you belong, you Arklandish, right under my feet]

The man harshly being step on is non other than the the king of Arkland.

[ You should be thankful, that the great I, the prince of the Lionnes Empire, even bothered to come to this insignificant territory you call kingdom]

[ And when I did..... you didn't even bother to bow to my greatness]

The kneeling king clenched his fist with all his strength, so much that his finger nail's dug deep down in his skin as blood started to flow out of them, but he couldn't do anything since he was afraid, but not of the young man since he was far stronger than this shitty prince but the Empire behind him.

Suddenly a shadowy figure appeared behind the throne, unknown to anyone as it whispered.

[ Young master Charles , I believe it is time for us to leave]

Charles then kicked the Arkland's king head as he got off the throne.

[ Guess, you guys are in luck, since I have matters to attend too, otherwise I'd punish your inappropriate behaviour , and I want you to destroy the Aldonia Royals as soon as possible otherwise.....]

Charles licked his lips as a sadistic smile crept up on his face.

Then the shadowy behind held his shoulder as the arrogant prince and the figure disappeared into thin air.

After they left, the people around them sighed a breath of relief, but the king Roar out his anger as he released his suppressed fury, and broke the throne that Charles sat on, his eyes brimming with killing intent.

[One day, I'll get my Revenge!!!! you People from the Empire will pay dearly for this!!!!]


Few weeks have passed since the return of Jessica and Angelica, and the kingdom seems to have become very calm, and not a soothing one but a very eerie one, giving the feeling of the calm before a horrendous Storm.

In the palace hall of Aldonia.

[ James, did you bring them??]

[ yes father! they have come with me]

Suddenly the grand door open, letting 3 figure enter..

[ oo..woooww...Mom, this is the palace where Grandpa lives??]

[ yes sweetheart, look there, the person sitting on the throne there, is your Grandpa]

Looking at the rather aged man, Arthur ran toward him.

[ say... are you my Grandpa??]

The king seeing Arthur running toward him didn't show any emotion

[ yes]

[ wow.... my grandpa is the king of the kingdom...]

Hearing that everyone was scared and Jessica was ready to protect Arthur if she notices a slight movement from the king, but what followed suits, surprised them.

The king gives off a pleasant laugh.

[ hahahaha... yes come here and sit on my lap]

Arthur steps up and went to the throne and tried to sit on his lap but him being so short, couldn't get up, so the king lifts him up and made him sit on his lap.

[ wow Grandpa, you seem very strong]

[ Hahahaha.... offcourse, your Grandpa is the king of Aldonia after all]

Seeing the shocked faces of the people around him, the king smiled

[ is it so shocking to see me like this]

The 1st to get out off daze was Jessica by the king's loud voice.

[ yes, it really is, I'm never seen you like, what happened to you?]

[ nothing much, i just feel like I'm finally woken up]

[ well you took you sweet time]

Then they staring at each other for a while than finally they started laughing.

[ anyway Jessica, and Angelica I've never done anything for either of you, for that I'm sorry]

Angelica finally getting out of her daze by the king's action as he lowered his head to show his apology

[ No my king, you don't have to show such respect to me]

[ please let me, All my life I've always thought of being higher than everyone, because of my pure Nobel blood, and was harsh on you guys, but to be honest, I was jealous.... jealous of my sister...of the commoners, them having a happy life than I, who is a king but yet....sigh.... anyway enough talking about my sorry life.... I've summoned all of you here because, you are the only royal family left, since the start of the war my brother and his children have died in the battlefield, his wife past away from shock, while my wife was already dead.]

The king started to tear up, when he started to reminisce about the past.

[All that's left is me, my son, my sister Jessica , Angelica and this little boy in my arms]

Hearing him calling her sister for the 1st time in 100 years got Jessica to tear up.

[Brother.... ]

[ Grandpa, why are you crying??]

[ Ohh was I?..I'm sorry I didn't notice, I was just happy to be with my family]

The king swipes off his tears, as he smiled at Arthur.

[ Now, you guys probably know the situation of the kingdom, that the Empire are the main reason behind this war, and that we have no chance of either avoiding or wining the war, apparently their goal is not Aldonia but us the Royals]

Surprised by the news, Jessica questioned « What?? Why?? What have we done to the Empire to have gone so far as going for war just to get rid of us and even under the name of Arkland?? »

[ To be frank, I don't know, I just got a letter from a messenger owl sent by the effort of a dying spy]

Seeing Jessica still had some question, the king stopped her..

[Before you ask anything, here take this]

He threw a box toward Jessica..

[ What is it??]

[You'll know when you open it.]

She then opened the box, and found 10 storage ring and inside each containing many materials for cultivation' money and even a portable house..

[ Brother...why???]

Seeing her in a shocking state the king just laughed and said « this is all yours take it »

With that he gave a similar box to Angelica, causing her to be shock aswell since it contained rather similar materials.

[ well you 3 are the only royal that people don't know off And for you my boy Arthur]

The king took out his ring shaped like a dragon and put it on Arthur's finger and then the ring started shrink till it fit his middle finger, then he took out a sword from a secret compartment of the throne, seeing Arthur surprised with the ring and sword, he started to explain him.

[This here is a sword, that my father gave me, which he got from his father, and so on, in short this is the Dragneel family's inheritanc, apparently our ancestors, found it in a ruins even before the start of the kingdom of Aldonia]

The sword looks like this.. well have the rest you can guess it is a long sword... ( https://www.deviantart.com/etrelley/art/Royal-Sword-Epee-Royale-OC-762956284)

[ i give this sword to you Arthur, but before you wield it you need to be able to be 1st attain Swordman rank, only then can you bring out its power]

So he gave the sword to Jessica to held it in until she thinks arthur is ready for the sword.

[Grandpa, why do you look so sad?? I thought you said you were happy]

Seeing his grandson questioning him, and him not being to able to answer he just smiled and said you'll know in due time... in due time.

[now go... somewhere far, and I'm not gonna tell you guys to take revenge or anything, just be happy... and live without any regret]

As he said that more tears started to fall from his eyes, Jessica couldn't take it anymore came and hugged her brother, but she knew better than to stay and ruin the hope her brother gave her, so she took Arthur in her arm, while Angelica ran up to James and hugged him and shared a passionate kiss, as she started to tear, tho she has slept with many men, she only loved James otherwise she wouldn't have given birth to his son.

With that the 3 left as, the king and the prince looked at their fading backs.

[ I'm sorry my son, I wasn't able to be a good father, please forgive me]

[ No father.... don't say that.... though I wish to go with them however I know if I'm not here the empire might become suspicious]

As all this were happening the enemy's army had already invaded and are on their way to Toren.


Hey Guys,

hope you guys are enjoying my novel

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