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Chapter 3: Passing of time

----- Sorry i tried posting this chapter earlier but for some reason i couldn't, must've been a bug but oh well... here you go-----

Slowly 5 years has past since the birth of our hero Arthur and the start of the war between the kingdom of Arkland and Aldonia.

Both Kingdom has faced about equal amount of loss in this war, even though Arkland is a smaller kingdom compare to Aldonia, they have shown to the world their worth and their strength.


In the palace hall of The Kingdom of Aldonia, you could see the same proud king and the young prince talking, however it seemed as if they has aged several time since the last time, mostly due to the stress of war.

[James, how bad is the situation?]

[ Father, I'm afraid to say this but we don't have much left of out army.... after the last invasion we only have about 20000 left.]

[ Hmmm.. what about the enemy]

[ luckily they are also in a similar position, however there seem to be a rumour going around]

The king raised an eye with that.

[ What rumour??]

[ it's seems The Empire are planning on supporting the Arkland]

Surprised by the information the king abruptly stood up from his throne, and unknowingly releasing his pressure causing the prince to have a hard time breathing.... realizing that he lost his calm, he retract his pressure however he still seemed agitated.

[ What!! How did this happen, James I want you to check on it and report to me as soon as possible,... Now Dismiss!!!]

With that the prince left the Hall, leaving the King frown as he sat back on his throne and kept wondering, 'what caused the Empire to support the Arkland ?'


Elsewhere in the BlueFairy Salon courtyard, a Young boy, around the age of 5 could be seen playing around like a child with what you could call many beauties, unknowing about the Worlds affaires.

Suddenly a sweet Voice called the Boy as he turned around... after seeing the person he let out the most innocent yet charming smiled causing many of the women around him to almost wet their panties from his charm.

[ MOM!!]

With that he ran hurriedly towards her.

Angelica, seeing her son running towards her got on her kneels to be able to hug his small figure.

[ How've you been Mom? You're almost never here]

[ I'm sorry Arthur, but mommy was busy running an errand for grandpa]

[ but Mom you told me that you'd always be with me]

[Don't worry, mommy won't leave her sweet angel and go anywhere ]

Hearing that Arthur smiled,

[ really mom??]

[ yes, after all mommy promised her sweet angel]

[ hehehheh, mommy, I missed you very much]

[ Is that so , then come give mommy a kiss]

With that Arthur neared his mom as he kissed her on the lips and slowly He notice something enter his mouth giving him a sweetish taste, not complaining he started sucking on it like his life depends on it.

[ Ara AraAra, aren't you two lively today, and Arthur did you forget about me]

Hearing that he parted away from Angelica's lips causing her to pout since the one that disturbed them is non other than her mother, Jessica.

[ Jess, you've returned aswell]

(AN:Apparently she doesn't like being called grandma, and beside she sure doesn't look like one)

Seeing Arthur smiling innocently, she couldn't help but smile sweetly and hug her grandchild.

[ How You've grown up Arthur in the last 6 months]

[ hehe, yes!! I've gotten very big now, and very soon I'll be able to take care of mom and you]

[ hahah ok, my big boy, now give me a kiss]

And so they started kissing each other in front of everyone and surprising no one thought it was weird since they have seen this type of scene all the time and beside they can't deny that they enjoy the show since they are openly touching themselves.

When they parted from kissing, the 3 three of them left the other girls to go to their own room to catch up since it seem to have escalated rather fast between the women from touching to playing with each other.

Inside it is very well furnished and luxurious .....

[ So sweetheart, tell mommy everything that you've done while we were gone.]

While they were chatting, Jessica took her smoking pipe that she kept between her breast and lit it with her fire magic and took a big puff and started to listen to her grandchild.

[ I've started my training under Clara Onee-chan, she started teaching me, how to feel the mana in the air..... all the mana channel in our body and how absorb and store them in our body.... am if I'm not wrong she said that we could condense the mana in out dantian and...]

[ wow my little boy has learn soo much, come give mommy a kiss]

Angelica jumped on Arthur seeing how cutely he replied.

[ Angelica, let the boy finish then, you can spoil him all you want]

With that Angelica could only pout, as she kept listening to her son but made her son sat on her lap as she hugged him from behind

[ sometime, I also help the other beautiful Onee-chan at the salon]

With that Jessica became very intrigued.

[ what did you do]

[ Once I saw Roxy Nee-san was naked doing bizarre thing in her room, she was playing with her PeePee, with a very big stick, she was pushing it in and out very fast, i thought she was hurt since she as screaming very loudly so I went to her and asked her if she was okay... when she saw me she was very surprised, then she smiled and told me to get near her.... she then hugged me and told me that she was playing with herself, and asked me if i would like to play with her..... and i said yes, but then she told me i have to be get naked to then, so i took off my clothes, but then she seemed to have gotten very shocked and said that my peepee was big, then she crawled to me and started licking my peepee, i told her that it's dirty but she said, she'll clean it for me.... she kept licking me but then apparently she said if only you could get it hard than she stopped licking it and said to stick my hand in her peepee, so i did and she said she enjoyed it and told me to kiss her, and i did, and since then i've been playing with other onee-chan too]

Hearing that both off them was shocked, specially Angelica since she wasn't only shocked but angry as she unknowingly let out some pressure, but then Jessica stopped her since she seem to hurt Arthur.

[ Mom, you okay??]

[ Sweety tell mom, did they hurt you??]

[ Yes dear tell us, if any of them hurt you, we'll punish them]

[Mom, Jess, no they didn't hurt me, we just played, and i like playing like that]

hearing that they both sighed, since they knew this would happen, since they live inside a prostitution salon and being a pervert is in his blood, but they didn't expect it to be that soon, luckily he hasn't reached puberty yet, so he can't get it hard.

But then they notice Arthur making sad face so Jessica asked.

[Dear why do you seem sad]

[It's because, one day i saw some of the onee-chan playing with other men peepee, and made me feel sad, since i didn't want them to play with other men]

Hearing that they were shocked, since it seems that Arthur had started becoming possessive of the women around him.

[Sweety, that's their Job, they do that to get money]

[But Mom, i don't like it and if it's money they need i'll work and give it to them]

Now they were in a dilemma, since they can't say that it's more than money it's gathering information for the king since it's a secret association/assassin run by the kingdom.

[Ara Ara, now isn't that sweet for own cute little Arthur, tell you what once you become old and become a man they won't play with other men ]

Feeling delighted Arthur hugged Jessica

[ Really Jess??, than could i also play with you and mom, because i love you very very very much heheh]

Arthur was looking at them with expectation.

[Sure, but when you are a man and you have to be a strong man so that you can protect your women]

[ Really?? thank you, than i'm gonna go and train with Clara Nee-chan so that i can become very strong and promise me that you and mom won't play with other man again ]

hearing that they looked at each other and smiled and said at the same time "YES"

With that He left each with a kiss, and leaving them to their own thoughts, suddenly Angelica noticed her mother frown

[ Mom, what is it that you are thinking]

[ Ange, you know the situation of the kingdom, i don't think we can win if the Empire supports the Arkland, so if they attack, we need to run away with Arthur as far as possible]

[ I know mom, i don't want Arthur to get hurt]

With resolution they started preparing for the worst case but not before sharing some intimate moment between them, as they started to undress and kissing each other.


Damn!! that took a toll me , here you go 2 chapter worth in 1, hope you enjoy it.

Btw this is just the start of the beginning, and some of you can probably guess from the 1st chapter where it's going...

but it was necessary to build the characters

anyway, comment, share, vote and rank me, because my mood become very good with them, means more chapter

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