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Chapter 2: Bulletproof

Victoria steadied her rifle, equipped with a silencer, as she mentally prayed to god not to let it rain. The roof where she was laying her belly on was a slippery one despite the fact that it never rained.

And something was telling her that the slipperiness wasn't because of the rain nor water.

And that's mainly because she saw birds often hang out in the same area.

But she's just discarding that thought for the sake of her sanity.

In fact, if only this position didn't have the best view of Arius, then she would've left immediately.

Speaking of that man, she looked at the scope of her gun that was facing a skyscraper's window. Apparently, the 'room' that he chose had a wall conveniently facing her. And luckily for her too, it was filled with full-length glass windows that weren't even tinted.

But, who the hell designed that room?

Aren't they scared of being seen?

Well, then again, it's not like anyone would be awake at this time of night and would bother to peek through a dimly lit room anyways.

Well, if it weren't for her keen eyes, most people would barely be able to see anything happening inside the room.

And she really didn't want to peep at people about to do 'it' at first, but her actual job right now was to peep around so she doesn't have much of a choice.

So, she still ended up peeping at whatever Arius and his woman were doing.

Sometimes it's a curse on how great her eyesight was.

Her eyes locked onto the two figures and they seemed to be busy lip-locking with each other in the middle of the room. Victoria looked at them for about a few minutes and she reached her limit. She had disbelief in her face and she couldn't help but groan out in annoyance.

How long are they going to do that?!

Do they not need air?!

After a few centuries, the woman finally pulled out from the kiss and smiled at him dreamily which he returned with a cocky smirk. Seeing the action, Victoria's body tensed up, ready to take the shot if ever the woman would finally leave.

The woman hugged Arius and then, she started to walk away from him. She went to a door found inside of the room and from Victoria's guess that must be a bathroom.


With the woman out of the picture, Victoria decided to get into position and began to focus on taking the shot.

But then, without any warning, a heavy shower suddenly happened!

The raindrops were so quick yet impossibly heavy that it made her rifle unstable and shaky.

Meanwhile, not expecting the sudden downpour, Victoria's elbows slipped on the slippery roof and her head banged onto the rifle.

Then came a series of unfortunate events.

After she banged her head to the rifle, the rifle staggered and fell off position. Since it was at the top of a pitched roof, the rifle began to slide down slowly.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit!"

Victoria cursed when she saw her rifle sliding downwards. Scrambling around, she decided to grab it in a panic.

"You would think that after doing this for fifteen years, I wouldn't have been such a careless person."

She muttered under her breath as she dragged the rifle back up. Then, she cursed at her own stupidity as she slowly climbed back up into position.

She clearly said from the beginning not to let it rain!

She cursed at the gods before looking back to her scope.

Although it was a bit blurry and wobbly, she can still make out his figure.

Okay, still safe. He's just standing there, drinking some wine.

Then, without further ado, she decided to fire.

She waited for that sound of the silencer doing its job in muffling the gunshot but she didn't hear anything aside from the clicking of the trigger.


She blinked a few times and saw that the Arius was still intact.

What the heck?

She decided to check the magazine and saw that it was empty.

What the heck is wrong with those guys?!

Are they too lazy to actually load up the rifles?!

Victoria cursed under her breath as she reached out behind her.

No wonder there were magazines in the bag.

She thought they were being kind by giving her two extra magazines but it turns out, they just wanted her to load it herself.

Lazy ass pigs.

She cursed out as she finally got the magazine.

But it was still mostly her fault for not checking beforehand.

She sighed as she quickly checked the magazine. The magazine was slightly wet from the rain so she lightly rubbed it on the dry part of her clothes to dry it.

As she did so, the rain slowly began to lessen. Then, after a few seconds, it completely stopped.

Good riddance.

She breathed a sigh of relief at that.

Aiming's a bitch when it's raining.

Then, she went back to cleaning the magazine. She realized that the inside was still looking kind of damp so she decided to quickly dry the magazine a bit thoroughly this time. But thinking about the deadline, she made sure to do it as fast as she can while still keeping an eye out for Arius's movements.

When she was satisfied, she loaded it in the rifle.

Then, she huffed to herself.


No more mistakes this time.

One shot.

One bullet.

Straight through the heart.

No hesitations.

Then, Victoria looked back to her target through her scope only to find him stripping slowly. She gulped at the sight but she shook her head slightly to regain her bearings.

It's now or never.

She said while slowly counting one to three in her mind.


He stripped off his blue striped tie and his suit jacket and discarded them to the side.


He shrugged off his dress shirt and threw it lazily to the ground giving her a great view of his chest. It was tanned, heavily muscled, and absolutely smooth.


She barely noticed her finger pull the trigger until she found a hole in his chest dripping with blood and the glass in front of him was shattered into millions of pieces.

She made a small sound of victory after seeing her handiwork but then, she noticed something unusual.

It was so unusual that it frightened her to her bones…

It wasn't because of the fact that he was still standing and looking at his chest like it was nothing.

No, of course not.

Her fear was from something way worse.

That's because she was more afraid of what she saw on his chest.

She saw the hole in his chest spitting the bullet out and covering up itself once again. And in the blink of her eye, all she could see was smooth undamaged skin.

Then what freaked her out next was when Arius looked up as though he sensed her being there.

And soon enough, he immediately found her line of sight.

His light amber eyes continued to stare at her as if he could easily see her despite the distance.

And just when Victoria was almost about to pee herself from fear, Arius smirked cockily.

Then, her eyes widened under the scope when she saw him picking up the bullet that fell before examining it. After doing so, he slowly glanced at her direction and tilted his head as if saying 'is this yours?'

Then, he mouthed some words that made her blood run cold.

After all that, she figured to finally stop looking at the scope because her fear was now coming out in waves. She shakily packed her things up and swiftly cleaned the spot with a soft cloth with a special cleaning liquid to remove traces of her presence. She then hopped off the roof into another house and sneakily made her way down towards the streets. Frantically running to the car she parked by the distance, she hurriedly threw her things on the back as she started the car. Then, hearing the car's engine come to life, she couldn't help but scream out a curse as she stepped on the gas.

"What the fuck was that?!"

In a few minutes, she was back inside the same hotel. She ditched the elevator and ran up the stairs instead before immediately going inside her room to collect herself.

"What the fuck was that?!"

She still couldn't believe it and those five words have been repeated in her mind like a cycle for about a million times now.

Then, as she paced around the room, she found her aspirin still there and drank it in one gulp.

When she finally calmed down, she decided to call her employers.

All it took was two rings and they immediately picked up.

"What?" He asked annoyed.

"You son of a b--Agh!" She screamed in pain when she stubbed her toe in the metal bedpost.

"What do you want? Did the mission fail?"


Victoria was silent because she didn't know how to start explaining.

"I see. It really did fail, huh. Then that means you're debt will be double. Just to remind you, you owe us $400,000 if we double it, that'll be $1,000,000." He said while snickering.

"What?!" She screamed not of pain this time but out of disbelief. "It's supposed to be $800,000 only!!"

"So sorry little Vicky but I don't know how to multiply well so you just have to suck up to it. You should be thankful that you're staying in such a luxurious hotel." He sneered.

"Yeah. A hotel where I can't even sleep in! I just arrived here three hours ago, had a short nap, then found your note in my nightstand. I still have to fly back and go to college! For fuck's sake! I'm still a freaking university student!!" She yelled through the phone.

"Yeah, yeah. We all got our problems. Boo-hoo."

"You son of a--"

Victoria was about to lash out again when the man cut her off.

"You do know who you're doing this for, 'Victoria.' So don't start complaining now. Or else you wouldn't be able to see her."

Victoria bit her lip as she hated how powerless she felt.

He's right. She just needs to endure. Just endure a little longer.

She'll soon see her again.

Victoria was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard her employer's voice getting louder.

"VICTORIA! Jesus, you dare to ignore me? LISTEN! This is why you always fail those assignments! Out of your batch, you're the one who's screwing up assignments the most!"

Victoria gritted her teeth as she heard it.

'That's because I always get the hard ones, goddammit!'

She screamed in her mind.

"Whatever. A few minutes ago, we already knew you were going to screw this up so we negotiated with the client to extend the deadline of the target's death. He agreed for an extension of three months, so better kill him in those months. Tickets are already prepared for you in each country he'll be settling, if ever he decides to continue his travels that is. But I doubt it since he already knows of this assassination attempt."

"Remember... If you were to fail this, I might consider selling you to one of those whore houses at the end of the street so you better come back with results!" He said in disgust and hanged up while Victoria just stared at her phone in disbelief.

She wasn't even able to tell him that the said target can't even be killed!

But even if she did tell him that, he would most likely laugh at her.

Heck, just by hearing herself say it was enough for her to know that it sounded like complete bullshit.

But there has got to be an explanation as to why that guy... heals... like that.

A mutation? A sort of disease? Radiation? Alien? Superman?

She shook her head to diminish the ridiculous thought and she decided to just focus on quickly packing her bags for her return instead.

After a few minutes of gathering her bags, she did the usual routine of erasing her traces. Her flight will be two hours from now and the trip from here to the nearest airport takes about thirty minutes. So, she grabbed her belongings and checked out of the hotel early. Then, she called a cab and told the driver to take her to the airport.

And as the cab driver drove, Victoria couldn't help but look back on what just happened the whole day.

And she totally agreed with herself as she said,

"Today was, without a doubt, the freakiest day of my life."

So_mi So_mi

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading the second chapter! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Because I actually forgot I ever wrote this book five years ago ?

Also, if you like this book but want something a bit light (in terms of comedy) then you might like my other book which is The Devil WithInn (^-^) It has a similar sense except that the story happens in different worlds.

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