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Chapter 3: Dreams and Nightmares

In nearly an hour after, she found herself inside the plane with a vacant seat beside her. She just couldn't find the life in her to sleep so she figured to open up her laptop and quench her undying curiosity over Arius Victor's strange regeneration.

After all, no human can do what he just did unless she was high on drugs when she witnessed it.

So, to start her research, she opened google and simply typed 'abnormal regeneration'. But then, she felt weird typing it and when she looked at the words she typed for a second, she couldn't help but scowl.

"Okay, that's it. I think it's time I visit the mental institute and get myself a room with my name on it."

She mumbled to herself as she bit her lip.

There's no way that anyone would have an article about that. That would be totally strange if it were true.

But, despite her better judgment, she pressed enter.

And to her surprise, multiple articles actually popped out.

Some were obviously junk blogs about them dating someone with the same ability and how they suck blood and stuff. And she just rolled her eyes the whole time she was reading those blogs.

Vampires, for crying out loud, don't even exist.

These delusional people should really be kept in check before they start believing that they are one of them and end up killing people for the excuse to 'suck' their blood.

Moving on, she also found some blogs about them feeling the 'change' and that the 'change' hurts like hell. Guess they're talking about werewolves and shit.

These blogs are really starting to annoy her.


Vampires? Werewolves?

There are even people claiming they've seen fairies!

What's next? They'll claim that they saw a unicorn that shits rainbows and glitters?

People nowadays are getting much more retarded in these occult things.

Well, that means that she's also included in those retarded people as well because she found herself clicking unto another blog.

She just skimmed the writing but a few sentences in the article suddenly caught her interest. She highlighted them in her laptop and read them aloud in her mind.

'I was out in the woods to hunt when I heard rustling. I thought it was just a regular deer prancing around so I excitedly maneuvered my way to the sounds it made. But turns out, it wasn't. It was a person circling around a mountain lion as if they're about to fight. The lad had jet black hair and is wearing a white shirt and blue simple jeans. I can't see his face clearly but I know he's very young. I was gonna shout to the young lad to run but he surprised me by lunging forward to the lion. They fought like wild beasts and when the lion was about to take a bite off the lad, I decided to take action. I shot the lion but the lad pushed the lion sending it spinning backward and quickly, too quickly if I may add, stood up and the bullet ended up hitting the back of his neck. I took a step forward in panic in order to apologize and help him remove the bullet in his neck but the bullet just simply slid out of his bleeding neck and the hole made by it just covered up with no traces of any wounds whatsoever."

Victoria raised her eyebrow at the coincidence and her curiosity made her continue reading until the very end.

"He seemed to be too concentrated with the lion to even notice that I had shot him. It made me wonder. Did he actually feel it? But, I didn't want to find out any more than what already happened so I decided to make a run for it. But for some reason, after a few seconds of running, I felt a shiver up my spine. And I know that I mustn't look back when I run but I can't help it because it felt as though someone was chasing me. So, I decided to do it. And when I did, I found glowing eyes of light amber staring straight at me and it seemed to illuminate under the night sky. Frightened, I just focused on running away with my rifle at hand. That was the first time, and hopefully the last, of me meeting that monster.'

She looked at the profile of the owner of the blog and she found out that he was a forty-eight-year-old man with grey hair that had white on its tips. He had those kinds of green eyes that you can tell that he's not fond of lying much. And from looking at his picture, he simply looked like a sweet and wise old man.

But strangely enough, the last time he updated his blog was twenty years ago and his last article was what Victoria read just now. Still, she noted down his name, Jack Odene, and his address.

Maybe he knows about Mr. Arius' condition and maybe he can help her or even give her a clue on how to kill him.

With that in mind, she finally was able to sleep on the plane.


"Yes. No. Yes and Yes, Rachel. Just shush and let me continue my sleep." Victoria said to her friend while discarding her baggage somewhere in the corner of her room. Rachel was her friend at the university and she met her when she was moving into the school's dorms. She's actually the owner of the room across her and because of that, their paths crossed so often that they soon grew closer as days passed by.

Victoria may seem to treat her as her closest friend but Rachel doesn't know the debts Victoria has and how she pays them. If she were to place their friendship in her own words, she's the friend of Katherine, her true name, but a stranger to Victoria, the killer.

And ever since 'Katherine' arrived back in her dorms, Rachel's been bugging her on why she doesn't answer her phone calls. Since Katherine has had the habit of not bringing her personal items when she's Victoria, no one could literally contact her except for her employer.

But as soon as the assignment has ended, she usually uses them on the trip back in order to write in her reports or to tell Rachel that she'll be a bit late.

And ever since before, as soon as she picks up Rachel's call, Rachel will start interrogating her on where she is, what she was doing, why she wasn't with her to get ready for this party and blah, blah, blah.

Katherine couldn't help but sigh as she tried to drown out Rachel's nagging.

She loved her but sometimes she can really be a handful.

After ten whole minutes of Rachel talking, she finally hung up and left her to sleep.

Katherine looked at the time and groaned.

Ugh. Three hours until school starts. Guess it's another night of barely sleeping.

She closed her tired eyes, trying her hardest to maximize the time given to her for sleep.

But then, her fucking mind started giving off the idea that she wanted to stay up all night.

Her brain began giving pictures of that man's wound healing, his smirk, and the way he stared at her and his wound like it was nothing.

It went on for a couple of minutes.

She tried to sleep but every time she closes her eyes, it's always that man.

She always sees Arius.

Frustrated, she began pacing around the room to tire her mind out. But then, the only thing she got in return was a tired body. She tried to do some yoga, but she felt her muscles scream at her to stop, so she did. She tried to count one to a hundred but she was just left frustrated after losing count. Then, she decided to do meditation as her last resort. She crossed her legs in front of her and straightened her back. Then, she placed her hands on top of her bent knees and slowly closed her eyes.

After a few moments, she tried to breathe slowly and chanted softly inside her mind.

In. And out.

In. And out.

In. Out.

In. Out.

Then, suddenly, when she felt like she could finally sleep, her brain smothered her with another memory.

This time, it was a scene where he was mouthing her something.

And the longer she tried to breathe slowly, the longer the scene repeated in her mind again and again.

And when she tried to finally figure out what he was saying, the words suddenly became crystal clear in her mind. And it's as if she could hear his voice say it in her head.




Her eyes shot open as she began breathing heavily in fear. Her hands trembled despite resting on her knees and she felt her sweat run cold.

"What was that?!"

She violently whispered to herself as her eyes darted around every corner of her dimly lit room. It didn't help that she only had a lamp beside her for illumination as the words repeated in her head again and again.

I. See. You.

I. See. You.

I. See. You.

Amber Eyes.

She felt her throat constrict and her breathing heavy as her eyes darted from left to right. Feeling that there was some sort of danger lurking beneath the shadows, she hugged her knees tightly for protection despite her trembling hands.

I. See. You.

'Please stop.'

I. See. You.

'Please STOP.'



She screamed in her mind as she tried to block everything away. She tightly shut her eyes and rested her forehead on her knees trying to focus on better things.

Remember them.

Remember Vicky.

Always remember Vicky.

But despite her best efforts, her voice was drowned out by the sounds of gunshots and chaos in her mind. Then, one by one, as though her mind reveled at her misery, the faces of the people she killed began to play like a slideshow in her head.

A very vivid slideshow of all the gruesome things she did.

She wanted to cry out.

She wanted to apologize.

She wanted to have a choice.

She wanted to end all this!

She never wanted this.

She never dreamed of this.

Should she just end it after all?

'Always remember Vicky!'

A small voice entered her mind as she clenched her trembling hands. She clenched it so tight that blood was drawn out of her palms and the scent spread throughout the room.


She heard a familiar voice in her head.

'Katherine. Don't do that. You're hurting yourself.'

A scene of a young Katherine picking up sharp rocks by the beach entered her mind. Her fingers were all cut up from clenching the rocks too hard but it didn't stop her from picking up a few more stones before complaining.

'But mommy, I'm going to build a sandcastle using these things!"

The young Katherine pouted as she looked behind her. Her small amber eyes slightly glaring at the blurry figure before continuing on towards whatever she was doing. Then, that blurry figure walked over and softly patted her head.

'You've played too long under the sun, darling. It's time to rest.'

Then, as the scene continued to play in Katherine's mind, she slowly drifted off to a comfortable sleep. Her body fell sideways towards her bed as a lone tear slid down her cheek.

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