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Chapter 14: All of a Sudden

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Zhou Bai." 

Zhou Bai turned to look and found that Elsa wasn't sleeping like usual. She looked at him with wide eyes. 

"What's up?"

Elsa said with an expression of guilt, "Zhou Bai, do I eat too much? Is that why the base has so little food now?"

"Huh?" Zhou Bai saw how serious Elsa was, and realized that ever since class ended today, Elsa looked rather distracted. Even during dinner, she didn't ask Professor Zhuang for a few more spoons of food. 

Zhou Bai was quiet for a while, then said, "Elsa, it has nothing to do with you. It's because the food in the entire base has decreased, so everyone has to eat less every day, so there's more time for Professor Zhuang to find a new food source."

Elsa: "Really?"

"Of course," Zhou Bai consoled her, "That's why Elsa must endure it a little longer. In a while, you'll be able to eat more food." 

"Yes!" Elsa nodded, "I'll eat a little less every day. I'll never steal your food again, Zhou Bai."

After putting Elsa to sleep, Zhou Bai tried experimenting with his primordial spirit power again. 

The invisible power extended out of Zhou Bai's mind with his will. Zhou Bai raised a palm, feeling the power that continuously compressed the air before him. He could even see, through the glow given off by the night light, faint ripples in the air. 

"30 points of Primordial Spirit Value. If I only consider its strength, it feels like that of several dozen strong men."

Christina scorned, "What's special about a little strength? Your primordial spirit power is very basic. It has no special uses. There's nothing to be proud of." 

"What's the rush, can't you see how fast I advance? Just wait until I lie around for a while more.…" With a content smile, Zhou Bai slowly drifted into sleep. 


His eyes shot open, endless explosions and vibrations rang in Zhou Bai's ears. 

"What's going on?"

Zhou Bai jumped out of bed. It felt like the entire upper portion of the base was being bombarded. In the sound of explosions, the entire floor, walls, and ceiling continuously swayed. 

He hastily opened the door to look outside and saw the hallway that was pitch black glow red from the emergency lights. 

Doors opened one after another, children's heads peaked out with expressions of unease. 

Elsa rubbed her eyes and sat up on her bed. She looked at Zhou Bai with confusion, "What's wrong, Zhou Bai?"

At this moment, Professor Zhuang broadcasted his voice to the hallway through the intercom. 

"Zhou Bai…." Violent crashing sounds were mixed in the broadcast, "Take everyone to the laboratory…don't come out without my orders...protect everyone…."


They heard another violent explosion. Professor Zhuang yelled over the intercom, "Go!"

'Could it be...the so-called demons?' Zhou Bai went blank for a moment, then grabbed Elsa and dashed out, shouting to the kids who were still hiding in their rooms, "Everyone come out!"

"Hurry up and come out! Follow me downstairs." 

Zhou Bai knew he didn't have time to explain right now. He even used his primordial spirit power to open the doors that some kids had locked themselves in and yanked the kids out. 

Looking at the children who were panicking and running around, Zhou Bai used his primordial spirit power to halt them. He shouted, "Don't be scared, everyone. We'll hide downstairs first. After Professor Zhuang has taken care of the problem, he'll come to find us."

Alice stood out too, yelling at everyone, "Everyone rest assured. Teacher trusts Zhou Bai. That's where he learned all his powers. Teacher will definitely protect us. We just have to wait downstairs for Teacher to return."

Clearly, Alice had a pretty good reputation, and popularity with the children, plus Zhou Bai was the oldest and showed extraordinary primordial spirit power. 

The children present were still very scared, but they each climbed through the vent duct in the cafeteria under Zhou Bai's lead, and went into the laboratory in level 5. Zhou Bai used his primordial spirit power to distort the bars, closing off the vent duct. 

Everyone else waited in the hall outside the laboratory. Listening to the loud thumps overhead, they all looked very concerned and uneasy. 

At that moment, Alice ran over to Zhou Bai's side. She said, "Zhou Bai, we're missing one person. No matter how many times I count, there are only 41. Teacher is up there. The one missing is Bando." 

At that moment, a light thump came from the vent duct. 

Everyone raised their heads to look in terror. The next moment, they saw a black shadow shoot out, it was an expressionless Bando. 

Bando took a look at everyone, his gaze falling on Alice, "Let's go, Alice, let's run while Teacher is distracted."

Watching him about to go and take Alice away, Zhou Bai stepped forward, standing between them. 

Alice hid behind Zhou Bai, she shook her head and said, "You're not Bando…."

Bando explained, "Alice, I was purposely disguising myself before so that teacher wouldn't realize my abnormality and suspect me."

"In fact, the last time I escaped the base, I sent a signal to the rescue team. They're the ones coming to save us now." 

"Come with me, Alice, it's too dangerous to stay here. Teacher might come here any second. We should go and unite with the rescue team now…."

Alice shook her head, "No, it's already Doomsday out there. We'll die if we go out."

"Lies! It's all lies!" Bando said with agitation, "Teacher is lying! The humans outside have already found a way to resist Doomsday! Keeping us here is just for his personal desires." 

Everyone looked at each other when they heard Bando's words, but as the commotion above got louder and louder, Bando frowned, "I don't have time to explain. Come with me." 

As he said this, Zhou Bai felt a primordial spirit power rising from Bando's body, wanting to push him away and take Alice. 

That was Bando at his maximum strength, 5 points of primordial spirit power. 

Zhou Bai controlled his will, his primordial spirit power also burst, blocking Bando's attack. 

Although Bando had 5 points of primordial spirit power, Zhou Bai worked very hard to lie around and raised his primordial spirit power all the way to 30 points. 

Not only did he easily block Bando's attack, he even went against it and pushed Bando out. 

"You've practiced primordial spirit power too?" Bando looked at Zhou Bai in shock, realizing he wasn't Zhou Bai's match. He thought for a moment and said, "I understand you can't trust me in this short amount of time, but I can lead you to see the evidence…."

Zhou Bai narrowed his eyes, "Alice, you wait here for us; I'll go with him." 

Alice had a lot going on in her head right now. She didn't know whether she should believe in Bando's words at all. When she heard Zhou Bai's orders, she intuitively nodded. 


Number of survivors: 43

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