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58.33% Calamity of Tomorrow / Chapter 35: Fragmentary

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Chapter 35: Fragmentary

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Fragmentary: Accumulate Spark, enhance physique

Method of practice: (Zhou Bai skipped over this)

Laziness (0/300)

Zhou Bai directed his will. Laziness was quickly depleted. It instantly fell by 300 points, turning into 410 points.

Degree of Taoification: 0%

Primordial Spirit Value: 99

Divine Map: Deva Nine Disasters

Laziness: 410

At the same time, the star point named Fragmentary instantly lit up. It gave off a scorching glow. It was apparent on the Taiyi Disc.

At the moment the star point was lit up, Zhou Bai felt all the muscles, flesh, and bones in his body infiltrated by a vast amount of Spark, as if he were being blown up like a balloon. His body felt like it was continuously expanding, about to explode.

But as this feeling of near-explosion reached its limit, Zhou Bai felt his body gradually tighten. Surging power spilled out of his muscles, filling his body. He couldn't help letting out a roar.

A long while later, the abnormalities of his body finally ceased. Zhou Bai let out a deep breath. He looked at his body, which was covered in sweat. Even his clothes were drenched.

Zhou Bai slowly stood up, looking at his palms. He clenched them lightly and felt a strength many times greater than he'd felt previously surging between his palms and arms.

After he finished practicing the star point Fragmentary, Zhou Bai felt his strength, speed, explosive power, and stamina all increase immensely. When he took punches, they made whipping noises in the air.

"Awesome!" Zhou Bai waved his fists excitedly but felt his body sway and almost fell to the ground.

Oh no, my physique improved too quickly, he thought. It's at least twice as fit as before. I'm a little unused to it.

At this thought, Zhou Bai slowly moved his limbs, getting used to his newly improved physique.

He walked a few steps and accidentally kicked a chair. The wooden chair fell apart.

In reality, when normal people practiced the first star point according to the given method, they could finish practicing after as little as two weeks or as long as two months. But Zhou Bai did it in an instant.

"D*mn it, this guy's getting stronger and stronger. I have to practice hard too." Christina saw this and thought for a while. She urged, "Zhou Bai, when are you going to get me a breathing method? I have to practice my primordial spirit power."

"Don't you know one?"

"I do, but I want something more advanced. Donghua Tao Academy must have a lot of breathing methods. Can't you borrow one for me?"

"Gotcha. Wait up; let me train a little more." Zhou Bai rubbed his chin and focused his attention on the Taiyi Disc. He looked at the information for the next star point.

Fragmentary-Foundation: Improve the body's adaptability to Spark. Being in contact with Spark can increase the body's speed of recovery, slightly increase strength and explosive power.

Method of Practice: (Zhou Bai skipped over this)

Laziness (0/600)

"It requires 600 points of Laziness." Zhou Bai looked at his board. He had only 410 points of Laziness remaining. He locked his gaze on Christina.

Should I try to gain some from Christina? wondered Zhou Bai.

But I just offended her yesterday. If I do this today, will she become less and less cooperative in the future?

At that moment, Elsa started whining, making painful crying noises.

Zhou Bai rushed up to her, hugging her head and asking, "What's wrong, Elsa?"

Elsa opened her mouth wide, continuing to make weird sounds. It worried Zhou Bai.

Just as Zhou Bai picked up the Shiba Inu and was about to go to get help, Elsa spat out a ball of something from her mouth. She immediately looked relieved and smiled again.

Zhou Bai looked at the thing Elsa spat out. It was a ball of torn-up fabric. It looked like…

"Isn't this the towel the school gave me?" Zhou Bai went to the bathroom to check. His towel was indeed gone. Not only his towel, but even the paper and toiletries were also all over the place.

"Elsa…" Zhou Bai sighed, turned around to look for her, but Elsa was nowhere to be found. Only a small segment of her tail peeked out from beneath the couch, and it trembled.

"You little…" Zhou Bai shook his head. "Let's go. Let's get you something to eat." He rubbed his stomach. "I'm very hungry too."

In an instant, Elsa shot out from beneath the couch, dashing to Zhou Bai with a happy smile. She barked and ran in circles around him.

Zhou Bai took only his student ID and the dog. He left the cat home to train on her own and headed to the nearby cafeteria.

Looking at the student ID in his hand, Zhou Bai thought, Because we're in a time of war, almost all the resources are distributed by Paradise. There's no more currency. Instead, each citizen gets around the same number of points each month according to their job. The points can be exchanged for different living necessities.

But according to Jing Xiu, there were even more things you could exchange points for in Donghua Tao Academy.

I remember when we checked into the school, they said everyone could get 200 points every month. I wonder how much food I can exchange that for.

He walked into the cafeteria. It was the dinner rush; vast numbers of students and teachers filled the area.

Zhou Bai strolled around the serving area. After reading the descriptions of the food, he was astonished.

Crystal Demon Core: Increases reaction speed, 20 points.

Hundred Medicine Stew: Improves physique by a small degree, increases the efficiency of breathing Spark, 30 points.

Crimson Fish Stew: Improves fireproof ability after extended consumption, 100 points.

Looking at the medicinal foods made from different herbs, mutated beasts, or even the bodies of Mara, Zhou Bai's eyes gleamed.

They even have mutated beasts? he wondered. I heard mutated beasts are the product of mutated animals. Only Paradise has mastered the way to tame and breed them. I can't believe Donghua Tao Academy even uses them to make food.

Zhou Bai wanted to try all the medicinal food in the cafeteria, but after looking at the points written after their names, he was dejected.

Two hundred points are so little, he thought. There's nothing I can eat.

But looking at how quickly the students consumed the medicinal foods, Zhou Bai understood that even though they were so expensive, they were probably in short supply and would be finished quickly.

In fact, if you exchanged for these medicinal foods outside the school, you would have to pay five to ten times the points.

The low prices here were benefits for the students and staff of Donghua Tao Academy.

Zhou Bai looked at the medicinal foods wistfully. He could only keep walking. Suddenly, he felt his hand tighten. Elsa wasn't willing to keep walking.

He saw Elsa widen her eyes to stare at a gigantic bone. Her eyes beamed like lightbulbs.

Bashe Bone Soup: After consumption, it can increase explosive power and improve stamina by a small degree. 120 points.

Zhou Bai sighed, pulling on the leash, "Let's go, Elsa. We can't afford this."

But no matter how much Zhou Bai tugged, even though the Shiba Inu's face was squeezed out of shape by the leash, Elsa still wouldn't leave. She yanked on the leash and locked her eyes on the Bashe Bone Soup.

Zhou Bai had no choice but to pick Elsa up and walk away. Elsa put her head on Zhou Bai's shoulder, looking at the bone in the distance with sorrow. She whined sadly.

A few minutes later, Zhou Bai sat down at a table, Elsa sat on the ground next to him.

Zhou Bai took out the food bowl he brought for Elsa and placed it in front of her. He dumped a bowl of rice into it.

At the serving area near them, there was a description of this rice.

Humanfeed: Supplements basic nutritional needs, increases the speed of recovery of mental and physical energy. 1 point.

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