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Chapter 17: Live On

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Bando's neck was cut right open. 

Bloody holes opened on Alice's chest. 

Children lay in pools of blood. 

With an angry roar, Zhou Bai used 50 points of primordial spirit power. Blood streamed out of his ears and eyes continuously. 

Bang! A violent power attacked the Mara but was totally ineffective. It only made the Mara scoff. 

"As a pig...why do you resist?"

The black smoke turned into a long snake, sweeping directly towards Zhou Bai. 

Primordial spirit power broke down and faded away the moment it came into contact with that long snake. 

The black smoke that had lost some of its force passed over Zhou Bai's body. His vision blackened, and he crashed into the wall, slowly slipping to the ground, his consciousness becoming blurry. 

Mara: "Pigs who only know how to eat and defecate, I'm going to kill you all!"

In the light whooshing sounds, one after another person was pierced through. 


A steel pipe was thrown onto the Mara. 

The Mara turned around with a cold expression and saw Elsa stand up, glaring at it with rage. But her thin legs trembled, and she spoke with a tone of unease. As she spoke, tears streamed down her face. 

"Stop...stop it! Why do you have to kill everyone? Everyone...everyone tried so hard to live...even I eat so much less!!"



The sharp blades formed by black mist pierced through Elsa's body, pinning her to the wall. 

Zhou Bai gritted his teeth. His primordial spirit power was being continuously stimulated and wanted to burst out of his body, but it couldn't move at all. Both his primordial spirit and physical body were heavily injured, he's lost his combat capacity. He could only watch all of this happen without being able to do anything. 

"The last one…." The snake monster lightly swayed its head. The black smoke gathered into a black blade, which shot towards Zhou Bai. 

'Am I...about to die….'

At this moment, Zhou Bai's head was a giant mess. There was no anger, no revulsion, no hatred...only one thought occupied his entire brain. 

"I really...don't want to die…."

The fear of death reached the ends of every nerve in his body. 

At this moment, Zhou Bai suddenly understood death-- disappearance, losing contact with the entire world, no longer having any hope or future. 

How terrifying was this for a living being? 


He heard violent clashing and rubbing noises. 

He didn't know when Professor Zhuang appeared. He stood in front of Zhou Bai, tightly holding a black blade that thrust in Zhou Bai's direction. Streams of blood ran down from his palm. 

Zhou Bai watched this scene with wide eyes. Professor Zhuang said calmly, "Zhou Bai, do you feel scared? Hopeless? Angry? Yet you can't do anything about it? Engrave this feeling in your memory. This is called 'helplessness.' Don't let yourself experience it ever again…."

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh! More black blades flew towards them, and a golden glimmer flashed in Professor Zhuang's eyes. 

Among the noisy crackling, Professor Zhuang threw out the black blade he was holding in his right hand, striking down all the other black blades like a bolt of black thunder. 

Snake monster: "Tch, Malla was killed by someone like you? How useless." 

"Are you talking about your companion?" Professor Zhuang said, "I'll send you to keep him company." 

The snake monster looked at Professor Zhuang's other hand, which had broken at the elbow, and his thigh that had a huge hole pierced through. It sneered, "You're so heavily injured, you can't even use primordial spirit power. Yet, instead of running away, you came down here to save them?"

"Pigs will be pigs, foolish beyond comparison." 

The next moment, all the black blades flashed and became covered in black flames. Even the black blade in Professor Zhuang's hand did the same. The black fire spread onto his hand, forcing him to drop the black blade.

"Zhou Bai...this planet may no longer be suitable for human survival…."

Bang! Dozens of black blades formed a cyclone of blades, forcing Professor Zhuang all the way to the wall, letting out a deafening thump. 

"Earth may yield…"


Threads of golden light hovered from Professor Zhuang's body. The hair on his head turned into golden animal fur, and a tail grew out from the end of his spine. 

The next moment, he broke through the surrounding black blades, and once again stood in front of Zhou Bai, cutting off the black blades that shot towards Zhou Bai. 

"But humans will never surrender." 

Then, Zhou Bai saw Professor Zhuang staring at the torrents of black blade rain and a golden silhouette that crashed into the Mara, pressing its head against the wall with a single hand. 

"Zhou Bai, this is my final lesson: live on, no matter how lowly, how afraid, how on."

"Primordial spirit self-explosion?" The Mara watched Professor Zhuang with resentment, "And demon...ification…."

Golden flames flared from Professor Zhuang's body. The Mara's snake body struggled wildly. Black blades penetrated Professor Zhuang's body, but it couldn't escape his constraint. 

Professor Zhuang: "As the last human, don't let our civilization end here…."

The next moment, blinding golden flames filled Zhou Bai's entire vision. It spread towards the laboratory, level 4, level 3, level 2, engulfing the entire base. 

The golden flames burned down everything in the base. When the fire finally died down, Professor Zhuang and Mara's bodies were already nowhere to be found. 

Zhou Bai was already heavily injured. He passed out on the ground. 


When Zhou Bai came to, the entire base had almost been completely destroyed. Only he and the children around him weren't burnt at all. Clearly, Professor Zhuang controlled it intentionally. 

'What should I do now…"

His entire body ached, he couldn't move a single muscle.

Zhou Bai had no choice but to rest for a while and try again after he recovered a bit. 

Half an hour later, Zhou Bai tried using his primordial spirit power to prop his body up little by little. He sat upon the ground. 

In this process, he felt like something had been placed on his chest. 

He opened it and saw it looked like a little book.

Zhou Bai's vision focused, "Who put it here? Could it be Professor Zhuang?"

Zhou Bai asked in his mind, "Christina, do you know?"

"Professor Zhuang might have given it to you secretly during battle. He's quite strong, so it's not difficult for him to do something like this."

Zhou Bai continued reading what he saw were pages of a diary. 

But the entire diary had many sections that were torn off or crossed out. 


The atmosphere in the base is getting more and more oppressive. There seems to be something watching me in the dark. Jack started talking in his sleep. I told him not to tell the others. I'm worried about his condition. 

I don't know if our direction is right or wrong. May Paradise bless and protect us. 

--A lot of crossing out.

Our research continues. Li Zhengdao has lost his mind, and we can only shut him in solitary confinement. He talks loudly in a language no one can understand. We're all very dejected. Perhaps our method was really wrong. 

I'm a little worried about him. I hope he will be okay. 

--Consecutive missing pages. 

Ever since I stopped sleeping, I've never heard the muttering again. Perhaps this method is correct. I should tell others to do it. 


Number of survivors: 2

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