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Chapter 12: Mad

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After being manipulated by Zhou Bai, Christina got angry, "Are you done playing around? Do you know what you're doing?"

Zhou Bai: "Playing with a cat."

"Play with yourself!" Christina was infuriated, "Cats don't need to be played with."

"Oh," Zhou Bai hastily asked, "Can I use the auxiliary system yet? Or are there procedures that need to be taken?"

Christina's lips twitched, swishing her tails as she jumped onto Zhou Bai's shoulder. Then she forcefully slammed the back of Zhou Bai's head three times. 

"Try it again?"

"Seriously? Does this work?" Zhou Bai was doubtful, "You're not playing around with me, are you?"

"It's what's written on the Operation Manual. But I have to be the one to hit you, it doesn't work if you hit yourself," Christina said, "It's up to you if you want to believe me or not."

Zhou Bai rubbed his chin and decided not to think about this. He's going to lie down first. 

As he lay on the bed again, this time in the auxiliary system, Laziness finally began increasing. Looking at the Laziness value increase 1 point per second, Zhou Bai's bad mood from the Doomsday situation lightened greatly.

He watched Laziness grow with content. Zhou Bai looked at the cat who was also lying on the bed and smiled. Then he kicked Christina off the bed. 

"Cats aren't allowed on the bed in my house."

"Hiss…." Christina glared at Zhou Bai, who was on the bed, "I only look like a cat. My true nature is much nobler than cats or humans like yourself."

"This cat is always lying, good thing she's stupid," he thought. Zhou Bai paid no mind to Christina's boasting. But the auxiliary system did come with her, so he had many questions he wanted to ask Christina. 

The first thing was about this world. Zhou Bai urgently wanted to know if this world was his world. 

This Doomsday world, is it an alternate world, or did his original Earth enter Doomsday?

But it seems like Christina really did lose her memory about this. She knew nothing about this world either. 

After getting no answers, Zhou Bai started asking about the auxiliary system. 

Christina: "Don't ask me, the Operation Manual I was given had only one sentence...If there's a problem, slam your head."

Zhou Bai: "Huh? Then this Degree of Taoification, Primordial Spirit Value, Divine Map, what do they mean? Explain to me."

Christina: "That I know." She swung her tail, saying with discontent, "But it's so cold on the floor…"

Zhou Bai controlled his primordial spirit power and threw Christina onto Elsa's bed. Elsa was still fast asleep. She didn't look like she was going to wake up at all. Christina rolled around comfortably, collapsing into a cat rug. 

Zhou Bai: "Tell me about the Degree of Taoification, Primordial Spirit Value, and Divine Map. What are they really?"

Previously, when Zhou Bai first used the auxiliary system, Christina already said Degree of Taoification represented realm, and Divine Map represented method of practice. 

"If I go into detail, Degree of Taoification represents your synchronization with the Heavenly Tao. The more in sync you are, the greater the power you can obtain, and the stronger the divine skills you can practice."

"You probably know a little about Primordial Spirit Value, that's the quantification of primordial spirit power. Primordial spirit power is the power that a practitioner develops after breathing the Spark and conforming to Heaven. When you're more practiced, you'll have many uses for it. It's the basic power for practitioners."

"As for Divine Map, that's the method of practice. It's pretty much the same as secret scrolls and magical techniques. The Divine Map is different for every realm of practice. They each have different focuses for strengthening and different divine skills, which are the means of combat."

Christina said with a smile, "Do you want to learn how to practice? I can teach you." She thought to herself, 'Hehe, if you want to learn, then treat me as a teacher, and I'll slowly gain back my autonomy….'

"Not interested." Zhou Bai turned around. He saw his Laziness had broken through 100 points, and said with glee, "I can get stronger just by lying down. Only a fool would practice." 

Christina gritted her teeth, baring her fangs, "This guy...I'm so annoyed!" The next moment, her body had turned into a cloud of white mist, which Zhou Bai put back into his consciousness again. 

Zhou Bai continued lying on the other bed. Because he exhausted himself too much today, he drifted into sleep. 

The next day, Zhou Bai woke up very early because he was very excited. All he thought about was how much Laziness would have increased overnight. 

But after taking a look at the board, he looked very disappointed. 

Degree of Taoification: 0%

Primordial Spirit Value: 10

Divine Map: Deva Nine Disasters

Laziness: 200

"Why is Laziness only at 200? I lay for an entire night!" Zhou Bai said angrily, "Did I lie around for nothing?"

Christina's voice sneered in Zhou Bai's head, "You can get stronger just from sleeping, what are you unhappy about?"

Zhou Bai asked her, "What's going on? Why is your auxiliary system giving me less than I deserve?"

"How would I know?" Christina muttered, "But after some thought, it probably has a limit. This might be the maximum amount of Laziness you can gain from lying around each day."

In his later attempts, Zhou Bai slowly realized that there was a limit to different methods of gaining Laziness each day. 

The amount that you could gain just by lying around was 200 points. 

Zhou Bai didn't fuss over this, for now. He was impatient to gain more points. 

"I'll add them to primordial spirit power. Professor Zhuang's primordial spirit power is distinctly stronger than mine. Ten points of Primordial Spirit Value is still too little." 

With this thought, Zhou Bai concentrated on the plus sign behind Primordial Spirit Value. 

Instantly, Primordial Spirit Value changed from 10 points to 11 points, while Laziness decreased by 10 points. 

Zhou Bai complained, "Sh*t, increasing Primordial Spirit Value above 10 points use ten times its value in Laziness?"

Christina: "What do you know? You can't just get primordial spirit power randomly. Normal people have to train very hard to even raise it by one point, how many of them have it as easy as you? And the higher it gets, the harder it becomes to increase it further. It's not like no matter it only takes one Laziness point to increase your Primordial Spirit Value no matter how high it is."

Zhou Bai came to realization too. Just like when normal people do bench presses, when you go from 30 kilograms to 50 kilograms, compared to going from 100 kilograms to 120 kilograms, although they both increase by 20 kilograms, the time and energy they use is different. 

Zhou Bai continued increasing his Primordial Spirit Value. He increased Primordial Spirit Value all the way to 20 points, and his Laziness decreased by 100 points. 

After abruptly raising 10 points of Primordial Spirit Value, Zhou Bai felt slightly dizzy. 

Christina said, "Watch out, don't add too much Primordial Spirit Value at a time. Increase it little by little, and take a break in between to get used to it. Last time, when you added 10 points at a time, you made yourself pass out." 

"I got picked up by Professor Zhuang after passing out? Then why did you get caught by him too?"

Christina: "It's because I couldn't contact you, so I wanted to go look for you, and got caught by him! Ugh, he thought I was a cat, and he wanted to perform experiments on me. How foolish!"

"..." Zhou Bai nodded, "I increased Primordial Spirit Value to 20. Should I try increasing Degree of Taoification?"

"No!" Christina screamed, saying hastily, "Don't increase Degree of Taoification carelessly! This is different from Primordial Spirit Value. The auxiliary system increases your strength when you increase Primordial Spirit Value. It's all pure and harmless."

"But Degree of Taoification is realm. It's your synchronization with the Heavenly Tao. After you increase it, it'll connect you to the Heavenly Tao. If you carelessly increase it without preparations and are unable to adapt to it, you'll go mad."

"Mad?" Zhou Bai's eyes glowed, seeming to remember something. 

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