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63.33% Calamity of Tomorrow / Chapter 38: Zhou Bai Attending Class

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Chapter 38: Zhou Bai Attending Class

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Zhou Bai arrived at the cafeteria, half of the cafeteria was shut down. There were only a few serving windows left open for students to exchange points for cheap food.

A few people ate at the tables.

Apart from the three main meals, the cafeteria usually only provided the most basic food.

After eating a bowl of humanfeed, Zhou Bai's physical and mental strength recovered immediately. His stomach was warm, and he felt satisfied.

He strolled back to his dorm slowly. Zhou Bai was still thinking about how to increase Laziness.

Right before he reached his door, he saw that the door to the dorm next to his own was open. A bright red light shot out from the room.

The red light radiated like blood, making Zhou Bai frown.

Zhou Bai thought, Who is this reckless? They have this kind of light on at night? Can they even fall asleep?

He walked up, curiously inspecting the room.

But he only saw a pallid face.

It was a girl's head poking out from behind the door. She asked, "Is anything the matter?"

Zhou Bai went blank for a second, then scratched his head and said, "Oh, it's nothing. I live next door. Say, your light is rather special."

The girl stared at Zhou Bai with wide eyes, and she said slowly, "I'm used to it."

"Oh…" Zhou Bai nodded. He pointed at his own door and said, "I'm going to sleep then…"


Bang! Looking at the shut door, Zhou Bai frowned. So hard to get along, he mused. He scratched his head and returned to his room. Elsa immediately jumped on him. Zhou Bai stroked her and got into bed to rest.

The humanfeed he'd just eaten had the effect of restoring energy and wiping out his exhaustion. After eating, Zhou Bai lay slumberless on his bed.

He looked at Christina, who still curled up in a ball. She seemed to be practicing still. Zhou Bai thought, What a hard-working cat.

He watched her for a while. In a daze, Zhou Bai finally felt sleepy.

But a sudden thump came from the wall and jerked Zhou Bai awake.

"What the hell?"

Zhou Bai looked in the direction the sound came from and heard a series of thumping noises. When he was about to get up and interrogate his neighbor, the thumping stopped again.

Zhou Bai went back to sleep. He closed his eyes, tossed and turned, accumulating sleepiness little by little.

Just when he finally felt sleepy…

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Continuous loud collisions came. Zhou Bai's eyes shot open, and he shouted in the direction of the wall, "What the hell are you doing in the middle of the night? Aren't you going to sleep?!"

The thumping sounds stopped. Zhou Bai exhaled angrily, then lay down again. But after lying down for a while, he realized he couldn't fall asleep.


The next morning, Zhou Bai got up looking bitter. After taking Elsa to the cafeteria for breakfast, he brought her back to the room and went to class alone.

He restored his energy after a bowl of humanfeed.

When he walked into the classroom, Zhou Bai saw Jing Xiu wave at him from a distance. He walked over and sat down next to her. Soon the class began.

Lu Chongyang still taught this morning's class. It was a continuation of yesterday's lesson on practicing Divine Maps. He talked about the balance between Divine Maps, Degree of Taoification, and primordial spirit power.

"Remember, you must not be greedy on the path of Tao practice. Whether it be Divine Maps, Degree of Taoification, or primordial spirit power, you can't be greedy for advancement in any of these fields. Instead, you have to find the balance between the three. Today, we will be learning about the change of the five elements and yin yang, and use them to judge whether we have lost our balance on the path of practicing Tao…"

An hour later, they took a five-minute break between classes.

Zhou Bai stared at Jing Xiu blankly. She had taken a dozen pages of notes. He asked tentatively, "Jing Xiu, how well do you think teacher Lu Chongyang taught?"

"Teacher taught very well!" Jing Xiu said happily, "I feel like I improved immensely. What do you think, Brother Zhou?"

"Mm, me too." Zhou Bai nodded, but he screamed in his mind, I can't understand anything! What the heck did he talk about?

In their first class yesterday, Lu Chongyang briefly explained the nine basic Divine Maps and the process of injecting Divine Maps into the body. Zhou Bai understood that, but today's class on theories was simply confusing to him.

This made him recall the method of practice written on the star points yesterday. He couldn't understand that all at either.

If not for the fact he could just add Laziness to them, there was no way he could practice successfully.

That's when Zhou Bai suddenly came to a realization. Compared to Jing Xiu and the rest who had practiced breathing methods, read Taoist scriptures, and prepared for Tao practice since childhood, Zhou Bai's theoretical foundation was weak.

But Zhou Bai naturally had his own advantages. That is, he had the auxiliary practice system.

This is bad, he thought. Going to class is completely useless for me. My foundation is too weak. Unless it's an easy operation class like the one yesterday, I can't understand theory classes like today's at all.

Rather than waste time listening to lectures, it's better for me to just self-study outside of class. As for during class…

Thus, a few minutes later, Zhou Bai unknowingly put his head on the desk. He relaxed and started feeling sleepy.

Laziness +1

Laziness +1

Laziness +1

The moment he saw Laziness increase, Zhou Bai slept with ease. He let himself relax completely, falling into a deep slumber.

Jing Xiu watched Zhou Bai with shock, "Bro…Brother Zhou is sleeping?" That was unimaginable to her.

"Someone is sleeping during class? And it's Brother Zhou!"

The scene before her overturned the world of a good student like Jing Xiu.

There were only 24 students whose Primordial Spirit Value had reached 99 in the classroom. After developing their primordial spirits and practicing Divine Maps, they all had great sight and hearing and quickly found out Zhou Bai was sleeping in class. They were all surprised and incredulous. Some showed it; others didn't.

This was Donghua Tao Academy, one of the four big Tao academies, where the elite human practitioners gathered.

In these times, under the pressure of death and annihilation, few students slept in class, even outside of Tao academies.

Someone sleeping in class at Tao academy was unfathomable to them.

Qian Wangsun thought, F*ck! He's sleeping on the second day of class. What an idiot!

Jian Xing rubbed his bald head. "Zhou Bai truly has…a unique personality."

The students were all aware of Zhou Bai's abnormal behavior. Naturally, Lu Chongyang knew too. He directed his will and slapped Zhou Bai on the head with his primordial spirit power.

After the slap on the head, Zhou Bai didn't move an inch. After he woke up, he focused his attention on the board of the auxiliary system.

Degree of Taoification: 0%

Primordial Spirit Value: 99

Divine Map: Deva Nine Disasters

Laziness: 70

He thought, Laziness increased from 60 points to 70 points. It increased by 10 points in such a short amount of time? Zhou Bai was pleasantly surprised, Sleeping in class was this effective?

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