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96.15% Cambrian's Omniverse (A collection of short stories) / Chapter 50: Her Parents' Daughter (Worm)

Her Parents' Daughter (Worm) - Cambrian's Omniverse (A collection of short stories) - Chapter 50 by CambrianBeckett2 full book limited free

Chapter 50: Her Parents' Daughter (Worm)

A/N: Her Parents' Daughter is a commissioned fic that was originally posted in three pieces from July to August of 2021. Bit more recent, but it is completed so here it is!

Summary: In which Mr. and Ms. Smith meets John Wick meets Taken all under the umbrella of Worm. Taylor Hebert has a very specific set of skills. When her girlfriend Emma is taken by the ABB, those skills get quite the workout.

Themes: F/F, Plot-Heavy, Villain Death


It starts, as many tales do, with a boy and a girl. The thing is the way this boy and girl meet is rather odd and not at all normal.

"Daniel Hebert."

"Annette Rose."

The two young people, having introduced themselves, size one another up for a moment contemplatively, before slowly giving each other a nod.

"I'm supposed to work with you on this job."

"That's what they told me too."

"Are there going to be any problems?"

Smirking slightly, Annette flicks her hair back over her shoulder and raises an eyebrow challengingly.

"Not so long as you don't get in my way."

Two up and coming hitmen, (or in Annette's case, hitwomen) they were both young and hungry with something to prove. And yet, that first meeting, as caustic as it might have seemed at first glance, was in fact love at first sight. As the two would soon learn, they'd been paired together for this assignment because it was bigger than the both of them.

And though there might have been some rough patches near the start, they were able to come together as a team, and by the end of it they'd both saved each other's lives. Annette saved Daniel's first, and Daniel saved hers second. She would never let him forget that she'd stepped in to rescue his hide first. He would never let her forget that hers was the more certain death that she'd needed outside help escaping.

All in all, that first mission together was a resounding success. Was it any wonder then, that the Agency had seen fit to put them together on more assignments going forward? They were young and hungry and so very eager to prove themselves… and so they quickly became a duo, known the world over as Mr. and Ms. Smith. Stage names, if you will, in a world that was becoming more and more inundated with capes and masks and personas.

Even those without powers saw fit to take on such names, and so Daniel Hebert became Mr. Smith, and Annette Rose became Ms. Smith, and together the two of them became the boogeymen of the criminal underworld. One would have expected them both to need powers to keep up with the changing nature of the crazy planet they found themselves on, but in truth, one didn't need powers to handle capes. One just needed to know how to keep one's head down when necessary… and how to put a bullet through the target's head from a mile away regardless of what shiny little powers they had.

And so, Mr. and Ms. Smith grew in infamy and reputation. Meanwhile, behind their covers, Daniel and Annette couldn't deny it… they'd fallen for each other. Oh sure, they tried to keep it professional… and lasted all of five missions together before they were fucking in a frenzy in the broom closet of the poor rich schmuck they'd been paid to assassinate.

Being found out by his security forces in the midst of coitus was not part of the plan, but that didn't stop them from finishing the job and cleaning up afterwards, with no one who'd seen their faces (or half naked bodies for that matter) living to tell of the tale.

After that, they'd started dating alongside their fucking, and eventually Annette had decided they were engaged. Strong, independent woman that she was, it was her who popped the question so to speak, but it was more like she'd simply declared her intent to marry him, and Daniel had gone along with it, a smitten smile on his face. Their wedding had been a small, private affair with barely anyone in attendance. Their Agency Handlers had been there of course, and the Head of the Agency, an ordained minister in his own right, had married them.

After that had been a couple more years of unholy matrimony as the married couple had continued racking up bodies and successful missions like a pair of well-oiled machines, proving that even in a world filling up with more and more capes, sometimes all you needed was the right man and woman for the job.

Finally, though, it happened. Annette got pregnant, and Taylor was born. Taylor Hebert came into the world as the daughter of two of the most dangerous individuals that Earth Bet had ever known. And given the state of Earth Bet, that was decidedly saying something. Still, with Taylor's arrival came a necessity for a quieter sort of life. Mr. and Ms. Smith were officially retired as an Agency Team, though of course, one doesn't ever truly get out of that sort of life.

Still, the Agency was happy to give them quite a bit of slack on their respective, nearly entwined leashes given their past track record. No one wanted to try and silence the married couple and potentially fail, resulting in a comeuppance that would shatter the Agency. Rather, it was easier to let them enter a state of semi-retirement, while also getting them to take the odd job here and there while raising their daughter.

And to be fair, both Danny and Annette were happy with that state of affairs. Neither of them was quite ready to be out of the game, no matter how much they loved their daughter. No one could possibly say they didn't adore Taylor with all their hearts, but once you get a taste for that sort of thing, it stays with you for the rest of your life.

Indeed, even young Taylor was not immune to this fact. Growing up, Taylor never found the things her parents taught her all that odd. It was just what their family did, how their family operated. She'd learned how to disassemble and reassemble a variety of firearms by Age Six, along with training in how to use each and every one of them.

She knew several ways to disable and even outright kill a person by Age Eight. By Age Ten, Taylor could break specific bones in the human body on command, as evidenced by when she snapped the left clavicle of Greg Veder with a seemingly innocuous smack when the boy got far too close to her one too many times.

All of this was simply how it worked, how her life worked, and when her parents had to leave on their solo missions maybe once or twice a year to keep their commitments, to keep their ducks in a row as they explained it, Taylor didn't question it. Not until her father sat her down one day and gave her some truly bad news.

"I'm sure you've heard by now that Jack Slash and the Slaughterhouse Nine are dead, Little Owl."

Blinking, Taylor could only nod. After all, as soon as it'd been confirmed, the news had made national headlines and completely derailed her school day. Instead of learning anything, every class had just had their televisions on, and the teachers had just been watching the news coverage of the event right alongside their students until the final bell rang.

But something in her father's tone, in his countenance, made it clear that this was not good news. Not for them. Daniel Hebert was an incredibly strong man, and Taylor Hebert was an incredibly smart girl. It wasn't hard to put two and two together.

"… Mom?"

Nodding, Danny stops for a moment and then lowers her head.

"She completed the mission. She didn't make it out though. She took the Nine with her."

And that was that. Taylor's whole world, turned on its head. Everything she'd ever known about her parents suddenly became so much more real. Her mother… her mother was dead, forever known as the unnamed sniper who had splattered Jack Slash's brains all over a wall, and then, when cornered by the rest of the terrifying members of the Nine shortly after, had detonated a small anti-matter charge that had wiped them all from existence down to the molecular level.

No one could ever know. Not even Alan, Danny's only friend in Brockton Bay. To the outside world, Annette Hebert was not Ms. Smith. Annette Hebert died in a car crash, a tragic and unfortunate accident, but also an almost painfully mundane way to go. To everyone except for Taylor, Danny, and select higher ups at the Agency, Annette Hebert was simply an English Professor who'd been at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Well, not quite. Because Taylor wasn't built like her parents. Oh sure, they'd raised her 'right' and prepared her for all the dangers and woes that the world had to offer, but all of her training was purely for defensive purposes, to make sure she could protect herself. And yes, they'd undeniably gone a bit overboard in the process, the things Taylor had learned went far beyond self-defense, but that didn't mean they didn't have anything but the best intentions for her at heart.

She was never meant to enter their world, merely learn how to live on the outmost edges of it. As such, there was no training regarding stunting or freezing one's emotions. Taylor hadn't been taught how to just… turn off her humanity, to shut down her humanity. In the wake of her mother's death, Daniel focused on her more than anything, seemingly almost incapable of processing. But Taylor, as much as she loved her father, couldn't do the same.

She was sad, and so she told Emma Barnes, her best friend, the truth. And that changed everything. Emma was there for her friend when no one else was. Emma was Taylor's rock in the days after Annette's death when everyone else was giving their condolences but for the wrong thing. Only Emma truly understood what Taylor was going through, because not even her own father could interact with Taylor on the same emotional level, thanks to the life he'd led.

By the time the two of them were sixteen, Taylor and Emma decided to give dating a try. The next two years are less a whirlwind romance, and simply an exploration of all the things they'd always ignored about how they felt about one another. Until finally, they were both eighteen and graduated from high school, legally adults after al this time.

And this is where our story truly begins. The tale of Mr. and Ms. Smith is certainly an interesting one, but it's their daughter who is about to have a very, very interesting time indeed.

"How'd it go, Emma?"

"Really well! There was talk about future work, how I've got a long road ahead of me but as long as I keep a stiff upper lip, all will go well!"

Taylor can't help but softly smile, even as she continues cooking dinner for the two of them, the Bluetooth in her ear blinking steadily as she nods.

"Only right, that. You deserve the world, Emma, and nothing less."

Even from over the phone, Taylor can hear the blush in her girlfriend's voice.

"Oh, stop it, you. Honestly, you- wha- who the hell are you?!"

Unbeknownst to Taylor and Emma, the red head's agent had sold her out. The job she'd just finished, while seeming like a normal photoshoot like any other, was far more sinister than that. The photoshoot in question was actually the cover for a human trafficking ring, using the pictures taken as a catalog of beautiful, young, and relatively unknown models that no one would truly miss. Even the biggest of them were girls who were completely undiscovered outside of Brockton Bay, and thus might not make it farther than the evening news if they were… taken.

Emma Barnes had been bid upon. A buyer had seen her photos show up on the dark web website where such things were kept and had eagerly purchased her as his own personal plaything. As Emma had been leaving the shoot in high spirits, the photographer had called a group of the ABB to come pick her up and deliver her to her new life as a sex slave.

It was this that Taylor was suddenly hearing over her Bluetooth, the telltale signs of an abduction all clear in Emma's terrified voice and the shuffling sounds of men grabbing her girlfriend and dragging her into an unmarked van. After a beat, there's an unfamiliar voice with an Asian accent that comes over the Bluetooth.

"Whoever this is, lose this number. Your little friend is as good as dead."


There is no panic in Taylor's voice, no fear. Her response is not pleading or begging, but commanding. Perhaps that's why the phone call doesn't immediately end. Regardless, she doesn't pass up the opportunity to speak.

"You don't want to end this call. You don't want to take Emma. Because if you do either of those things, then when I find you, you will suffer and then you will die. If you're looking for ransom, I don't have much money. What I do have, is a particular set of skills, skills trained into me from a very young age. If you let Emma go now, that will be the end of it. If not, you and all your men die."

There's a pause, a beat of silence as he processes her words. Truth be told, Taylor is expecting his response even before it comes, is expecting the end of the call. It doesn't make her rage any dimmer when it does happen.

"Good luck with that, bitch. You want your girlfriend back? Take it up with Lung."

And then the call is ended. Taylor stares straight ahead, compartmentalizing the information she just learned as well as Emma's capture. Her girlfriend, the light of her life… has been taken. But that doesn't mean she's out of options.

Reaching up, Taylor presses another button on her Bluetooth, cycling through her contacts list and then placing a call. After a moment, it picks up and a woman's voice echoes in her ear.


"This is Taylor Hebert. Your Agency owes my family quite a lot. I'm calling to collect."

"… Very well, Ms. Hebert. What can we do for you?"

"I need supplies."


Lung was a dragon. As such, he did was dragons tend to do. He lazed about in his lair with his wealth hoarded and all around him. Of course, he was also a human and this was the twenty-first century, so his lair took the form of an apartment, and his hoard took the form of a La-Z-Boy and a very large TV. Still, Lung was a dragon. No, he was THE dragon. When he wasn't having to make his presence known to keep the ants out of his territory, then he would enjoy the creature comforts that came with his draconic lordship.

Unfortunately, that also meant he had to deal with the problems, few though they were, that cropped up in the Azn Bad Boy's daily dealings with the city.

"G-Great and Powerful Lung!"

Slowly, Lung turns his eyes away from the television screen and looks to the trembling, shivering Lieutenant that's standing in front of him. He blinks once and then twice before finally responding in a low rumble.


"F-Four of our safehouses have been hit in the last hour! Millions in product has been ruined!"

Four… four was a lot. But it was also a perfectly manageable number that shouldn't need his interference unless there was more to the story. Sitting there in silence, Lung stares down the ABB Lieutenant, pushing for him to explain why exactly he was bothering him with this. Why was this worth interrupting Lung's time? Why should Lung, dragon that he was, let this moron leave here alive?

"I-It's not the Eighty-Eight, Great and Powerful Lung! Nor the Merchants! In fact, everyone reports seeing the exact same thing, a single shadowy figure flitting about! Someone is targeting us specifically on some sort of lone-man crusade!"

Ah, that was troubling. It sounded like some new parahuman was making a run at the ABB. Perhaps thinking that if they could give him a bloody nose, they'd up their starting reputation in HIS city. Lung snorts, a bit of smoke coming out of the pyrokinetic's nostrils as he glares at nothing in particular and everything at once.


In an instant, his right-hand man is beside him. Oni Lee appears in a puff that causes the more mundane ABB Lieutenant to yelp and shrink back, cringing in fear. But Lung waves Lee off from ending the other man's life. After all, this was legitimate information, a legitimate problem that needed to be snuffed out before it could grow further.

It wasn't something that Lung should have to deal with, however.

"There is someone hitting our stashes and safehouses. Someone is trying to leave their mark on this city by going through us. Go and find them. Make an example of them. Kill them."

Oni Lee bows wordlessly, and for just the briefest of moments, Kenta feels a pang for the friend he lost long ago. But then Lung reasserts himself, and the dragon has no emotions whatsoever for the tool he wields now. The Oni of the ABB disappears in another puff a few seconds later, crumbling into so much dust as he teleports away.

Lung waves off the ABB Lieutenant, who gratefully takes the opportunity to flee the room. With that taken care of, Brockton Bay's resident dragon returns to his television, lounging about amidst his hoard once more.


"G-Great and Powerful Lung! There has been a development!"

He was not expecting the same Lieutenant who had bothered him previously to come to him again quite so soon. If anything, he was expecting Lee to report back with the head of whoever had dared act against him. But instead, a few hours later it's that same man… and he's dragging a sweating, younger man by the scruff of his neck behind him. Both are Asian, of course, though Lung can't be bothered to denote their actual ethnicities. In the ABB, all that matters is that they come from the right part of the world.

"What is it?"

His tone is clipped and angry, as he once again sweeps his gaze away from his TV. This time, the Lieutenant seems a bit more… confident, even as he thrusts forward his kneeling cargo.

"You! Tell him what you told me!"

Looking absolutely terrified, blanching in horror, the younger man looks up into Lung's fiery eyes and swallows nervously, before finally getting the words out.

"O-Oni Lee is d-dead, s-sir!"

What? Lung goes absolutely still, smoke flaring out of his nostrils in great billowing breaths as his power activates just a bit. There is no actual threat in the immediate vicinity, so it's only for a moment, but still Lung tenses, his muscles flexing, the dragon within him growling in disbelief and incredulity.

"Show me."

His demand for evidence is met with the Lieutenant stepping forward to hand him a tablet with a security recording already keyed up in it. They were smart to bring him evidence, because he would have incinerated them both if they hadn't. Oni Lee couldn't just be dead. His tool, his right-hand… was too quick to die like that.

Pressing play, Lung watches on the security footage as Oni Lee appears in the middle of one of their warehouses down at the Docks. After a moment, more ABB members come into frame as well, all of them looking around, all of them armed with guns. There's some swagger, some arrogance at play, but all are taking their jobs seriously enough for his taste.

And then, out of the corner of Lung's eye, one of the men is taken into the shadows. He vanishes without so much as a yelp, and no one, not even Oni Lee, notices his disappearance at first.

The second one though, that one Oni Lee notices, and with a pop and a flash, Lung's teleporting assassin disappears in that direction. What follows is hard for the security camera to see but seems to be entirely one sided… and not in Lee's favor. Rather, whoever is in the shadows of that warehouse dismantles the squad of ABB members that Oni Lee brought with him one by one, until finally, Lee himself appears back in the middle of the warehouse, peering around at the shadows with a degree of agitation that Lung hadn't known he was capable of any longer.

Then, with a resounding splat, some sort of black goo flies out and covers Oni Lee's mask, blinding him. His first instinct is to reach up and tear the mask off, as he cannot use his power without line of sight. At the same time, his other hand is going to his belt, where he pulls the pin on a grenade. A smart move, all things considered. He clearly anticipates the attacker coming out once he's blinded to hit him and intends to blow them up while teleporting away as soon as he's freed his mask from his face.

And indeed, that's exactly what happens… but too fast for even Oni Lee to react to. Out of the darkness comes a figure in all black, swinging a well-made katana right through Oni Lee's neck and wrist as he struggles with his gunk-covered mask. Even more infuriating and surprising to Lung, however, is how the figure manages to react to the primed grenade on the corpse of his tool, their hand slapping out and putting the pin back in the grenade before it can actually go off.

There's no hesitation, no inhale or exhale of relief either. The figure simply straightens up, wipes their katana down and sheathes it before picking up Oni Lee's head and striding away, out of the camera angle.

By the end of the recording, Lung is smoldering with anger. And not just with anger either, as his La-Z-Boy literally catches fire. He might not be in a fight right now but watching his right-hand get assassinated in such a way is more than enough to get Lung's hackles raised and cause the dragon in his chest to grow and grow.

With a snarling growl, Lung rises to his feet.

"Where is this attacker now?! Where is HE?!"

Both the Lieutenant and the boy he'd brought along look completely blank and terrified at that, but before Lung can take out his anger on the two of them for finally running out of use to him, the Lieutenant's phone beeps, and he hurriedly looks at it.

"He's hitting another of our warehouses right now, sir!"

"Give me the location."

And with that, the Dragon of Kyushu leaves his lair. Not to play, but to deliver justice for his friend, for his right-hand man.


When Lung arrives, he knows he's in the right place because of all of the Asian men unconscious or groaning on the ground outside of the warehouse. Not paying them any mind, the dragon strides in, having been slowly ramping up the whole way over. He's ready for a fight, whatever form it will take. If this fucker thinks that he will take Lung down as easily as Oni Lee, then he has another thing coming.

"Welcome, Lung."

The woman's voice that comes from the center of the warehouse is unexpected. So is what Lung finds there when he stomps forward. Far from it being his opponent, there's Oni Lee's head, impaled on a piece of rebar. The voice comes from within his mouth.

"I was told that, if I have issues with how the ABB is doing things in my city, I should take up my grievances with you, Lung. Consider it done."

With narrowed eyes, Lung moves forward, pulling the Oni mask off of his subordinate's decapitated head and prying open Lee's mouth to pull the phone out from within.

"You have provoked the wrong dragon out of it's lair, ant. I shall find you, and when I do, I shall kill you."

"Yes, I suppose you would at that. Which is why I knew I needed to deal with you and yours before retrieving what was taken from me by you and yours."

Taken from her? Lung's brow furrows in confusion and irritation. He hated being in the dark about… well, about anything that had to do with him. More than that, he hated being toyed with like this. It reminded him of… no, better not to think about it. Both Lung and Kenta were in agreement about that. Still, he can't help but snarl down into the phone.

"You think to scare me, girl? You think to make me afraid? Better than you have tried. You will soon find that your cloak and dagger act does not work against a dragon."

There's a pause, in which Lung stares down at the phone, slowly breathing in and out. He's stagnating, irritatingly enough. He's not ramping up because there is no fight, and while his anger can get his power started and keep him at a low heat for a long while, he can't grow or transform any more than this without having a threat directly in front of him.

"… No, I suppose not. But against a man pretending to be a dragon? It just might."

Before Lung can respond, the bullet drills through the left eye of his mask and into his skull. A sniper rifle barks in the far-flung distance as one of the warehouse windows shatters. The bullet goes into Lung's head, lodging itself firmly in his brain matter… and then detonates. The tinkertech payload of this particular piece of ordinance is designed to deal with regenerators such as the likes of Lung. As soon as the bullet cracks open, what's inside flows out… and quickly begins eating up any and all organic tissue in its path.

Lung's brain goes first, including his Corona Pollentia. And then the rest of him rapidly disintegrates as well, crumbling into so much dust and detritus as he dies.

Off in the distance, a woman in all black quickly polices her shells and tucks away her sniper rifle, leaving the roof she'd set up shop on at a sedate but purposeful pace.


Emma… Emma was not doing well. She really, really wasn't. Not only had she been kidnapped, but she'd also been drugged to the gills. The whole fucking world didn't make sense to her… but when the gunshots and fighting outside of the room she was tied up in started, Emma tried her hardest to pay attention and listen. A small, delirious part of her mind jumped for joy at the thought that Taylor may have found her, may have come for her.

All Emma's life, she'd known her best friend was… very different. Taylor wasn't like the other girls they'd known, and never had been. Emma didn't mind though, she thought it was super cool having a badass friend who took martial arts and knew all there was to know about firearms and what not. Emma might not have been inclined to that sort of stuff herself, but she liked to think she and Taylor complemented one another. They shored up each other's weaknesses, just maybe.

It was better than feeling like she was being silly and frivolous for liking girly things and wanting to be a model. Better than feeling like she was dumb for dressing up and looking pretty, when Taylor had all of these critical life skills that would serve her well in the future.

Now… now, Emma just really wanted her girlfriend to save her from the ABB. They hadn't done anything to her yet, besides abduct her, tie her up, and inject her with some drug cocktail to keep her compliant, but Emma knew just as well as any other girl in Brockton Bay what happened to you if the ABB got ahold of you. She didn't want it. She didn't want any of it.

"W-Who the fuck are you?! What's your problem, bitch?!"

"We spoke on the phone."

"Wha-? You-!"


The sharp retort of a gun shot makes Emma flinch, but also makes hope rise even further in her chest as the door to her room finally opens… and reveals Taylor Hebert in all of her glory. Clad in all black and covered in a fair amount of blood that Emma hopes isn't her own, her girlfriend has never looked sexier. That might just be the drugs talking… but Emma didn't think so.

The moment she lays eyes on her, Taylor is by her side, grabbing hold of her, starting to untie her.

"Emma! Are you okay? How are you feeling?"

"Mm, they dosed me up somethin' good, tay-tay. Dunno what it was… can't really feel my toes though…"

"… That might just be poor circulation from the rope. C'mon, let's get you out of here. Either way… you're safe now."

Emma smiles dopily at that as Taylor picks her up in a bridal carry. Loosely looping her freed arms around her girlfriend's neck, the red head leans in and gives her a peck on the cheek as she responds.

"I know."

The last thing Emma sees before her body gives up on her and she passes out, is Taylor's cute, flushed smile. So long as she's in Taylor's arms… Emma knows she'll always be safe.


The cozy, quaint apartment is silent as the grave up to the moment that its front door comes crashing open, depositing two thoroughly entangled young women through the apartment entryway. Taylor Hebert and Emma Barnes are ALL up in each other's business as they come through the door, tongues exploring one another's mouths and Emma's arms and legs wrapped around Taylor's more powerfully body figure as she holds her girlfriend by the ass, her fingers digging into Emma's supple buttocks.

Fresh off of a dinner date at a high class restaurant, the two college-aged girls have been teasing and toying with each other all night long. Was it any wonder then that they'd only lasted to the elevator of their apartment building before Emma had finally jumped Taylor's bones and demanded some intimate attention? Kissing in the elevator had led to kissing all the way down the hall, right up to their apartment door.

They'd only stopped for a moment when Taylor had taken a little too long fiddling with the keys, Emma disengaging from the lip lock for a handful of seconds in order to give her girlfriend the chance to find the right key and get them inside of their apartment, ensuring some relative level of privacy.

It had been a year since their… altercation with the ABB. To say it was in the past would be incorrect. Emma still woke up sometimes from nightmares of being grabbed, and still flinched whenever she was so much as passed by too big of a car on the street. A snatch and grab like that one, a drugging with the possibility of **** and enslavement like she'd experienced… it was no laughing matter, and Taylor had done everything to be there for her girlfriend in the aftermath.

She'd supposed Emma like she always did, including supporting the beautiful red head's choice to not go directly into professional modeling anymore. She was still doing some modeling work on the side, but only with people that Taylor carefully vetted beforehand. Neither of them was as trusting as they had been previously… and while for Emma that just meant she relied on her girlfriend more, for Taylor it involved a level of paranoia that made her father proud.

Still, if she had anything to say about it, no one would get close to hurting her precious girlfriend ever again. The man who had tried to sell Emma to the ABB had disappeared soon after Lung and Oni Lee's deaths, never to be seen again. Only one person in the entire world knew where his body was buried… and Taylor wasn't about to tell anyone.

Meanwhile, the Agency had made very gentle, very careful overtures in the wake of their assistance. In their eyes, while Taylor's parents had done more than enough to warrant their daughter asking for help, the fact that Taylor had asked in the first place opened a door that had previously been closed. To extend that analogy a bit further, Taylor wasn't necessarily willing to slam that door completely shut again in the faces of those her parents had once worked for.

But all the same, she'd only broken out the skills that she'd been taught from a young age for one reason and one reason only. To save Emma. Taylor knew her father didn't mind if she became a hitman like he was, and her mother probably wouldn't have either. They both had only ever wanted the best for her, to provide the tools Taylor needed to decide her own fate.

At the moment, Taylor was treating her work for the Agency with the same sort of light touch that Emma was treating modeling. No killings, no out of state missions. She would handle the small things that were nearby, but anything else was something she didn't want to be involved in. She was a Free Agent, and a Free Agent she would remain.

In the meantime, both Taylor and Emma were attending college together. Getting a higher education was something they both knew Taylor's mother would appreciate. Annette Hebert might have been a contract killer, but she'd always had a love for literature, and had frequently told Taylor that in another life, she thought she might have been a Professor, or at least had the potential to be one.

Either way, Taylor and Emma were having a good time at college… and a good time living with each other in their cozy apartment.

Pushing Taylor back into a chair, her beautiful girlfriend gives her a wicked grin as she begins to hike up the beautiful red dress she's wearing. Emma is in the dress, a gorgeous red that matches her hair and her complexion perfectly. Taylor, meanwhile, is wearing a turtleneck and some stylish dark jeans. She quite literally wears the pants in the relationship as it were, but that doesn't necessarily mean she figuratively does all the time.

As evidenced by Emma climbing into Taylor's lap and all but dominating the ensuing encounter. While Taylor's hands do end up on her girlfriend's hips, Emma is the one who cradles Taylor's face, kissing her best friend turned lover heatedly as she grinds her core into Taylor's core, both of them groaning and moaning up a storm.

After a short while of this makeout session, Emma is the one who prompts them to move on as well, pulling away from Taylor and scrambling to pull the turtleneck she's wearing over her head, tossing it aside. The red head lavishes Taylor's body with kisses, causing small moans to leave Taylor's lips as she trails her mouth and tongue over the dark-haired young woman's taut flesh. Wiry and toned were both words that could be used to describe Taylor, but voluptuous could not.

And yet, Emma still seemed to exult in Taylor's body, washing away her insecurities and concerns over her lack of femininity by worshipping every last inch of exposed flesh. Eventually, the red head sidles down Taylor's front, pulling her jeans off as well. Taylor helps her of course, and then she's bared to Emma the moment the panties are yanked down too.


Now kneeling there before her, spreading Taylor's legs apart by the knees, Emma glances up and grins, her eyes dancing merrily in mischief.

"Shhh. You treated me to dinner, Tay-tay. Now let me take care of you."

And then she dives in, and one of the most dangerous people on the Eastern Seaboard is turned into a mewling, moaning, blushing, embarrassed mess as her girlfriend goes to town on her slit. Emma might not be a fighter, she might not be a killer… but she's very good at what she does, and she always has been. And one of the things she does well is sex.

That tongue of hers works away at Taylor's insides like a woman possessed, and Taylor can't help but gurgle as she arches her back, her hand falling atop Emma's head and her own head tossed back as her eyes threaten to roll back in her skull.

"F-Fuck, you must have really enjoyed that d-dessert!"

Driving her tongue deeper inside of Taylor as if to prove a point, Emma pulls back a moment later, though she's still frigging Taylor's clit and toying with her slit as she gives her girlfriend a messy grin.

"If I did, it's only because a certain someone was feeling uncharacteristically adventurous and toying with my cunt under the table the entire time~"

Taylor blushes, opening her mouth to respond only to gasp as Emma dives back down and begins eating her out again. It was true, Taylor HAD practically been pushing her big toe into Emma's quim under the table. And it was rather uncharacteristic of her to be so adventurous. B-but she'd only done it because Emma had been teasing her all night long with flashes of creamy pale skin under that gorgeous red dress of hers.

It just hadn't been fair, and so Taylor had tried to get back at her. But of course, her best friend turned girlfriend knew exactly how to handle that sort of thing. Emma's reaction to Taylor pressing into her pussy under the table had been to grip the edge of the table and moan just loudly enough that it had attracted their waiter over. Taylor's voice had been so high pitched she'd positively squeaked when she'd asked for the check!

Regardless, Emma's tongue is back to work and driving Taylor absolutely wild, and the dark-haired girl doesn't get another word out as her girlfriend goes to town on her cunt. It's not long before Taylor is gasping and moaning and whimpering, getting closer and closer to cumming. Emma doesn't hesitate even as Taylor's noises get more and more erotic and debauched, until finally, she can hold back no longer.

Hips rising off of the chair, the taller of the two young women cries out as she squirts all over Emma's face, most of her pussy juices landing in the red head's mouth. Without missing a beat, Emma swallows everything she can, her tongue continuing to writhe inside of Taylor's gushing quim throughout the explosive orgasm.

After Taylor's bucking dies down and she falls back against the chair panting heavily, Emma finally deigns to disengage from her lip lock with Taylor's slit. Rocking back on her heels, the red head giggles, her eyes dancing as she gives Taylor a smug smirk before finally moving to shuck her dress off over her head. It's in the middle of her doing so, while her eyesight is blocked and the rest of her gorgeous body is unveiled, that Taylor lets out a playful growl and surges up out of the chair.

Before Emma can finish untangling her arms from the chest, Taylor grabs the lighter, softer girl by her armpits and lifts her up into the air. Her girlfriend lets out a muffled yelp through the dress covering her face and then laughs helplessly as Taylor carries her through the living room and towards the bedroom.

"T-Taylor! P-Put me down!"

And indeed, Emma's feet are kicking wildly as Taylor holds her a couple feet off the ground. But to no avail, and ultimately, they reach the bedroom a few moments later. There, Taylor helps Emma take her dress the rest of the way off, and then tosses her nude girlfriend back onto the bed, prowling towards her immediately afterwards. She had already known Emma hadn't worn any undergarments today, and from the way her nipples are rock hard on her beautiful breasts and her slit is glistening, she clearly enjoyed being so naughty.

"My turn now, Emma."

The look on her flushed girlfriend's face can only be described as anticipatory. That's okay though, Taylor wasn't expecting to tease or embarrass Emma in the same way the red head could do to her. At the end of the day, Emma had always been a bit more shameless and a bit more promiscuous. Taylor was the self-conscious one, at least when it came to sex.

Still, her relationship with Emma had gone a long way to broadening her horizons and opening her up to… new ideas. Pouncing atop Emma on the bed, she wastes no time in pinning her girlfriend down, her hands closing around Emma's wrists and said wrists going up above the young woman's head.

At first, Taylor settles for just kissing Emma, the other girl moaning into her mouth as the two of them made out heatedly. But eventually, she slides her mouth down from Emma's lips to her jaw, and then from her jaw to her neck, and finally from her neck to her breasts. Where Taylor doesn't have much in the way of tits to speak of, Emma can only be described as stacked. Taylor has made peace with the fact that she's not voluptuous… but she can't deny enjoying her girlfriend's overly curvaceous nature.

Emma moans up a storm for her as Taylor attacks her sensitive nipples and breastflesh with her mouth, grazing her teeth across Emma's chest and licking and nibbling at her teats. After a little while of this, Taylor transfers her grip on Emma's wrists to one hand, freeing up the other to slide down her girlfriend's body. Down, down and down some more, until she's journeying past Emma's navel and reaching the honeypot between the red head's thighs.

Her fingers dance across Emma's pussy lips, and she's soon rewarded with her girlfriend's moans as Emma tosses her head back and cries out in a lustful, spectacular fashion. It's clear she's enjoying herself VERY much as Taylor darts her fingers along her slit, before eventually sliding them inside of her, one then two and then finally three.

In and out she drives them, and in turn Emma bucks her hips into Taylor's thrusting digits. As she fingerbangs her girlfriend right there on their bed, she has to move her mouth back up to Emma's, because the red head is just too damn loud. She's going to wake the neighbors, at this point. Eyes twinkling, Taylor's tongue explores the inside of Emma's mouth, and the two of them stare into one another with such mutual love and devotion in their gazes.

This was why their relationship worked. There was give and take, like there always had been. Emma was a feisty extrovert and Taylor was the stalwart introvert. They complimented each other, the perfect yin and yang couple. It was like they were made for one another, and Taylor would be damned if she let anyone ever take Emma from her permanently.

No one could have her, not so long as Taylor had a say in things. Emma was hers and she was Emma's, as it had been since they were kids, and as it would be for the rest of their lives.

As Emma cums upon her fingers, the two of them continuing to kiss and make love to one another for the rest of the night, Taylor loses herself in her girlfriend, and knows without a shadow of a doubt that Emma loses herself in turn. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-omniverse-(a-collection-of-short-stories)_20799558606119405/her-parents&apos;-daughter-(worm)_56798346282587433">;s-omniverse-(a-collection-of-short-stories)_20799558606119405/her-parents&apos;-daughter-(worm)_56798346282587433</a> for visiting.

They're both right where they belong… in each other's arms.


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