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Chapter 1: Chapter One

Taking the handle in his hand Jungkook stepped out of the taxi, taking in the air of America. "Finally we're out the car," Jimin said stretching his arms out wide.

It was that time of the year for the Bangtan Boys to take a few months off to take a break from touring. So instead of staying in the dorms, they decided to go to a summer camp in the U.S. Turning his hat backwards Jungkook squinted his eyes to the bright shine of the sun as he looked towards the camp.

"Okay everyone's here and we have all our suitcases..." Seokjin trailed off as he walking into the camp, leaving the others to look around with amazed eyes.

"Ah can I help you all?" a girl said coming up to the group. Looking at the girl Jungkook slightly blush at the sight of her.

As Jungkook opened his mouth to speak, Namjoon cut in. "Oh hello, I'm Namjoon and me and my friends are from Korea" he spoke in english.

She gave a pleasing smile that made Jungkook's heart flutter. "Well welcome everyone. I'm Sujin"

'Wow she's really pretty' Jungkook thought internally as he stared at her up and down.

"Jungkook....Jungkook?" Jimin called out to the younger giving him a nudge.

"Y-yeah wassup?!" he felt his cheeks burn brightly.

"We're going into the camp now kook, let's go" the older eurged grabbing Jungkook's wrist and pulling him with the others as they followed behind Sujin.

Sitting down at a table that was in front of the dinning hall that was next to a stage, Jungkook wanted to chat with Sujin but some male started talking into the microphone on stage.

"Hello campers and fellow councilor's," he announced into the mic looking around at everyone. " I am Ray and I'll be helping you newcomers with the camp rules and regulations!" he enthusiastically spoke.

"This year our councilors are.....drum roll please," he cued to someone as they started beating the table with their fist. "Kong Sujin, Jessie Lovick and Jeon Jungkook."

"Woah kook it's your first day and your already a councilor," Yoongi complemented giving him a brief pat in the back.

"Well it's all thanks to me so," Seokjin gloted before point his finger in Jungkook's direction. "You still don't get to boss me around,"

"Yeah yeah.." Jungkook brushed it aside as he looked to see if he could spot where Sujin sat.

"Seeing that Jungkook is new to the camp why don't we give him a warm welcome to camp." with that everyone started clapping around him. Giving a small bows to people Jungkook finally spoted Sujin smiling at him. Looking at her for a good three seconds, he smiled back at her.

Turning back to the guy that was on stage, Jungkook made full eye contact with the guy. Giving an awkward smile to him Jungkook looked back over to Sujin, not paying attention to the the people on stage talking.

After that long introduction, Jungkook broke off from the others and decided to caught up with Sujin.

"Hey Sujin~!" he grinned jogging up behind her.

"Oh hey your the new councilor right? I'm Sujin"

He blinked for a moment before remembering. "Yeah...new councilor. I am Jeon Jungkook." he said in his coherent english bowed down awkward to her.

Sujin smiled and bowed in return. "Is there anything I can do for you Jungkook?"

"Ah yes..what are we doing?" he sheepishly grinned causing Sujin to laugh.

"The campers are getting settled, so we get to relax today, then its work tomorrow."

'Sujin is so gorgeous. She would make a really good model' he thought zoning out as he looked into her eyes.


"Y-yes?" he blinked still focused on her eyes.

"Come with me." she said grinned, before taking a hold of his hand, making butterflies erupt in his stomach.

Sujin lead Jungkook to a large cabin with log walls, despite the ancient material of the windows and lighting, the place was very much modern. Not after a while of standing in the log cabin, Jungkook's eyes soon landed upon the white door with splatters of paint on it.

"That door goes to my room" blood rushed up to his cheeks causing him to look away from the door.

"This use to be the student councilor bunkers but they made a better building so-" she gave a small shrug as she turned to face Jungkook. "I made it into my own cabin"

"Ah- yes yes" his cheeks still sploched with colors of red.

"Here why don't you take a–" before she could finish Sujin stumbled over her feet as she was about to fall. Catching her before she fell, Jungkook was inches from her face as a pink tint started to coat over both of their faces, Jungkook studied Sujins face and admired how close it was to his. As he stared down at her his heart started beathing faster as he felt Sujin's breathing become unsteady.

"Suji-" Ray walked in and stopped dead in his tracks at the scene. Pushing him off of her, Jungkook stumbled back a bit as Sujin walked over to Ray with a her head hanging low.

"Uh, Jeon Jungkook is it? I'm Ray" he held out his hand to Jungkook.

Smiling Jungkook took Ray's hand into his and held a firm grip as he stared into his soulless cold blue eyes. Releasing his stare Ray turned to Sujin and placed a kiss on her forehead, which made Jungkook's heart whinge at the sight.

Cringing under his lips Sujin just gave a smile. "I wanted to know if you'd come to the lake with me?" he asked her.

"S-sure.." Jungkook heard hesitation in her voice, but brushed it off.

"Sorry we had to cut this short but lets hang some other time." she said as they intertwined their hands together and made their way out.

Taking his hat off he ruffled his hair with a sigh before putting it back on and leaving Sujin's cabin. Making his way back over to the camp, Jungkook found the guys in their cabin.

"Hey kook where've you been?" Taehyung asked in their foreign language, looking up from his phone with a look on his face as Jungkook came in.

"Just out," he simply replied back in korean before hopping on the top bunk of the bed, Yoongi on the bottom bunk.

Then Namjoon asked. "Yeah but out doing what?"

Jungkook sighed as he layed his back down on the mattress. "Out talking with Sujin..."

"That councilor girl?" Hoseok gasped. "ooh~ kookie likes someone"

"Oh shut up you horse" Jungkook groaned knowing the guys would never leave this alone.

"Wow becoming councilor and meeting a girl on the first day in camp, I would've guessed Jimin would pull something like this" yoongi aknowleged giving a shake of the head.

"Well I'm glad you have a crush Kookie, at least we know now that your not gay" Seokjin stated causing everyone to burst into laughter. Grabbing the pillow off his bed Jungkook threw it at Jin's head, making the eldest stop laughing.

"I never even acted gay! so-" Jungkook frozen as he say the look in Jin's eyes.

"Oh it on now kook" and with that Jin threw the pillow back across the room, aiming for preferably Jungkook, but it landed in Yoongi's lap.

Lifting his head up slightly hiding his eyes behind his low fringe, Yoongi began to smirk mischievous with a low chuckle.

"Shit run," everyone scattering around the room away from Yoongi, he picked his target and threw it at Namjoon.

Picking up more pillows Yoongi threw them at Hoseok, Jin, and Jungkook's faces making them fly backwards a bit. Then he got Jimin and Taehyung with a double strick out of one pillow, Jimin fell onto Taehyung causing him to fall on the heard ground. Loads of laughter filled the room as everyone everyone looked around at one another.

"Okay... I'm tired now" going over to his bunk Yoongi crawled in and layed down on his belly.

"What a grandpa," Taehyung muttered to Jimin while snickering.

"A grandpa that beat your ass in a pillow fight." Yoongi stated as everyone laughed.

"Yeah yeah whatever"

Jumping up onto his bunk and laying down on his back Jungkook stared up at the ceiling. As he layed there he couldn't seem to stop thinking about Sujin, even if he thought of something else it always flow back to her. Jungkook liked looking at Sujin, he wants to get to know her,, and possibly date her one day. Blushing at the though of them together as a couple, Jungkook brushed the thought aside and got comfortable in his bunk to sleep.

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