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Chapter 10: Chapter 10

Living with the man called Asami Ryuichi wasn't easy. Akihito was shocked at how the fridge had absolutely nothing even though the kitchen was equipped with every known cooking device proving that Asami was a man with too much money. Even the cling wrap in his kitchen cost a good twenty dollars causing to Akihito bemoan at that outrageous waste of money. A regular cling wrap would only cost less than five dollars. Akihito could have bought two meals using that extra fifteen dollars.

The bottom line was, Akihito simply could not believe he was going to make omurice using all the over-the-top equipment. The ingredients for tonight's dinner wasn't something Akihito could ordinarily afford. Under the strict order of Asami, Ishida was made to accompany Akihito to the grocery store 'befitting of his status'. It was a grocery store Akihito would avoid unless absolutely necessary because of the ludicrous price tags on every product. The store was known to carry more than ninety percent of foreign imported goods but Akihito swore he was more of a local produce kind of guy. To make matters worse, Ishida insisted on driving him over in Asami's limousine. However, after a fifteen-minute argument and calling Asami, they reached a compromise so Ishida drove them over in a black BMW.

Akihito nearly fainted when the cashier told him the total price for his omurice shopping trip. Akihito knew that it was going to be expensive because a) Asami had absolutely nothing apart from whiskey in his kitchen and b) they were at the 'super rich housewives' supermarket'. However, it was ridiculous for the shopping bill to reach two hundred for five bags worth of items! No, Akihito decided that the price of his limited edition pocky wasn't to blame. It couldn't even be compared to the soy sauce that cost nearly twenty-five dollars! The soy sauce he used back home was only three, this bottle of soy sauce had to be measured by the millilitre and used sparingly. Akihito's brain hurt just looking at the price tag. He intended to pay the bills with his own money but the fifty dollars he brought out hardly covered anything. Numbly, he handed the cashier Asami's infamous black card.

The shopping trip ended up smoothly and Ishida helped carry the groceries back to the penthouse. According to the guard, Asami would be back late as he had some last minute documents to look through at the office. Akihito sighed. He'd gone through the trouble of buying groceries and was still under Dr Mashiro's orders to remain indoors for another week for observations. What to do now?

Staring at the ingredients as he unpacked, Takaba Akihito had an idea.


Seven in the evening, Asami smoked another cigarette and frowned at the document in front of him. This contract for the new club he intended to take over was filled with many long-winded terms. Clearly, his business rival didn't intend to make it easy for him. There was bound to be some loopholes in the contract and it was up to Asami to find it. Kirishima was busy handling his other businesses and Suoh was taking care of the rats around his clubs. The situation was stressful and neither Asami nor his men had time for breaks. Asami's stomach growled but he ignored it. This wouldn't be the first time he skipped meals either. Kirishima wasn't here to nag at him for it and that was something Asami was thankful about.

"Asami-sama, Takaba-sama is here."

That was definitely Ishida. What was he doing here? Didn't Mashiro say that Akihito was to rest? He only granted them permission to go grocery shopping at the boy's insistence at not being able to eat take-out. What was his omega up to this time?

The door opened and Akihito's blond hair came to view. The photographer had a cheeky grin and strode in confidently as if he owned the place. Asami smirked in amusement but was also slightly curious about the large cloth package in Akihito's hands.

"I was bored and went a little overboard. I didn't see glasses or blond tank so I couldn't give it to them. Don't worry about it, I made Ishida taste test. Seeing as how he isn't dead yet, you can rest assured."

The cloth package rested with a dull thud on the table and Asami raised a brow as Akihito unpacked it. There were three bento boxes inside and Asami felt his heart skip a beat. He didn't think that the young man could cook. If it was really made by the young man, Asami felt that he could no longer let the man leave his side. Fated mate or not, he would be having the person called Takaba Akihito.

Akihito went on to rant about his day as Asami dug into the bento. Unlike Akihito's initial plan of making omurice, he decided to make some onigiri with tamagoyaki and fried a few vegetable karages. The bento was not only a well-balanced and nutritious but also appealing to look at. Unlike character bentoes that gave of a sparkly kind of vibe, Akihito's bento gave a very warm feeling and down-to-earth aura just like the boy. The crime lord nearly choked in surprise when he bit down on the tamagoyaki. Just like his mate, the egg roll had a surprise hidden inside.

"Is that cheese?"

Akihito grinned at Asami's expression. "It's good right? My mother loved mixing some of her receipes into the traditional Japanese cuisine. I don't know how Russian food taste like but it doesn't feel right to eat egg rolls without cheese for me."

The crime lord stared into those blue eyes and Akihito felt a little self-conscious. He skipped the showers after preparing dinner because it was getting late. He didn't want Asami or his assistants to starve or worse, have them already bought something for dinner. Now, he regretted not taking that shower to rinse off the sweat and oil from his kitchen activities.

"Come here," Asami beckoned. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Akihito was hesitant but still made his way over anyway. Once he was close enough, Asami pulled him onto his lap, making the blond jump. Before Akihito could protest, Asami pushed the pair of chopsticks into Akihito's hand.

"Feed me."

Bewildered by such a childish request coming from a man so many years older than him, Akihito gaped like a fish. The look on Asami's face was 100% serious and Akihito gave in, complaining half-heartedly. Secretly, his omegan instincts rejoiced at the amount of trust his alpha was giving him and preened under the notion of being needed.

Blushing slightly and looking away, Akihito muttered his complaints that sounded weak in contrast to his usual comebacks. Asami didn't comment about it as Akihito fed him spoonful after spoonful. It took an unusually long time before the food was finished but Asami thought it was worth every second. The stress threatening to crush the crime lord melted away under the care of his omega who was too good for him. Asami nearly ruined everything and if it weren't for this kind-hearted being called Takaba Akihito, Asami would've been damned to eternal unhappiness.

"That's all there is you greedy bastard! Now stop eating my fingers and get your lazy ass back to work! I need a shower so I'm heading back first."

Asami chortled at the spunky attitude now that their sweet little moment was over.

"Yes dear," he half-mocked and Akihito turned scarlet.

Quickly jumping away and packing Asami's bento, Akihito walked towards the door only to turn back at the last moment.

"Remember to give Suoh and Kirishima their portion! If I find that you've stolen their food, I will get mad."

After saying that, Akihito left for real. Asami was blank for a moment but then a wide grin broke the stoic mask. His omega was really too good for him.

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