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Chapter 11: Chapter 11

In less than a week, Asami could barely recognise his penthouse of eight years. At the doorstep, he could already sense the additional belongings in his house. Akihito wasn't kidding when he warned the man about making it a home.

In his living room, Akihito took the liberty to hook up his Xbox to the kingpin's 52-inch plasma screen. It wasn't uncommon for the businessman to come home to a sight of the blond sprawled out asleep on his couch with dinner waiting for him on the table in cling wrap.

The photographer was getting better and Asami knew that the blond was itching to take on another job. According to Ishida, Akihito had been polishing his camera lenses and testing out the functions of his various DSLRs. Asami knew that Akihito wouldn't be pleased if he tried to keep him indoors for longer than necessary. In fact, according to Kirishima, Akihito has been bugging Ishida to get some 'civilian' clothes if he was going to be guarding him.

Suoh was screening Akihito's special team of guards and putting together a special training program. However, despite his best efforts, Akihito still remained stubborn about replacing Ishida. Asami didn't particularly mind seeing having Ishida continue his duty seeing how the guard was loyal and married. However, security was an issue with Arbatov sniffing around his trade routes. Asami badly to increase the number of men around the omega but knew how it would be a losing battle.

"Train these group of guards to be discreet. Also, ensure that they have mastered at least the basics of parkour. After giving Kirishima the slip before, I don't want a repeat if he discovers there are more than two guards at his side."

"Yes, Asami-sama," Suoh bowed. As the head of Sion's security, he expected just as much.

Before the stoic guard left, he paused and turned to his old friend. "Don't you think it would be better to teach him some basic self-defence just in case?"

Asami didn't reply. He considered that briefly but tossed that idea aside. He didn't want his mate to be tainted by his world. As fierce as he was, Akihito didn't belong in his world. They were fated mates and that was unfortunate. However, that didn't mean Asami wouldn't do everything in his power to stop the darkness from reaching his light. If there was any salvation for him, it was definitely the omega who welcomed him home with home-cooked meals and snarky remarks.

The kingpin had been busy while Akihito was recuperating. He'd bribed every single one of Akihito's contacts, nabbed the moron responsible for selling illegal heat control drugs and transferred the deeds for a few properties he owned to Akihito. He dialled Fei Long to consult with the Baishe leader about Arbatov's activities in the area and the triad leader agreed to provide the blond omega refuge should things turn ugly.

With everything finally in place, Asami felt exhaustion seep deep into his bones. Sudo, the manager of club Dracaena, was a spy for the Russian mob boss and it was annoying Asami to no end after he'd heard the rumours about Asami's potential mate. Sudo was a special talent from abroad and wasn't bound by Japanese laws about working as an omega. The man was beautiful and capable but had the personality of a poisonous snake. Asami knew from the very start how the former model was trying to get into his bed but Asami simply wasn't keen on dating a material whore.

Loosening his tie, Asami ran his fingers through his hair, allowing them to fall from their perfectly styled hold. He half expected Akihito to be on the couch playing his games or watching one of those meaningless zombie movies. However, when he looked around, he didn't find the blond in the hall. The food was on the table as usual but there wasn't any sound or movement from anywhere in the house. Curious, Asami knocked on Akihito's bedroom door.

There was no response so Asami thought that the blond must have slept early. He ate quickly and was prepared to take a shower when a surprise greeted him.

There, in his bed, with nothing but boxers on, was Takaba Akihito nestled in his covers fast asleep. Asami was dumbfounded. Was this meant to be an invitation of some sort? Or was his mate simply too tired?

Asami walked over to the bed slowly and reached out to touch the boy. He was warm. Asami wasn't hallucinating. Puzzled as to why the boy would willingly waltz into the dragon's lair, Asami gently woke his omega.

"Nn... Asami?"

The alpha chuckled at the cute sleep-laced voice. "Is this an invitation, Akihito?"

The photographer took some time to understand what the alpha was talking about. Sleep immediately cleared from his head as he jolted upright and flushed crimson in less than two seconds.

"You're wrong! Nesting! It's nesting... I tried to find some of your unwashed clothes but the cleaning crew was too efficient... I could only make do with this."

"Nesting? Didn't you just go into heat not too long ago?"

Akihito frowned. "That's a forced heat. I'm talking about my regular cycle. It's a little irregular so I don't know the exact date. However, I expect it to be about two to three weeks from now. I know we haven't known each other for long to share heats but I want to try taking things one step at a time."

Asami sat down on the bed and looked at Akihito seriously. "I understand. Just let me know how fast or slow you want it."

Embarrassed by the alpha's serious answer, Akihito felt his heart flutter. "I just want to know a few things first... I know some alphas have knots. Do you... you know..."

Asami smirked. Knots weren't very common among alphas. Only about twenty percent of alphas had them. These alphas were known as 'kings' for they were considered the best in terms of looks, talent and capabilities. On the other hand, omegas with the ability to charm others using their controlled pheromones were called 'queens'. These queens usually have a very high libido. It's also not uncommon for queens to have more than one alpha mate. Asami didn't know if Akihito was a queen but he knew he was definitely a king.

"I'm a king. Does it surprise you?"

Akihito shook his head. Somehow he'd guessed it too. Instead of looking worried, Akihito looked relieved.

"That's good. I've not told anyone yet but I'm most probably a queen. Many omegas have heats three or four times a year, some only twice. I have about six to eight heats a year with varying degrees of intensity so I wouldn't know when one would hit."

"Most probably?"

Akihito grinned. "Didn't test for that. I only knew I was an omega when my first heat came while I was in school. Didn't even go to the doctors since I escaped the clutches of the omega societies. Didn't want to end up like a caged bird."

The crime lord grinned. "Sounds just like you. Although you might find yourself caged by something worse."

Akihito raised his brow and snorted. "Dream on, old man."

Then the blond got serious again. "For this coming heat, I'll like to borrow any of your personal items. Clothes, unwashed, are the best. Also, we could do some scent marking if you can control your instincts well enough to not mark me yet."

Asami's heart soared. Scent marking was like a promise ring and Asami would dream of passing up such a chance. However, he wasn't sure if he could keep his inner alpha under control. While normal marking was done on the neck, it was possible to do it anywhere else. As such, Asami faltered.

Akihito sensed it too. He was afraid of getting marked as that was a huge commitment. However, if Asami gave his word, he would place all his trust in him.

"Scent marking is nice. But I don't think I'll be able to refrain from marking easily."

Akihito nodded. He'd expected just as much too. Perhaps it was too much to ask for.

"I'll wear a muzzle," the alpha said with finality in his voice, shocking Akihito.

A muzzle was not something popular with alphas as it was seen as degrading. It was often used to stop alphas from marking an innocent omega who accidentally went into heat. For Asami to volunteer it, Akihito felt touched.

"Are you sure?"

Asami nodded. At this point, he didn't think there was anything he wouldn't do for his mate.

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