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Chapter 12: Chapter 12

Akihito was a queen in every way of the word. Asami made the blond take a blood test to confirm that. It wasn't an actual surprise when the results came out. Dr Mashiro even gave them a knowing smirk.

With Akihito's heat drawing near, the photographer had taken time off work and demanded Asami's attention at every waking hour. The businessman found it highly amusing even though Kirishima was pulling out the roots of his hair at the level of disruption caused by the blond omega. Asami wasn't too bothered by the disruptions. After all, he had a capable secretary at hand who could deal with anything that arises - legal and otherwise.

A bossy Akihito was hotter than anything else Asami could fantasize about. The blond made whatever he wanted known to the world. There was simply no way to deny him of anything. If he said he wanted strawberry flavoured pocky at four in the morning, he would have it. Denying a near-heat Akihito of his pocky is synonymous to death. Ishida's partner - Kazuma Takeda, was the first person to learn it the hard way.

Asami must admit that he found his lover's sadistic streak sexy. A dominant and bossy Akihito was hot. A livid Akihito with pocky cravings was simply irresistible. Akihito would do anything from pouting to throwing knives to get it. In fact, he'd begged Asami so deliciously that the alpha caved in to his ridiculous demands.

Normally, Akihito's pride would prevent him from kneeling in front of anyone and pulling his best kicked-puppy look. He was a criminal photographer who'd put scarier men in jail. He was a devil who didn't fear death, not even with the barrel of a loaded gun in his face. Akihito was a proud omega who yielded to nobody but himself. He was his own master and not even his dead parents could stop him when he had his mind set on something.

That was during normal circumstances.

"'Sami..." Akihito whined, testing the strength of Asami's mental will. The crime lord had fairly good control over his desires but with Akihito grinding onto his leg and breathing into his groin, it became dangerously fragile.

"For the last time, Akihito... no. You already stole the bedsheets and four pairs of socks. Half my shirts and underwear are already in your room. You don't need any more 'nesting materials'."

The omega sulked. What the kingpin said was true. Over the week, he'd stolen more than half of what Asami wore and more. It was freaky but his omegan instincts couldn't help it. He didn't want to hoard Asami's things but the scent was getting weaker as the days passed. It was only good when Asami was still wearing it.

That wasn't the only mortifying thing Akihito had done while he prepared for his heat. Ordinary toys were no longer good enough now that he knew his mate had a knot. Akihito ordered and had a special toy making kit shipped from online. Yes, it arrived on the same day Akihito placed an order. It was one of those wonders of online shopping using a limitless credit.

Asami was reluctant to make a mold of his penis for Akihito to create dildos out of. However, the blond can be very persuasive when he wanted to. Despite his lack of experience, Akihito had coaxed Asami to full mast with his mouth. The crime lord shuddered at that particular memory. Akihito's triumph expression and forcefulness won eventually. Asami deleted the memory of how Akihito manhandled his cock into the casting rubber.

Happy with his custom-made toys, Akihito continued to rule over Asami's private life. Nesting happened after dinner and before shower. Asami would wear the muzzle and they would go to Akihito's room. The alpha was able to do anything he wanted except for mark the blond and penetrate the blond for real.

Asami took his time to explore his omega's body, slyly taking note of all the spots weak to pleasure. He'd learnt that Akihito got wet from the sound of his assertive voice. Akihito would often unconsciously submit to him whenever Asami growled possessively. Akihito's moans were delicious and the alpha lamented not being able to kiss that mouth with the stupid muzzle. He did enjoy the feel of silky smooth skin beneath his hands though. The way Akihito reacted to his touch was positively delectable and Asami knew he'd never let his omega go after he had him.

Akihito was his. From the tip of his blond hair to his toes, they belonged to Asami. Asami marked Akihito's skin thoroughly. He didn't miss any inch of skin, covering them with his scent and often going back twice... thrice to remark his territory. He'd lick and kiss and nipped through the gaps of the muzzle, covering Akihito's pale skin with red marks. When scent marking wasn't enough, he'd tease the blond and drive his omega wild with his fingers.

Asami was an opportunist. While Akihito was distracted with pleasure clouding his judgement, Asami would slip in a finger, sometimes two, marking out the omega's insides. Often, the crime lord wished that it wasn't just his fingers inside that tight heat. He wanted to take his omega and cover that narrow passage with his colours but the promise held him back. He needed to gain Akihito's trust as a reliable alpha. Hence, Asami settled for second best. He'd teased and tortured Akihito to climax at least twice every marking session.

Asami loved how Akihito went boneless after the mind-blowing orgasms. The omega would become so docile and allow the crime lord to carry him to the bath for a long aftercare treatment. The alpha loved spoiling his omega. It was rare for Akihito to allow the crime lord to shower him with affectionate touches. However, the bonding time they shared in the bath was special. Akihito would relax into Asami's touch as the older man massaged his scalp while shampooing his blond hair. Asami would worship Akihito's body like a temple while rinsing off the soap. Initially, Akihito was embarrassed by how Asami insisted on planting kisses on every inch of his skin. He still was but at least he wasn't pushing Asami away now. Asami saw that as a sign of improvement.

Scent marking went well and the fated couple found themselves settling into an easy rhythm. However, that ended abruptly when Akihito went into heat, holing himself up in his room.

Asami came back from work, as usual, eager to hold his omega in his arms again. However, when he reached home, the air was stale but there was an unmistakable scent of Akihito in the house. It was sweeter than before and Asami couldn't understand why at first.

It wasn't until the crime lord stood outside Akihito's door where the scent was the strongest that he understood what was happening. His omega was finally going into heat.

He was going into heat without him.

A huge part of his alpha was hurt at not being able to be there for his omega. Even though Asami knew logically that Akihito didn't hate him and needed time before making such a life-changing decision, the animal in him despaired.

"Kirishima," Asami dialled for his trustworthy secretary. "Assign more guards at the penthouse to cater to Akihito's needs. Book me a hotel for a week. I'll live there for a while."

His right-hand man understood. As an alpha too, Kirishima understood the difficulties Asami was going through. "Yes, sir. I will arrange for a driver to pick you up in an hour."

"Suoh, prepare the car. Asami-sama will be staying at Fullerton's suite for a week. I need to pick up some essentials for him. Please help to assign extra beta guards for Takaba-sama too, I assume his heat has started."

The blond guard didn't speak but nodded. The true test between the fated mates has finally begun.

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