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Chapter 14: Chapter 14

"He what?!"

The man cowered in fear in front of the blond omega. "He had the bonding certificate drafted."

"That bitch!" Sudo scowled. Asami was his! Nobody touched his alpha, not even that so-called 'fated mate'. No, Takaba Akihito had to go. Nobody will stand in the way between him and his future lover. Asami was blinded by that stupid photographer. The lab results had to be a lie because there was no way someone as fine as Asami would have a mate like that stinking brat.

Takaba Akihito had no sense of fashion or charms. He had a foul mouth and hung out with losers. He was dirt poor and could not even understand his own worthlessness. How could he become Asami's mate? That was simply impossible. It was a cosmic joke and Sudo was going to rectify that. The position of queen belonged to only him. Takaba Akihito was a dead bitch yapping.

"He hasn't marked him yet?"

"No, sir. According to those who were there, Asami spent the whole time at Fullerton hotel when Takaba was in heat. Although sources mentioned how they smelled more like each other, I do not think they've mated yet."

Sudo smirked coldly. "Touching what's mine is unforgivable. Leave. I wish to be alone."

The subordinate bowed and left quickly, not willing to be on the receiving end of the Dracaena Club manager's wrath. Sudo appeared to have calmed down a little after the subordinate left. However, the anger in his eyes reflected clearly. He fished out his phone and dialled a number.

After three rings, the call connected.

"Have you decided to accept my offer?"

Sudo's eyes narrowed. He hated this slimy Russian but he hated the photographer more. Asami would understand him as soon as that street rat was out of the picture. It wasn't betrayal, Sudo was doing it for Asami's own good.

"Yes. However, I have some conditions."

"Mmm! It's fine. What would you like in return?"

Sudo's eyes narrowed. "Get rid of the blond beside Asami."

Mikhail chuckled. "Which blond?"

"Takaba Akihito, of course. Which blond could I be talking about?" Sudo sneered. He half-regretted calling the Russian for help.

Mikhail hummed in fake contemplation just to get on Sudo's nerves. "I don't know. Asami has a few blond bodyguards and one that constantly hangs around him beside that glasses secretary. But I understand. I'll take care of Takaba Akihito but in return, you'll get me the firearms supplier."

"Deal. Once the blond is gone, you will have the contact you want."

"Yay! It's a promise then! I knew you would see it my way. Nice working with you."

Sudo didn't bother to entertain the Russian mob boss any longer now that he got the message across. It was time to get the information for the trade.



"You heard me. Give me the contact for Asami's firearms."

Sakazaki scoffed. "I don't think you understand how business works in Japan. I have the information but it's not for free."

Sudo clicked his tongue. "Name your price."

Sakazaki gave him a leer and a wolfish grin that made Sudo feel uncomfortable. He felt grossed out when Sakazaki stubbed his cigarette out and leaned into Sudo's personal space. The man even took a deep sniff and the blond shuddered in disgust. If there was something everyone knew, it was how much of a sleazebag Sakazaki was. The informant wasn't against accepting sex as a form of payment. In fact, he was known to do that.

"My, aren't you a beautiful omega. Do you have any partners?"

"The only partner I will have is Asami-sama."

Sighing in mock disappointment, Sakazaki shrugged. "It's too bad then. I don't think you have anything else of value to offer me."

Sudo's jaws clenched in anger and defeat. The informant was already walking away as the club manager fought his inner battles. Just as Sakazaki reached for the door, Sudo made his decision.

"Wait! We can discuss. However, the only man that I will accept inside of me will be Asami-sama."

Sakazaki took his sweet time to consider the counter offer. It wasn't what he wanted but it was better than nothing. The contact for Asami's firearms supplier wasn't that difficult to get and Sakazaki would be damned if he let such a fine omega slip through his grasp. Hell, just thinking about fucking that pretty mouth was turning him on already.

"Deal. How would you like to do this? We can do it right here, right now or you can pick a date and venue."

Sudo grit his teeth, cheeks aflame with shame. Shaking those thoughts away, Sudo steeled his resolve. He was doing this all for Asami, it didn't matter what this creep wanted. However, Sudo refused to be treated like a common whore. He still had his pride.

"I'll contact you again. If you scratch my back, you won't see tomorrow come."

With that, he left. Sakazaki grinned. The blond omega was feisty and he'll be lying if he said it wasn't hot.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to do that. I can't wait for our date night, Sudo-chan..." he smirked and unzipped his pants before taking care of the problem.


Back in the penthouse, Asami and Akihito were unaware of the troubles brewing. Asami was in heaven while Akihito was in hell.

"Let go of me, you old man!"

Asami smirked. His kitten's temper was back and he found himself missing it. "Don't be adorable, Akihito. I might just be tempted to tease you more."

Akihito blushed under the heated gaze. He didn't know what to do with the man who encircled his waist with strong arms. It was embarrassing to be sitting on a mob boss' lap in the living room watching a cheesy romcom film. The guards were just outside and Akihito was very self-aware. Asami just didn't care, he was too happy to have the omega back in his arms both literally and figuratively.

As the omega struggled in his lap and complained about it before finally settling down, Asami mulled over the timing. He wanted to ask Akihito to be his mate officially. Everything was ready but the crime lord was uncharacteristically nervous about asking such a simple question. It wasn't a particularly hard one to ask, only five words but they were stuck in his throat every time Asami tried to bring it out. This was simply not him but Asami couldn't do anything about the hornets in his stomach.

In his lap, Akihito snorted with laughter. The crime lord couldn't find it in him to enjoy the movie. Instead, his line of sight fell onto the omega nestling in his lap. It was overwhelming. Everything from Akihito's eyes to his smile and breath affected Asami on a molecular level. Never in his life had Asami been this affected by anyone. Not even when his father was shot to death in front of him, the alpha never let it affect him this much.

"Oh my god! Did you see that? He's such an idiot! Even Kou would've seen it coming a mile away... what a dunce," Akihito laughed and Asami smiled in return.

When the photographer didn't hear a reply, he turned and saw the crime lord staring at him intensely. Feeling self-conscious all of a sudden, Akihito swallowed. However, he couldn't break away from the gaze that trapped him. Summoning all his courage, Akihito frowned.

"W-what is it?" Akihito asked but the voice came out with a stutter and a squeak. The photographer wanted to smack himself in the head for sounding so nervous. Surely the crime lord would poke fun at him for being so jittery. This wasn't like him at all! Stupid arrogant alpha! Yes, it must be the pheromones. Akihito nodded mentally, convinced that it wasn't his fault for feeling so affected.

"Akihito," the low voice startled Akihito and sent a pleasurable shiver down his spine. The way Asami whispered his name made him soft. His breathing quickened slightly, entranced by the beautiful man.

At that moment, all the doubts and insecurity Asmai had previously faded away. Just by looking into his omega's blue eyes, Asami found his answer. Even if Akihito fed him poison, Asami knew he would willingly consume it. He was that far gone and there was no turning back. Even if Akihito didn't return his feelings, Asami would never stop loving him. This wasn't about pride, it was pure unadulterated love that he felt for the young man. He just knew that the blond was good for him and Asami wanted to do everything he can to provide for his omega even if he didn't deserve the angel.

"Will you be my mate?"

The question came so suddenly and Akihito froze. He wasn't sure if he heard it correctly the first time but the seriousness in Asami's eyes told him that the alpha wasn't joking. It was flattering to see how much Asami trusted him to show the whirlpool of feelings reflected in those usually cold eyes. Akihito knew by instinct that this man was his alpha. The man had proven to him that he was a good mate. However, Akihito was afraid. Everything was progressing too quickly.

"I-I don't know, Asami."

The hurt in those golden eyes came so quickly and Akihito panicked. "It isn't a no! Don't look like this, Ryuichi. It's not a no... I'm just not ready for it. There is still so much about each other that we do not know about. Takato's parents will also kill me if I didn't introduce you to them before we hold the ceremony. I haven't told Kou about us either so I can't simply agree to it now. I will eventually but not yet..."

Asami took some time to process that words and the hurt in his eyes faded away, replaced by hope. He tightened the hold around Akihito. "Kitten, are you sure? If you say this, I'm not going to let you go."

Akihito blushed hotly and lowered his gaze. "I don't hate you. Don't make me say it so clearly, bastard... Besides, we're fated mates. Why would I say no?"

Asami's heart soared. His kitten was feeling shy and it was so endearing. The movie was long forgotten and Asami smiled widely. If this wasn't a confession, he didn't know what was. He never thought Akihito would be honest about his feelings. He knew the photographer would never utter the words 'I love you' so he never harboured any hopes. However, saying something as cute as 'I don't hate you' was something better than what Asami had in mind.

Without hesitation, the crime lord started peppering kisses on Akihito's neck all the way up to his ear before breathing three words that could change their relationship forever.

"Love you too."

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