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Chapter 18: Chapter 18

Blond Kitten: So what's up with the old bastard lately?

White Snake: Why, I didn't expect for you to start texting me so quickly. We've only just met yesterday... how about some introduction?

Blond Kitten: I thought all you badass mafia bosses would have done some background checks on the people you were meeting... why should I have to introduce myself when you know everything?

White Snake: Just because I know some things doesn't mean that you can skip the formality. In fact, if you do a good introduction, I'll return the favour and do the same. A question for a question of equivalent value. How's that?

Blond Kitten: Fine. Here's my introduction. Takaba Akihito, 24 this year, male omega, freelance criminal photographer.

Fei Long smirked. He knew this much from his conversations with Asami.

White Snake: Liu Fei Long, 25 this year, male omega, leader of the Bai She Triad Group.

Akihito looked at the reply and rolled his eyes. Anybody could gather this much. It was meaningless. Hence, he decided to go straight to the point.

Blond Kitten: What's Asami up to lately?

White Snake: You got to be more specific about this. He's up to many things lately.

Blond Kitten: Tell me about what's bothering Asami. I know that a club manager called Sudo Shuu is on his watchlist.

White Snake: I can give you information about this but you'll have to answer a question in return.

Blond Kitten: As long as you answer mine. Also, we never had this conversation.

White Snake: Asami's still going to find out. He may already know.

Blond Kitten: Him? He may have planted a bug in my phone but he doesn't know how to control it. Don't worry, I can easily overwrite the information.

Fei Long was pleasantly surprised. Asami was right to say that there was more than meets the eye. Surely Asami wouldn't forgive him for telling unnecessary things and possibly endangering his mate. However, if Fei Long knew Akihito's secrets, he could use it as a bargaining chip.

White Snake: My question is simple. How did you hack Sion's security?

Akihito froze. Not even Asami's men had discovered that the security has been compromised. How did Fei Long know?

Blond Kitten: Fine. Just tell me already!

White Snake: Sudo Shuu is planning to betray Asami by giving out information about the firearms dealer to a Russian mob boss by the name of Mikhail. I don't know the exact plan Sudo has but Mikhail will be making his move soon. I suggest you watch your back for Sudo's schemes. A jealous omega is nothing but trouble.

Blond Kitten: Good enough. As for your question, I hacked Sion's security using Asami's phone.

White Snake: You bugged his phone?

Akihito grinned and texted back.

Blond Kitten: His phones. He has three.

White Snake: How terrifying... remind me never to mess with you. Do you think you could help to look through my systems to find if it has any loopholes? I'll pay for your services.

Blond Kitten: I haven't dabbled in years. I'm not sure if it's still something I can do. Also, it would be hard to explain to Asami how I'm suddenly all buddy-buddy with you. My ass is going to suffer!

White Snake: We're text buddies. Just tell him that. As for your ass, I could send some things that may help. There are some really good medical ointments in Hong Kong.

Blond Kitten: Don't you dare! On the other hand, I'm curious about something you said yesterday. You found your fated mate and bought him from a slave trader? How did that happen?

White Snake: Fufufu~ Don't think you can get free information out of me. I demand to know the details of your relationship with Asami in return.

Blond Kitten: Ugh! Fine. But I'm skipping on the R rated scenes.

White Snake: That's a shame. Then again, I don't have any R rated scenes to share. Tao is only thirteen this year.

Akihito choked on his iced tea.

Blond Kitten: Thirteen?! I don't mean to sound cruel but that's cradle robbery!

White Snake: Tell Asami that. You're not in a better position to comment. By the time you face a mid-life crisis, he would be having trouble recalling your name.

Blond Kitten: That's still nice to think about. With the kind of lives we live, who's to say that we could reach that stage? But seriously... I'm assuming Tao is an alpha? Has he awakened? How did you know that he was your fated mate?

White Snake: I didn't. I just suddenly went into heat when I was at the auction house. Yoh, one of Asami's trusted aides, helped to buy Tao from the trader after he realised that I was reacting to the boy. Tao's second gender hasn't awakened yet but there is no mistaking this. Long story short, I set that auction house on fire and issued a bounty for the trader's head that has been claimed. On the official papers, I'm Tao's legal guardian but I'm still looking forward to the day he presents and reaches maturity.

Blond Kitten: Don't worry, five years will pass quickly.

White Snake: Easy for you to say. It's difficult for me every night, especially when Tao has a nightmare.

Blond Kitten: He sleeps with you?

White Snake: Only when he has nightmares or when there is a thunderstorm. Your turn now, I've said more than enough.

Blond Kitten: Like I said, I was snooping around trying to find dirt on Japan's most eligible bachelor. I got some tip-off from the editor and was working on trying to catch Asami in action. I almost did too! Until Asami and his goons leaked false information to lure me into their trap. I escaped glasses and blond tank twice before they finally caught me the third time. I swear glasses needs to take it easy... I was tied to a chair and left in a warehouse surrounded by men in suits carrying guns. Asami decided to grace me with his presence and that's when I went into heat. The bastard did some secret lab test and found out we were fated mates that way. Ever since then, it's been a roller-coaster ride. He treated me for one of those cheap but dangerous heat drugs, forcefully tried to make me move in with him, proposed to me, mated me, marked me and met my friends. If you have to know, he got us promise rings but I decided to make mine an earring because a ring would only get in the way of my job.

White Snake: Sounds like him alright. You must have suffered. Then again, you don't have to worry too much. Asami is smitten by you, I can tell that much. He's changed for the better. Before you dropped into his life, the Asami I knew was a cold person who wouldn't hesitate to kill even his closest friends or sacrifice an arm to build his empire. He was capable of killing women and children if the need arose.

Akihito shuddered. To think that he was snooping around such a dangerous man previously made him wonder what he was thinking about. Akihito shook his head. Who was he fooling? There was no thinking involved, just pure adrenaline.

Fei Long and Akihito texted for about two more hours before Ishida reminded Akihito that he had a job that evening. Reluctantly, Fei Long bade Akihito goodbye and sighed. Surprisingly, they had a lot in common. It was almost unimaginable for a crime lord to have a text buddy. If he wasn't Baishe's leader, he would probably hang out with Akihito to drink and do dumb shit. Maybe in a different life, they would have been best of friends. The triad leader smiled bitterly, slightly envious of the life Akihito had.


Akihito came home late that day, exhausted. The newcomer model was a pain to work with. She didn't have professionalism, skills or the right attitude. Her manager was also a snobbish man and Akihito silently prayed that they wouldn't get far in the industry. She wasn't particularly pretty or classy. Her poses were stiff and awkward, her expressions screamed fake. No amount of editing can make her shine.

The blond kicked his shoes off at the entryway and was greeted by the sight of his lover smoking on the veranda. Almost all the fatigue vanished. Subconsciously, Akihito reached for his camera bag.

A clicking sound startled Asami out of his troubled thoughts. He turned around sharply only to be met by another click and a flash of light. The crime lord didn't know what to think. He spent a lot of money to ensure that no paparazzi were allowed near his building. He hated having his picture taken and his privacy intruded.

Akihito was fairly surprised when Asami spun around and glared directly in his lens just as he was taking another picture. The sharp glare made Akihito excited. He was already half hard and trying not to drool at the way Asami stalked over like a panther towards a cornered prey.

"Akihito... were you trying to get a scoop? Did your stakeout fail again?"

The blond hissed. "I didn't fail! Besides, today's job was to take some pictures of a bratty model and deal with shitheads. I don't need to steal scoops from home to make money! Don't you dare belittle my skills!"

Asami smirked. That was the kitten he knew. "Then tell me, what were you doing taking secret pictures of me? You're half hard. Are you going to use those pictures during the lonely nights that I have to stay late in the office?"

At the sensual baritone voice in his ear, Akihito let his camera clatter on the floor. His knees were too weak to hold him up and Asami's gaze imprisoned him.

"Ryuichi... please..."

Asami went over to steal those lips, devouring them hungrily. Akihito couldn't breathe. The scent of his alpha made him moan and he felt his behind getting slick. It ached with the need of being filled and Akihito grabbed Asami's hair, pulling the man away so he could look into those powerful golden eyes.

"You. Me. Bed. Now."

Asami growled and threw Akihito over his shoulder. Akihito wasn't sure how Asami did it but he was completely naked by the time they reached Asami's bedroom. The crime lord didn't allow Akihito time to recover. Instead, he robbed all the oxygen Akihito had. If he wanted to distract Akihito with his overpowered kissing techniques, he succeeded.

By the time Akihito could think clearly again, he was startled to find both his arms chained to the bed frame with fuzzy handcuffs. They looked extremely familiar and Akihito's suspicions were confirmed when Asami took about a purple dildo, coating it with lube.

"Isn't that...?"

"The toys you bought? Yes. I thought that it would be the perfect time to test them out. Never knew you were into this kind of things. If you want to take it further, just let me know. We can have a whole day of undisturbed fun in my dungeon."

Akihito was rock hard at the words dripping sexuality. It wasn't the bondage aspect that turned him on. It was the thrill and anticipation that he wanted to try. For an adrenaline junkie, playing with fire was a must do. If there was a red button that screamed danger, Akihito just had to push it to find out why. Akihito liked vanilla sex but sometimes... just sometimes, he wanted something more intense.

He was no stranger to toys. They were the only way he could get off during his heat. It's only natural to be familiar with what was happening. However, when Asami took out something that Akihito didn't buy, the blond was confused.

"You look puzzled, kitten. Don't you know what this is?"

Akihito continued to stare at the thin metal rod. It was like anal beads but it was way too thin to be anything pleasurable. Besides, it was really short and wouldn't reach the prostate.

Asami chuckled and worked wordlessly. He lowered his head a sucked on the tip of Akihito's weeping member. Taken by surprise, Akihito shouted and his toes curled in pleasure with his head thrown back. He was too distracted by the pleasure to realise that Asami was up to no good.

The moment Asami's mouth left, Akihito felt something else touching his dick but was slow to react. There was a sharp pain and a burning sensation in a place that Akihito didn't think should ever happen. Startled, Akihito looked down with widened eyes and blushed hotly at the sight of that strange toy inside his pee hole.

"A-Asami! Take it out!"

Asami didn't allow Akihito to thrash about. That evil smirk only told Akihito that the fun was only beginning. With those handcuffs, the omega was helpless to resist whatever Asami wanted to do. Fear gripped the blond and he began to panic.

"Akihito, breathe! Calm down, I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to make you feel good. You're not used to BDSM play so I'll go through the basics now. Whenever we do this, you are always in control. If you tell me to stop, just shout 'red' and I will stop no matter what. If you feel like you need a break, shout 'yellow' and I'll wait until you tell me what you want. At any point in time, I will ask you for a colour to check if you're still able to think clearly and make decisions. If you're still with me and able to continue, let me know 'green'. I will never do anything to harm you."

Listening to Asami's serious lecture, the blond began to calm down. The burning pain in his urethra had subsided into a dull thud. It was all too new to him but there was one thing he was sure about. He trusted Asami.

"Give me a colour, Akihito."

Akihito took a deep breath and swallowed. "Green."

Asami smiled. Not an arrogant smirk but a genuine smile. Akihito couldn't see what Asami was doing but he heard the man searching for something. When Asami came back with a blindfold, Akihito felt his heart race.

"Akihito, give me a colour."

"Green." This time, there was no hesitation and Akihito closed his eyes, waiting for his alpha to put that blindfold on him.

Asami's heart swelled with happiness at the sign of Akihito's trust when he closed his eyes. The alpha in him purred. Akihito looked beautiful on his bed, tied up and naked with his dick erect, plugged and looking meek with that blindfold over his eyes.

He grabbed the prepared purple dildo from before and fingered Akihito for a while before easing the toy into his lover. Akihito was so aroused and was very wet. Asami felt himself harden watching how that tight hole sucked the huge toy as he eased it in and out. The sounds it made were both delectable and embarrassing to Akihito. He wanted more of it. He needed Asami to be rougher with him.

The blond tried to entice his alpha to go faster by twisting his hips and whining but Asami's grip on his self-control was brilliant. Any lesser alpha might have given in by this point but Asami was a master of torture. He knew that patience was a virtue and that there was no better way to drive a man mad than to drag it out.

Akihito was a mess. He was drooling, moaning and crying all at the same time. Whenever he tried to impale onto the toy, he felt Asami still. Asami didn't give him the pleasure of controlling the pace of the toy yet the omega didn't want to scream 'red'. The dildo continued to brush past his sensitive spot, missing it by mere millimetres and Akihito swore Asami was doing it deliberately.

"I can't... please.. do it more... do it harder... mess me up completely, Ryuu!"

Asami smirked when he heard the right words. Without mercy, he pushed the toy in again but changed the angle slightly. That small change made electricity flow through Akihito's veins as he screamed for more. Asami was careful to not thrust too quickly. He opted for slower but fuller strokes, opening Akihito wider and penetrating deeper. The omega trembled. Asami was playing dirty and he was slowly going mad.

By now, Asami couldn't differentiate which was lube and which was Akihito's fluid. Everything made a mess as the toy penetrated his lover, pressing with deadly accuracy onto that one spot that brought Akihito closer to the edge. Asami half expected Akihito to be begging for release by now but Akihito's tenacity continued to surprise him. He wanted to see how far he could push his lover's limits before he broke. Deciding to pick up the pace, Asami rammed the toy in without warning. Akihito's back arched beautifully off the bed and his thighs trembled.

The alpha gradually increased the pace and ground the toy against Akihito's prostate. Deciding to bring it one step further, Asami took Akihito into his mouth again, swallowing all the way to his balls.

Akihito screamed when he felt the lower half getting assaulted by a sudden surge in pleasure. his mind went blank and he screamed every time the toy hit that bundle of nerves or when Asami hummed. It shouldn't be possible to feel this good. He was so close to the edge, maybe long past it but the pressure only increased, never relenting.

Akihito felt feverish and panted with effort. It was almost too much to bear and even if he jerked his hip upwards, the pressure didn't go down. It kept increasing until it transformed into pain. Asami didn't slow down. In fact, his efforts to bring Akihito over the edge doubled. The omega didn't know if it was possible to die from too much pleasure but he didn't want to find out.

"Please... Ryuichi no! I-I need to come!"

As those words fell from Asami's lips, the alpha in him rejoiced. His omega was tough and he was very proud of him. The blindfold was the first to go. Then the toy was ripped out and thrown across the room. Akihito's bleary eyes slowly focussed in the light. Asami cupped his lover's face in his hands and kissed him deeply.

Akihito was close to dying. This must be it. Asami was treating him very gently and Akihito was in heaven. The blunt head of his lover's erection made Akihito snap back to reality. As the massive length eased into him, Akihito groaned. Asami was also pulling the urethral plug out slowly. Everything burned but after his nerves were fried from the intense foreplay, Akihito moaned involuntarily.

Asami kissed his lover once more and decided to take his time making love to Akihito. His kitten did well and it was time for a reward.


"Why the sudden play?" Akihito asked once he had recovered his breath, snuggled in his lover's arms.

Asami was sulking. He didn't want to admit it but Fei Long's bragging left him in a bad mood.

"Since when were you text buddies with Fei Long?"

Akihito raised his head slightly to look at his lover. Of all the things that could have triggered his lover, he didn't think that the friendly relationship with another omega would be it.

Slyly, Akihito prowled over to Asami who was still glaring at the ceiling. "Could it be that someone was jealous?" Akihito couldn't help but tease. It wasn't every day that the crime lord of Japan acted like a sulky kid.

Asami glared at his grinning lover. Unable to refute the truth, he quickly swapped their positions and pinned his startled lover down. Now that he had the upper hand once more, Asami smirked and whispered. "If you have the energy to be mischevious, I think you're ready for another round."

Akihito paled as his sexy bastard slipped two fingers into his ass. Struggling with all his might, he tried to protest but Asami wasn't having it. Akihito regretted his life choices as Asami brought him to the edge of heaven once more and perhaps a few more times that night until they were both sated.

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