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Chapter 23: Chapter 23

Like everything else that Asami did, Akihito didn't pry. As such, the blond omega was fairly startled to find himself waking up ten thousand feet in the sky after a particularly passionate night of love-making.

"What the- Asami!"

"Calling yourself, kitten?"

Akihito blushed. It was still difficult to get used to his new name. Calling Asami by his given name was equally embarrassing and sometimes it was confusing when Ishida called him 'Asami-sama'. Hence they made an agreement to finally call him "Akihito-sama" and Ryuichi "Asami-sama" which was a bittersweet victory for Akihito who still couldn't get his guards to drop the suffix.

"Shut up! Where are we?"

The businessman was decked in a casual polo tee and slacks that Akihito swore he never saw before today... or was it night? Regardless, he had to remind himself that he was mad at the alpha even if said alpha looked so good looking in casual clothes. Speaking of clothes... what was he wearing?

"On my private plane, putting your mother's gift to good use."

Akihito's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when Asami took another casual sip of his wine. Firstly, he didn't know that Asami owned a private plane. He shouldn't be this surprised but he was. Secondly, Akihito didn't know anything about their honeymoon plans. The couple didn't have time to discuss it with Akihito slipping into a slump. Unable to get a job that wasn't part of his husband's or Fei Long's contact, Akihito wasn't in the mood to snoop around his husband's business. Lastly, he was annoyed that his mate didn't have the courtesy to let him know about this earlier. He had so many things he wanted to research about from the sight-seeing spots to planning the itinerary.

"You didn't even let me pack..."

"There's no need to, everything will be provided."

"What about the activities? Surely you don't think that we'll be spending it entirely in the bedroom, do you?" he narrowed his eyes when he saw the smug look.

Asami saw this coming a mile away. It was difficult to please his lover and so he enlisted the help of Kou and Takato to put together a list of things that Akihito would love to do. The duo put together a very comprehensive list after researching about Phuket for a week. The crime lord didn't know if he could accompany his mate in some of the activities. Mountain climbing, sky-diving, landscape photography and surfing weren't Asami's cup of tea.

Akihito caught the folded piece of paper Asami tossed at him with both hands. His eyes widened when he saw what was on it.

"Damn... I wish I had my cameras with me..."

"Ishida packed it along with some of your sports attire."

Akihito grinned widely and Asami melted. The effort spent putting the trip together paid off. It was difficult to see Akihito getting so depressed when the omega tried to find a job and tried to distract himself by cooking. In truth, the blond didn't have to lift a finger. Asami would see that all Akihito's needs and wants were fulfilled. However, it simply wasn't in Akihito's personality to live an idle life. He sought out thrills and danger to feel alive. Asami couldn't take that away from Akihito so he did his best not to freak out at all the extreme sports recommended by Kou and Takato.

"How long are we staying for? Better still, where are we going to be staying at?"

Asami grinned. "We'll be moving a bit. The first few days will be in the main town near the beach so that you can try all the food and sea sports. Jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boating, surfing and snorkelling are some of the activities that might interest you. After that, we're going on a day tour that includes dirt biking, elephant riding, white-water rafting and scuba-diving. Of course, we can try things like horse-riding or air-rifling if you're interested. I'll be sure to accommodate them. Last but not least, you can climb the mountain to see the sunrise and capture the scenery to your heart's content. I'll try to participate as much as I can but Kirishima would freak out if I don't settle some business matters during our honeymoon."

Akihito couldn't breathe. It was unbelievable that Asami did all this behind his back. The crime lord must have spent a lot of time putting everything together. His friends must have helped. There was no way the alpha knew anything about extreme sports. Akihito was having a hard time believing that his mate would allow him to jump off a cliff and dive into the ocean. The amount of trust and love Asami had for him was the best gift Akihito could've asked for.

"Finally a good gift... I must say, you're improving..."

Asami smirked. "Don't worry, I'll be getting my reward when we get there. Meanwhile, are you up for a round or two? We have two more hours to kill."

Akihito backed away quickly. "No, I'm good! I think I'll just read up about Phuket before we get there. Who knows what other activities I would like to try..."


The first thing Akihito did when they arrived at the hotel was to change into his swimming trunks. Asami raised his brow at his lover's enthusiasm. Kirishima was unable to accompany them as he had to manage Sion in Asami's absence. Instead, Ishida and a team of specially trained guards occupied a few rooms beneath their suite. Asami didn't want to spoil his mate's fun but he really didn't want to wrestle with other tourists at the beach.

"You sure? It's going to be fun, you know?"

The businessman shook his head and smiled before kissing Akihito's head softly. "Go ahead and knock yourself out. Ishida will be there to help you watch your belongings. Just be back in time for dinner, it's a date."

Akihito blushed shyly. It wasn't very often that Asami displayed his tender side and it always made the omega feel warm on the inside.

As the crime lord watched his lover bounce away, he decided to look through some work to pass the time. It would be a few hours before Akihito returned and knowing his mate's personality, Akihito wouldn't leave until he tried everything they had to offer.


Ishida was surprised. Akihito's skills were actually very good despite experiencing everything for the first time. As per Asami's instructions, the photographer employed to follow Akihito to capture candid shots for Asami's private collection busied away. It was funny how the fated mates thought alike. Ishida was told by Akihito to keep his camera nearby the whole trip and help him distract Asami whenever he could so that the photographer could take secret shots of his beautiful husband.

Akihito was prepared. He had a camera on a selfie stick while he paraglided, an underwater camera when he snorkelled and a sports camera attached to him during jet-skiing and surfing. Akihito took to the activities like fish in water even if there were some heart-stopping moments for Ishida and his team.

It was around four in the afternoon when Akihito was finally exhausted. He played through lunch and nobody had the heart to stop him. Ishida sent someone to buy some food from a nearby street store. The blond didn't protest when he saw the chicken skewers, gobbling everything within five minutes. Satisfied, he decided to walk around the beach and took pictures of everything that caught his eye with the DSLR. Ishida was amazed by how the photographer didn't seem to tire even after everything.

By five, Akihito decided to head back and shower. He'd walked a good amount of distance and Ishida decided that it was better to call for a taxi instead of walking back to save time. The blond didn't protest. He looked slightly tired by now and Ishida figured the adrenaline must have worn off.


Asami checked his phone. It was a report from Ishida about his kitten with some pictures attached. The photographer he engaged was quite good and he quickly replied the reliable guard before preparing the bath.

Akihito reached the room ten minutes later and was pleasantly surprised when Asami mentioned that the bath was ready. After a whole day of playing, he was dying for a good scrub and maybe some food before knocking out for the night.

To his surprise, Asami offered to help wash his hair. Of course, the blond should have seen it coming a mile away when washing took a different turn. Bath turned out to be yet another tiring workout session, not that Akihito minded.

Thankfully, dinner wasn't disappointing. Asami brought them to a seafood market. Akihito could pick their choice of seafood and have the chefs prepare it on the spot. He didn't hold back at all, ordering some local dishes to try. Asami didn't know if he should taste the green curry that Akihito claimed was heavenly. Other than that, they enjoyed themselves immensely.

To end the date, the couple strolled down the streets where Akihito was once again tempted by street food. Giving in to his husband's desires, Asami got them fried ice cream rolls and Akihito moaned with delight at the sweet treat.

On the way back to the hotel, they passed by a tattoo shop and Akihito paused. Asami frowned. Why would Akihito be interested in tattoos?

The shop employee saw Akihito's curious stares and grinned to welcome them.

"Does the airbrush look like a real tattoo?"

The overly tattoed artist grinned. "Other than the fact that it isn't permanent, it looks exactly like the real deal. You interested?"

Akihito looked over to Asami with pleading eyes and the crime lord found himself agreeing to the unknown. He regretted it the moment he nodded his head. His kitten was always up to something and most the times, it wasn't something Asami approved of. When Akihito forbade him from peeking while work was in progress, the crime lord took to puffing away like a chimney.

The job didn't take long and Asami paid the artist before Akihito skipped his way back to the hotel. Asami was curious. His lover was wearing the same ratty jeans and a black tank top but he couldn't see where the tattoo was.

They returned to the hotel and before even Asami could ask about the tattoo, his kitten had taken the initiative to steal a kiss from his lips.

It was surprising but not unwanted. Asami reciprocated after two seconds and turned the tide on his lover by leading them in their familiar dance. Sensing that he was losing the battle of dominance, Akihito decided to play foul. He wrapped his hands around the crime lord's neck and ground their hips together.

Surprised yet again by his mate's initiative, Asami faltered and allowed Akihito to back him into a wall. They were quite a distance from the bed but that became the least of Asami's worries when Akihito pulled his slacks and underwear down in one swift move.

He groaned and threw his head back when Akihito manhandled his cock, coaxing it in those hands to a full mast. With half-lidded eyes, Akihito swallowed it completely, almost succeeding in making his husband cum. Asami didn't know when his husband learnt to deep throat but he couldn't care less in the heat of the moment. Another groan tore from his throat when his kitten started humming. The crime lord couldn't help but be amused that Akihito chose to hum a children's song. Deciding that it was enough foreplay and impatient to ensure that Akihito wouldn't be walking tomorrow, Asami pulled Akihito away and carried him to their bed.

Akihito felt his behind become sticky. He knew that he wouldn't be moving tomorrow from the look in Asami's eyes. It didn't matter what he did during the day, Asami would always be the one to wear him out and satisfy him completely.

Littering kisses all over his mate, Asami completely forgot about the airbrush tattoo. It wasn't until Akihito got on all fours and stuck his butt out into the air that the crime lord remembered.

On the left buttcheek were the words "Don't Touch" in bold calligraphy. On the other buttcheck were the words "Property of Asami Ryuichi".

Akihito was nervous. He didn't know how the crime lord would react to his version of a honeymoon gift. It was Fei Long's joke but Akihito thought it was a wonderful idea, only that he wasn't so sure now. Asami went completely silent and hasn't moved for a while now. Akihito's mind raced a thousand miles an hour thinking of a way to break this awkward silence when he heard that baritone voice dripping with dominance and dark promises.

"What a bad kitten... telling me not to touch what's mine... I think you deserve a punishment."

The omega mewled and felt the feverish heat taking over his body. Slick ran down his thighs as he waited for Asami to give him only the best. A large hand caressed his cheeks before a stinging pain blossomed from that same area. The loud sound echoed in their suite and Akihito became very red. He couldn't believe how Asami was dishing out punishments in the literal sense. Shouldn't he be fucking him into the mattress by now?

Another stinging smack came down on his other buttcheek and Akihito cried out in both pain and surprise. Asami didn't relent and the omega tried to protect his behind by using his hands to cover it. Unfortunately for him, Asami saw it coming and instead of pulling them away, the alpha growled in disapproval. The growl was new to Akihito. His omega quickly whimpered and before he knew it, those hands were lowered. He didn't want his alpha to be disappointed in him and the instincts were so strong that Akihito cried.

Asami saw the tears and kissed his blond lover, whispering soothing words until Akihito calmed down.

"Do you trust me?"

Akihito didn't think twice before nodding. Asami did many things but he would never harm him. Sure, the spanking hurt but Akihito knew that Asami wouldn't do it if he sincerely disliked it.

"Remember to give me the colour, Akihito. Tonight, we're going to push your limits. I don't want you to resist me like before but if you feel like it's too much, tell me to stop. Feel free to cry and scream if you need to, don't hold back."

Akihito nodded. It was a little frightening not knowing what was going to happen but the omega trusted Asami with everything he had. Asami knew his body better than he did and Akihito decided that just for tonight, he wouldn't fight against his instinct or Asami.

"Are you ready for your punishment, kitten? Give me a colour."

Akihito wiped away his tears and resumed his position with legs widely spread on all fours. "Green."

Asami smiled proudly at his mate who adapted fairly quickly. "I want you to count aloud. You'll receive five on each side. Do you understand?"

Akihito nodded and received a warning smack. "If you understand, I want you to say 'Yes, Ryuichi'. Do you understand?"

Akihito swallowed. Instead of fear, there was anticipation and excitement running through his veins. "Yes, Ryuichi..."

Without warning, Asami's hand came down hard. Akihito yelped and tried to hold back tears. He panted hard and shook for a while. Asami didn't continue and Akihito wondered why until he remembered what he was supposed to do.


"Good. Keep counting just like this."

Again, the hand came down on the other side and Akihito counted aloud immediately this time. The same hand came down on his left cheek that still stung from the first smack. Only this time, Akihito found that it didn't hurt as much. Sure, the area throbbed and felt very warm. However, Akihito found himself craving the contact of Asami's hand against his bottom.

Before he knew it, the five smacks were over. Akihito didn't know if he was relieved or disappointed. "Such a good kitten... I can see that you're already dripping in front. Tell me what you want and I might decide to reward you..."

Throwing away his pride, Akihito shook his hips a little in Asami's direction and looked at his alpha coyly. "Please... mark my insides..."

Asami thought that he had fairly good control. However, he wasn't too sure about it after Akihito made such an endearing expression. The alpha decided that he was going to knot his husband. There will be no sleeping tonight.

"Good kitten," he rasped and plunged two fingers into Akihito's twitching hole. The tight heat around his fingers made the alpha inhale sharply. Akihito had never been this forward with his desires and the change was making it difficult for the alpha to be patient.

There was more than enough lubrication and Asami decided to forgo the foreplay. "Akihito... can I enter?"

The omega didn't hesitate. He spread his red and throbbing cheeks apart to invite Asami and the alpha didn't hesitate further. Akihito wasn't used to feeling so full and when Asami decided to sheathe himself completely in one go. All Akihito could do was try to breathe.

Asami didn't give Akihito time to adjust before he started pistoning his hips. He needed to be more deeply connected with Akihito. Those words made the alpha in him howl with pride. Akihito was his! Faster and deeper, Asami pounded into his omega. The force of Asami's thrusts sent Akihito sprawling forward and clutching onto the sheets for dear life. Asami was far too aggressive tonight, not that the blond minded. His omega cried out in ecstasy at being desired and continued to clamp down on Asami.

It usually took more than twenty minutes for Asami to come undone and most times, the knot didn't appear. This time, Akihito was surprised when Asami emptied his seeds inside and didn't soften. Instead, he expanded inside and Akihito moaned at the knot. Asami was in him so deep and marking his insides like what he'd asked for.

It took a while for them to come down from the explosive high and when they did, Asami showered Akihito with kisses, leaving angry red marks all over that suntanned skin. The photographer relaxed and allowed Asami to repeatedly stake his claim over him, painting his body into a sea of red flowers that bloomed all over.

The knot finally eased and Akihito was about to sleep when Asami moved down to take his mate in his mouth. Akihito jolted awake again and groaned. "The night is still young, kitten... we have all the time in the world to sleep later. For now, let me love you."

Akihito's breath hitched in his throat as Asami bobbed up and down. Perhaps the airbrush tattoo idea wasn't the brightest... if he becomes unable to walk for life, he would nag Fei Long's ear off.


True to his words, Asami grinned at a cranky Akihito. The blond was unable to move a muscle. Yesterday's activities were too much for his muscles. Ever since he lost his job, Akihito wasn't able to exercise as much. Sea sports required a lot out of him and made everything worse by setting a new record of six rounds last night. He didn't get any sleep until five in the morning.

Lunch was brought up and Asami had to feed Akihito who couldn't lift a finger. Even when he wanted a shower or needed to pee, Asami had to assist him. It was humiliating and Akihito could only curse the perverted crime lord for his misfortune.

"Don't sulk, kitten. I know something that will make everything better."

Akihito glared at his husband. "If it involves more sex, you can forget about it. I'll castrate you with a pole if you try anything funny."

"So harsh... I was thinking about engaging the traditional Thai masseuse that the hotel concierge recommended when we checked in yesterday. Since you're not going to be able to move for a good while, might as well have fun and try all the packages they have. Who knows... you might be running again by the time tomorrow comes."

Akihito raised a brow. He didn't know much about Thai massage but it was better than being stuck in bed in pain. Asami quickly arranged for every known massage therapy and spa the hotel offered. Akihito gaped when twelve ladies came up to their suite. They had a freaking trolley of things from oil and fruits to mud and stone. Akihito didn't know if he should laugh or cry.

Asami enjoyed watching his mate's expression as the professionals did their thing. He gave Ishida and the rest of his men the day off as he would be spending it in the suite with an immobile Akihito.


Time passed quickly when one was having fun. Akihito was back in the penthouse and sorting through the photos taken during their honeymoon. Asami was back at work and staying late almost every day for a week now. It only made sense that taking a week-long vacation meant that the crime lord had to work doubly hard to make up for it.

Instead of being depressed about being cooped up, Akihito decided on a new project. He was going to upload those photographs on a website he created just for fun. Of course, he wouldn't reveal Asami's face. Those were going into his private collection.

Fei Long finally called to inform him about his plans to live in Japan to oversee his Shinjuku skyscraper project. Akihito was excited at the news. However, the blond didn't comfortable about not working. He was contemplating about going back as a hacker or starting his own photography studio. The law stated that an omega couldn't get a job. However, it never specified that omegas couldn't own businesses. He'd have to ask Asami and glasses if he wanted to start the photography studio in the future.

The door to the penthouse opened and shut quickly. Akihito jumped. It was only three in the afternoon. Who was it? Ishida wouldn't come in unannounced.

"No welcome home?"

Akihito blinked. That was Asami Ryuichi in his business attire alright.

"What are you doing home so early? It's only three!"

The businessman refused to answer so Akihito sighed and got up. He gave his alpha a hug and kissed him on the lips before whispering 'welcome home'. It's something that Asami demanded. A good night kiss, a good morning kiss, a goodbye kiss and a welcome back kiss. If Akihito failed to comply, it would be an hour in the secret room for each failure by the end of the week. Yes, Akihito found out about the secret room while he was cleaning and freaked out so badly.

Satisfied with the welcome back kiss, Asami grinned and presented him with a folder.

"Ishida told me that you're looking into locations for a photography studio. Kirishima put together this list for your consideration. Kuroda is prepared to deal with any legal implications so don't worry about that."

Akihito's eyes were wide. He didn't know how he should bring the topic up so he wasn't mad at Ishida who tattled to his boss again. In fact, the good man was getting a special home-made bento tomorrow.

"You're not against it?"

Asami raised a brow. "Should I be? I'm sure some of us will miss your lunch boxes but if this brings a smile to your face, why should I be against it?"

Akihito scoffed to hide his embarrassment. "You're just scared that mom will chew you out if she finds out that I'm sulky."

Asami chuckled. "If you say so, kitten."

Akihito looked into his husband's golden eyes and decided to kiss the man again. Having an omega gender sucked a lot. There were more disadvantages than advantages. However, Akihito was glad that he was an omega. Without it, he might not have found his fated mate - a man who loved him so much that he would burn the world down just to find him. Asami Ryuichi may be the devil in little children's nightmares but to Akihito, he was his one and only alpha, his one and only lover.

Perhaps this was what true love was like. No fairies and colour-changing dresses, no magical explosions and orchestra in the background. Just a silent, comfortable sense of balance.

-The End-

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