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Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Meeting T.A. was the best and worst decision of Asami's life. As warehouse seven drew closer, the mob boss felt a strange discomfort brewing from within him. However, he ignored it and wrote it off as fatigue. He hasn't slept well for a good while now with all the troubles brewing in his territory. It was nothing he couldn't handle but it certainly my was annoying.

"We are here, boss," Kirishima announced dutifully and opened the car door for Asami.

With an aura of power and elegance, the kingpin walked over to the warehouse where his men bowed in respect as he passed by. Before he could enter, he heard the sounds of protest from the mysterious photographer. T.A. sounded like a hissing cat and Asami smirked. That sounded really cute and Asami changed his mind. He would personally teach this young man a lesson.

Inside, the warehouse was dimly lit and Asami couldn't see the photojournalist's face clearly. However, he could immediately make out the lithe body struggling against the handcuffs and some blond hair. The hair was a unique shade of blond and that made Asami wonder if the curtains matched the carpets. Of course, he would have his chance to find out later.

Like a predator toying with its prey, Asami sauntered over slowly. The sounds of his shoes clicking on the concrete floor resounded and T.A.'s struggling became more frantic. Golden eyes dilated in excitement at finally meeting the interesting cat. Suoh bowed deeply as soon as he saw his boss.

"Asami-sama," he greeted.

Asami took a good look at T.A. and found that the young man as quite the looker. Despite the tatty jeans and threadbare t-shirt, the photographer's beauty shone through. Asami wasn't a stranger to appreciating beauty. It didn't matter if it was male or female, beauty was universal and it was quite difficult to meet the crime lord's standards. It's a shame that the few who met his standards couldn't hold his interest for long. Physical beauty was one thing, personality was another.

"Remove the gag," he ordered and Suoh did so without hesitation.

Once free from the cloth, the young man spluttered before glaring at the crime lord defiantly. Asami expected him to spew some vile words and curse him to the nine hells but T.A. did no such thing. Instead, the kitten held back to observe his enemy. If it wasn't for the helpless state he was in, T.A. might have made Asami wary. Unfortunately, gievn his. circumstances, that behaviour only served to amuse the yakuza. There was an unexplainable feeling growing and Asami was vaguely aware of the incredible attraction he felt for this kitten. No, he decided that the man before him wasn't a cat yet because cats knew better than to get caught.

"What's your name?"

After hearing the smooth baritone voice of the handsome crime lord, the young photographer felt his insides twist. If there was something he hated more than being restrained, it was his omegan instincts. He'd dealt with alphas before but none as overpowering as this man before him. Yes, Takaba Akihito knew who he was looking at. After all, how would he have gotten caught if he didn't know? Obviously, he was probing around the dangerous territory that belonged to the one and only Asami Ryuichi out of personal curiosity.

But like the saying curiosity killed the cat, Akihito found himself in hot soup. Scratch that, hot soup might be better than handcuffs and gags. From far, Asami Ryuichi looked like a model with his perfect looks. Close up, if Akihito ignored their situation of captive and kidnapper, the young man admitted that the photographs did the man no justice. Rather, he'd say that those amateur photographers couldn't portray this man's true beauty.

The deep chuckle broke Akihito out of his thoughts momentarily. "You're drooling, kitten."

Thoroughly riled by the pet name, Akihito hissed. "I'm not a kitten, old man!"

Flabberghasted but unable to react, Kirishima could only watch as his boss interacted with the kid. He was preparing to dial for the body cleaners but Asami's reaction made him freeze. His boss and old friend was actually laughing and those golden eyes sparkled with genuine amusement.

"Old man, huh. I guess naughty kittens like you need to be taught. You've made two big mistakes but I'll forgive one of them if you tell me your name."

The blond bristled and came back with a snarky remark. "Oh? The almighty Asami Ryuichi doesn't know the name of one criminal photographer despite all the influences he has? That's a shame."

Instead of biting the bait, Asami remained cool. On the other hand, Kirishima jittered as the words left the photojournalist's mouth. Suoh felt a drop of sweat trickle down his neck and shivered. Asami showed no outward signs of murder but Suoh wouldn't put it past his boss and old friend to snap the kid's neck at the drop of a hat.

Asami smiled serenely and Akihito felt his legs go numb with fear. Thankfully, he didn't pee in his pants when Asami slowly leaned in and whispered the following words in his ear. "Is that a challenge?"

Shaking in fear, Akihito let out a nervous laugh that sounded strained even to his ears. Those alpha pheromones were getting to him and to his dismay, he was already lubricating a little. If only he had taken his heat medication this morning, he wouldn't be in this predicament now. When those golden eyes stared into his, Akihito's mind turned to mush.

The mewl that left Akihito took everyone in the warehouse by surprise. Many alphas covered their mouths and noses quickly. The kid was an omega! What's worse was how he was going into heat while in their captivity. Kirishima cursed. It wasn't unheard of for alphas to fight to the death over the right to mount an omega even in the modern society. Primal instincts were still strong and that was the reason why the law forbade omegas from having jobs.

How T.A. managed to get a job as a criminal photojournalist was beyond anyone's understanding. Under Kirishima and Suoh's command, the warehouse was evacuated. Only a married Beta by the name of Ishida Yuusuke remained to help Akihito consume his heat medication. Asami was thoroughly shocked by the turn of events but remained rationale. No wonder Kirishima was unable to uncover any information about him. T.A. was not under a legal employment contract!

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