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Chapter 8: Chapter 8

No, he didn't faint. Akihito merely felt dizzy for a moment and his legs gave way. Yes, that was what happened.

Asami was slightly worried when the omega was unusually silent. The fact that he was a yakuza who had all those information uncovered was of secondary importance. The fact that they were fated mates took precedence.


The blond sighed. He knew the day would come but he never expected it to be such an alpha. Then again, with his personality, it was probably for the best. Kou and Takato always said that he couldn't keep his nose out of trouble and if he was going to be paired with an alpha, it should be one who could help keep his head above the waters. Asami certainly fit the criteria with his deep pockets and even deeper connections.

"Is that why you moved my things?"

Asami was silent for a while. Akihito didn't pressure him for an answer either. He merely closed his eyes, feeling more tired than he'd ever felt in the past few days. Even though Asami hadn't bonded with Akihito, both men knew that the results didn't lie. Even without it, there had been an inkling. Akihito's sudden heat is enough evidence that there was a certain something between them.

"So what are you going to do now? Make me sign a bonding certificate and collar me?"

Asami grimaced. Given the blond's wild spirit, he knew that tying the photographer to him by such means would kill that feistiness he loved. He wanted to give his omega the freedom he desired. At the same time, he didn't want his omega diving nose first into any trouble he found. A freelance photojournalist job was fine. A criminal freelance photojournalist wasn't... not when his enemies were at large.

"Yes and no," Asami finally replied. He looked into crystal clear blue eyes.

"I just wanted us to get to know each other more. We may be fated mates but there isn't a need to rush the progress."

Akihito snorted. The man before him was ridiculous in all ways. Firstly, he'd kidnapped him. Then, he brought him to his house and treated him with an underground doctor for the illegal drug he consumed. Next, he forcefully moved all his belongings into this penthouse but told him there wasn't a need to rush things.

"You know, in this era, people don't club the ones they fancy and maul them into their caves. There is something called discussion and what you just did was a one-sided dictatorship. You never asked me if I wanted to shack up with you. You simply took matters into your hands and made that decision without consideration for my feelings. Now you are telling me that there isn't a need to rush? Screw you!"

Asami's eyes narrowed. His patience had its limits and the omega was testing it. There were many things that the young man didn't need to know. He never wanted a submissive omega or a clingy one. However, he didn't expect to have a mate who was hellbent on defying everything he did or said.

"One, you were in danger. Two, this is simply going to be a matter of time so I shifted it forward. Your consent isn't as important as your safety to me."

Akihito growled. Screw this person! "If you think I'll be an obedient omega obeying your every demand, you're dead wrong. I lived on my own for years, I can do so without you. I don't need an alpha to survive, I can take care of myself."

Losing his temper, Akihito decided to leave. Where to? He didn't know yet. However, he knew that he had to get out of this room before he found a way to gouge those infuriating golden eyes out.

"Akihito!" Asami grabbed the photographer by his wrist hard enough to bruise that fair skin. Akihito winced in pain at the grip but didn't give in. Instead, he fought with everything he had from kicking to headbutting, he employed every street fight brawling technique in his reservoir.

Of course, none of those shabby combat techniques could hold a candle to a true black belt holder. Asami subdued his mate quickly and Akihito bit the arm hard enough to draw blood as a last resort. Asami growled at the pain when Akihito bit him but he didn't relent his hold. They were stuck in a stalemate for a few minutes and Akihito could feel the blood pooling in his mouth. Both men were equally stubborn and neither yielded.

In the end, Asami caved when tears rolled down Akihito's cheeks. He released the young man who took the opportunity to flee. Asami didn't give chase immediately, allowing Akihito to make it all the way to the front door.

The guards were startled when the front door was unbolted. Akihito tried to make a dash for freedom but they held him back.

Screaming and cursing, Akihito cried harder. Asami's heart hurt at the sight of his omega rejecting so strongly. He never thought that he was capable of caring for another even if that person was his mate. Now that he met this soulmate, everything was new to Asami.

Unsure of what was the best course of action was, he decided to give a call to one of his old acquaintances for advice.

"Asami here."

"Asami... what a pleasant surprise. Have you decided to sell me that plot of land in Shinjuku?"

The crime lord sighed. "I might if you help me out on a certain matter."

On the other end of the line, a long-haired man chuckled. "How rare... maybe I should raise the stakes. After all, it's so rare for you to ask for a favour."

Asami growled in displeasure. "Don't play games with me, Fei long. I don't have the time or patience for it now."

"Relax, I was joking. What kind of assistance do you need?"

Asami stalled for a while, unsure of how to phrase his words. Half a minute passed before he spoke again.

"How can I calm a distraught omega down?"

Fei long froze. "What's going on?" He could now hear the hysterical screams in the background. It sounded like a young man but Fei long didn't recognise the voice.

Asami pinched the bridge of his nose. "I found my fated mate by accident. Was supposed to kidnap a cat prowling around my territory but it turned out to be a blond kitten who immediately went into heat when I arrived. We ran some tests and found that the kid and I are fated mates. He consumed some illegal heat suppression drugs and I had Mashiro treat him. He's almost recovered so I cancelled his lease and moved his belongings over."

After listening to that brief but earth-shattering explanation, Fei long felt a headache creeping up on him. Asami had never been the best at expressing himself or understanding others. If it weren't because of their history, Fei long would have labelled him a jerk and cut away all connections. However, because the Bai She leader knew how Asami was, he could only sigh.

"Look, there are many things wrong with what you did and said but I won't go into details. For now, let the poor omega go. He needs his friends and family more than he needs you now. You can't just kidnap someone and then decide that you would live with him because you are fated mates."

Asami frowned. "Weren't you listening? I cancelled his lease. He has nowhere else to go. His friends are on a trip and his family is dead."

Fei long held back the urge to scream into the phone and tear his hair out. Inhaling deeply, the triad leader spoke slowly as if speaking to a child.

"Asami, let him go."

The yakuza was about to protest but bit his tongue. "For how long?"

"Until he is ready to talk to you again. Give him space. Also, preferably one that you won't intrude."

"I understand. Thanks."

Fei long shook his head on the other end of the line. "Just don't screw this up, Ryuichi."

With that, the line went dead and Asami went towards the front door where the commotion was taking place.

"Let him go."

The guards looked at Asami for a moment before complying.

Once released, Akihito ran to the furthest corner he could. Asami felt his heart clench painfully at the hateful glare his mate gave him. However, there wasn't anything he could do about it.

"Akihito, I'm sorry."

The omega froze. He didn't think that the high and mighty alpha would apologize to him or look so hurt. In fact, Akihito knew that Asami wasn't someone who would apologise to anyone. The apology was so sincere and it made Akihito's heart waver.

The alpha dismissed his guards and didn't dare move from his spot. His eyes never left Akihito and Asami was amazed at what an apology could do. The kitten was no longer trembling in fear or hatred. The glare was still there but it was subdued.

"I'm sorry," he repeated.

The moment Asami said it the second time, Akihito's earlier temper left. It was true that the crime lord had done many horrible things to him but he'd never done anything much to physically hurt him. In fact, he'd helped Akihito by calling for a doctor and took care of him at his place while Akihito was out of it.

The blond decided to give the man before him a second chance but it was probably the last chance he was giving the alpha. He stood up straight and walked back into the penthouse silently. Asami said nothing as Akihito walked past him into the living room and curled up on a couch.

The alpha relaxed a little. Maybe he could still fix this.

He sat down on the couch's other end and looked at Akihito. The omega was silent and Asami didn't know what to do or say. Thankfully, he didn't need to fret over it for long because Akihito took the lead.

"What's done is done. This entire situation is fucked up but let's try to make this work. However, we need to set some ground rules."

That resolute stare made Asami nervous. When faced with a difficult business meeting, Asami never failed to keep his cool and always had the upper hand. However, facing his soulmate was on a whole new level. There was no upper hand, not when he'd ruined so much already. He only hoped that his omega was the generous type and resigned to fate.

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