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100% Casanova of the Argent Clan / Chapter 62: God Beast’s Invasion (IV)

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Chapter 62: God Beast’s Invasion (IV)


The God Beasts were very organized, they would rotate and combine roles with perfect precision, one group of Bird God Beasts bombarded a certain spot, and another group would take their place once they ran out of energy, light blue colored vipers with icy spikes that flowed down their back would freeze the location the massive birds with divine strength punched, successfully combining their strength made the work of breaking the barrier 10x easier.

This continued on whilst thousands of massive Silver tinted Apes stood in the front lines, they were protecting the God Beast's with their innate defensive ability while the many other God Beasts watched with perfect tranquility as they saved their strength for what's to come.


They all watched as the God Beasts successfully made the outer array dimmer and dimmer and cracks began to appear on the surface. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But that was the whole point of the outer barrier, the inner barrier was where the true fun began, the outer barrier mostly bought time to fully activate the inner array, which was a very special array that both attacked and defended, the resources it took was insurmountable and the maximum effort those who worked on the array was put to the peak.

Jackson was watching the God Beasts work together with perfection to break the barrier and felt a peculiar chill go down his spine, it wasn't a chill like when he faced Elder Elena, but one where he felt his rapidly approaching death, he slowly turned his head with much effort toward the proximity he felt the chill came from and spotted Prince Asher looking at him with a smirk.

"What are you-"


Asher's spiritual energy flowed toward his foot, his Deva Tattoo shining brightly as he kicked with all his strength. The wind made way for his leg and propelled his foot even faster toward Jackson's chest, it was so quick no one could even react, not even Elena could as Asher's foot hit Jackson square in the chest.


Blood spilled out of Jackson's mouth as the air around him collapsed and he shot out of the Spirit Ark toward the directions of the God Beasts like a comet.

Everyone was stupified, what the hell just happened?

They were very high up in the sky, if Jackson couldn't stabilize himself in the air he would fall to his death if he wasn't already, but luckily he was a Sky Spirit Realm martial artist and the kick wasn't enough to kill him instantly because Asher didn't want to kill him...but the God Beast's that were waiting outside might do the trick.

He was heading right toward a pack of silver apes who were standing in the front lines, the kick was so powerful that Jackson crossed several miles in an instant, Jackson was in a daze as he shot toward the God Apes in only a few seconds.

"W-why" Jackson muttered before falling unconscious, he couldn't believe what just happened, first, a commoner girl kicked him in the nuts, and then the youngest Star God Prince kicked him right in the chest, at least when he got kicked in the nuts it was by a beautiful girl, but now a the youngest prince just kicked him to his deathbed as he passed out.

Before Jackson could go any further he was caught by a pair of pale icy cold hands. Jackson couldn't even relish in the embrace of the goddess who saved him since he was unconscious, Elena looked at the unconscious Jackson and sighed.

She returned back to the Spirit Ark with a head full of questions, but before she could ask any Asher's voice came out.

"I guess I deserve my punishment now," Asher said with a stupid grin on his face.

Elena turned red in anger.

"You! I'll deal with you when this is over."

"Can't wait."

"He would just get in the way, I did what we all wanted to do," Asher said which caused Elena to turn even redder.

"Hah you look pretty cute right now, I didn't know you could make such an expression," Asher teased as he looked at the flushed Elena.

She couldn't bother with him anymore as she walked toward the back of the Spirit Ark, there, she walked into a room that held a small bed.

She laid Jackson down on the single bed and checked that he didn't have any fatal injuries before turning around and leaving.

As she turned around she bumped into a figure that was half a head taller than her, and she was a pretty tall lady herself.

She looked up to see that familiar handsome face and exalted figure that released an innate profound noble aura around him. The young man who was recently the talk of the entire academy.

Star God Prince Asher.

Those silvery-white eyes made her body heat up subconsciously.

"What are you-"

Before she could speak any longer Asher put his hands over her lips

"Mmmhhmmhm" Elder Elena's willowy-like eyebrows scrunched cutely as she mumbled in his hand.

"Mrs. Elena," Prince Asher said while she looked at him questionably.

"I-I know this is sudden and I've only been in the God Domain Academy for a few weeks, but I-I've heard a lot about you and always wanted to meet you."

The youngest Star God Prince talked like an innocent schoolboy who just gathered all his courage to confess his love.

His next words dropped an even bigger bomb.

"When I first laid my eyes on you I-I fell in love with you. I did all this just so I could spend some time with you."

Asher said as he looked down to the floor, his face seemed to flush red in the first time of his life, on purpose or not the world may never know.

Elena was absolutely stunned, out of all the things she could think of she didn't think he did all of this to get alone time with her, she was lightly touched but quickly disregarded it because what kind of crazy person assaults your fellow disciple just for this type of thing?

She was going to turn him down before she saw the hope in his piercing silvery-white eyes, looking pure and untainted, she couldn't bring herself to tell him no to his face so she only said.

"O-oh wow, but Teacher and student relationships are forbidden you know, Prince Asher." Elena assumed her elder position and started teaching him as her hands rested on her curvaceous hips.

She tried to keep her bearing of an ice goddess.

"I don't care! I will overrule that rule and change it if that's what it takes to be with you!"

Asher said passionately like he was fighting for his life.

Elena's gaze softened, this handsome boy who was young enough to be my son is obviously infatuated, she couldn't bring herself to give him false hope anymore as she said.

"L-look...Prince Asher... I-I don't think this is a good idea-"

Elder Elena was looking toward the side trying to come up with the perfect words to politely turn him down before her mouth was blocked again, but this time not with his hands.

This time it was with his lips.

Asher locked his lips with her as he tasted her strangely cold but enticing soft lips, she tasted so fresh and sweet like everything he never tasted before, like some sort of frozen forbidden fruit, his hands trailed up giving her shapely breast's a bountiful squeeze.

"Ohhhh~" Elena moaned out, feeling a pleasurable electricity flow through her body, making her loosen up and lose herself in the wonderful kiss.

They kissed for around 15 minutes as Asher groped every body part that was extremely soft and tender, yet cold to the touch, leaving a weirdly charming and enticing feeling that made him never want to stop.

His raging hard-on was pushing against her stomach as it seemed ready to burst out at any moment.

Elena felt Asher's massive dragon which seemed to make her wake up.

"Oh god..." Elena muttered as she broke away from the kiss and her rational thoughts slowly returned back to her.

"I-I have to go" Elena pushed Asher away as she ran out of the room with an amorously flushed face like a bashful schoolgirl.

Asher sat on the bed with a massive smirk on his face, he decided to play a different game and acted like the innocent, yet spontaneous boy and seduce Elena, he learned how to perfect that act into a personal craft inside the Deva Mind Trials where he experienced many different situations.

He had a feeling that icy cougar teacher would love it.

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