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CEO He : Please Don't Love Me CEO He : Please Don't Love Me original

CEO He : Please Don't Love Me

Author: Ada_5253

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Reborn : Changing Destiny

Warning - The story has side couples who are homosexual and hence has the LGBT tag. The story will also concentrate on those couples as well as the main couple. If you don't like to read BL and GL then please leave it but don't leave disgusting comments about homosexuality.

In the author's eyes regardless of their sexuality, everyone deserves respect. So if you will leave some bad comments about homosexuality, I shall instantly delete them. Please don't mind me. Now you can continue the story if you want to.   


Amidst the dense forests, there was a very old shabby house.

Inside a room, there was a young girl tied to a chair. Her hands were tied behind the chair. The soft white skin of her wrists had become red due to the tight grip of ropes on her soft skin.

Her eyes were closed.

There was a small wound on her forehead with some dried blood on it. Her blue shirt was stained with mud and the rest of her clothes were also not in a good condition.

The unconscious girl on the chair opened her eyes suddenly. Her forehead was covered in sweat.

She was taking deep breaths. Her face was pale and sweat trickled down her temples disappearing in her black hairs.

She seemed to be awake from a nightmare. 

A very horrible nightmare.

With every breath, her hands, which were tightly bound with the ropes trembled.

Unconsciously she tried to move her trembling hand towards a certain part of her body but she couldn't do so.

She looked at the lower part of her body. But her gaze fell on her short legs. Confusion flashed through her eyes.

She turned her head behind to look at her hands. As if realizing something, she looked around herself in confusion.

This place...

Her face went paler because of fear if it was possible. 

How could she forget this place?

This place was the start of her ruin, her destruction. She will not forget this place even in her dreams.

Various emotions flashed through her eyes but the pain was the most dominating one. A single tear slid down from her eye as she leaned her head on the chair.

She could not believe that she was alive.

But the pain on her forehead was enough to make her believe that it was not her illusion. Just a few moments before, she was at her death door.

She wondered if all of that was a dream. But she knew that was not a dream. The immense pain in her heart, the dark red blood soaking her clothes, everything was true... not a dream. And this was also true.

She was back to when she was twelve years old.

But why?

To go through that heart-wrenching pain again?

Was it not enough once?

Countless tears slid through and her eyes were filled with pain as she sobbed silently remembering those eyes.

There was not even an ounce of sorrow or panic in those eyes looking at her miserable condition.

She was tired. Very tired.

With her head leaning on the headrest of the chair she was tied to, she blankly stared at the shabby celing of the room.

Her mind was a mess at this moment.

Nothing has started yet everything has been finished for her already.

Her heart was exhausted. It was empty. She didn't have any courage or will to chase after that person now.


At this moment, she heard something. She knew from where this sound was coming. There was another room beside this one.

And the person inside that room was unforgettable for her.

Everything was happening in the same way. Just that, In her last life, she had frantically released herself from this chair to rush there to save him.

But this time she was silently sobbing at her fate. She looked at the wall of the room silently.

Lost in her own thoughts, she reminisced about the past life.

'Was there any way to save herself from that heart-wrenching pain?

Yes, there was. To not involve herself with him again.'

'But... was it possible?'

She had tried before but couldn't do this.

'But now things are different.' A voice came from her inside.

Now her mother...her brother, they must be alive. A joy surfaced in her heart for the first time since she had woken up.

Now he wouldn't recognize her right...If only she could try to stay away from him then she can make it possible.

If she could fill her heart with him only then she could empty it again.

Even if not for herself...but for her family.

Her heart was filled with this new hope as she organized her thoughts. Since she was given a new chance then why not love herself and the people who adored her unconditionally rather than going after something which was never hers, to begin with.

Yes, he was never hers that was why all she got was pain and hate from him. She does not have any courage or will to go through that again. So in this life, she would seal her heart for him.

This time when she raised her head her eyes were different. The sorrow was replaced by indifference.

She, Mo Roulan will seal her heart for him in this life. She will not let him enter her life again.

Fate cannot be changed but destiny can be. Because your destiny depends on the choices you make.

And she will change her destiny this time.

But will it be that easy? 

Because if destiny could be changed so easily then no fate would exist.

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