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Building Reputation and Value - CEO UNRIVALED - Chapter 30 by inflict full book limited free

Chapter 30: Building Reputation and Value

"Boss WINS, why did the Chronos advance at the Noob Amateurs' base? After killing the fighter of that squad, they could have easily eliminated those other players. It looks like they are wasting their chance to gain more kills!" The member of the FAB_Gamers squad on the front row was also baffled by the sudden change of target. He could not help but asked his squad leader beside him.

WINS was paying almost all his attention to the screen and was anticipating the clash of two opposing squads. Upon hearing the question of his companion, he raised his hands to signal him to wait for a while. His eyes did not leave the large screen, as he was looking for all the data. He kept glancing at the gold and EXP gains of the three remaining squads as well as the items of the players on the map.

After several seconds, his eyes darted at the player's lounge. He slowly rubbed his chin as if he was trying to solve a very hard puzzle. Then his eyes cast back to the large screen.

"It's true that the chance of killing the two players from the Noob Amateurs squad was wasted. But, the Chronos may have a different goal for wasting this chance. I think they want to add spice on this third-round match," WINS finally answered while he leaned back on his chair. His eyes were now locked on the player's lounge where the Chronos was sitting. He could somehow understand a tiny bit of reason why Sofia's team went to the base of the enemy instead.

"Spice up the match? Boss WINS, I don't get it! Isn't it better to get more kills?" his other companion was also confused. He had been in the pro scene for quite a while and he could tell that the Chronos squad had the opportunity of slaying the remaining members of the Noob Amateurs squad.

"They can get kills on the Pilot Gaming squad too." Wins paused for a second, he tilted his head as if he was in deep thought and continued, "This is a level of mindset. Right now they want to make their match more interesting for the audience. So, the Chronos makes a move to challenge the Pilot Gaming squad." WINS answered as he crossed his legs and adjusted his sitting position to a comfortable one.

"Making the match more interesting..." his companion absentmindedly trailed.

"If we compete in a tournament, our goal will always to get the victory and receive the prize of the competition. But I think that this kind of goal is only common. There will always be a winner in a match. The Chronos may have this kind of mindset. Thus, this goal is only one of the many more goals that they to achieve for this match." WINS emphasized.

"They have other goals? Other than winning, what could it be?" the member gasped and probed further.

"Their value. Winning a match is important. But having a great value as a gamer is also essential. When the match become unforgettable to the audience, the players' gameplay would also be immortalized. This means that the Chronos squad is currently building not only their reputation but also their value. This is also understandable since their squad is still new. But along the run, this could be harmful to them. If they can't keep up the high image that the viewers had expected them, they may just attract bashers rather than fans and supporters." WINS concluded.

"Ahh, now, I understand. If they start with this kind of high-level performance, they must maintain it. Otherwise, they will also be ridiculed. That's a lot of pressure for them. I hope they can maintain this kind of gameplay." the man finally understood the situation.

Because of the sudden silence of the audience area, a group of gamers sitting behind these three figures was able to overhear their conversation. One of them stared at WINS for a long time before he leaned forward and stretched his arm towards the man in front of him.

"Yo! If this isn't the respected being, Kurt!" a man lightly tapped the shoulder of WINS and spoke. There was an air of familiarity on his tone and the way he addressed WINS using his real name - Kurt, indicated that they have known each other at a personal level.

WINS took a quick look at the person and saw a grinning boy behind him. He returned a friendly smile and waved his hand as a greeting.

"OH!? You and your team is also here, Brian?" WINS recognized the boy right away. The other person was also a squad leader in District 6. They have been an opponent several times but they established a good relationship outside the game.

"Yes, the Lee Gaming Squad founder is my cousin. He will be playing in the 5th elimination round. This 40-Player map is crazy! I can't wait to play in the District 6 tournament! By the way, you rarely attend this type of match, I am surprised to see you here!" the boy wondered.

"It's a long story. But, my team has a connection with this Chronos squad. So, I came to watch their tournament." WINS casually answered.

"These beast players have a connection with your FAB_Gamers squad? As expected by the respected being! All your connection is worthy of my respect! Amazing! From early seconds of this group's assassin performance, I know right away that their squad is above average." the boy said happily. He even acknowledged the Chronos players as beasts!

"Don't exaggerate, well, let's not chitchat right now. This round is quite interesting," WINS laughed lightly and waved his hand again, then, he returned his attention to the screen.

"Lead, is that the FAB_Gamers squad leader?" one companion of the boy tugged the hem of his shirt and asked him secretly.

"Yes, that's Kurt." the boy promptly answered before he also returned to focus on the match.

On the booth where the Lee Gaming Squad was occupying, Brent, their founder was applauding like crazy. Everyone had gone silent in their booth yet he remained his applause. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His members smiled sheepishly at the other squads who had given their founder a weird look.

"Stop clapping so loud! The other squads are looking at us!" Brent's sister sneered and secretly apprehended him.

"Hahaha, that is my old friend over there. I don't care about that other squads! Why can't I clap my hands like this?!" Brent coldly asked and continued clapping his hands. The lady looked grim but she could only shake her head in frustration.

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