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65.98% Chairman of The Magic Council / Chapter 97: Love?

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Chapter 97: Love?

Juvia who was being chased wasn't scared, but rather she was sad. She who longed for love was betrayed and when she thought that she had found the sun of her life, was being deceived and betrayed by the boyfriend that she had confessed before.

Juvia was crying and felt sad, however, she knew that she needed to run at this moment since she was being chased by a group of magicians.

If Juvia was in normal condition, then she wouldn't be scared since she was quite a strong magician.

Juvia's magic brought her a lot of sadness during her childhood time and even now, but at the same time, it gave her power, even though she didn't want to admit it.

Juvia hated her magic because of this magic that no one would become her friend and loved her.

Juvia was crying and wondered why it was so hard for someone to love her.

The more she cried, the harder the rain became, but the slave traders didn't stop to chase after her since they couldn't let anyone know about their operation.

"You can't run, baby!"

"Hahaha, keep running! Keep running!"

The slave traders had found Juvia's back and they laughed, mockingly at Juvia since her chance to run away had ended and it was only a time for them to catch this girl.

The rain made her body wet and showed the curve on her body which caused the slave traders' eyes to become excited.

"Drip, drip, drop," Juvia muttered, ignoring the gaze of the slave traders' and her expression became gloomier.

The slave traders laughed together, thinking that Juvia was scared.

"Why don't we enjoy her first?"

Everyone agreed without hesitation since they needed to check whether the good was good or not. They walked slowly toward Juvia as they tried to intensify the fear and despair on Juvia, however, it seemed to be a wrong decision since Juvia wasn't as scared as she seemed to be.

"Water Slicer.

By swiping her arm, Juvia sends scythe-like blades of water toward the slave traders.


This sudden attack made them unprepared and they couldn't dodge this attack.

Juvia's magic slashed their bodies as they tried to defend their bodies using their magic powers, but there were too many scythe-like blades and this attack was so powerful.

Some of the slave traders couldn't stand anymore and were defeated by Juvia's attack.

"This bitch!"

The group of slave traders cursed Juvia, but they couldn't move forward since Juvia kept attacking them.

Juvia was in mess since after being betrayed by her first boyfriend then she was being chased by a group of slave traders. She was very unlucky and wondered whether all of the unfortunate things which she had brought to everyone suddenly returned and brought her a disaster.

However, Juvia didn't want to become a slave and she knew that she needed to escape from this place first or else she would be sold as a slave.

Juvia's magic was very powerful and it could even cleanly slice through several trees.

However, the group of the slave traders also weren't a group of small fries and they could defend themselves from Juvia, though, at the same time, they knew if this continued they would be in trouble.

Juvia was at an advantage in this battle and the group of slave traders were at a disadvantage, however...

"Red Shower!"

From the sky, a number of fierce, purple flames in the form of elongated circles were hitting Juvia's body.

Juvia cried in pain, but quickly gritted her teeth, staring at the man who had betrayed her. The "water" magic that she had mastered might have rendered any physical attack useless, but fire magic was her weakness. Even if this fire magic was weakened because of the rain in the sky, it was very painful when she was being attacked by Bora's magic earlier.

Juvia stared at Bora for a while before she held her arm that was hit and quickly ran away.

"This damned rain!"

Bora cursed the rain since it made his magic become weaker. He stood on the top of his fire magic and couldn't help but shout angrily at the group of slave traders.

"What are you doing? Hurry up and chase after her!"

Hearing Bora's curse, they knew that they needed to chase after Juvia.

Juvia kept running, but Bora wouldn't let her.

Even if Bora might seem flirty, his strength was undeniable and he also had entered the "Sorcerer Magazine" as one of the strongest fire magicians in Fiore.

Bora's speed was very fast and before long, he was right beside Juvia.

"You can't run away, baby," Bora said with a cruel smile.


Even if Juvia had loved this guy before, she could also become angry.

"Just give up! If you decide to give up then I won't treat you badly," Bora said with a wicked smile.

Juvia was full of anger and said, "Juvia can't forgive you! Water Slicer!" She sent out another scythe-like blade of water toward Bora. She thought about the girls that had been deceived by Bora and knew that their fate would be bleak. She had made up her decision to have gone to the Magic Council then reported Bora's crime to save those girls.

However, Bora quickly dodged and became angry when Juvia started to attack him, especially when his cheek was cut by Juvia's magic. His face was one of his advantages to deceive those girls into being slaves. If he became ugly then it would be impossible to deceive those girls anymore.


Bora didn't care whether he would damage Juvia and thought to give this girl a punishment.

"Prominence Typhoon!"

Bora stretched his arms wide open to his sides and this prompted a Magic Seal to appear before his chest, from which a spiraling column of fire was sent flying towards Juvia.


Juvia was hit directly and crashed into the tree. Her body was hurt and she was wounded, but she knew that she needed to run.

Juvia tried to move but she couldn't move anymore nor could she escape from them since she had been surrounded by a group of slave traders.

"Tch! I've thought about burning you, but this rain is too damnable!"

Bora came quickly toward Juvia and cursed the rain since it really weakened his magic.

"Now you can't run away anymore," Bora said with a laugh.

Juvia became even more depressed and wondered whether she should die at this moment. She was wondering whether someone could save her in this situation, however, it seemed that it was useless.

When Juvia thought of ending her life suddenly...

"Oh, are you having a party here?"


Everyone suddenly noticed a young man who suddenly appeared beside Juvia.

"Can you hear me? Or are your ears as useless as your genitals?" The young man asked rudely.

Juvia was also in shock since this young man suddenly appeared without anyone noticing and he just appeared there beside her. She ignored the words of the man and pain on her body to remind him.

"Hurry up and run..."

Juvia was very kind after all and she couldn't let anyone be caught because of her.

The young man's words ignored Juvia's words since there was something that he needed to do since his words caused the group of slave traders and Bora became furious.

"You... Just kill him!"

There was no hesitation since the one who appeared suddenly was a male. If it was a female then they could sell her as a slave, but if it was a male then it was useless.

The young man only shook his head and he seemed relieved when he heard the words of the group of slave traders and Bora.

When everyone was ready to kill this young man, he raised his palm and said, "Ice Blooming!"

In an instant everything was frozen from the trees, land, people, etc were frozen by gigantic flower of ice that easily covered a kilometer radius of area.


Juvia could only sit there and wasn't sure what to say, but she really hated the rain at this moment since it made her unable to see the face of the young man that had saved her, but then her body started to feel cold and she hugged her own body, trying to warm her own body.

Then the young man snapped his fingers and caused the black sky to disappear, the rain stopped, and sun to be shown.

It might be because of the rain that the reflection of the sunlight caused a beautiful rainbow to appear.

"It's cold here, wear this first."

The young man draped his jacket over Juvia's shoulders.

Juvia was stunned when she saw him for the first time, then suddenly looked down and didn't dare to face the young man.

"What's wrong?" The young man asked curiously wondering whether she was hurt.

Juvia held both of her cheeks at this moment and felt that she had fallen in love once again.

'So love is this wonderful?'

Juvia felt that it was too early to end her life and wanted to test this feeling more.

akikan40 akikan40

I think this is the best revenge, what do you think?

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