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Ch. 20 Directors Directives - Chaos Chronicles - Chapter 20 by Ghostpro full book limited free

Chapter 20: Ch. 20 Directors Directives

Adrian and Wyatt hadn't begun to move yet but everyone else who were almost out of the door had to come back and wait. Waited only until the room was cleared and the door was shut. He eyed everyone before beginning to speak again.

"You five, including Lys, will be the main investigators of Cyrious and his origins. Adrian you will continue teaching him basic knowledge and when he asks questions, ask him more about where he's from, and what his family is like. Record his responses, and report your thoughts on them."

"Yes Director." Adrian replied with the enthusiasm of a dissapointed child.

"Wes, you are to go to any other information sources, and see if you can find anything about this 'United States'. As you said it's concerning if IEN cannot discover anything with even remote similarities. You will be given clearance and budget to the other countries as well, take a month to settle your personal affairs, after that this will become your top priority."

"Yes director." Wes replied calmly. The average looking man had no reaction to his words as if this was a standard routine for him.

"Wyatt, you will begin training the boy in controlling his strength. Make sure he knows the consequences of the laws and to give him a proper demonstration of strength, and please be sure to have him recognize the the difference between awakened built items and normal items."

"Yes Director." Wyatt said with professionalism.

"While you're at it, throw in a little exercise for him as well-" He noticed the doctor's glare aiming to maim him. "- nothing combat related, just to keep him in shape and help him burn off some energy." Wyatt nodded.

"Veritas, you will monitor him throughout the days until further notice. Lies will be reported directly to me, everything else is standard procedure." Without saying anything else the man left the room as silently as he had entered with his blonde hair not even moving from his shoulders.

"Doctor Genis, while we are aware of your current employment, we'd like to offer you not a job but an independent contract. You will be responsible for monitoring the overall health of Cyrious but more specifically of his mental health. Monthly checkups and access to interactions he's had with the rest of us deemed worth your time that may indicate any stress. You'll be well compensated however nothing is to be discussed about Cyrious with any colleagues you have without explicit expressed permission. Is this something you can agree to?"

Genis' usually sweet demeanor was nowhere to be found when interacting with the director. Her eyes were filled with distaste and annoyance. "Don't offer it to me as a choice when we both know its not." She said with her tongue full of spite.

"Thank you for your understanding Doctor." The director said ignoring her clearly expressed hatred. "Now you all will be able to communicate with eachother about this topic over the node I'll set up and provide you access with very shortly. You may speak between eachother in person as well as long as there are no other people pertaining to this subject within earshot and your area has been shut off from surveillance. So the easiest method of communication will be through the node.

I feel the need to reiterate this is all classified and any leakage will result in action none of us want to deal with. Lys will be in charge of scheduling and your patrol duties will be relieved until further notice. Unless you are called for or it occurs in front of you crime stopping will be left for the others. Everything will begin in a month until then all of you are on leave so begin planning. Dismissed."

Everyone finally left the room leaving the director to his thoughts. "What would usually be nothing more than a thought became a source of unknown information." He spoke to himself. 'What more could there be?' Only time would tell.

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Recorded date: 17/30 6/10 6001

Time: 22:27 (13 Hours 13 minutes left)

Hircus City

Southeast coast

'Ring Bar'

The southeast corner of Hircus City generally wasn't the safest part of the city, but neither was most of the city. Still, when his friends decided to invite him out for drinks he didn't have to pay for, who was Lence to say no.

The area was littered with bars and clubs and no one could rightly say they had been to or even heard of them all. It was an area of entertainment and leisure, which usually meant more was going on behind the scenes. Lence knew this, and still he decided to go anyway, after a rough day at work free drinks were the best remedy.

He had taken a skycab to the bar because going to any bar in your own car or skycar was asking to make yourself a target of the women who wanted nothing more than your wallet. Or even more dangerous, the people who sent them. Still, he was an association man who could take care of himself as long as there wasn't an awakened.

"Damn awakened." He muttered to himself. He shook himself off, that's what he was here for, drink the problems away to face them again later, liquid escapism. He paid the cabby his fare using his sub-dermal implant and turned to face the city. The sector was lively, people were walking all around laughing, talking, the smell of liquor all throughout the streets. The party could only get started here, he navigated the crowds avoiding pushing into people, no need to get into any altercations. The buildings here weren't nearly as tall as they were in the heart of the city, the biggest building around would be a club with at most 5 stories, yet it always felt more packed. And after 20 hours hit and the sun began to set, the lights would turn on, green, blue, and red lined the streets making it much more lively.

He turned a corner and saw the blue neon holographic sign coming from the building, 'Ring Bar' not a place he'd been to before and not one he'd likely be to again. That's just how the nights flowed. Entering the building there wasn't a line thankfully, but it was still fairly busy. After orienting himself a little to the bars lower lighting he saw his friends at a table near the bar, conveniently it was a circle and the bar top itself was a blue that lit most of the room. 'Name checks out' he thought to himself as he approached his friends.

The night was young and he wasn't paying, it was going to be a good night.

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Remember, 32 hour planet. 18 hours of day, 14 hours of night. 5:00-21:00 is day and 22:00-4 is night, 4-5 is dawn 21-22 is dusk.

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