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Chapter 2: Chapter 1

    "Good, you're finally awake. You were out for 12 hours  I was getting a little worried there for a while, my bad. My name is Max. And do not worry, I won't hurt you. I'm going to take a guess and say you're trying to figure out why you couldn't sense me a minute ago?" asked a silver haired, blue eyed boy.

     "Umm…yeah…why is that?" Shadow answered him, looking carefully around in an attempt to find her bearings.

     "Because, like you, I have another form, and no, I am not just a shapeshifter. If you calm down, I'll untie you and turn on the lights. I figured waking up to a bright room would worsen your headache. You've probably got one in the first place because of the drugs they used to knock you unconscious. Sorry about, that by the way. They're very protective about where the academy is." Max answered her with an apologetic look on his face.

     "You might want to change your eyes back to their normal color, and if someone in a black hooded cloak shows up, don't freak out. She does that a lot." Max stated off -handedly.    "Hey Max!" Alexandria exclaimed.


 "Speak of the devil and the devil may show." Max muttered before turning her way. "What Alex?"


"Did you known that, they were signing a newbie to our team?" She asked him, leaning up against the wall with a bored look.


  "Yes, why?" Max's gaze was focused on her, and the door.


  "Come on, why am I always the last person to find out?" Alexandria whined.


    "Hmmm…let's see, it might be because you're never on time? And stop whining." He answered her with a lot of sarcasm, as he could , because he knew she would not care not like the others. They would take a slice out of him for it.


  "Touché." Alex muttered, while ignoring the factor of him giving her a hard time.


    "So where is our so called new member?" She asked him while searching the area to make sure she was still in the clear of her bodyguard. She walked to the middle of the room to get a better sense of the area.


 "Alex behind you." He answered her with an annoying look on his face.


   "Huh? There is no one there, Max." She stated as she turned around. She was not using any of her powers or her night vision, so she couldn't see a thing.


  "Alexandria turn the lights on since you are closest to the door, will you?"  Max asked her calmly.


 "Ugh. Must you do that without warning me? Sheesh." Shadow grimaced as the lights in the room turned on suddenly. She noticed there was nothing in the room but a chair in which a male with shag hair was sitting, and a female in a black cloak who was leaning against the wall with her hand on the light switch.


"Sorry Shadow, let me introduce you. Alexandria, meet Shadow. Shadow, meet Alexandria. Shadow, you can just call her Alex. We all do. Now Alex, why are you here armed with your sword and no telling what else?" Max asked her with a smirk and a cunning glint in his eyes.


  "That's a very good question, and I am glad you asked. You see, Crow and I just got back from a mission, and now I can't find him or John. Have you seen them?" She asked him as a look of irritation crossed her face then disappeared.


  "No, why do you need them?" He responds while leaning back on the not so comfortable chair.


"Ugh.  You see normally, I give them the mission report, so I don't have to go speak to the Deprive Office, and now I can't find them." She answered him with irritation in her voice.


"Okay. Again, why are you still armed?" He asked her curiously.  


"I have a two-man team duel. That's why I was looking for John." She answered satisfied that she was not followed.


   "And if you can't find him, you are going to need a new partner, right?" He asked as he felt magic get pulled back into the room.


"Correct." She answered off-handedly.


 "So, who have you, decided to replace him with?" He asked: She does know that if  they get annoyed with her. To the point they put her on lockdown.


 "Well, you see it as to be someone with a really close skill level with John, and it has to be someone I know, and they need to know how I fight, and I need to know how they fight." She explained, while pacing back and forth between the room walls. And playing with a ball of fire that she summoned out of boredom.


"Really. Alex, just say it's me, isn't it?" Max asked her, while standing up from the chair her constant pacing was getting on his nerves.


 "Yup. Please Max? Crap! It's about to start. Max yes or no?" Alex asked him as she heard the bell ring.


 "Dang it, Alex what about Shadow?" Max asked her as he pointed to Shadow who was still tied down to the bed.


"Yeah, what about Shadow?" Shadow snapped at them both in annoyance.


They both forgot about her while they were talking.


"Well, I guess she can tag along, but, Max, I don't know what she is capable of. So, don't ask if she can join our four-man cell yet." Alexandria answered them both, as she looked Max in the eyes, with the power she knew he could see in them, as she responded.


"Okay deal, but I don't like leaving her in this room. You, out of all us. Should know what happens to newbies, when they are left alone." Max muttered as he looked down away from her crimson eyes, submitting to her authority. He turned around to look down at Shadow.


"Okay Shadow, you heard Alex you get to tag along and see one of our protégés win another torment." Max excitedly to Shadow: Crap I was cutting that close to a challenged. He thought as he looked Shadow in the eyes.


 "Umm…Max what about the restraints?" Shadow asked him as she pulled against the restraints in attempt to get free of them.


  "Oh, crap sorry, Shadow. Um... you see I don't have a key or weapons on me. You see the higher ups don't want anyone trying to kill each other, so they don't let us carry our weapons." Max declared defeatedly, because now he must ask Alex for a favor.


 "Umm…. hey Alex, could you maybe, I don't know, let her loose please?" Max asked her as he turned Alex's way.


"Really? Max, really? Fine. You do know you could put your hand over it like this, and say release, right?  Come on Shadow, let's get you out of here. Max come on. You are one of the top elites. You and I have a duel to win, and after the duel, we find out what Shadow is capable of." She snapped at him for forgetting something like that.


   "Then, we find John and Crow and kick their butt for ditching a match." Alex stated with a ticked off look on her face, as if it was an afterthought she unclasped her cloak and throws it over Shadows shoulders.


"Here Shadow wear this." Alex says as she snaps the claps together to keep it from flowing off.


"Why?" Shadow asks her curiously as she snuggled into the warm cloak.


  "Because the place where we are about to go to, someone might try to. One, kill you or two claim you as one of theirs. If they see you with my stigma on you they will think twice about hurting, you." Alexandria answered her with a smirk on her face, she turned toward the door and walked over to it,  and opened the bare white door and motioned for them to leave the room.


 "What about Max? Won't they try and go after him?" Shadow asked her as she left the room that had held her captive. The hallway, she entered held nothing on the walls it was barely lighted. If she looked closely at the walls she could see that there was a faint picture of a black and white snake on it. It looked as if it was painted there a long time ago.


"No Shadow, they won't. Max can take care of himself. He is higher level than most, and quite talented at getting past his enemies' defense."  Alexandria answers her question and started to head down the corridor, Alex gestured toward Max as she was speaking.


"Is that why you came to ask him to join you in this torment?" Shadow asked: They seriously need to slow down. When is this hallway going to end. Dang I can't see anything, and they are walking as if they can see in front of them. She is taking a while to answer that question.


"Mmm… yeah that's one of them." She answers with a tilt of the head.


"What's the other?"  Shadow asks while trying to keep up with their fast pace walk.


 "You ask too many questions. You will find out soon enough." Alex answers with a look of mischief in her eyes.


 They just reached the end of a pitch-black tunnel and entered a huge open area in the hallway. Where a lot of people were gathered around talking. When they got sight of Alexandria and Max, the whole place went silent. In addition, the whole crowd of people parted to let them through. It looked like everyone knew whom, they were, and they were not willing to mess with them.


  I guess when Alex said, "People would think twice about crossing her." she was not joking. What did they do to get this kind of reputation, with everyone? I guess I am about to find out. She thought as she pulled the hood up to cover her face. And went to follow Max and Alex across the hall to an open door, which lead to a long hallway, which held a lot of different pictures on the walls. When they reached the end of that hallway Alexandria pulled a keychain off, of her weapons belt and unlocked the door that lead to another staircase at the top of those stairs, there was an open field and an azure blue sky.


"Where are we I have never see such a place as this?" Shadow asked them, as she walked up the last staircase and stared at the beautiful open, clear azure sky. Which dragons and other creatures of the sky where flying in.


 "Oh yeah, you're new here." Alexandria mutters as she closes the door and relocks it. In addition, puts the key back on her belt. And walked up the stairs to stand to the left of her. Max was standing on the right, Alex turned toward Shadow and Max.


"By the way don't tell anyone that I have this key." Alexandria states with a look that said if you do I will gladly end you, she was not supposed to have that key.


 "Okay." Shadow answers with a baffled look on her face.


 "Did you really forget? Sheesh Alex forgetful much." Max mutters with a lot of sarcasm.


 "Don't get smart with me, boy. Fine you fill her in and meet me in my office. And Max you are reasonable for Shadow. Oh yeah, Shadow where Max goes you go. Everyone who is, on my team has a partner, yours is Max. Good luck." Alexandria told them with a smug look.


    "Okay, but hey, if you find John and Crow, try and not kill them will you." Max says casually. Damn she got me and she knows it. Oh well the kid has potential.


 "No promises, see you." Alex answers as she disappears.


"What the heck!" Shadow exclaims with shock.


"Why so surprised, Shadow?" Max asked her with a bemused look.


 "Where did she go? Plus, does she always use her powers in the open?" She responds as she looked around the field to see if she could find Alex.


 "That was not her true power or abilities, and, yes, we can use our abilities, as long as we know how to control them. However, if we don't, we are put through training." Max explained with a shrug of his shoulders.


"So, again where are we Max?" Shadow asked him.


 "We were underground in the guild hall. Before you ask, Crow, John, Alexandria and I are not in a guild. We have a habit of not joining guilds. We do accept guest and jobs like that.  We are the outcast of The Academy we stick to ourselves and don't like people much. However, normally we answer to the headmaster of this academy. By the way, escaping is hopeless we all have tried." Max states as he starts to head across the open field.


"Why does everyone get all tensed up when Alexandria walks by? Also, has Alex tried to escape before?" Shadow asked him as she tries to keep up with him.


 "Oh well, you see normally where she goes so does a guard. She is not supposed to be out alone. When the master finds out she will get hell for it, and yes, she out of everyone has tried to escape more times than history can count for. She has always been brought back in restraints and through in isolation for about three months. She escaped that too. It is never boring when she is around." He answers with a humorous look.


 "Why? By the way, do we have a name for our team or not?" Shadow asks him with curiosity flowing out of her.


 "Yes, we have a name, and damn out of all, of the questions to ask, you pick that one. Out of everyone here Alex is the most dangerous. Although, she tries to not look it or act dangerous, she is, and everyone knows it. She was one of the first to come here and still as not chosen a guild or made one. Alex is a huge loner and rebellious person. Yes, she acts as if nothing can bother her, but yeah, she has a lot to lose and she knows it. People around her who have the guts to challenge her will. If she isn't careful, which she is not. So, the Council of Elder assigned a guard to her, and like the idiots they are, she loses them every time. They are probably still trying to find her, which they won't. If Alexandria does not want to be found, you will not find her." He answered her as they reached the middle of the field and stood there talking.


  "So how did she get the dangerous rep?" She asked him with a curious tilt of the head.

     Damn that is so a lupin look. He thought as he answered her question. "Umm…well you see, some people are classified under spell caster, shapeshifter, summoner, or elements etc. However, Alex is ranked a lot higher and powerful than those. She is ranked right up there with the first 13." Max explained.as he looked up at the sky.

    "Hey Max, who are the first 13. Or what are the first 13?" Shadow asked him with a bewildered look on her face.


"Well you see, there was only 13 people here before and Alexandria was one of them." Max answered.


"Who were the others?" Shadow asked.


"Well right now, if I had to guess, I would say Crow. The others I truly don't know where they are. Rumor has it, they all just got up and disappeared one day, no one knows why." Max answered.


  "Who's Crow?" Shadow asked: He probably thinks I am annoying by now, but I am curious about this place and people. She thought as she kept asking questions.    


"Crow is our leader. Although, some say Alex is our true leader. However, he is the only one here who can beat Alexandria in a fight although I think she holds back sometimes." Max tells her.


"You said, "He was your leader." But you said you were not part of any guilds or anything." Shadow exclaimed with frustration.


 "True, we are not part of any guild. Nevertheless, we are a team of elite warriors who only answer to the higher ups, and Crow, and yes Alex answers to Crow sometimes that is." Max answered with a smirk at the factor that is loner of a best friend had to answer to someone.


"So, who do you answer to? "Shadow asked him.


  "Who do I answer to? That's a good question. But you should be asking another question." Max stated with a sly grin.

  "What's that?" She asked.


"How did I get mixed up with those three?" He said with a tilt of the head that said how could you not figure that out for yourself.


 "How did you?" she asked.


  "Well, John was the one who found me in the arena and saved me from getting killed, but what he did was illegal and against the rules. They were about to kill him to if Alexandria wouldn't have intervened and stopped the strike with her sword and sent a magic shock wave through the whole arena that disarmed everyone and stopped all magic and casting of any kind from being done. It was really, awesome. I thought for sure I was a goner." Max said as he sat down on the grass.


"Did you know who they were when they jumped in front of that attack?" She asked excitedly, as she joined him on the ground.


  "No. I had no clue who they were, but my opponent seemed to know, because as soon as Alex and John showed up, they started to back off. It was weird. Then, they both started arguing with each other. It was like the people in front and behind them didn't matter." Max stead as he started to remember the day they meet in the arena.


 "What where they are arguing about?"  Shadow asked him as she stretched her arms out behind her to lean back against them.


  "It was kind of funny if you ask me. I guess I will tell you." He stated as he began to talk about the past.


   "John. What did I tell you about jumping in the middle of fights, we came to watch not intervene!" Alex snapped at him as she reflected the attack back at the enemy.

     "Alex, come on, you saw the stigma light up, like I did, if I didn't intervene, who would have. You wouldn't, and Crow wouldn't have. You both would have said the same thing if he can't save himself   then he is no use to us. Come on, if you wouldn't do it. then it was up to me. Anyways, I could have stopped that attack on my own. But thanks, though." He whined as he stepped to the side of Alex to look at the people in front of him.

   "John, shut up, and next time wait for my orders. How would you have known if I was going to intervene? You don't. Why is that I wonder, oh I know because you did not wait for me to say anything. John aren't you forgetting something?" She asked him with a sigh: How did I get stuck with this idiot again. She thought as she sung her sword down.


"Huh? Like what?" John asked her as he turned to face her.

  "Oh, I don't know maybe the person you were trying to save. Now listen you idiot, I am going to give three orders and you better remember them. One; check and see if the stigma is still there. Two; see if the kid is okay and not injured. Three: get the kid's name, then get the hell out of here." She snapped as she slices her sword throw the air to cut an arrow down.


 "Got it."  John answered as he snapped a salute to her before he turned to the kid that was standing behind them.

   "Good, then get gone. Damn, Crow is going to give me an earful about this and a bunch of other things." Alex muttered under her breath as she shot forward into the fray of people. Do these people really think they can get past me. Fine you want to play, let's play. I shall use you'll as a warm up. She thought as she stepped through all of their attacks.


  A few of the combatants tried to get past her to attack the other two. Alex flipped around and throw two of her daggers into their throat.

  "So, what was her first order again?" John asked oblivious to the factor that he almost got killed.


 "Umm… sorry who are you and the scary lady with the pitch-black sword. I don't mean to pry or anything, but I do believe it was to check and see if I was injured which I am not. The second was to see if the mark is still there which it is and the third was get my name and get away from this area. My name is Max." Max told him shyly as he watches Alex cut through everyone.


 "Oh yeah thanks. Hi Max. I am John the scary lady wielding the sword is Alex and yes, she is very scary in a fight. We protect the kingdom from the shadows. I see so I chose correctly this time." John says as he looks at Max's hand and smirks.

Maxs face goes completely pale he reaches up and pushes his silver hair out of his face.


"Ummmm... John behind you!" He screams over the loud noise of the fight.


"Huh? What do you mean Max? There is nothing behind me?" John asked him with a bewildered look on his face.


 "Turn around John." Max snapped at him as his blue eyes started to glow.


  "Sheesh okay, fine I will, oh crap hi." John said as he turned around to see a sword coming down on him, and to see someone appeared out of nowhere to intercept it.


 "You're in an arena and you don't even have your weapons out or magic at the ready seriously John. I am putting you back in training as soon as we get back to base. Didn't Alex tell you to get the kid out of here?" Crow said with a ticked off look on his face as he deflected the sword and kick the swordsmen away from him.

   Oh, crap I'm scared as hell, "Hi Crow, when did you get in town?" John asked as he tried to cover up his fear.


 "Don't change the topic Ceil! Get the kid to base, don't even think about leaving HQ intel, I get there Alexandria and you are in deep trouble this time." Crow snapped at him.


 "Ummmm…...what did Alex do to get in trouble?" John asked him curiously.


 "One, she is not answering her com. link.  Two, she did not keep an eye on you or the kid. Three, she has not obeyed any of my rules." Crow told him with an irritated look on his face.


   Eek, I would seriously say something sarcastic like, she is in the middle of a fight right now, but I seriously don't want to push my luck right now. He thought as he said, "At your leave sir." John said as he started to back way.


  "Leave." Crow growled at him as he jumped into the fight.


 "I am guessing he is the boss." Max asked him as he walked a long side John.


  "Yeah, he is. If he was not the first born and a prince, Alexandria would be the leader. But we got stuck with him." John muttered as he walked through a door at the edge of the arena.


 "Wait firstborn, Prince? Wait hold on, who is their father and mother, and I thought all Royal Families where under lock and key in all Kingdoms and Queendoms." Max asked him in shock: Then again that type of skill must be, from a military or royal up bring. He thought as he thought back to the way those two fought.


 "Yeah, long story. And no, they are not siblings or related by any means. I am not allowed to speak about their lineage. Those two are very protective and secretive about where they are from. So, do me a favor and don't ask, and keep quiet about anything I just said please." John said as he turned around and looked him in the eyes waiting for his answer.


  "Come on, okay fine, I guess you, did save me back there, from what you said back there   neither of them would have intervene." Max muttered halfheartedly.


"Yeah, sorry about that, those two wanted to see if you would have, used your powers to protect yourself back there." John stated as he turned back around and continued to walk down the bare hallway. Which was pitch black from Alexandria's magic shock wave.


 "Wait, why did we just leave them back there? Aren't you worried about their safety." Max asked him as he pointed his thumb over his shoulder in the direction in which they came.


 "Okay, Max there is something you should know about Alex and Crow, they can protect themselves, those two are very powerful and can handle anything that get thrown at them. Yes kid, I am worried about them. But if I go back, I would just be in their way. Even if Crow didn't show up Alex can deal with them herself. And by the way, why didn't you use your power?" John asked him: I can see his power, he is powerful in his own way but, in the arena, he did not call upon it. John thought as he watched the kid's aurora dance around him.


"Well you see, I don't have complete control over it yet, I can call on my shifting powers, but I can't call on my other powers." Max told him uncomfortable about the factor he could not handle his own power.


  "Huh. That is weird because your power surrounds you like a cloak, you put out an enormous amount of energy signature. That is how we found you by the way." John told him, has confusion cloud his face then disappeared, he could not understand why Max didn't know that. He was always taught to control his power.


"What! Damn it, I thought I was hiding myself very well." Max yelled in shock at the factor that he was in fact not hiding himself at all.


 "Nope, sorry Max it is very much impossible to hide yourself if you have no control over your powers. Plus, we had an excellent tracker on our side. Alex can find anyone, she can get past anyone's wards, glamour's, cloaking spells. So, yeah no control equals getting found." John told him with a look of admiration on his face.

  "So, how powerful are you?" Max asked him, as he and John walked down the bear hallway: These halls are boring there is nothing on them. And I think we reached the halfway mark a while back. Max thought as he looked at the walls around him.


 To answer Max's question John lit the whole hallway with blue flames, and at the end of the hallway he opened a portal at the end of it.


  "Does that answer your question?" John asked him cockily.


"Okay that was impressive. But I thought you had to write runes and had to have enough space, and time to open a portal?" Max asked him as he watched the swirling blue portal.


   "Nope, if you have enough training and understanding of where you are going, you can open a portal anywhere. You should see Alex do it. She can open one while on the move. I on the other, must stand still to do it. Alex thinks I am an idiot for it." John told him has they got close to the portal.


   "Okay, so how are Alex and Crow going to get where this one is going" Max asked him as he walked towards it.


 "Easy, they are probably already there."  John answered him as he too reached the portal with every step he took the blue flames went out along the edge of the floor of the hallway.


After a while of nothing but blue nothingness. The portal dropped them outside of the HQ. Max had a shock look on his faces he looked up at the huge castle.


"Where are we?" Max sputtered as he as he turned to look at John.


 "Welcome to the main building of The Academy, or as a lot of people like to call it Hades or HQ." John said as he walked up the sidewalk that had cherry blooms on both sides of it. Impressive he didn't throw up on his first jump. John thought as he walked down the sidewalk.


 "Why Hades?" Max asked him as he ran to catch up with John.


 "Because, once you enter you can't leave. Kid I'm not going to lie to you, once you walk through those oak doors, there is no going back." John told him as he turns to face him.


 "What he is not telling you is that this place is really cool and there is a lot of places to adventure to, you might actually like it here." Asil commented has he drop down from one of the cherry blooms.


 "Hi, Asil disappear he is going to train under me and will be joining our team." John snapped at the rogue team member.


  "Oh, really. Last I checked you were not in a guild or on a team." Asil retort at John. he focused back on the newbie who was looking back and forth between the rivals.


   "Max lets go inside shall we, but you don't have to go in if you don't want too. But if you do, this place was created to protect our kind. And you might even find others like you." John told him with a wishful look in his eyes. He refocused his attention back on Asil and stared him down. Asil was paying him no attention once so ever.


   "John, will I be able to learn to control my power." Max asked him as he looked away from Asil who was still staring at him and looked John in the eyes waiting for his answer.


   "Yes, Max you might even be able to do what I did under the arena." John told him calmly.

"Then I am in." Max replied with confidence.


 "Cool, then let's go inside Max and I will introduce you to the others." John told him as he turns away from Asil and motioned for Max to follow him.:  Few that was close. What the heck is Asil doing out here. I got to tell Alex about this.


"Well, shall we?" John asked as he turn Max as they reached the steps of the building.


  "We shall." Max said as he tried to suppress a laugh at Johns antics.

 They both entered the building through an old oak door that had a dragon and a wolf edge into it. They were both greeted by the guards and their hellhounds.


 "Well, this isn't good. Max listen closely, whatever happens don't speak of anything that has happened okay? "John told him quietly, as they stepped into the entrance of the Academy.


"Why?" Max asked him as he looked around the entrance. There was drawings of dragons and fire and ice wolves. And a lot of people holding swords and bows.


"Because, I am pretty sure they are looking for Alexandria and Asil." John told him as he kept his eyes on the hellhounds.


 "Why are they looking for those two?" Max asked him as his eyes landed on the black haired red eyed dogs that where walking at the feet of the men in uniforms.


  "I think, I can guess why, and that why is not a good why. At all." John answered him back as the guards got closer to them.


 "You two halt!" One of the guards yelled.


"Ah, Sargent, it's nice to see you, this fine afternoon. What can I do for you?" John asked him


 "Do you know where Commander Alexandria, and Captain Asil are?" The Sargent asked him.


 "Nope, sorry we just got back. I have not been at HQ for a while. If you don't mind me asking. What have the Captain and Commander done?" John asked while keeping an eye on his surroundings.


   "I don't. They have been both charged with treason. So, if you see them, call will you." He told them as he and his team stepped around them and restarted their search.


 "Crap. That was close what the hell have those two done now. "John exclaimed when he turned around to make sure the guards and their hellhounds where long gone.


"Why has Alex, been charged with treason?" Max asked him worriedly.


   "Good question, let's go find out. "John answered as he turned back around and stormed down the hallway looking for anyone he could corner to squeeze an answer out of.

    "John damn. We were worried that they might have gotten you as well." William exclaimed as he came running down the hallway and slide to a halt in front of them.


   "William! What the hell is going on?" John asked him in bewilderment.


   "I guess, I should explain. But first we should get out of the hallway. They are gunning for me as well. Come on follow me. Everyone is either going underground or meeting with their teams to figure out what to do next."   


 "Why? Again, what is going on, William. I leave for a day and everything goes up in flames the hellhounds are loss and we never let those demon dogs out to play. In less everything goes to hell." John snapped as he followed William down a corridor turned his head to make sure Max was still following him.

  "Your right John everything has gone to hell." William told him with patience that he did not have.

    "Why?!" John yelled in frustration.


"Because, John a new executioner and master of the academy has come. They're both turning things upside down. They have taken away the games, the torments and the duels, they even closed the arena. They outlawed the guilds, teams. We can also no longer even use our powers. If we are got taking guest, we are arrested. The ones that get arrested are never seen from again. Hey, kid your new here aren't you. Sorry, for the way it has ended up. If we had the old master, we would have through a welcome party. But all the leaders and guilds, well basically everyone has gone underground. Come on you two this way." William told them as he leads them into one of the hidden tunnels.


 All three of them disappeared into a wall, which turned into a lager room. That was filled with a lot of people.


"Where are we John?" Max asked him as he looked around the room.


 "Well this is one of the secret passageways that the academy has, but not a lot of people know of it. Alexandria and a few others saw to that. Hey, William two questions. One, where is Alex and Asil? Two, how is this possible. I heard that the passageways where sealed and no one could find or use them." John asked him as he casted around to see if he could find anyone he knew.


"One, the captain and commander are keeping the turncoats and the guards busy. Two, Alexandria gave us accesses to one of them. Oh yeah, Alex left you a message. She said I quote: don't even think about leaving the chamber, this is an order protect the people in the chamber and forget about making mischievous for those O.D.I people. I swear Xander, if you leave the chamber, I will put you back to level one. I mean it John." William quoted as he turned to look around him.


   "Well damn she is serious, this time. Well Max what do you think about putting yours and mine power to work?" John asked him as he turned to look at the wall they came through.


"What do you got planned?" Max asked him.


   "Well you see the O.D.I might have magic users and vampires or other super naturals at the us. Alexandria and whoever else put wards and other safety measures on this chamber. However, it's better safe than sorry, so I was thinking we should add on to theirs." John told him as he started to fell out the wards and other safety measures that were on the chamber.


 "I can't control my powers." Max told him as he saw red and blue and some other colors appear on the wall.


 "Don't worry about that, as long as you can channel magic you should be fine." John told as he started to cast his own wards on the chamber: the kids out of control magic will be every useful for what I got planned.


 "Okay so you want me to channel my powers into my weapons, I can do that." Max told him as he started to channel some of his magic into his throwing knives that he pulled out of its sleeve.


"Yes, I want you to do exactly that and when I point to a spot on the wall throw your weapon there. Okay?" John told him as he set some traps along the walls.

  "Sure, I can do that." Max muttered defeatedly.

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