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16.66% Chaotic Recurrence / Chapter 1: Scene 1 : The Interrogation
Chaotic Recurrence Chaotic Recurrence original

Chaotic Recurrence

Author: RJ_Togazaki

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Chapter 1: Scene 1 : The Interrogation

He was sitting still in the chair. With his hands cuffed, on the table in front. The room was dead calm. There was nothing audible there, except for the sound of his breath. In and out. In and out. The silence was so terrifying, someone would smash their head against the wall out of anxiety and fear. But he was sitting calm and still. Just breathing. The officer had been observing him from the one way see through glass, which is actually an iconic, must there property of an interrogation room. The officer then arrived at the entrance of the interrogation room, holding a file in his left arm. He opened the door slowly, as the door did make a rhythmic squeaky noise, that surely can rise someone's heartbeat high, in such a calm and spooky room. He walked towards the table. His footsteps made a loud noise forming an incomplete echo. He reached for the table and slipped the file on to it from height which made a loud 'thud' sound. Normally, all this would make a common person go crazy for every squeaky sound there, rise their blood pressure, for the kind of environment they are in and for the hell of a silence in the room. But the accused in the chair, is still calm and motionless. The officer sat in the chair, facing the accused. Opened the file to take out his Bio data.

"Michael Storm.

Age: 29

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Profession: Mechanical engineer

Physical health: Good

Mental health: Depression, anxiety.."

The officer read the bio aloud.

He put the paper back on the table, and looked straight at Michael, who was still in the same posture, sitting calm and motionless.

"Why are you suffering from depression Mr. Storm ??"

There was no answer from Mike.

"Speak out Mr. Storm. I can only help you if you spill something out"

Yet no response from him.

"Hmm.., okay then..

Why did you kill your wife and your children..??"

Piercing through the layers of silence, a teardrop from his eye fell on the table.

"There you are. Finally some sign of response.. Weeping from the deepest corners of your heart. I am still doubtful about why you yourself came up to us and confessed the murder you said you committed. It's quite rare for people to accept their guilt and surrender themselves to the law and justice. And you are not someone like them. There's something you are hiding from us. Trying to cover something up. Trying to mislead us I guess. And I wanna know the truth. I wanna know if you really killed your family. I wanna know why you came in a neat formal dress without any blood stains on it and confessed in front of us that you killed your family just moments ago. I wanna know the truth behind your innocent looking lie. I am ready to go to any extent to get the real version of this murder out of you."

Silence ruled the room for a moment.

"So, tell me, did you really kill your wife Jenny and your kids Avel and Rory..??"

He did not speak. He simply nodded yes.


The officer yelled out loud and slammed his hands on the table quite hard. The file that he put, on the edge of the table, unbalanced, fell on to the floor, making a 'thud' sound again. The single sheet of bio paper he put unattached to the file, flew slowly and landed underneath the table. The officer was so furious. And he was even more irritated to pick up the file and paper on the floor. He reluctantly bent down to pick the file up. The moment he touched the file, he sensed the room getting awfully cold. He took the file into his hand and got up. But his gaze was transfixed on the empty chair in front of him. There was nothing there in the chair except for the locked handcuffs on the table. His pupils dilated. He had lost his senses for a moment. Sweat dripped down his forehead.

A sudden chill run down his spine.

How could someone, handcuffed, sitting in a chair, in an interrogation room, which is under strict CCTV surveillance, possibly disappear in a fraction of a second..??!!

Am I hallucinating..??

Is this real..??

Thoughts of fear and confusion started to fill his head up and he started to feel as if his head was gonna blow up.

All this happened in a fraction of a second. Just when he bent down to pick the file up.

And then bammm... Mike's gone.

Now the question is, How..??

How could he just simply disappear into thin air..?!

He lost his senses and slipped the file on to the floor again.

The file fell down.

But this time, there was no 'thud' sound.

Even though his gaze was still transfixed on the chair, he wass able to feel and sense the file touching the floor, with a human being's usual 120° vision.

And when he did not hear any sound of impact of the file hitting the floor, his mind went totally blank. He started to feel like he was going to die because of the horrible silence and ridiculous chills in the room. And right after the moment the file hit the floor without any sound, the bio paper underneath the table, flew and landed the table. There was no bio on the paper. There was one sentence in pitch black that read,  "I  AM NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM"

The paper then automatically caught fire and burnt right infront of him.

The officer couldn't take it anymore. He went totally insane with all of that he saw.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, get me outta here.. get me outta here... get meee..."

He cried, yelled and ran towards the door. But the moment he touched the door knob, he fell down unconscious.

The paper on the table, burnt completely and the fire put off evolving a green flame.

The flame started to form, what it seemed to be a shape.

It was a face.

And the face was of, Jenny Forrest. The wife of the murder convict Michael Storm.

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