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97.82% Chasing after a genius woman in a fantasy world is hard work / Chapter 45: Chapter 45: The President’s colourful personal life

Chapter 45: The President’s colourful personal life - Chasing after a genius woman in a fantasy world is hard work - Chapter 45 by Weixiao full book limited free

Chapter 45: Chapter 45: The President’s colourful personal life

"Miss Jisuanji, if you don't mind, I have a personal question."

"O-Of course" Liehen breathed in audibly, seemingly quite eager to help Raven with whatever she needed.

"How was your day today, did anything out of the ordinary happen to you?"

Seeming relatively embarrassed by the question, Liehen did not answer straight away. Not wanting to force the issue, Raven started the car to head to the hotel entrance and leave it to the valet. Seeing as this was still Rene's car…Raven froze. This was not Rene's car she realised. The interior was similar but it was a different car. This was her baby. She knew it as soon as she heard the tuned purr of the engine.

This was getting weirder and weirder by the second.

Liehen finally spoke "Well, to be honest, I did witness quite a few embarrassing situations today with one of Presiden Li's family acquaintances, but I'm not one to spread gossip so I would prefer not to talk about it."

Raven instantly clocked on to the changes. Clearly everything that had happened today had been rewritten and some had even disappeared. She needed to check everything to make sure, but based on her current memories, her personal set up would be the same, but everything she had done as Liehen was gone.

She wondered if Rene would still be aware of it. She didn't want to check with him directly, but she somehow had a feeling that he would know everything that had happened, even if this world had warped to accommodate for her new presence.

"Oh please don't. Sounds like your President has quite a colourful personal life." She giggled knowingly. If her assumption was right, the story line had reverted back to its original state, where the confrontations with Lianhua were actually done by the female lead of the book, who hadn't yet interacted too much with Rene, but was about to.

Not wanting to pry any further, she drove straight to the valet parking area and bit Liehen good night, not before booking her a hotel car to take her home.

Relieved that she was now alone and could organise her thoughts, she checked into the presidential suite and requested the hotel to arrange for a wardrobe to be sent to her suite in the morning.

She clearly had no suitcases with her. Seeing as a VIP member of the hotel had requested that, the night manager was more than happy to accommodate her requests. She arranged for he breakfast, and headed straight to her suite.

In the elevator, her phone suddenly rang, and a familiar face appeared on the screen. She answered quickly.

"Good evening Madam, I see you have arrived safely at your destination."

Relief, happiness and a feeling of home envolped her, hearing Dominic's familiar voice. This was not the original from the real world, but he sounded just like him.

"Dominic you have no idea how happy I am to hear your voice right now." An audible hearty laugh came through the phone "I would assume so Madam, you gave us quite a scare back at the lab. Pinky and Blinky are still crying happy tears their mommy is ok."

Raven froze with her hand on the door knob. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Dominic, confirm my name and our safety passcode." Her cold domineering voice came through.

"At your service Lady Raven Vaughn. You love mint and pistachio icecream and Victor the devil must never find out!" Dominic finished the sentence triumphantly, like it was the best thing in the world. Shocked by this, Raven tried to regain her composure and went into the hotel room.

Shutting the door behind her she leaned back and almost collapsed on the floor.

Orchid had no memories of Dominic or setting up any passcodes so this must be…

"Dominic is that really you, the real you?" she asked not entirely sure what to make of all of this.

"Yes madam, it's all of us from the lab. You have been gone for approximately eight minutes."

"Dominic how is this possible?"

"We are not sure madam, both Pinky and I are running calculations on this. A minute ago, another sentence appeared on the last page, just like when you left with only five words this time."

Raven was silent. That was what she experienced when she was pulled back in, but the book had an entire new paragraph written on the blank page at the end. It was Rene's plea for her to come back, because he needed her help.

That was how she was able to make the conjecture between her being in the book and his need of her, but this was different. Could it be because she was now a fully fledged character in the book that she was able to access resources in the real world? That didn't quite make sense, because Rene was not able to contact her in the real world, but she was now able to.

"What did it say?"

"Madam, we only got one message. 'You can call her now', so we did as instructed."

"I see…" Raven was thinking at a million miles an hour, calculating the implications of her new existence in the book and the fact that she was able to access resources in the real world. Had she broken the fourth wall, like in a movie, when suddenly characters begin speaking to audiences?

"Dominic, are you able to access anything in this world other than this call?"

There was a pause, a squeak and then "Sniff Sniff, mommy, I think I can come over through the phone connection."

"No, Pinky stay where you are. Your brother will come to me and you and Dominic remain there. Although the passage of time is very different, I need you two to look after our home whilst I'm gone. I have a few things I want to do here, before trying to find a way to come back. "

A few more sounds and swooshes could be heard in the background and a loud bang.

Startled, Raven couldn't help react "Dominic what's going on?!"

Panting heavily, Dominic's voice came through the speaker quite hoarse " I apologise madam, Blinky has decided since this was a family trip, he needed to pack. The noises you heard were his entire bedroom being packed in a suitcase. He has emailed himself to you."

Sure enough, Raven's phone pinged with an email.

The title read 'Mommy, I'm visiting'.

Raven laughed out loud a pure, happy laugh. This was the most ridiculous thing any of her creations has ever done. Blinky was quite the royal but she hadn't expected him to pack himself a suitcase and then email himself to her.

The ridiculousness of this was too much for her to handle and now her tummy was hurting from how hard she was laughing.

"Dominic, I need you to hang up now. Please call me again in five seconds from the call disconnect time to test the connection. "

Dominic hung up straight away, and in five seconds her phone started ringing again.

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