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20.83% Cheating the System in Danmachi / Chapter 2: Beginning In the Forest (1/2)

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Chapter 2: Beginning In the Forest (1/2)

I woke up in a forest just like God said I would. Making sure everything was right I looked into a nearby lake to make sure that I look like the real Aelita. When I did, I was very happy that I actually did, right down to my clothes. As I was in awe of my appearance, I remembered the system and decided to see how it works exactly.

me:'system are you there'

System:{Yes Aelita I'm here, anything I can do for you.}

me:Okay can you show me my status.



(Author:I'm trying to get the right amount of lines so that it looks proper on a phone because it bothers me, because I mainly read on my phone and not my computer which I'm writing this on)


Name: Aelita Stone




Power: I-40

Endurance: I-45

Dexterity: F-360

Agility: H-135

Magic: I-10




Development skills: [Guitar-B]


me:What do all the letters beside the numbers mean.

System:{They are a ranking and range from,











SS and SSS IS possible just difficult because it's BREAKING the limits, not surpassing them.}

me:Okay, I understand Dexterity and the skill because I played guitar allot. How come my agility is higher than the others.

System:{That is because you pushed yourself playing tag allot when you were a child.}

me:Okay, didn't expect that one. Can you show me what exactly the skill does?


Allows for enhanced use of a guitar-like instrument.

Me:Okay can you show me the shop.









The boosters are items that temporarily boost parameters, or can increase them permanently with a cost from pain to materials. The Miscellaneous items are things that don't fit into the other categories like clothes, books, and materials}

me: That's very helpful, thanks.

System: {You're welcome}

me: Okay, first bring up the skill list and show me anything relating to fast regeneration. I don't want to die right away




Increases natural regeneration to normal wounds so long as there is magic.


[High regeneration-A]

Heal within seconds wounds from small cuts to bone damage so long as there is magic.


[Instant regeneration-A]

Heal instantly any nonlethal wound so long as there is magic

me: What's up with all of the "so long as there is magic" deal?

System:{It's because there always has to be a price. The reason each skill looks similar is that they're all evolved forms of the last one.}

me: Okay so buy me the Instant one, then show me the bloodlines of powerful creatures.

System: {Done showing bloodlines,


-Azure Dragon

-Vermilion Bird

-White Tiger

-Black Turtle

-True Dragon


These are some of the recommended bloodlines based on the filter of "Powerful"}

me: Okay can you show me a description of each one of the 5?

System: {Okay,

[Azure Dragon]

The Chinese guardian that represents the East and Spring. Will give you the ability to transform into the Azure Dragon given time and practice. Will also give flight when transformed, and passive abilities of increased perception and power, and affinity towards earth.


[Vermilion Bird]

The Chinese guardian that represents the South and Summer. Will give you the ability to transform into the Vermilion Bird given time and Practice. Will also give flight when transformed, and passive abilities of temperature resistance and increased magic, and affinity towards fire.


[White Tiger]

The Chinese guardian that represents the West and Autumn. Will give you the ability to transform into the White Tiger given time and practice. Will make running around on four legs easier and faster than running on 2 when transformed, and passive abilities of increased agility, and wind.


[Black Turtle]

The Chinese guardian that represents the North and Winter. Will give the ability to transform into a Black Turtle given time and practice. Will turn your skin into a nearly impenetrable fortress when transformed, and passive abilities of increased endurance, and affinity towards water.


[True Dragon]

One of the most feared species in the Danmachi world. The last reported sighting was nearly 20 years ago before it was sealed into the dungeon after getting its eye taken out. When transformed into one gives one flight, a breath attack, and more.



The being that all beings came from. It gives one's children the potential to become any race or create a new race altogether. The child's race depends on the second parent, if the other one is also a Progenitor then children will also be a progenitor.


me: Okay, why does the Progenitor cost more than all the rest?

System: {It is because the progenitor is also called the primordial man because it is the race that is the ancestor to all other races. Being one means your children completely depend on your spouse. If your spouse was to be an elf, then the child would be an elf, instead of the normal half-elf.}

me: Understandable. Wait a moment, can I mix bloodlines?

System: {Yes}

me: Cool, cue up the 4 sacred beasts and the Progenitor. I want to be stronger first before adding in more variables like being a dragon. Bring up the shop for skills, with the filter for weapon-based ones.



Increases comprehension of sword skills and techniques. Provides a slight increase to the kinetic vision and spatial awareness of the user.


[Bow Mastery-A]

Increases accuracy when equipped with a bow. Provides slightly enhanced vision when the user focuses.



Allows for increased comprehension of spear skills and techniques.


There are more Aelita, but these are the ones I recommend because they are the most straightforward and useful.}

me: Thanks. Purchase all three for diversity and whatnot then bring up my status.




Name: Aelita Stone




Power: I-40

Endurance: I-45

Dexterity: F-360

Agility: H-135

Magic: I-10

SP:998,940,000 (888,940,000 after getting bloodlines)

Skills-[Bow Mastery-A], [Instant-regeneration-A]


Development Abilities:[Guitar-B], [Swordsman-A], [Spearman-A]


me: Cool, Okay.


Authors Note- Aelita will be lesbian FYI, I already have within my sights Ais, Loki, Hephaestus, and a few others. I have my sister's help with editing this because she is much better. I already have up to the point where Aelita is going to start making her way to the city, but it is in only like 3 chapters after this one as I'm originally writing this, so if you think that she should spend more time in the forest, then pls tell me, because I don't want her spending too long in the forest when there are people just West of her location. I will say that she spends roughly 2 weeks in the forest becoming stronger before going to the city. When my sister asked if Aelita was going to be lesbian, I immediately answered yes, and she was happy. I even asked if she would be willing to write some NSFW content and she immediately agreed. So beware, you have been warned about the future.

p.s. If you think that you have any ideas that you believe will help improve the story then pls do say, I am very open to hearing REASONABLE suggestions.

Daoist826187 Daoist826187

I changed the wood and metal in the azure dragon and white tiger, to earth and wind, because it was very difficult to come up with magic that wasn't straight up controlling wood or metal, so I changed it to make it easier on myself. I'm writing a few chapters ahead to make it to where I can somewhat manage a schedule. I'm going for every two days. I wrote the original chapter on June 17th but wrote the complete author's note on the 18th.

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