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41.66% Cheating the System in Danmachi / Chapter 7: Coming Out of the Dungeon

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Chapter 7: Coming Out of the Dungeon

I continued in the dungeon and saw that it wasn't as difficult as I imagined. When I tried to infuse the fire element I could control into the Mythril sword, it burst into a brilliant flame that felt like it would burn any lesser metal. I went down to the second floor and it looked the same as the first floor. The only different thing was that there was an occasional lizardman. They had lizard heads connected to a human body, but covered in scales with a tail and wielding clubs. They were only mildly harder to cut through because of the addition of the scales, and they had a bit more power behind them.

By the time the system told me that it was nearing 5 pm, I decided to call it a day and leave. I managed to make it down to the fourth floor without realizing it since I was so immersed in slaying all of the monsters. Looking into my inventory, I saw that I had defeated 35 goblins, 20 kobolds, and 10 lizardmen. On my way out of the dungeon, I defeated an additional 3 goblins and a kobold.

When I went out of the dungeon, I asked the system to give me directions to the Guild. Walking in, I realized it looked like a giant bank, with people working behind counters and serving different lines. The next thing I realized was that the language on the different signs over the lines wasn't English, but I could still read it. Thinking in the general direction of the system so as not to draw attention by speaking out loud, it informed me that it was automatically being translated. Apparently, the same thing would happen if I ever wrote anything down.

The various signs read "General", "Quests", and "Trading". Thinking that it was better to be safe than sorry, I went to general.

After an hour in line, I was finally at the front and the person before me was someone who looked like an elf. She had the pointed ears, a pair of glasses, had bright emerald eyes, and light brown colored hair. The elf woman wore a suit and flashed me a smile.

I realized that this would be my first real conversation in this world. Asking for directions and apologizing for bumping into strangers aside, of course.

Receptionist: Hello ma'am, my name is Eina Tulle, how may I help you today?

me: Yes Mrs. Tulle, I just arrived in the city today, and I just got here from the dungeon. I would like to sell my Magic Stones because otherwise, I'm broke.

I shrug as I state my lack of money before giving a sheepish smile.

Eina: Of course, usually you would trade them in at the Trading counter, but since you just arrived in the city I'll make an exception this time. Please put all the stones here on the counter.

She gestured to the space between us and I nodded, filing the information away that I would need to make trips to the Trading counter in the future.

Reaching into the pouch I had on my waist, I began pulling the stones out a handful at a time, although in actuality I was materializing them from my inventory into my hand. I started with the goblin ones and worked my way to lizardman stones. By the time I put them all onto the counter, I looked up to see that Eina had a shocked look on her face.

Eina: ...Okay, Mrs...

me: Aelita Stone.

Eina: Mrs. Stone, if may I ask... How far into the dungeon did you go?

I paused for a moment to think.

me: To floor 4, I think. I stopped since it was getting late, or I'm sure I would've gone further.

Eina: Alright then, give me a moment and I'll have these appraised to determine how much you'll get.

I nod at her as she gathered the gems into a small bag before heading to the back.

Looking around, I awkwardly waited for the woman to return with either gems or money. She was gone for nearly 5 minutes before returning, holding a rather hefty bag with what I hoped was money in it.

Eina: Here we are Mrs. Stone, your total earnings were 17,837 Valis.

I nodded at the total. It made sense, there was no way that simple kobolds or goblins were worth much. Taking the bag of Valis, I thanked the lady and was about to leave when she stopped me.

Eina: Mrs. Stone, since you're new here I'm sure you wouldn't mind a little bit of help getting everything in order. If you would like, I can show you a list of familias that you could apply to join.

Me: I would like that Mrs. Tulle.

I ignored the complaining of the man behind me in line as I stepped back up to the counter.

Taking the list containing the names of the familia, I paused at the names of the top three familia. Remembering some of the history I was told of 2 out of the 3, I decided that it would be beneficial to join the top one. Go big or go home, I guess.

Me: If possible Mrs. Tulle, I would like to apply for the Loki familia if at all possible. Can you help me with that?

She smiled at me before pulling out a form and writing something down.

Eina: Of course, I'll put in a request for a meeting with the goddess for you.

Me: That would be great. Now if you'll excuse me, I haven't found a place to stay yet, so I'll be taking my leave.

I paused once more before realizing the woman in front of me knew literally everything about this place and I didn't need to waste time looking for an inn.

Me: Do you by chance know of anywhere I can stay? At least until I receive a bid to join a familia.

Eina: I'd recommend the Soaring Inn, considering what you just earned.

Me: Ok, thank you and goodbye Mrs. Tulle.

Eina: Have a nice day, Mrs. Stone.

Waving goodbye to Eina after getting the directions, I made my way in the direction she pointed. When I got inside, it seemed pretty nice. Much better than a cave, but I decided to wait and decide on if the bed was better than my heavenly bed. Approaching the receptionist, I asked for one night for the time being, with breakfast included. I was tired of cooking rabbit.

After paying about a fifth of what I had made earlier, I headed towards my room. Once inside, I observed the bed. Sorrow filled me at the thought of sleeping on any bed except the one I had bought myself through the shop and been sleeping on. Pushing those feelings aside, I put my sword in my inventory and began to browse the shop for skills that seemed useful. I decided on skills regarding resistances to abnormal conditions, and plugged that into the filter.


[Abnormal Nullification-S]

Anything harmful to the physical body of a mortal is automatically nullified. Can turn off if wanted (A/N-Alcohol!!!)


[Mental Nullification-S]

Anything harmful to the mind of a mortal is automatically nullified


Thinking that that would be good, I took a look at my status to see how well I improved.



Name: Aelita Stone

Age: 20

Race: Human

Level: 1

Power: A-875 -> A-880

Endurance: A-890 -> A-895

Dexterity: A-810 -> A-840

Agility: A-835 -> A-875

Magic: B-739 -> A-801


Skills: [Instant-regeneration-A], [Bow Mastery-A], [Stealth-E]

Magic: [Fire Bolt-B], [Water Blade-B], [Wind Blade-B], [Earth Shot-B]

(Grade A Infinities towards, Fire/Water/Wind/Earth)

Development Abilities: [Guitar-B], [Swordsman-A], , [Spearman-A], [Spirit Healing-S], [Abnormal Nullification-S],[Mental Nullification-S]


Satisfied, I decided to clean myself up from the day's adventure and head to bed. Crawling under the covers, my face set itself into a grumpy frown.

I missed my fancy bed.

Daoist826187 Daoist826187

I will admit that when I was choosing the familia I put the names on a spinner and picked it that way. Now, this is everyone's last chance to speak up about which familia before I start writing the next chapter. Just not Freya or Ishtar because they're little bitches. I would literally be ok with almost any other familia.

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