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Chapter 12: The Interview (1/2)

Running through possible backstories in my mind, I started planning what I would say to the Goddess in front of me. I took a deep breath before activating my [Acting Skill] and began to tell what would become my history in this world.

Me: I grew up in a faraway kingdom. In that lifetime, I was a student. I remember being in my lessons, and then nothing. It was only a few weeks ago that I woke up in the forest to the west of this city. One day while I was hunting, I came across this city's walls. I tried to enter, but I woke up without any identification. I was able to pay my way through with the fee instead, and used the small stones I found after killing some goblins. It wasn't until after getting into the city I realized that this was the dungeon city of Orario. I decided to test my strength by going into the famous dungeon.

After descending into the dungeon , I went to the guild after asking around and traded in the stones. I had a lot after I hit the 6th floor. The receptionist was very nice and recommended that I joined a familia with my strength. I looked at the list and saw your familia at the top. When I went to exchange my stones yesterday, I was told by the same receptionist come here to meet with you.

Finally, for my reason for wanting to join your familia, I just wanted someplace that I could call home.

Finished with my answers, I looked at them to gauge their response. Loki seems to be pleased for some reason, while Finn and Riveria looked at me in shock and a little bit of awe after noticing Loki's pleased expression.

She leaned forward, tilting her head in curiosity as she studied me.

Loki: I have a few questions, if you don't mind. I'm curious, if you were to say how many of each monster you killed how many would you say?

I stopped and thought back, but most of the dungeon was a blur. System chimed in, reciting my kill score. Sending a mental high-five, I repeated their answer.

Me: If my memory serves, I can tell you exactly how many I killed in the dungeon. It was 45 frog shooters, 20 war shadows, 10 lizardmen, 21 kobolds, and 38 goblins. I progressed through the first few levels easily, and decided to camp out in the lower levels to get more money from their stones.

Loki nodded as the two standing at either end of the couch glanced at each other. I realized slightly too late I should probably have fudged those numbers. System chirps in an apology, but I mentally reassure them what I said was my choice.

Loki: And you said that you just entered the city when?

I smiled, but on the inside crossed my fingers that they didn't see the flaws in my story, and that they didn't think I was too overpowered for a new dungeoneer.

Me: 2 days ago. I've only been in the city for 2 whole nights.

She looked at me as if confirming something. After a few minutes, she seemed to have decided on whatever it was she was contemplating.

Loki: Okay, that is about it for my questions. Now, what do you think Finn?

The woman turned her smiling face to the boy- no, man I corrected myself. He seemed to be battling himself, before sighing and nodding in my direction.

Finn: I think that if what she's saying is true, then she would be very strong in the future and that it would be best to secure her now.

She nodded at his observations before turning to face the other end of the room.

Loki: That's very true. Riveria?

The emerald haired lady took a longer look at me. She squinted as if trying to remember something.

Riveria: Pardon me, but I've seen you somewhere before right?

I nodded before pointing a stern mental finger at my heart. I don't want none of that doki-doki bullshit. My cheeks felt a little warm, but to my credit no new skill set notification popped up.

Me: Yes, outside the guild. I think you had just delivered my acceptance.

Loki seemed to notice my internal struggle. A smirk crossed her face as she righted herself and leaned forward. She put a hand under her chin and her squinting eyes made her seem like a curious cat.

Loki: I hope this isn't prying too much, since you don't know me after all, but may I ask your sexual preference?

The words [Lesbian- SSS] flashed before my eyes and I considered lying. I decide to tell the truth though, finding no reason to lie. I nod in response.

Me: Yes, ma'am. I prefer the company of women.

She sat back in her chair, her expression turning sly.

Loki: Oooooh. Does that mean we might be able to have some fun later on? There are so few in this city that are open about their sexuality. I can tell who's lying of course, but where's the fun in that?

I felt a bit of shock, but also a little bit of flattery. Did a Goddess just ask me on a date?

Me: I wouldn't say no, but if you don't mind I'd like to get settled into the city first.

The man to her side snorted a bit, but Loki didn't seem to take it disrespectfully.

Finn: You know, you are the first person to willingly accept Loki-sama's advances right off the back.

I shrug, feeling slightly awkward at the short silence that followed his statements. It's a couple of minutes before Loki broke it one more time, this time her expression shifting away from playful and towards serious.

Loki: The last question is just out of curiosity. Have you ever been in a familia?

I shook my head no.

Loki: Alright, then I'll explain what will happen now. I would like you to bare your back to me.

I stood up and look awkwardly around as I throw a leg over the chair and straddle it backwards. System speaks in the back of my mind as I get ready to pull my shirt up and I'm very glad my face is away from everyone else. It's had to be the color of a tomato at this point.

I stopped as I had a sudden thought.

Me: 'System, what would happen to the status board when I gain the bloodlines?'

System: {The status of your bloodline will change to match whatever you choose to infuse. Your current status is human, but should you choose to infuse yourself, it would change to another.}

I feel a bit of panic and annoyance. If Loki checked my stats later on, she would notice if anything changes, especially something as important as bloodlines.

Me:'Shit. Is there a way to hide that?'

System: {I could change your status to Progenitor. They're a bit rare, but that bloodline trumps all others and would be the only one to show up. I can change just the title, but-}

Me:'Do it, hurry!'

By this point my hands were already undoing the halter top and pulling the top down to expose my whole back. I pray to System that they were able to do it in time.

A drop of cold liquid fell onto my back and I tried not to shudder as my back began to feel very warm. I'm trying not to squirm in the silence when I hear a soft humming behind me.

Loki: Interesting.... Riveria, take a look at this.

More silence as some shuffling came from behind me. I assumed Riveria was reading the statistics as I heard her take in a sharp breath. I made my voice sound as innocent and confused as possible.

Me: Is everything okay?

I pulled up the stats in the system, instructing it to show me what they were seeing.


Name: Aelita Stone

Age: 20

Race: Progenitor

Level: 1

Power: S-945

Endurance: S-920

Dexterity: A-865

Agility: A-890

Magic: A-850

Skills: [Bow Mastery-D], [Stealth-E]

Magic: [Storage-C]

Development Abilities: [Guitar-B], [Swordsman-B], [Spearman-D]


I did an internal fist pump. Yes! System got it done in time.

Loki interrupted my internal dance with a curious tone.

Loki: No, it's just quite... unbelievable how strong you are with your low level. Did you know that you were of progenitor descent?

I pretend to be shocked. Thank goodness for acting.

Me: What?? Are you sure?

It was at that moment that a function of the system activated, and I knew I wouldn't be fast enough to stop what would happen.

Daoist826187 Daoist826187

I forgot to mention it, but my sister was the one who drew the cover. She's also the one who edits my chapters so they're more enjoyable.

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