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Chapter 1: Chichi

Mount Fry-pan is a mountain covered with fire, at the top of which sits the castle of Gyūmaō. Ten years before the fire came to seize this mountain, the surrounding region had a very mild climate where it was good to live. The mount was then called "Mount Ryōgei"

Gyūmaō had amassed during his adventure life an immense treasure in his castle. To keep his treasure, he arms himself with a huge ax that he balances on anyone who approaches the now deserted village at the foot of the burning mountain.

Over time, the surrounding area has become a hostile land or the only visitors are adventurers who desire the treasure of Mount Fry-pan. As a result, the Master of the Mountain became more and more violent, and rumors and dark stories reverberated about him. It was now called "Ox-King"

The only element of tenderness in the King's life was his daughter, her name was Chichi.

Her life so far has been quite hectic, enough so that her father does not let out his 12-year-old daughter without wearing armor.

Her armor was supple and covered only a small part of her body, yet it was resistant and was equipped with a knife on the top of her helmet. A helmet that allowed a basic manipulation of energy, enough to draw basic rays.

The girl lived a life isolated from everything in the only company of her father. He is a former martial artist, he undertook to pass his taste for the fight to his only daughter. She heard each day of her childhood, the stories of the adventures of Gyūmaō and his martial brother Son Gohan. They had lived together under the supervision of their master Muten Roshi.

Galvanized by his stories, Chichi insisted on learning the path of martial arts from her father who, unable to resist her whims, he quickly accepted.

The sun had just risen in the far east, the sky was pale gray, characteristic of dawn. On the top of a small hill about a hundred meters high, adjacent to the village of Jade, was a small and thin silhouette

As usual, she went out every day and she endured the heat of the sun, and the mountain of fire.

Her skin was healthy and had the color of wheat, her short black hair was very well held and her outfit, although simple, was clean.

For a child of this age, climbing that hill of a hundred meters could not be easy but strangely, when she came to the top, her face was not the least red, and she was not out of breath. Her expression appeared satisfied and happy.

She often ran away in the morning to roam the moor, the further away from the mountain and hence from her house, and the air became fresh. Her ballads aired her before she returned to the furnace of her house.

The girl enjoyed admiring the landscape and delving into her thoughts.

She did not originally come from this world, and everything here surprised her. And endless questions raged in her mind.

Who am I? Why am I here?

Is this a dream? Or was my past the dream?

Can I find a way home? Was there ever a home? Should I find a way back? Should I find a place here?

Could I return to the person I was before I came here?

It's not as if her present life displeased her.

The tenderness shown by her father towards her was even reassuring.

She had therefore decided in her heart of hearts to accept the life she was granted.

When she was anointed to leave, she noticed something strange in a nearby tree. This one was disfigured by a kind of rock that was embedded in it trunk.

Intrigued she carefully removed the object hard while avoiding splinters. Chichi was disappointed when he saw it, it was a rectangular object. It really looked like a stone, but there was something strange about it ...

The gray color cube seemed to have been cut clean, with precise angles. What's more, the six faces of the cube were engraved with black inscriptions, giving it a mysterious aura.


She watched him closely. It did not look like metal but it did not seem like stone either. Maybe it was a form of jade?

Without further information, she decided to keep the cube with her and followed the way home.

Back home, Chichi washed the stone with tap water.

After a moment of hesitation, she picked up a knife that was on the ground and slammed her blunt end onto the cube-shaped stone. The stone remained intact, without the slightest scratch.

Chichi gradually increased the intensity of her strikes.

Finally, she hit even with all her strength. But the cube, for its part, remained perfectly intact without the slightest deformation.

Chichi was stunned. She expected the stone to be hard but not in such proportions. How an object like this had been created?

Chichi did not know what to think anymore. This stone and its shape were too strange.

Maybe some blacksmiths had created it using particularly resistant materials. Considering this possibility, Chichi decided to put the cube in her pocket. Although she was not able to know what it was, she could still use it as a kind of decoration.

After storing the tools, Chichi went to her room to rest.

After running in the morning, she had started a full day of training with her father. In fact, Chichi felt terribly tired.

After meditating and adjusting her breathing for a while, Chichi slumped on the bed without bothering to undress and fell asleep.

In her sleep, she had a strange dream.

Chichi was soaked with sweat. She realized that she had just arrived in a particularly wide and dark place. Here, various lighting tasks hovered in suspension, they looked like pieces of broken mirrors. The tasks were of different sizes, some were big and some were small. The largest were palm-sized while the smaller ones were no bigger than a grain of rice.

In the midst of all these luminous tasks, there were curious inscriptions that shone with a white light

She had already seen her inscriptions before? They engraved on the strange stone she had brought back from her ballad! If that were the case, then the space in which Chichi was was to be inside the strange Cube.

She concentrated on scanning the dark space that was littered with innumerable tasks of light. After hesitating for a long time, she reached out her hand and gently grasped a task of light that was at once the closest and the smallest.

From the first contact, the task of light passed through Chichi's fingertips. She did not have time to react until she felt a violent headache as if she had been violently hit by a hammer. She screamed before falling to the ground.

"Aaah! "

Chichi grasps her head firmly; she felt that something was desperately trying to invade her mind.

While Chichi was immersed in her dreams, her expression changed suddenly: Eh ... my mind?

There were many more things inside!

Matrices ... inscriptions ... engravings ... strange symbols, mysterious characters, powerful weapon techniques and others of ordinary appearances ...

What was all this?

Could the light she touched be the memories of a soul without a master?

This thought left Chichi perplexed. She was vaguely aware that this set of memories could prove to be an unimaginable mountain of riches ...

Although these memories entered Chichi's sea of ​​consciousness, they remained complex. It was not something she could remember just as she wanted. These memories need to be deepened so that she could fully integrate them.

There was something that attracted her to this heap of memories, something else she needed, something she particularly wanted.

She continued to search through her sea of ​​consciousness and finally held her breath as she found it: Physical Training Stage Formula – Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians!

A true Martial Art !

Riwalth Riwalth

Yes, it is unusual to see a fan-fic with a female lead, but we will try it!

The concept if you accept it is to see how Chichi will use techniques from a Xianxia in the world of Dragon Ball!

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