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Chapter 5: In Search of Kame-sennin

The flying Nimbus quickly lost altitude, landing on the open space by raising huge bursts of dust.

When Goku came down from the Nimbus, he wore a broad smile on his face.

Seeing this smile, the anxiety in Chichi's heart decreased by half. It seemed at least, that this boy had no malicious intentions towards her.

He walked over to Chichi totally ignoring Yamcha, and laughed heartily, saying: "You're Gyūmaō's daughter, are not you? "

Chichi was again on her guard when he heard this question: "Yes I am, do you know my father? "

"Yes, he asked me to look for something for him. I must go find him an object called Bashōsen! "

Chichi was reassured at this moment, with an ally at her side her mission would be much easier.

She wanted to talk to the boy again when she remembered the deadweight she still held in her hand.

At the end of her left hand was still swaying the unconscious body of Puar, and Yamcha at a distance did not know what to do.

Goku's irruption was unexpected, furthermore, he was apparently an acquaintance of Gyūmaō.

So his chances of avoiding the fight and leaving safe t with Puar dwindling more and more.

Not knowing what to do, Yamcha shook his head and put a forced smile on his face. He was unable to accept that two kids could put him in such a disadvantage.

Goku feeling the tension in the air between the two without being able to identify it turned to face Yamcha.

"Hey, are you the one who offered us a car?"

"What?" Chichi and Yamcha together let out an exclamation of surprise

"Did you want to give her one too? You're quite the nice guy!

Needless to say, with the Flying Nimbus we do not need it"

Having greeted Yamcha one last time, Goku skilfully jumped on his cloud before addressing to a dumbfounded Chichi. "Here, I'll take you with me on my Kintou-un"

Seeing the exit door, she exchanged a look with Yamcha, the agreement was tacit and did not need to be verbalized. "If I release your comrade, you let me go with Goku."

So she laid the unfortunate Puar in the sand of the desert, before turning to the Cotton Candy looking thing that floated a few inches from the ground, afraid to stand on it.

Gathering all the courage she was capable of, she finally jumped onto the flying nimbus and stood just behind Goku.

He looked closely at the girl. "Oh, can you hold on? Muten Roshi says that only those who have a pure heart can ride on the Kintou-un! "

He was not sure she could ride on it?

"He did not just insinuate that she could be a depraved girl, is not it? " Thought the girl. This trip was going to be long with such a fellow...

Chichi, only responding to his remark with a furious snort, to which Goku did not pay attention, prepared herself for the flight.

The flying Nimbus rose gently in the sky, under a hot wind, carrying on his back, the two children. Yamcha narrowed his eyes as he watched Chichi and Goku disappear into the sky.

He could not help but tremble inwardly after having learned about the kinship relationship between Chichi and Guymaô.

He really should not stay in the corner, once the Ox-King had learned the treatment he gave to his only daughter, he will want to hunt him down as soon as possible.

He had to keep following Goku's group by distance, waiting to steal their Dragon Ball. He stared again at the radar that indicated the direction of the snitch stuck on Bulma's car, and set out, after recovering Puar.

Chichi was busy, admiring the landscape that was passing before her eyes, the further they went to the east, and the more stifling heat around them was withdrawing, and the vegetation was progressively becoming more and more visible.

She secretly envied this artifact, in only a few moments, she traveled more than she could in several hours!

As they flew on the back of the cloud, Goku said, "Muten Roshi lives isolated on a remote island, I went there not so long ago. It should not take much time to reach it "

"Oh, did you already meet him? Does he look strong? "

His father's stories about his master were well anchored in Chichi's head, so her curiosity was extremely high.

"He does not look very sturdy when you look at him, but he is apparently very strong! He's the one who gave me the Kintou-un when I met him "

Chichi nodded approvingly, a real master was not only powerful but also resourceful. After all, in a battle, such an object is of very great use.

Would she be able to learn even more under the guidance of such a master? He was after all the Master of her father, she can claim to be his disciple no?

She was thinking of ways to make the old man accept this idea when the Flying Nimbus flew over the ocean. The girl did not have much time!

It seemed, however, that Goku was not very sure of the direction to follow from here, he had only been to Muten Roshi once after all and had not particularly taken note of the route.

Goku had a grieved smile and told the girl that he would ask his way to an inhabitant of the oceans.

Quickly the Nimbus slowed down and lowered its altitude, he was now flying at the water's edge and Goku was looking to the left and right for someone to ask for directions. Seeing a dolphin swimming further, they slowly drew nearer.

After being pointed in the right direction, they saw Muten Roshi Island on the horizon.

"Goku is really a blessing thought Chichi, without the Kintou-un who knows how long I would have to reach my destination"

She was not the type to enjoy the favors of others, so she promised herself to repay that debt one day

They soon arrived on a small island, the majority of which was occupied by a white and red house which proudly displayed a sign "Kame House"

An old man was passing the broom on the threshold of his house, it had to be Muten Roshi.

Master Roshi is bald, with a thick Fu-Manchu mustache and a white beard.

He wore sunglasses on his nose and was wearing an orange Qipao.

The whole thing was quite confusing and he looked more like an eccentric than a true martial artist in Chichi's eyes.

She had seen in the magic cube the extreme dignity of those who walked across the path of martial arts, was this old man really one of them?

She decided to silence her apprehensions and she listened closely to the conversation between Goku and Muten Roshi.

Goku skilfully jumped from the Flying Nimbus and cheerfully greeted the old hermit:

"Hello, Grandfather! "

"Oh look who it is if it's not that boy to whom I gave Kintou-un! "

"Ahah, the Kintou-un you gave me is doing great too. I came here in the blink of an eye! "

"Of course it is! That cloud is an amazing gift from God himself you know! "

Sorry!? Chichi who carelessly listened to the chatter between the two men almost jumped at this evocation. It's a divine artifact?!

And Muten Roshi is talented enough to have God's attention?

When it came to whether he really was a god, or a martial artist powerful enough to pretend to be him, she had no idea. She had to wait to be stronger to see more clearly in this subject.

Muten Roshi seeing Chichi's reaction looked at her intently before sighing a little disappointed: "Hey boy, that girl with you. Is it just me, or did she shrink a little since last time? Yeah! Last time I saw her, her boobies were more like that! He cupped his hands in front of his chest to mimic the shapes of a more mature woman.

Sorry !?

She had spent the last days in searching relentlessly for this Grand Master so that he could settle the concerns of her father.

But he was only a pervert? She felt her expression darkened.

If a gaze could kill, the master in front of her would surely not be safe!

Riwalth Riwalth

10,000 views! Wow, that's really great considering the few chapters.

Thanks again to those who comment, it's a pleasure to read you!

And do not forget to point out my mistakes!

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