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57.14% Chichi a Lady Cultivator in Dragon-Ball / Chapter 3: Onward to the Fran Fran Desert

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Chapter 3: Onward to the Fran Fran Desert

Beyond the remote mountains, in the heart of a quiet and isolated desert, Chichi was heading east to seek help from her father's Master.

The Southern Desert was 1,000 km long and 1,000 km wide. It was located very south of the capital.

The land was not in the sphere of influence of any city whatsoever. There were no real inhabitants to the knowledge of Chichi, only travelers like her who went to the east of the continent. She had heard from her father rumors of bandits settling in the area.

There were also wild beasts around, so crossing the desert would not be a piece of cake.

Her travel plan was simple, she got up extremely early, even before the first rays of the sun, and was driving the longest time possible in the cool of the morning. She then stopped shortly before noon and found a suitable place and sufficiently shaded to settle.

She then cultivates in the afternoon in the shelter that contained one of her capsules, got rid of the unnecessary thoughts in her mind, and spent the whole day trying to perceive and understand more deeply the manual of "Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians".

She did not dare to relax her training pace, realizing that only her progress could protect her in such a hostile environment.

She had been traveling this way for a few days and her cult was firmly anchored in the first stage of cultivation, the Strength Training. She was moving at a steady pace towards the second stage.

Chichi was curious to know the limits of her new strength, she could no longer fight her father during this trip, so she lacked reference to make a comparison. Moreover, the few hostile encounters she had come across were low-ranking predators who had preferred to run away from her rather than attacking an unknown being.

She wanted a fight! Shaking her head to put his thoughts in order, Chichi searched for a suitable place to spend the afternoon. The sun was high enough in the sky, and she did not want to keep walking in the flaming furnace.

She headed for a nearby dune hoping to find a corner sheltered from the scorching heat of the sun.

The dunes were very steep and covered with scattered vegetation, composed of leafless shrubs, and low and rare grass.There were rocky outcrops here and there suitable for ambushes. She, therefore, engaged with caution.

Chichi was tense so she stepped forward, throwing frequent blows eye on the foliage and bushes not wanting to be taken by surprise.

Her fears were well-founded, at the end of a rock she saw that a large reptile had established his residence there.

She cursed her misfortune and wanted to turn around without getting noticed, but the wind turned, and the beast sniffed the air and felt the presence of an intruder in the surroundings.

The bipedal lizard stands upright and stares at his opponent with it two meters in height.

This one was a dinosaur. His strength as a ferocious beast was high enough, if such a meeting was produced a few days earlier, Chichi would have to use her helmet to overcome it.

However, she wanted to test her progress and was, therefore, traveling out without her armor.

Now being in the first stage of physical training through her efforts. She felt she had the means to deal with this kind of meeting

The trouble with this kind of animal was that although his speed was rather ordinary, he had superior defensive abilities because of the thickness of his skin. Finishing him off without having to use a sharp object was going to be a real challenge for her.

Even a martial artist with higher strength would have to spend some effort to defeat such a thing with bare hands after all.

Chichi circulated the True Primal Chaos Formula while striving to keep the animal in her line of sight. She did not want to make the first move.

The Dinosaur uttered a sudden roar and stomped on Chichi. She felt the rumble of the vibrations in the ground, and watched the animal charge towards her, attentive to any opening.

Seeing the Dinosaur pounding the ground in his charge, Chichi leaped suddenly to one side. Her body was parallel to the ground, and one of her shoulders almost touched the dust.

The next moment, the massive body of the dinosaur passed over her.

Chichi hit the ground with one of her hands and was thrown under the belly of the beast by the force of the impact.

Seeing Chichi dart beneath him, the dinosaur stopped abruptly and began to dodge her assault. But Chichi was too fast, and a brutal punch hit his chest before he even reacted.

"Peng! "

The ferocious beast trembled violently and uttered a howl of distress. The saurian's chest bent and he spat blood, the blow had probably broken him some ribs.

Chichi moved away quickly, she was afraid that the beast would collapse, and crush her in his fall.

Having recovered some distance, she stared at the now wounded beast with her eyes.

"With such a disabling injury, he should move less quickly, and I could finish it off more easily," thought the young girl.

Indeed, after cashing Chichi's fist, the movements of the beast became slow and clumsy.

The outcome of this fight seemed to have already been fixed!

Chichi was waiting for a new opportunity and ended up hitting him again.

She rushed to the beast and jumped once more, vertically, however.

The dinosaur's head was about 2 meters above the ground. Chichi, who had approached surreptitiously, took action.

Her right leg relaxed like a spring and her heel hit the chin of the beast.

The kick, more precise than powerful, had the merit of disorienting the beast for a few moments.

Not wanting to lose this opportunity, she jumps vertically to reach the height of the head of the beast.

Once at this height, she fought a fierce kick in the animal's jaw.

Support on one leg, kick stretched, she had retained the basics of the bare-hands fight.

The outcome of the fight was decided, it was only a matter of time.

The dinosaur struggled vainly, staggering for a moment, then fainting on the brink of death.

There was a trail of blood in the corner of his mouth, it seems that one of his broken ribs had pierced one of his lungs.

It would not take a lot of time before he goes away forever.

Chichi slowly exhaled in an effort to calm down after such a fight.

After all, she lacked experience and such an encounter could not leave her unmoved.

Although it may seem awkward and predictable, the attack methods and strategies of this dinosaur would not have allowed her to fight with him on an equal foot a few weeks earlier.

His terrifying strength and his almost flawless defense was nothing but an incredible puzzle for anyone who wants to get rid of him quickly.

Chichi savored the pleasure of her first victory, there would surely be others.

After what she had seen in the Magic Cube she was eager to see what heights she would be able to reach.

The more her cultivation progressed, the more Chichi became aware of the terrifying power of the Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians.

If she could achieve the Large Success in this technique in the future, then no one could say how strong she would become.

After seeing the actual death of the reptile she wanted to resume her path when an unexpected noise made her blench.

"Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap,"

Turning around, she saw a young man leaning against a car applauding with an ironic smile on his face.

The man seemed young with long hair in battle, with a kind of bangs, and a red band tied around his head.

Beside him, a strange animal resembling a cat with a blue and off-white coat floated in the air at his side.

Chichi's gaze was cautious as he stared at the young man.

Nobody lived in this desert, and he did not look like a traveler in her eyes.

Which left only one possibility...

" A bandit !? "

Riwalth Riwalth

Pfiou, first battle scene I hope it will satisfy you

And also the first appearance of Yamcha you'll guess

Thank you for the comments, it's always nice to read your reviews!

Looking for a map of the dragon world, I find this:

I hope it will help you.

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