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71.42% Chichi a Lady Cultivator in Dragon-Ball / Chapter 4: The Fearsome Yamcha !

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Chapter 4: The Fearsome Yamcha !

A slightly harsh voice sounded as Chichi turned to find the source of the Noise.

"Hehe this is surprising, you have a high level of combat, but you're not very vigilant. You're probably lost, aren't you? "

The young man, wearing green and brown clothes, carried a sword at his waist and walked calmly towards her.

A smile full of disdain and assurance stuck on his face. Behind him, this weird animal was still following him.

Chichi panicked when she saw the situation. She had recognized the young man as a bandit, so she should not let him approach her any further.

And what if he was one of his thieves in search of her Father's treasure? She must not mention that she is the daughter of the Ox-King.

Anyone could understand that this could only cause her further trouble. What if he wanted to kidnap her for a ransom?

She did not know what to think of this situation and was frozen by apprehension.

Chichi is, after all, only at the First Stage of Physical Training, she was not stupid enough to claim to be invincible. This man had seen her fight and was still sure of him, so his strength should not be weak.

If things degenerated and a fight broke out, she would surely be beaten.

The young man was probably an experienced bandit.

These types of individuals possessed both strength and experience.

Although they were not the type to kill instinctively, they were quite capable of crippling or mutilate.

What to do? Her gaze rested again on the cat flying at his side. A potential hostage? She smiled internally at this thought.

"Now I'm thinking like a criminal, traveling really changes people's minds"

She wanted to give up, but recovered and maintained her thought, if the stranger became violent, she would have no choice but to attack the weakest of them, to be able to negotiate her escape.

Having made her decision, she looks at the bandit's approach with more calm.

She says while facing Yamcha. " Who are you? What are you going to do? "

"What am I going to do? Yamcha was somewhat surprised before bursting into laughter. "Are you really asking me what I'm going to do? He declared between two bursts of laughter

"Fufu, I'm the wolf whose citadel in this wasteland. My name is Yamcha! "I hate to have to hurt a girl like you. But if you want to leave here alive, you'd better hand over all the money, and capsules you have "

Chichi took up his fight and waited for him to take action, "It's not like I'm going to let myself be robbed so easily. However, I warn you, do you think you will not end up like this dinosaur behind me? "

"Do not even dare! Come, do you really think this young Master is afraid of you? Yamcha took a step forward, a hand firmly gripped on the guard of his sword.

In fact, Yamcha felt completely confused, it was the second time a kid dared to stand up to him. First this boy with the monkey tail the other day, and now a little girl? He preferred to die rather than having to lose face today!

Then, he leaps forward with frightful speed!

Chichi's attention was focused on the approaching sword. Her perception had greatly increased since she practiced the True Primal Chaos Formula from the Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians.

In the eyes of Chichi, Yamcha was only a wild beast that darted in front of her.

The forearm of the bandit approached dangerously Chichi, beyond his hand approached the formidable appearance of the saber, who fell down into a murderous arc.

Chichi suddenly blocked the arm of her opponent with her two hands, immobilizing his blade a few inches from her face, under the impact, she sank into the sandy soil a few centimeters.

The bandit released from her embrace with a fluid movement and struck her again with another sword stroke

Chichi countered the assault again, this time trying to not sink too far into the sand, anticipating the next movement of her opponent, she prepared to hit him.

Chichi's fist appeared as Yamcha's sword hit again.

There was no study or calculation in her movement, it was purely instinctive.

The fist was faster than the blade, exploiting a fault in the movement of Yamcha, Chichi was able to punch him in the chest. Chichi's first blow cut his breath, while a second hit made him take off his weapon, throwing it to the ground a few meters away!

Yamcha uttered a shrill cry but straightened up with a swift movement.

His eyes were serious this time.

"Well, it looks like you do not just have a ready tongue. I guess I can not lower my guard just because you're a girl! "

Yamcha was standing in front of her, knees bent, hands in a fighting position. A different fighting pose this time, one hand lowered below his waist, and another higher forming a kind of clamp.

He leaps, his feet and his hands swirling in front of him like living weapon, shouting loudly: "Rôga Fû Fû Ken"

Chichi was surprised and let herself be caught off guard, she received a blow in the stomach, another in the corner of her mouth. And soon a deluge of blows fell on her body before she was violently expelled several meters by a vicious blow with both hands in her chest.

Yamcha had just used a martial skill, the same one that had allowed him to beat Goku a few days ago.

Confident in his victory, he approached Chichi, whom he thought was stunned by the shock to steal her belongings. No longer ashamed to rejoice at his victory over a child.

His hand approached Chichi's waist in search of a bag when he saw her stand up and felt a foot hit his face.

Surprised, however, he dodged the bulk of the impact and straightened with an almost reptilian movement. However, he had wasted precious seconds that the girl had put to contribution.

Immediately after giving a decisive blow to his enemy, Chichi propelled herself with all the strength of her little legs are capable of just behind Yamcha.

She did not forget that if her opponent wanted to intimidate the weak by attacking her, then she would do the same.

Puar stared at Yamcha's opponent breaking the fight and rushing towards him, understanding the girl's intentions a little late

Then he tries to escape. He turned himself into a bat and tried to get away, only in vain.

Chichi did not let herself be surprised by the transformation, she knew that in the realm of gods some were capable of tremendous illusions.

She would not be fooled by a mere cat.

Puar in his transformation state still sported his tail in the back.

So Chichi jumped up to him, grabbed him by the tail and smashed him on the ground with all her strength.

Puar slipped into unconsciousness under the dumbfounded gaze of Yamcha.

Chichi was actually faster than Yamcha during this exchange. But her strength and experience were not on the same level. So it was quite normal for her to be unable to beat Yamcha properly for the moment.

Yamcha watched the scene carefully, not expecting for such a small girl to be unexpectedly so decisive.

She now held Puar by the tail on her left hand, blocking any initiative from him, because he doesn't want to hurt his precious companion.

The situation seemed frozen between two hostile camps that can't take additional actions.

Yamcha stared furiously at the girl, waiting for the opportunity to strike a decisive blow when an unexpected event occurred.

From the distance, a voice reached the trio.

"Hey! Is your name Chichi !? "

The two fighters raised their heads towards the origin of the voice

From the sky came a strange yellow cloud, on the back of which was perched a young boy who shouted her name with full lungs.

A few days ago, Yamcha had beaten the boy with the monkey-like tail.

Now, the boy has decided to show himself again.

Riwalth Riwalth

The first meeting between husbands and wives!

Or not? We'll see that later ^^

Thanks for the comments !

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