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8.98% Child of Destiny / Chapter 53: Rescue (Part 5): Psychological Issue?

Rescue (Part 5): Psychological Issue? - Child of Destiny - Chapter 53 by ProudMonkey full book limited free

Chapter 53: Rescue (Part 5): Psychological Issue?


"I must say that your little plan is almost flawless. You almost fooled everyone. If not for your slight mistakes here and there. I might even fall on your trap entirely." said the Old man leisurely as look at Shin, while the later is still looking at him fiercely.

The Old man ignored Shin's glare and continue pointing out some of mistake. "You forgot about the guy that you killed on the alleyway when you first sneaked on our base. If you dispose the body more properly, on a place where we can't find it, then I might let our guards down. Unfortunately, you haven't done that. So the moment, the news about your disappearance came out, I can't help but feel a little bit suspicious. And fortunately for you, I fails to discovered about that early and still fell on your trap slightly, and...."

The Old Man still want to say something more, but he is interrupted by the sudden disappearance of the agitated Shin. Then, in just blink of an eye, Shin mysteriously reappeared in front of he old man while throwing his glowing fist forward, straight to the face. "SHUT THE F*CK UP! OLD MAN!"


The old man's eyes suddenly become contracted when he saw that, then he swiftly lean his body and head sideways, barely dodging the attack.


A powerful explosion was created by that sudden attack, and resulted a violent air ripple at the back of the old man.

'Huh!? What was that? That is not something that an ordinary 'Core Formation Stage Expert' can do. Should I said, as expected on someone with a fearsome talents.' the old man become a little confuse due to that attack. Then, he calmly gather a bunch of Internal Qi on his left hand before throwing a left hook punch at Shin, who is still slightly floating in the air.

Shin's body response on the incoming left hook instinctively, he twists his waist in a counterclockwise motion, before re-twisting it powerfully to the opposite direction while sending a powerful kick in the process.


Shin's left foot landed on the old man's left fist, redirecting the incoming attack. Then, He use the momentum of his kick to turn around in the air, while throwing a back kick with his right foot on the process.

On the other hand, the old man raise his right hand enfold with Internal Qi, planning to block and catch the incoming kick that is also targeting his face.


The old man successfully blocked the kick, but before he manage to close his hand to lock a grip on Shin's foot, the later do a swift spin-roll midair to escape that predicament.

Then, Shin release a Mental Energy wave from his hand, sending it to the ground, forcing himself upwards and away to put some distance from the old man.

When he landed on the ground with his feet, Shin's breathing become a little unstable and rough, while his consciousness is turning a little hazy and cloudy. 'What the hell is happening to me? Don't tell me, I'm about to lose myself. Of all the time and places, why it has to be now and here. F*ck me sideways, for losing my cool earlier.'

Shin is aware the he have some mental problem like this. He knew that every time he lose his calm-mind, his mood suddenly change for the worst, or sometimes it is even worse than worst.

The first time Shin felt like this is when he was in fifth grade. Some of his classmates during that time became jealous of his grades and talents, so they try to agitate him and say some unreasonable things.

Most of the time Shin ignored them and didn't mind their words, but one of them accidentally said about him being a freak that came from out of nowhere and push someone to their demise.

At that time, Arthur didn't think much about it and treat it as some elementary trash-talk, but he notice that it have a different effect at Shin. It is as if someone have touch Shin's reverse scale, and the result? Of course Shin beat them up. If not because of Arthur interference, then all of those kids will be dead for sure.

Shin and Arthur were almost expelled from the school because of that incident, but it have been canceled due to Springfield Family influence.

At first, both Shin and Arthur thought that that incident is just an kids scuffle and Shin just lose some focus, but it repeatedly happened for a couple of more times. If not for Arthur being ready to stop Shin all the time, then maybe Shin killed all of them and they may really have been expelled out of school.

Starting at that time Shin and Arthur become aware of Shin's strange behavior. Then after some time they discovered that it only happened when his experiences on the Black Serpent Mafia Training Camp are involved or if there are some extreme cases when he failed to control his negative emotions.

The two of them didn't mention it to Arthur's parents because they only treat it as some emotional trauma of Shin and it is not going to disappeared along the passage of time, and they may prevent it from happening again as long as Shin keep an eye on his emotions.

And to make sure that similar things will not happened again in the future, Shin keep a low profile starting time, he even purposely get an average scores at exams and other activities. He also skip attending some gatherings.

Time goes by and Shin became a second year middle school student together with Arthur and Leonard. Shin almost forgot about his strange behavior, but it acted up again when one of Shin and Arthur's childhood friend was involved in a huge incident.

Their friend was kidnapped by a group of influential guys and if not because Shin timely appearance that friend of their's might have been raped by them.

Shin lose control of himself and went on rampage when he saw the state of their friend at that time. Actually, if Arthur and Leonard didn't arrive on the right that me, then he might have killed all of those wrench guys, well I'm not saying that they don't deserve being killed, it just they need those guys to get properly punished by the law. To add to the fact that they have some influential backgrounds.

After that time Shin realized that his strange behavior was still present, so he focus more on his calming skill to prevent it from happening again.

But contrary to Shin's expectations, that was not the case. Because what Shin only knew is that he have a strange behavior and it is just caused by his emotional trauma.

What Shin didn't know is that strange behavior was caused by the 'seed of hatred' inside his heart, and even a slight mischief on his emotions might triggered this 'seed' resulting for Shin to lose control.

The better he control his emotions the more he can suppressed that 'seed' unconsciously, but the more he suppressed that 'seed' the stronger it will become. It is like a fierce beast that becoming more and more aggressive, the more hunger it felt.

So Shin is unaware that when he lose some cool earlier, a shadow deep inside his inner heart become awakened, creeping out bit by bit and planning to devour him little by little.


'F*ck me sideways once again, for not telling that Old Geezer about my strange behavior all this time.' thought Shin as he reflect on his current situation. 'D*mn! It is not good for my current predicament if I lose my reason now. It's not that it is unfavorable for may current situation if I kill all these guys here, it's just I don't want to destroy this Lab completely, since I still need this place as an evidence for the military.'

If the old man can hear what's on Shin's head, then he might vomit some blood because of anger. A teenage kid thinking about wiping them out is really crazy.

Shin regulates his breathing, forcing to calm himself down by entering 'Deep Meditation'. And when had done that, the chaotic aura surrounding Shin suddenly become tranquil.

Then, he look at the old man and said. "Sorry about that Old Man. How about let us restart it as round two?"

'Hmm? What is with this kid? Did he hit his head or something?' thought the old man as he saw the sudden shift of Shin's mood once again.

Shin ignore the old man's reaction, well he can't also hear what's on the old man's mind. He gather a bunch of revolving Mental Energy on both of his hands before pulling them backwards, while also squatting his hips a little.

'Let us try this new move of mine.' Shin thought before throwing a consecutive punches on the air forward, sending a multiple Mental Energy Waves towards the old man's direction.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Savage Tiger Cannon'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!




The Old man enfold both of his arms with his Internal Qi before throwing punches of his own, on each of Shin's Mental Energy Air waves.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Air explosions were created on every time the old man's fist collided with Shin's Mental Energy waves. And when he finally destroyed the last air wave, the old man is greeted by an incoming fist glowing with a silver-gray light.

'Advance Yin-Yang Arts: White Tiger Assault'



Shin's fist successfully landed on the old man's face. The impact of that punch is so strong, strong enough to cause the old man's body to send flying backwards, head first.

But Shin is still not done yet, after landing the punch and before the old man's body were completely sent flying, Shin immediately jumped forward while turning his body in the air. And during the process, he gathered another bunch of Mental Energy and revolve it on his right arm, before turning it into a sharp pike. Then, he use the momentum of his spin to smash his fist downwards in a powerful manner.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Diving Phoenix Talon'




A bunch of blood were splash in the air when Shin's Mental Energy attack landed the old man's body and smashed it on the ground. Then, the old man's body rebounded upwards because of the force of impact. And as if he expected that, Shin adjust his aerial position while spinning his body around, and guiding his Internal Qi towards his right leg.

When the old man's body was almost the same level as him, Shin use the momentum of his spin once again, to throw a roundhouse kick towards the old man's head with his right leg.

'Flowing Water Arts: Spinning Lotus Attack'


This time, the old man is really sent flying backwards because of that attack, and impacted on the wall of the Laboratory.

But Shin is looks like not satisfied yet, because the moment his feet landed on the ground, he continue to take another turn around while putting the bottom of his palm together, and leveling it on the right side of his waist. Then, a gust of Mental Energy are gathered between his palms, creating a small transparent sphere on it. After that, Shin swiftly push his palms and arms forward, sending a powerful Mental Energy wave towards the old man's direction.

(I'm sure you can imagine this since the reference is quite obvious. Hahaha....)

'Four Symbol Scripture: Flying Dragon Takedown'


Before the old man's body released from being impacted on the wall, the Mental Energy wave landed on him, impaling him on the wall once again, and creating a loud explosion.


(And I'm going to use the most use phase on the novels to make it a little overboard once again.) The entire process looks too long, but it actually happened in a matter of seconds.

'That is enough to kill him.... Right?' thought Shin as look at the direction where he sent the old man flying, while waiting for the dust to settle down.

And Shin is about sigh a relief when he heard a heretical laugh coming from that direction. "Hahaha.... It has been a while since I felt this way. I didn't expect that I'm already that old to get rusty to the point of being beaten up by a kid of the younger generation one-sidedly."

Then, Shin's eyes contracted when he saw the old man walked out on the settling dust, alive and kicking. What's more is when he saw the old man walk out on it unscratched with no injuries. No, he have injuries but it is just regenerating at a visible rate.

'What kind of healing ability is that? Is this old man still human?' Shin's mind is running wild when he saw all of that. 'D*mn! I'd used almost all of my strength on that combo just to finish this fight as soon as possible, but from that looks of it, I am in deep trouble.'

"I know that I don't have a fearless talent like yours and any other *'Mighty Chosen One', and I also know that my strength might be going to stocked on my current level. But that is also why I focus my entire life on the other fields, where my real talent lies." Suddenly the eyes of the old man turned into a vertical slits but different in colors, one is purple while the other is crimson. At the the same time, the muscles of the old man become tense and intact. After that, the aura of the he is releasing turned into a fearsome one.

'What is with those eyes? I never heard an ocular talent like those. And each of those eyes are releasing a different feeling, it looks like they are different types of talents.' Shin become shocked at what he have saw. First, the old man had an insane regenerative ability, then now he shows an ocular talent that is unheard of, and together with it those muscles that were brimming strength.

If earlier, Shin thought that he is in deep trouble, then now, he is sure that he is in a deep Sh*t this time.

And while Shin is stocked on his thoughts the old man say something once again. "Since you are done with your greetings, then let me do mine." Then, the old man suddenly disappeared on his place and vanishing on Shin's eyesight.

'SH*T! That was Fast!' Shin hurriedly gather his Mental Energy around him to create a spherical barrier formed by it, while also enfolding both of his arms with his Internal Qi. Then, he squat his hips down and cross both of his arms in front of him, while bracing himself at the incoming impact.





The Mental Energy didn't even last for a second when it is just by the attack and shattered like some vulnerable glass fallen on the floor. Then, the old man's fist landed on Shin's arm creating a cracking sounds on each, his bone were broken.

After successfully landing the first strike, the old man immediately use other fist to throw an uppercut towards Shin's belly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.



Shin was hit and vomited a bunch of blood because of that attack. And before he was sent flying upwards, the old man alternate his fist with his previous one and use it like a hammer swinging downwards on Shin's back.



Shin is smash on the ground when he was hit, and when he is rebound back in the air because of the force of impact, the old man switch with his arms with another once again, and throw a hook strike targeting Shin's right ribs.




After getting hit, Shin is send flying and collides with one that of the walls, before falling on the ground limply. Then, Shin coughs violently, together with some blood because of his internal injuries.

"Now we are even. Don't worry I didn't use all of my strength on those attacks to make sure you'll live after that. After all, I still need you a material for my research experiments." said the Old man while twisting his neck left and right. Then, he walks towards Shin slowly ad leisurely.

At the same time, Shin gathered all his remaining strength to push his body from the ground, and force himself to stand up once again. 'F*ck it! I can imagine my innards were at mess without looking at it. And I feel like dying this time.'

*Spit* Shin spit another blood once he get back on his feet while leaning in the wall. Then, he stretch out his right hand and reach out something under the sleeves of his left arm. And when he get a hold on something, he pulled his hand out, together with a 3-feet long shortsword.

*Huff... Huff... Huff...* Shin is having a hard time breathing as he look at the old man aggressively.

"Heh, Futile struggle. You are just wasting your remaining strength young man. You can never defeat me with that little toy of yours. There are a huge gap between each phase of the 'Ethereal Opening Stage'. If it is anyone on the early phase then you might still have a chance with your strength earlier. But not on someone like me who is strong as one on the late phase. What's is more with your current state...." The old man sneered at Shin when he saw the actions of the later.

"Enough with your monologues old man. I don't have enough strength to have a little chat with you." Shin interrupted the old man as he point his sword towards the later, while reinforcing it with his remaining Internal Qi. And this time, he didn't use his Mental Energy to attack, he spread it like some thin threads scattered around him, to act as his perception range. Since he can't follow the old man's movements, he is just going to use his Mental Energy as some sort of spiderweb. 'It is all or nothing this time. I hope I can still hold myself until the reinforcement from the military around.'


ProudMonkey ProudMonkey

Starting now, I'm going to use the 'Mighty Chosen One' in exchange of the 'Fearless Chosen One', since it is just the combination of 'Mighty One' and 'Chosen One'.

And I feel so dumb for not realizing about it to earlier.

For those who forgot about the difference of the two.

Mighty One is someone who have fighting class talent like Battle Genius, Gifted Adept, Martial-Art Prodigy, etc.

Chosen One is someone who have Peak Class talent like Foresight, Mind Reading and etc.

Proud Monkey

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