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Chapter 6 - Childhood Crush Met By Destiny by ranjita_karna full book limited free

Chapter 6


I was feeling tired.But at the same time I was feeling excited to meet my best friend Reinhard.Soon I fell asleep.I heard the ringing sound of my mobile phone.I was awakened.I picked up my mobile phone.It was the call from an unknown number.I just received the call.

"Hello Lindsley.... Reinhard speaking.How are you doing?"the phone answered.

Ohhh! it's heart started pounding.

Me:Hello Reinhard.I am doing well.How are you doing?

Reinhard:I am doing great.Hey! You haven't changed a bit dear.You look the same as charming and beautiful as you were during kid.You have grown up becoming much more prettier.

He was praising me.And I was just blushing.

Me: Thank you.You haven't changed as well.You have also grown up becoming much more dashing and hot.

Reinhard: Are you kidding me?

He started laughing.

Me: Not at all.You know I only speak the truth.

Reinhard: Okey then.... thank you dear.Do you know how much have I missed you in these sixteen years?I thought I am not going to meet you again.But the destiny brought you in front of me .I am so grateful to that god who didn't let me lose my hope.

So he had also missed me a lot.Yah .Why not?After all we were best friends and our friendship was a true one.....I spoke to myself.I became emotional.I had also badly missed him in these sixteen years. I too had a strong hope to meet him someday.I was also grateful to the god for our reunion.

Me:I had also missed you a lot my friend.

Reinhard: Really?

Me: Yes really.

Reinhard: Didn't your husband have any objections to you for missing me?

Me: Not at all .Why should he object me for missing my best friend?

I pretended as I were married.

Reinhard: Is it so? If I were your husband I wouldn't have let you miss any other guy.....

He started kidding me .

Me: Okey stop kidding now.I haven't got married yet.

I revealed the truth.

Reinhard: Why?You are so brilliant and beautiful.... perfect example of a beauty with brain.....Any male would fall for you....

Me: liar.....I laughed...

Reinhard : No.I am serious.You are really special.

Me: You know well how I am....I just stay away from males...It was only you ,the guy whom I was close to.

Reinhard:Well....who knows you might get your prince charming soon.

Me: It's not that easy.....

I knew that I won't get my prince charming because it was Reinhard who was my prince charming.And I knew the bitter truth that he was married and he had a daughter too.I felt sad about it. I even didn't want to ask him about his wife.I was just happy to get my best friend back. What mattered was our true friendship.It was more than anything for me to stay happy.

Reinhard: If I am not must be in Green Mount View Hotel right now yah?It was Mike who arranged rooms for everyone participating in the conference?So what's your room no.?

Why was he asking for my room no.?..... I wandered.

Me: I...It.. It's... room no.330... I was stammering.

Reinhard: What ? floor....Am I right? Gosh!!!!! How didn't I see you...I am also in the same floor. I am nearby you.

Me:Yah...I am in the tenth floor.....

Reinhard:Okey will meet you at the dinner party.Be there in time.I will be waiting for my best friend....You don't know how compassionate I am feeling to talk to you after so long.....

Me: Same here....I am also feeling blissful after talking to you after such a long time... Okey see you at the party...

Reinhard: Bye...take care...see you soon

Me: Bye. You too take care.

We ended the call.I just saved his mobile number .I didn't want to lose contact with him again.

I was wondering what Shall I wear in the party as I I hadn't brought too many dresses in a two day tour.Just then I heard someone knocking at my door.I opened the door .

A man was standing with a gift parcel in his hands.

"Mam ... Lindsley Roberts?Is it you ?" he asked.

Yes ,I am Lindsley Roberts I replied surprisingly.

Here's a parcel for you.He handed me the parcel.

A gift parcel for me? I was clueless. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Who have sent me the parcel?I asked the man abruptly.

Mr.Reinhard Fayol have sent you this parcel mam.Can I leave now.?

Ohh .... Reinhard had sent the parcel for me....I sighed.

But he didn't inform about it in the phone.Oh! That's why he was asking for my got it .May be he wanted to give me a surprise.I thanked the man and he left.

I opened the parcel.Oh my god! Inside there was a magnificent wine red gown with golden belt .

It was a full sleeve with lace works.I simply loved the dress.And a pair of matching red heel sandal was equally lovely..

Red was my favourite colour and he still remembered about my favourites.He knew my choice well.I felt emotionally delighted.

There was a note that wrote:It would be my pleasure if you wore this dress in the party....I have selected it by myself ...and If I am not wrong it's your favourite one....yours best friend Reinhard...

Aww.... how sweet of him.He hadn't changed a bit.He was still caring like he was in childhood days.My heart just melted for him..

I went inside the washroom .I took a shower.I washed off my face and got fresh.I put on the dress.I kept my hair open off my shoulders and parted in the side.I applied some face cream and a red lipstick to match with the dress. I finished up with the perfume.I was all ready.I looked at the mirror .I was looking different this time.I was getting both excited and anxious at the same time.

I called upon Mr.Smith.He appeared within a minute.

"Wow mam ! You look absolutely stunning."Mr.Smith commented.

Thank you Mr.Smith I responded.

We left for the party.It was being held in the Paradise Banquet Hall near the garden area of Green Mount View Hotel.

As we reached the party Mike was standing in the entrance .

"Welcome both of you....we were just waiting for you...." Mike welcomed us.

"You are looking extremely fabulous mam"...he added.

Thank you... I replied.Then he took us inside the party premise.

Wow! The party hall was beautifully decorated .My eyes were searching for my friend.Everyone in the hall was staring at me.I was getting nervous in that crowd.

Just then my eyes fall upon a dashing man.As always he looked the hottest .He was none other than my friend Reinhard.Our eyes met.He was just staring at me with his killer eyes.He came to me.He hugged me tightly.

My heart was beating fast.I was trembling.But I was feeling better under his wrap.

"You are looking dead drop gorgeous in your favourite red" he whispered into my ear.

Thank you ...I blushed.

I was not able to see into his eyes.He freed me from his warm hug.

"Ladies and gentleman! Have your attention please.I want to introduce to you all my childhood friend,my best friend Lindsley Roberts."He held my hands .

"She is the one whom I have thrown this party for.We have met each other after a long sixteen years.I want to celebrate this special reunion with you all."he further added.

Everyone clapped their hands for us.Once again he made me feel so special.

He took me to a specially decorated table and offered to seat.Everyone over there were gazing at us . I was feeling nervous . I had never imagined that this might happen with me.We had our dinner together.In between the dinner he cracked funny jokes to make me feel comfortable. I was on the top of the world at that moment.

I wanted to live this moment to the fullest.Because I knew after that he will be returning back to his better half and his little daughter. Actually I felt jealous with his wife whom I had never seen when this thought arose in my mind.

After having dinner everyone gathered on the dance floor. The ladies over there pulled him for dance.As he started his dance moves everyone got stunned .After all he was a dance champ since childhood.Everyone there were clapping on his moves.I was also one among them.

Soon he came near me and persisted me for the dance.I just refused since I had never danced in my life before.But he pulled my hands and took me to the dance floor. I was feeling uneasy.

" Don't worry dear ...I am with you... I will handle you...just follow me as I do" He calmed me.

He put one of his arms around my waist .He kept my left hand on his shoulder.He held my right hand and started his moves.I was just accompanying him.I was enjoying the dance with him.He made the dance easy for me.It was one of the happiest moment of my life.I had never enjoyed the party like this before.We were smiling,laughing and enjoying the moment to the fullest.And I wanted to heartily thank my best friend for creating such a wonderful moment for me.

The party ended and everyone parted .All of them headed towards their room.

As I was about to leave ... Reinhard stopped me....

"Wait I am also coming .... Let's go together ...We are in the same floor"....he said.

I agreed to him and we went inside the lift.It stopped at the tenth floor.We were just smiling at each other.We were very happy.He stopped in the front of room no.323.

" This is my room" He pointed to me.

Okey goodnight ....Have sweet dreams...I told him with a heavy heart because I just didn't want to part with him.Actually I wanted to spend more time talking to him.Because I knew that we will be leaving the city the next day.

"Hey let me drop you to your room first" he said.

I nodded because I was not willing to part from him.We stopped in front of my room.I opened the door.He was still standing with a gentle smile.He seemed as if he was also not willing to part from me.

"Won't you let me inside ? Actually I am not going to sleep tonight....I just want to wake up and talk to my childhood friend the whole night." He explained.

At first I wanted to refuse him but when I saw his innocent face I couldn't say no to him.After all I was also willing to spend my time talking to him.

Okey!Get inside ....I replied.

He looked so delighted.He sat on a sofa beside my bed.He took out his coat.He removed his tie.He looked damn hot in his coffee brown shirt.I was just watching him sitting on a chair opposite of him.

" Ahh...Now I am feeling relaxed...It's not that easy to keep yourself formal in suit and pants everytime" he sighed..

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