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2.75% Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha / Chapter 31: Trinity - Exploring

Chapter 31: Trinity - Exploring




It's been a few days since I was marked. Every day when I showered, or when I changed clothes, or wore something that showed my shoulders I could see the mark growing steadily larger and darker. The tattoo-like image was forming. After about a week it would be an intricate design, the pack crest surrounded by a pattern that would be unique to Reece.

I had seen other mate marks. My aunt and Nikki had both shown me theirs, so had Juniper. Theirs were about the size of a half dollar. The crest, consisting of a wolf leaping over a full moon.

Aunt Eve had thin lines swirling around the crest that almost looked like infinity symbols. Nikki's lines were more geometric and appeared in diamond patterns. Juniper didn't have thin lines, she had what looked like vines of ivy weaving around the crest.

As much as I hated Reece right now. As pissed off at him as I was and wanted to make his life a living hell. I was still interested in seeing what my mark would look like. The crest was almost fully formed now, so over the next few days I should start seeing Reece's personal touch.

Aside from when I was in my room, I didn't like the mark to be seen. Everyone knew I was the Luna, they knew I had been marked by Reece, but I didn't need them to see it. The mark felt personal to me, intimate somehow. Like something that I should keep to myself because I was not a true mate. I guess, in a way, I was embarrassed by it.

It was for that reason I had taken to wearing a light jacket, or cover of some sort, everywhere I went. I was slowly changing my sense of fashion. Adding little things here and there, eventually, I would probably be an entirely different person. The thought actually made me sad.

I was still going to my classes. Juniper and the guys were doing their best to support me through my transition into being the new Luna. Vincent was still with me regularly as I went to school. As I didn't need to be guarded all the time anymore, the guards didn't need to switch shifts like before. Because of this, I hadn't seen Leslie much lately, thankfully. Hopefully, he will be back to his old self the next time I see him.

Outside of school, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. As long as it didn't embarrass Reece or the pack. And I had to take a guard with me. For this purpose, I had been introduced to two more pack warriors, David and Jeremy. I would need to call one of my guards before I could go anywhere.

David was a nice guy. He was similar to Vincent, but he wasn't as quick to do gentlemanly acts. I actually preferred that. I was used to it with Vincent, but I would be too embarrassed if everyone started treating me like that. But David was always quick with a smile and kind words. And he got along with everyone. And unlike Vincent, he was a little closer to my age, so my friends would be more comfortable around him.

I hadn't spent much time around Jeremy. He seemed alright, and I'm sure he was plenty capable. But he seemed standoffish to me. I had only met him twice, at the introduction, and he guarded me once when I had an errand to run in the city. I was going to call Vincent to see if he was free, but Jeremy was already at the house, so he took me.

Both times I had met Jeremy he acted like he wanted to be anywhere but where I was. I think he might have been among those who were displeased with me becoming the Luna. There wasn't much I could do about it now. But I didn't want him guarding me much either.

Today, I was bored. I didn't have anywhere to go. No one to spend time with. And no assignments to complete. So, I was wandering the house. Since no one had taken it upon themselves to show me around, I still didn't know where anything was.

I could find my way down to the kitchen and dining area. I could find the library no problem. I could get to Reece's office. And I could find my way out. But ask me about anything else along the way, and I wouldn't know what to tell you. I could probably find Reece's bedroom based on his scent, but I wasn't interested in finding his bedroom so that didn't matter to me at all.

I had started on the first floor of the house. So far, I have investigated the massive dining area in more detail. I found a grand ballroom, an actual ballroom like I had just walked into Victorian era London. The rest of the rooms on the first floor weren't as grand as those.

There were several large and small storage rooms. I found a parlor for entertaining, a study, and a games room. There was a solarium off the back of the house next to the garden and a greenhouse that I never knew about. Aside from these, the only other rooms on the first floor were the laundry room, which was massive, and utility rooms.

I did find stairs that led to a basement. A quick search showed me that it was actually a massive wine cellar next to a walk-in freezer. This house truly did have some over the top stuff.

Almost everything from the second floor up was nothing but bedrooms, conference rooms, and offices. There were linen closets, and some rooms that were just used for storing old furniture. But there wasn't much else when you went up from the main floor. I did come across a few different living rooms and sitting rooms.

It looks like things had been redone in the house a while ago. It seemed like the house used to be more inviting and welcoming. More open to visitors, but it is closed off now. I wish I knew what had happened to make it this way.

I was almost done exploring the fourth floor. The same floor where my room was, and from the scent Reece's was as well. But I was in the north wing, and he seemed to be in the south wing. I had never noticed before, but there was the faintest trace of another person's scent down this way.

I followed my nose, curious. It was an odd scent. It was weak, but it didn't smell like an old scent. So, the person must still be there. But I hadn't noticed anyone come into the house at all. And the smell was distinctly female.

I could tell that Reece's room was getting closer. His scent was so overpowering. That is probably why I never noticed it before. His scent overpowered whoever it was that was here. Whoever she was, it must be whoever Reece was in love with. Why he had been so upset that he had found a mate. It meant that he couldn't be with the woman he wanted to be with.

I was standing next to the room that I was certain was Reece's, the smell was so intense. But, oddly, her smell was not coming from inside. So, his girlfriend has her own room? I thought to myself. He must have wanted to be with her so bad, and then I came and messed it all up. Well, I tried to leave, asshole, you wouldn't let me.

I'd be damned if I would let him keep a mistress. I know I was only a mate in name, and I definitely didn't want him laying his hands on me. I don't care how irresistibly handsome I found him, or how I could actually feel his deep, smooth voice rubbing against me when he spoke. Or that his body looked so sculpted and sexy it drove me to fantasize about him in dreams. Nope, none of it mattered. I would never let that overgrown mutt lay one finger on me,

I continued to creep down the hallway as quietly as I could. I couldn't hear anyone moving around, but I did hear the faintest beat of someone's heart. She must be sleeping. At least I know what room she is in now. I can confront her later. I don't want to deal with some she-wolf who might be half naked and asleep. I turned slowly around, not making a sound, so I didn't wake her.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Little Bunny?" Reece roared at me as soon as I turned around and bumped into his chest. I jumped at seeing him so close and blinked in surprise. I wasn't expecting him back so soon. I stepped back and walked around him.

Deni_Chance Deni_Chance

Who is in the room, and what is Reece going to say now that Trinity has found out about his 'secret'?

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