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95.45% Chronicles of the Weakest Wind Mage / Chapter 42: Devils Gift

Read Chronicles of the Weakest Wind Mage - Chapter 42 online

Chapter 42: Devils Gift

IMPORTANT; If you are binge reading, you can skip directly to the next chapter. This is a Non-Canon Chapter, which summarises the previous chapters.

Sooo there is some bad news and some good news.

First off, the bad news; The one posting this chapter is not Imperfectluck (IL), but me your favorite Devils_Advocate , you may know me from the Chat or Discord Group. (With permission of him of course)

Since IL has recently moved from China to the USA, he is a bit busy getting settled in, but he is working hard on continuing Mia.

Since the demand is so large for more Mia, I thought about doing a good deed, and giving you guys the chance to quickly remember, Mia´s Journey so far.

So as part of the good news, enjoy the summary of each and every chapter of the first 41 ;)

As the 2nd good News, the next official Mia Chapter, will be at some Point this month (so that means, for all of you worrying, that this novel is NOT GETTING DROPPED ;) )


Mia´s Story so far; (Inkstone does not allow for blank spaces, so to have some space in between I have to use " . "s .


Ch. 01

Year 193 of Hoplian Calendar, Mia (7 years old)

- Mia encounters Zeke Ester, one of the supposed anatagonists of the game, after he killed her father. Mia tries to recruit him.

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Ch. 02

Year 191 of Hoplian Calendar, Mia (5 years old)

- Mia is someone who reincarnated because of a school shooting.

- Her new goal in life is to live a long (and mostly peaceful) life. We are introduced to the (yet alive) Count Horatio Hart, a 30 year old tyrant in his domain, as well as Barnaby Hart her older half-brother, born out of wedlock.

- Hart Family was serving the Hoplian Kingdom for Generations

- Mia´s World seems to be the same as the world of "Legend of Eristan", though the game took place in the neighboring Rodan Empire

- Game Scenario; After the Eristan Emperor dies, the Empire splits up, Demon King revives. Approximately in 10 years time.

- Basic Currency = Elemental Crystals, thanks to the vast influence of Elemental Church

- Mia sees how cruel her father is, thanks to him torching a merchant, and "tax collection"


Ch. 03

- Mia´s Maid is spreading rumours about her, which makes the other servants fear her

- Introduction of the Magic System; 6 Main Elements; fire, earth, wind, water, light, and dark + typeless (Appraisal, Summoning & Others)

- Mia has only the lowest Rank of Wind Magic, E (commonly regarded as most useless)

- Mia learns Hoplian as well as Rodanian Language, spends most of her time in the study of her father and learns everything, be it History, politics, geography

- Count Hart does not want to hire a Tutor for Mia, because it would be a "waste of money"

- Self Study with "Introduction to Magic"

- Introduction to Status Stones , commonly available, although low level


Ch. 04

- Introduction to Skills (basically Warrior equivalent to Spells)

- Introduction to Colson Azure, 15-16 years old, Mias Bodyguard, & Trainer

- Hoplia had a feudal society, the oldest male descendant gets everything

- Colson instructs Mia in Azure Swordsmanship (average-above average swordstyle

- POV Colson, the meeting with Mia

- Status of Mia Lvl 1 (2 Spells currently) , Colson Lvl 12; Bonuses through Equipment explained


Ch. 05

- Mia picks up [Beginning Swordsmanship lvl. 1]

- Colson officialy becomes Mias Personal Escort & Bodyguard, he gets a raise

- Mia´s Stats are increasing slowly, without her leveling up

- Introduction to weak monsters; [Wild Boar] , [Humongous Bee] & [Slime]

- Introduction Pet System

- Mia learns, that falling to 0 HP does not equal death, but the loss of consciousness… which may result in death in a fight. Decrease in HP also means a slight decrease in Stats

- Mia starts to fight a boar


Ch. 06

- Before Mia gets to lasthit the Boar, someone kill steals it.

- Introduction "Fake Jared Asharon"  Prince Felx (9 years old), 3rd Prince

- The Noble Boy leaves with his Party, leaving Mia with "Risa" (Spy)

- Harls, Prince Felix's eldest retainer, remind Prince Felix about their espionage mission, for the upcoming invasion of the Rodan Kingdom


Ch. 07

- Mia gets her first kill. The Monsters turn into Elemental Shards (not the same as Elemental Crystals)

- Mia learns that she and Colson are considered a Party

- Mia learns about lasthitting (More Experience for whoever lands the killing blow)

- Mia asks Colson to "babysit" her (Colson does the work, while she gains experience through lasthitting)

- Level Grinding (Forcibly killing low level Monsters over and over again, to get Levels) seems to be a foreign concept in this World

- Level 10 unlocks innate Talents (seemingly not guaranteed for NPCs)

- Explaination on how "Detection Lv. 1" works

- Mia removes the Poison Stingers from the Bees, for potential future useage


Ch. 08 (finally introducing Whimy :D )

- Encountering the first Whimsykind… I meant Slime

- Mia wants to abuse the Tankiness of Slimes, since this World did not follow the Rules of the Game

- Mia starts to observe Slimes, for lack of a "Capture" Command Button

- Her Interest in Slimes, especially the idea of raising Idea, is new to the inhabitants of this World

- Letter from Risa to Felix. Risa got the impression that Mia is as Crazy as Count Hart


Ch. 09

- Time Skip of 2 Months

- Mia leveled her [Detection] Up, which is part of her [Light Breeze] Branch of Magic

- Mia learned [Whisper]

- Mia reached Level 4

- Mia´s future goal are to

1. reach Level 10 to awaken a personal talent, and Level 20 to be able to choose an advanced class

2. topple her father, but for that she needs personal power and connections first

3. tame a Wind Slime

4. Go to the Thieves Guild or Assassins Guild to pick that up as a Sub Class

- Picking up a Sub Class / Secondary Class required a Tutor, who had to have an advanced Class (had to be at least Lvl 20 himself)

- Mia wants to go home, but with no way to get any information about a possible Dimensional Summoning Spell, she puts that task at the back of her mind

- Mia seems to be lonely, since she has no friends, she regards Colson more as a subordinate

- Mia is able to use [Detection] all the time, because it does not cost a lot of Mana

- Mia encounters a Wind Slime #1, who quickly gets on top of her head (she was chosen by Whimsy)

- Depending on a Pet´s Affection, the Battle Performance can increase

- Wind Slimes seem to regard Mia as a Walking Food Bowl


Ch. 10

- Mia initiated her "Damsel in Distress" Plan, to get Slime #1 to like her. The plan was supposed to let her rescue the Slime. Instead the Slime became a sort of Armor and Mia became Iron Man… Slime Man…Slime Girl?

- In her Slime Armor Form, Mia takes care of the Boars

- The Slime became Mia´s Pet, and we get to see the Status of the Wind Slime Level 2

- POV from Colson, who think Mia is starting to get insane, that or she got high from the Slime


Ch. 11

- Mia experiments with her Slime Armor Pet

- Mia notes down her knowledge in English, so that no one can understand it, except her

- She puts special emphasis of future game events, as well as Characters she can trust, as well as those who would betray and backstab her

- Mia experiments with the slime in her own room, discovers how she can shape the Slime Armor

- Slime Armor seems to count as "Armor" and enhances her Defense by 18 Points (Slime´s Defense Value)

- Mia petitions her father to purchase a higher-ranking Status Stone for her

- Count Hart agrees, on the Condition, that Mia can beat her half Brother on her 6th Birthday (in 2 weeks) in a Duel. Although Barnaby is older than her, and has a Magic Aptitude for D Rank Fire, she agrees.

- Difference between E Rank and D Rank explained (the Ranking applies to other things as well, such a Magic Items and other Job Classes)


Ch. 12

- Introduction, Nymon, teenaged boy thief

- Introduction, Miguel, Uncle of Nymon, 46 Y.O. , leader of the Thieves Guild

- Introduction Thieves Guild (Less Robbers, More Spies/Information Brokers)

- Nymon used a tracking skill on Mia to see where she came from

- The food seems to be mostly the same as on Earth, with the existence of magical foods

- Nymon discovers, that Mia most be Noble, and plans to get rid of her


Ch. 13

- Introduction Dega´s Bandits

- Mia mistakes Dega and his Bandits for Workers of the Thieves Guild, and agrees to talk with them in the Thieves Guild Hideout

- POV Dega, who decides to let Mia think of them as Workers of the Thieves Guild

- Introduction Derek, the Simpleton (Gullible Giant Simpleton, basically a slightly smarter Hodor from GOT )

- Dega, 26 Y.O. , former mercenary


Ch. 14

- Dega´s Backstory (Count Hart killed his family, because Dega´s Wife did not want the Count)

- Dega´s Bandits, except Derek, all gathered because they all hate Count Hart

- Mia negotiates with Dega, to help her (help him)

- She offers detailed Insider Information about the Layout of the Mansion, as well as Early Warnings before "Tax Collections"

- Dega discusses with his companions what to do, with one suggesting killing off Mia

- Dega decides to test Mia


Ch. 15

- Dega gives Mia a [Ransack] skill book, for locating valuable Items

- He tasks her to go into the Cave of Trials and bring the most valuable item back

- Mia plans to succeed the trial and make them into her followers, since she was in need of manpower to contend against Count Hart´s Army in the future

- Introduction God of Adventurers' blessing (God provides Magic Light in "Trial"Caves, as well as Treasure for everyone he deems worthy)

- Dega provides beast repellant as a Failsave, using it deems Mia unworthy

- Mia learned Ransack through the skill book, the skill book did not get consumed

- Mia combined the ability of sensing valuable items into her Minimap

- Through learning the Class Skill, she got the Subclass, unknown to her she became a Bandit, instead of a Thief


Ch. 16

- Mia learned the skill in 10 mintes, wonders if that´s the usual time, or it differs by skill & person

- Mia thinks about how to help her Wind Slime level to unlock more skills and maybe spells

- Mia assumes, that her low stats might be because of her small age

- Mia ponders about her Wind Slime, what gender it was, how they reproduced and more

- Monsters would grow more intelligent with more levels, most magical beasts were capable of human speech

- Wind Slime previously leveled up to Level 3

- Wind Slime officially becomes Whimsy (Hooray for the Goddess :D )

- Mia explores the Cave and encounters "Bats". After defeating one of them, the others cannibalize on the dying Bat, while it is dissolving

- Mia encounters "Boulder Monsters"

- After outrunning the monster, she finds a treasure chest and takes the item. The Treasure Chest disappears afterwards.

- Mia sees a Silver Chest, as well as a "Giant Bat" guarding it


Ch. 17

- The Bandits outside start betting on Mia´s Chances to pass the test

- Mia tries to think of a way to get to the chest without alerting the Giant Bat

- Mia backtracks into a room with Bats and tries to experiment with Magic

- After not achieving anything by using a lot of Wind, she tries to stop the Wind, which results in the bats having some orientation problems

- Mia returns to the room with the Giant Bat and tries doing the same, however with a less optimal result

- While dodging the attack of the Giant Bat, she cancels the Slime Armor, and sends Whimsy towards the Giant Bat. Whimsy envelops the Giant Bat, that crashes down, and struggles to get free

- Mia opens the Silver Chest and receives "Rank C ice magic – Icicle Crash"

- Mia flees towards the Entrance/Exit


Ch. 18

- Dega comes in, and rescues Mia from the Giant Bat Boss

- Mia simply taking the treasure without defeating the Boss, surprises Dega

- Mia makes sure to hide Whimsy from Dega

- After some hesitation, Mia confides to Dega, that she is an E Rank Wind Mage

- Dega teaches Mia, that the treasure chest are one time per person only, but typically beneficial to the job class of the adventurer who gets them

- Dega princess carries Mia outside, who quickly falls asleep in his arms

- Outside Dega informs his companions, that they would work together with Mia in the future

- While carrying Mia, Dega thinks about his dead daughter, who would have been near Mia´s age

- Mia thanks Dega for bringing her home


Ch. 19

- Dega encounters Nymon, who gave him the tip

- Nymon is furious, that Dega did not only not kill Mia, but also wants to work with her, instead of joining Dega´s Bandits, he runs off

- Mia encounters Barnaby Hart, who was five years older, & Maxwell, his Butler

- Unlike usual, Mia talks back to Barnaby, who for a lack of anything to say, tries to frighten her by showing her his trump card "Fireman"

- Mia simply walks away to her room

- While waiting for a servant to bring hot water for a bath, Mia thinks about Barnaby´s skill and how to counter it


Ch. 20

- Mia not wanting to go into the bath while still full of bat guano, experiments with her Wind Magic, and gives herself an "Air Bath"

- Whimsy in turn jumps to Mia, and they both stumble into the Hot Water Bath

- Mia discovers that the Wind Magic surrounding her, makes the Hot Water not feel Hot, she assumes it is either her Wind having Special Qualities or it buffs her [Resistance] stat somehow

- Mia also discovers that Whimsy apparently loves the Water and plays around in it

- After her bath, Mia goes to Colson to tell him about the upcoming Duel with Barnaby, as well as her future cooperation with Dega

- She worries, that Colson being the honest, hardworking, could have problems working with Dega

- While discussing the Duel with Colson, the latter admits that he thinks, that Mia does not stand a Chance

- Towards the end of the discussion Mia warns Colson, that he may have to confront Barnaby and his side in the future, and asks him if he could kill for her

- Since Colson hesitates, she decides against telling him about Dega for now, and asks him for his Status Stone

- She also orders him to inquire about the next "tax collection"

- Before leaving she asks Colson for a live rat


Ch. 21

- Colson is visibly confused, why Mia needs a live rat

- Mia clarifies, that she wants to try out a new Spell

- Mia wants to become stronger, so that she can shape her own destiny, and not suffer as she did in her first life

- Mia´s Status shows she knows 2 Skills, and 5 Magic Spells

- Mia is unhappy that her Stats do not seem to grow that much

- She wonders, whether she could offset this by stat-increasing potions, but doubts anyone would not immediately use, which would mean she can only hope to get some from the God of Adventurers

- Mia becomes confused, when she learns her Sub Class became "Bandit"

- Unlike Thief or Assassin, Bandit was a basic NPC-only Job Class, which meant that Mia has no knowledge about it

- With no idea what to do about her new Sub Class and with no way to change it, Mia decides to go to bed, and think about it another time

- On her bed, she think about her adventure this day and how she lacked attack power

- She also considers bringing Colson to that Cave for Training Purposes

- Lastly she thinks about how she wants to use her new Spell to try to suffocate targets

- In the morning Mia wakes up, and hears Colson shouting about the rat


Ch. 22

- After hearing Colson shout, Mia quickly pulls him inside

- Mia lectures him about not telling everyone about what she was doing

- She worries about Colson and his innocent personality

- Meanwhile Colson is also worrying about Mia, equally pitying her for her supposed lack of common sense

- Colson informs Mia about the tax collection in 3 days time

- Colson, 16 Y.O. (here confirmed), likes Mias suggestion of bonding with the other Guards

- Although Mia does not warn him about the reality of "tax collection", she tells him, that not everything is as it seems, and that he should make his own decisions

- Both go out of the room to start the Magic Experiment and on their way, Mia overhears new rumours being spread about her

- Mia makes a mental note of firing most of the servants, which she regarded as a huge waste of ressources

- In front of a small storeroom Mia tells Colson to free the rat inside and shut the door behind it

- After some difficulty sensing the rat on her Minimap, Mia starts to use her new Spell [Still Air] to try and suffocate the rat

- After 5 Minutes and having to try and stop Whimsy from going off, Mia enters the Storeroom

- While entering she regards the air as heavy, but still breathable and ponders on how to improve the spell

- Since Magic cannot be directly applied inside a Human, Mia would have to think of a roundabout way of achieving her goal

- Mia starts thinking whether her Experiments was being ethical, but decides it was necessary

- However she is not sure, if confronted with a Kill or Be Killed Situation, she would know what to do


Ch. 23

- Mia wants to have insurance for the duel against Barnaby, and wants to invent her new spell

- She briefly considers testing Whimsy´s Resistance against Fire, but considers this Slime Abuse

- Mia figures the only advantage she has over Barnaby is Speed

- Mia resumes the practice of the new Spell, only this time she tries to move the air away from the rat

- Mia suffers from using multiple spells, and decides to cancel [Detection]

- Explanation what happens when a Mage gets Mana Fatigue (runs out of Mana)

- After reaching Zero Mana, Mia is positively surprised, that Whimsy helps her, and supplies her with Mana

- Colson is unaware what happens to Mia, since Warriors used Skills in the form of "mana compression "

- Mia is thankful for Colson being there for her, but she still thinks that Colson should not stay naïve, she hopes that once he finds out the truth about the world he will grow and stay with her

- Mia asks Colson to check out the rat, and he discovers that the rat tried to escape in the final moments before it met its demise

- Mia is happy about her success and orders Colson to gather more rats (for her Breakfast)


Ch. 24

- Against Colson´s wishes Mia goes inside to look at the dead rat

- Colson unable to understand what happened, asks Mia about it, who in turn explains that she removed the air in the room

- While Colson is still stupefied Mia admits, that this Spell and this kind of Usage was highly limited, and Mia was unsure, whether it even works on Humans

- While waiting for her Mana to return, Mia ponders whether she could use her new Spell to mess with Barnaby´s Fire, since the environment of a Mage played a Role in his Effectiveness

- Mia left to go to her meeting with Dega

- Colson asked the servant´s for rats, as part of Mia´s Breakfast

- Mia´s personal maid, Ellie, the one spreading rumours about Mia, being used to Mia being quite "special", does not find the quest strange and even asks how Mia would prefer them, before learning from Colson, that the rats should be alive

- Meanwhile Mia meets up with Dega Stormwell, former member of the Bluewing mercenary group, and current Bandit Chief


Ch. 25

- Mia asks Dega about occupations and Job Classes

- Dega informs Mia, that he and his companions rob merchant caravans, which earned them their "Bandit" Class Job

- Since Dega was a Mercenary without taking up a Main Class Job, he became a Bandit after robbing people

- Dega informs Mia, that he recently became Level 20 and advanced into a "Bandit Lord"

- Dega assumes that not a lot of people would now, of this Job Class, since most "Bandits" don´t tend to live long

- Mia makes Dega a Job offer, not only because of his advanced class, but also because she could not afford to be choosy with her companions

- Dega is surprised that Mia would want him, even after knowing, what he did, but Mia excuses his behavior and tells him about her plans of internal cleansing once she takes over

- After slight consideration Dega accepts, after being moved, by Mia putting her trust in him

- Mia discusses with Dega about the upcoming "tax collection" and plans to warn the villagers, before informing Dega about her getting the "Bandit" Sub Class

- Dega is shocked that Mia got the Sub Class, but informs her, that mastering a class specific skill fulfills the requirement to gain a Sub Class, he feels guilty about his actions leading to her Sub Class

- Although Mia is not happy about the circumstances, she accepts her Sub Class and asks Dega for him to tutor her


Ch. 26

- Mia starts her training with Dega, by showing him what she can already do with the Sword

- Dega considers her a pure Beginner with the sword, which Mia is, after only 2 months of Training

- Dega wants to know how Mia got through the Cave, to which Mia replies, that she used her Wind Magic, but since she was only an E Rank Wind Mage, she did not have any attack spells

- Unlike Adventurers who only start out at E Rank, Mages were unable to advance their rank

- Dega asks Mia to try using the same thing against him as she did to the Giant Bat

- Mia was unsure what to do, but started to cast [Still Air], before asking Dega to attack her, as test for Whimsy´s Defense

- Dega hesitates before attacking Mia halfheartedly, which makes Mia mad, who in turn asks him to take this more seriously

- Dega trying to kick Mia off her feet gets surprised by Whimsy holding his foot, resulting in him losing his balance and falling down

- Mia introduces Whimsy to Dega, and tells him about befriending the Slime

- Mia proposes finding a Slime for Dega, which he says he would think about

- Dega is still not convinced about Mia´s Abilities, but she tells him, that she was deadening the air, which made him slightly out of breath throughout their fight

- Dega teaches Mia breathing techniques, which unknown to her, Whimsy starts to Imitate


Ch. 27

- Mia starts to regret her decision after ending up collapsed on the ground, unable to move

- Her situation resulted in Dega´s Training for Mia to learn the Bandit Skills [Savagery] and [Raid]

- The training constituted of Dega beating Mia so that her HP would drop, afterwards showing her how to improve her bodies situation while constantly being on the brink, and repeating this process

- Mia is starting to feel something, which resulted in her pain helping to concentrate more instead of less

- Mia´s resolution and her plea to get beaten up every day by him made Dega be at a loss for words and him changing the regime, by letting Mia try to attack him

- Mia´s first attack was quickly blocked by Dega who instructed her about why she failed to land a hit

- After a while their training gets interrupted by Whimsy, who starts attacking Dega

- Dega takes both of them on, without letting a single hit through

- After a while both Mia and Whimsy are unable to continue, which makes Dega stop the Trainng for the day

- He gives Mia some advice, before asking her some questions about her Slime Armor


Ch. 28

- Mia tells Dega about how she befriended Whimsy

- Both of them realize that currently keeping a Slime seems to only be possible for a Mage, who can feed them their mana, so Mia makes a mental note to research food for non-elemental slimes in the future

- Dega informs Mia, that Equipment by the God of Adventurers seems to be better than what you can find in an ordinary shop ("people always keep top-tier equipment for themselves" – Dega )

- Mia thinks this kind of strange, but admittedly this logic often applies in video games, nearly as strange as the concept of the God of Adventurers putting Food in Treasure Chests

- Explanation of Rank C meaning intermediate-level , as well as Skills being either "class-specific" or "generalist"

- Mia learns that the vial she got earlier in the Cave was a level 1 Paralysis Potion

- Dega is surprised about Mia collecting Bee Stingers, but informs her, that to process them she would need to find someone with the potion-making talent, which according to Mia should be a basic talent, and commonly found (same with foraging, mining)

- Mia is realizing, that her Father´s tyrannical reign resulted in the Hart Domain lacking a lot of people with talents

- Dega being impressed with Mia, starts addressing her as Milady Mia Hart

- Mia being somewhat embarrassed accepts that title and suggests that Dega should let some of his companions join Count Hart´s Army before the upcoming "tax collection"

- On the way back Dega gives Mia a lot of pointers and promises her to think of a usefeul birthday present for her


Ch. 29

- In the residence Mia is greeted by Colson who informs her about the rats being gathered

- Mia acknowledges that and goes to her room to rest with Whimsy being the first to jump into bed, before Mia joins her and sleeps comfortably

- The next day Colson informs Mia that Ellie has prepared the rats for her

- Both of them go to Ellie´s room to inquire about the rats

- After a while a sleepy Ellie opens the door before handing the critters over to Mia

- POV Ellie, who dislikes her job, but is contend with the high pay (and mostly low effort)

- Mia uses her [Eavesdrop] while underway to her experiment and hears the newest rumors about her from the servants, which get interrupted by Maxwell

- Mia makes a mental note to keep Maxwell after she takes over

- Colson is surprised, that the God of Adventurers favors Mia at such a young age, whereas he only got his favor after almost being ten

- After Colson uses sprinkles of the Paralysis Potion the rats quiet down, and he manages to get one out of the cage

- Mia asks Colson about the God of Adventurers´ Motivation, since Gods were never Part of the Original Game, but sadly for her, Colson is unaware and suggests asking a Priest of the God

- Colson asks Mia to allow him, to go with the rat, to witness what happens


Ch. 30

- Mia is confused and shocked, why Colson would want to go inside, to which he responds with wishing to being able to understand Mia´s Magic as well as trying to train against it

- Mia ponders about Colson´s idea of training, before agreeing with him in the end with the condition that she also would enter the storeroom

- Explanation; In this world, many skills could be self-created, not just taught

- Colson is hoping to use the training to maybe make up for his lack of defensive skills

- Mia tries to recreate the Spell as last time, but this time surprisingly Whimsy helps Mia from the beginning in casting the Spell

- Mia surprises Colson by calling her Spell "Windstorm", which the latter considers not honorable, not realizing that Mia´s Spell was just starting

- Colson thinks Mia´s Spell has failed, since she was not using the spell´s name or some kind of flourishing movement, which tend to help mages concentrate

- Mia meanwhile is pleased, for being able to deceive Colson, and continues absorbing the air in the room

- After a while Colson tries to speak, only to realize, that he is short of Breath

- Mia stops casting [Drain Air] and waits for Colson to regain his senses, before lecturing about his future enemies not necessarily fighting honorable


Ch. 31

- Mia is happy that Colson has matches, and considers the World she reincarnated into as quite high for a medieval one

- Mia slightly regrets that she studied Psychology and Political History in College before her Reincarnations, instead of something else (which would help her survive), she considered herself as a nerd with good grades who loved playing video games

- While Mia waits for her Mana to return, she thinks about Colson and regrets that the World is unlike how her Bodyguard imagines it, and hopes, that after the "tax collection" he will still be able to help her out.

- Mia plans to tell Colson about her plans of taking over afterwards and remembers that she need to introduce him to Dega, which she has not done yet, because of their different backgrounds

- Mia faces off against Colson, and starts to cast [Drain Air] without uttering a word

- Mia meanwhile asks Colson about how Mana Fatigue affects Warriors

- Colson explains, that Warriors can suffer from Mana Fatigue, but that they were less affected because warriors use a different method of utilizing mana, known as mana compression for internal mana control, while mages use mana emission for external mana control

- Mia continues to ask Colson about the possibility about her learning a physical Sub Class and learning mana compression, to which he answers, that it would be possible but not recommended, since it would result in her diluting her power level

- Mia stops talking as soon as Colson faint, with Whimsy cushioning his fall

- Colson wakes up some time later and gets lectured by Mia, that not every enemy would be nice enough to announce when they attack, which Mia regards as her teaching him common sense

- Colson agrees with her and admits having failed in his duty, and asks to be relinquished, to which Mia says, that he should just try to improve himself and learn from his mistakes

- Mia is relieved that Colson will continue to stay at her side, but starts to wonder whether she is becoming selfish or twisted in this new world


Ch. 32

- Mia rests after using her spells continuously, but is glad to see, that thanks to Whimsy and her resting in between, she still had 25% of her Mana left

- Colson discovers the rat in the corner, which is bleeding from its orifices and on the brink of death

- Mia starts an experiment and tries to cast her Spell outside this time, without achieving anything, and tries to combine her [Still Air] spell with [Drain Air], but runs out of mana before achieving any result

- Colson sees that Mia is visibly upset for seemingly failing, and wants to cheer her up by petting her head, but gets stopped from touching Mia´s head by Whimsy

- Mia laughs after seeing Whimsy protect her head, and explains to Colson, that Whimsy seems to regards Mia´s head as her territory

- Colson is confused why Mia´s Spells failed, since Wind Magic is supposed to be amplified outside and asks her

- Mia explains that her Spell profits from there not being a lot of wind, and starts to think about her fight style, which seemed more to fit an Earth Mage than a Wind Mage, which makes her think about who exactly decides what ones Main Job becomes

- Mia assumes, that if not the God of Adventurers, there may be a God of Job Classes or something akin to that, who decides such things

- Mia continues to rest and asks Colson about Job Classes, and promises to not attack him this time, especially because of her interest, why she should not go for a physical sub class

- Colson explains that People are only able to learn a Sub Class, which they have the talent for

- He further explains, that it is not advised to mix Magical and Physical Classes, because they tend to help different Stats grow, and Generalists were not as desired as Specialists, as there were clearly defined roles in adventure teams, and it would increase survivability by having a specialist

- Mia agrees mostly with Colson Logic, since she used to play with "Specialists" instead of "Jack of all Trades" type of characters, but also thinks that her having special knowledge about most of the Job Classes could be big help in her future, if only she could somehow recruit people and decide their classes for them, but such a thing would require reputation and money, both things she currently does not have

- Mia asks Colson about her deciding a Sub Class for him


Ch. 33

- Colson is surprised, since Mia claimed she was unaware about Job Classes

- After some consideration of how to convince Colson, Mia decides to try the "spoiled little girl" route, which results in Colson promising her to let her decide in the future

- Afterwards Mia checks Colson from top to bottom and asks him what he does with his salary, which got her the answer, that he was saving it, for not having anything he lacked

- Mia reminds him at the upcoming "tax collection" and advises him to buy some better equipment, to which Colson agrees

- Afterwards Mia asks Colson to start a fire, to be able to experiment some more

- Explanation; The game had Common Element Balance in the game was that Water>Fire>Wind>Earth>Water, and Light & Darkness being strong against each other

- Mia tries to put out the fire with [Still Air], without achieving more than the flickering of the fire

- While resting Mia decides to check the Status of Whimsy only to learn, that Whimsy has somehow learnt [Raid]? [Savagery]? [Armor Mastery]? [Oil Secretion]? [Toughness]


Ch. 34

- Whimsy is Level 5 (6 Skills, 6 Spells)

- Mia is surprised that Whimsy not only learned Mia´s Spells but also her Bandit Skills, and starts to wonder if all magical monsters, could achieve such a feat

- After showing Colson what Whimsy has learnt, Mia starts to wonder about her "Slime Bandits" idea

- Colson warns her, that not everyone may like the idea, of monsters learning skills from humans, and that apparently there exist anti-monster groups in the world (Elemental Church has a neutral stance)

- Mia is surprised, that the Status Stone added a [Pet Bond] category, but is happy, about D Rank

- She is start to wonder whether Whimsy could become a Mage, and later a Slime Arch Mage

- Mia also realizes that Whimsy has better Stats than she does in every Category, apart from Attack, and Mia was leading in the Mana stat, which Whimsy previously did not have

- Mia tries to make Whimsy cast a Spell, but fails

- Mia assumes that maybe Whimsy will be able to cast in the Future, if they could communicate

- Mia goes over Whimsy´s Skill, with two of them being the ones Mia learned from Dega, but another being a typical Knight class skills, so Mia wonders how Whimsy learned those

- Surprisingly for Mia Whimsy also learned Oil Secretion at one point in time

- After a slight consideration about training more pets, Mia decides against it

- Mia tells Colson to go away from the fire and goes for her last experiment of the day with a sack filled with a certain fine powder


Ch. 35

- Mia grabs a handful of flour and releases it onto the wind, which her Breeze carries into the fire

- Sadly Mia realizes that the cloth sack had Whimsy´s goo all over it, which meant that Mia needs to be careful about what she takes with her

- Nothing happens and Mia tells Colson to get down until she says otherwise

- After a second failure Colson tries to comfort Mia, still not believing he is in any danger

- With the 3rd being the charm Mia succeeds in creating a Flour Explosion, which results in a stunned Colson, who regards Mia as a Magical Genius

- Mia ends her experiments with the promise of using the spell only as a last resort and reminds Colson to get new Equipment for the "tax collection"

- Afterwards Mia went home and to bed, dreaming about Whimsy´s Skills


Ch. 36 Sidestory, Whimsy POV , The Adventure with Mia (Just read it again, it is worth it :D )


Ch. 37

- Mia meets up with Dega and greets him with her whisper spell, to the surprise of Dega

- Mia and Dega discuss their plan, with Mia primarily wanting Colson to learn the reality of the world, and a special plan in case Barnaby will be without his guards

- Mia considers there being a very fine line between Count Hart´s guards and Dega´s Bandits, with the former robbing the citizens and the latter wealthy merchants

- The plan further entails in case of some of the Guards dying, to get some of the Bandits to replace them

- After planning Mia returns and goes to bed but sleeps poorly

- The next morning Mia takes Colson with her to the guard who are part of the "tax collection"

- The average level of guards of the Hart Army was level 10, with most being "failed" adventurers

- No one bothered the Count whose level is in the 20s since his Domain does not even have any known high-level dungeon, thus making his low level army suffice in his territory

- Colson himself is being envied by the other guards, for reach level 12 at the young age of 16 and being Mia´s Bodyguard, with the Guard Mack, who was the same level as Colson, especially hating on him, because of all the duels he lost against Colson.

- Mack plans to have some payback against Colson


Ch. 38

- The Guards split up into 4 groups of 6-7 members, with Mia and Colson following Mack

- Mia is using [Detection] to make sure of the position of Dega and his group

- An elderly couple opens the door being upset since taxes were supposed to be collected once a month, and the guards having returned after only 2 weeks

- Colson is visibly upset about the treatment the old lady receives and tries to be nice, only for Mack to let Colson collect the taxes

- Colson tries to be nice, without any success, only getting spat on

- With Mack bellowing for a search of the house, Mia interrupts and offers to help to find the money with her newly acquired [Ransack], while she pretends to have a treasure hunting talent

- Introduction of Money in the form of coins, and the values ranged from 1-1000 (1,5, 10 … )

- Mack pilfers more than the supposed 300 Coins, with another 100 coins going into his own purse

- Colson is still visibly shocked about the reality of "tax collection" and Mia talks with him, agreeing that the tax collection should not be like this, but warning Colson about trying something stupid, and orders him to just ovserve

- Mia is forced to use her treasure hunting sense to find the money, but to her surprise instead of only finding small sums of money, all the citizens have hoarded all their money in one place, unlike what Mia planned with Dega, of letting them sacrifice a small sum to protect the larger

- Mia and the rest of the guards go to the restaurant, the last place not having paid their taxes yet

- Meanwhile the confused Colson goes away to take a leak and sort out his thoughts, without Mia noticing

- At the same time Dega sees Colson, and decides to act upon Mia´s plan

- Dega sends another Bandit named Luke, to look for and find Derek as well as the rest of his group, while Dega would go and Deal with Colson


Ch. 39

- The whole chapter is , as the title suggests, Colson VS Dega, who are unaware that both are on the same side, and regard the other entity as the "baddie"

- The fight unfolds, with Colson being able to borrow Mia´s trick of shouting a technique without really using it, only to use it afterwards and surprising Dega

- Because of a Slip of Tongue from Dega, both realize, that they know about Mia Hart and Whimsy and stop the fight

- Meanwhile Mia finds Colson missing and tries to find him again, but being unable due to too many people on her minimap

- Although Mia realizes that someone was near her, she is unable to see anything when she suddenly gets stabbed from the back with a knife


Ch. 40

- POV Nymon who was informed by Dega´s Crew, who sympathized with him more than with Dega

- Nymon has planned the attack on Mia for three days and convinced many people to join him in defying the Guards of Count Hart

- Nymon even secretly taught basic thief skills to as many as he could, with some having the talent gaining the thief job class

- Nymon closed in towards Mia with the use of his [Camouflage] Skill, and once he is near her, he uses [Backstab]

- At the moment of his triumph, Nymon turns around happy to seemingly having accomplished his goal, only to feel a wooden sword in his crotch the next moment

- Mia herself was pushed over by the backstab but got saved by Whimsy catching the Blade

- Mia lay around until the right moment, and took revenge on Nymon´s crotch

- After Mia got up, she ran towards Dega and Colson´s direction

- Meanwhile the tumult between Guards and Citizens erupted with violence and death

- Mia caught up with Dega and Colson and quickly introduced them to each other

- Although Colson tried to argue about Dega being a criminal, Mia protects Dega, and informs them about the riot, and the assassination attempt on her life


Ch. 41

- While both her subordinates are shocked, Mia asks them what they are fighting for

- After a light quarrel between the two Colson fights to protect, whereas Dega claims to fight for the sake of revenge

- When Colson asks Mia, why she fight, she answers, so that she may live

- Mia reminds both of them, that their goals were not different, and that they should work together

- After a while Mia´s group encounters the four missing bandits from Dega´s group

- Mia also detects more people and uses her sack of flour to make Nymon as well as 2 other Thieves visible

- Nymon asks Mia how she could survive, with Mia lying about having the witch class and having cursed Nymon

- Dega recognizes Nymon and wants to know, why he is here, with Nymon seeking revenge

- Colson tries to mediate, which fails

- The 4 Bandits admit to having put Luke to sleep

- Mia´s mind races to try and think of a solution how her team of 4, can contend against 7 other people, who are looking to kill her

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