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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Dominant Yuzu

Yuzu forcefully pushed Mei against the back of the door, her lips not wasting any time as they smashed against her lover. Her hands running up her outer thighs and hips coming to a stop on the small of her back, as she continued to push herself closer into the darker haired girl. Their heated, messy kiss not stopping for a moment. She could hear Mei trying to stifle light moans though their kiss as she hastily returned it.

Mei now tightly pressed between the door and Yuzu who continued to let her hands wander, as she began to play with the bottom of Mei's shirt. Mei let a loud groan as Yuzu grabbed her firmly by the ass, lifting her to straddle her waist to which she responded eagerly, wrapping her legs tightly around the assertive blond, her baby blue button up was pried over her head, briefly breaking the fierce kiss.

Yuzu gasped at the sight of her lovers' prominent breasts, she couldn't help it, she felt butterflies every time she laid her eyes upon her. Moments passed, with Mei still pinned against the door, she regained her breath from the fierce kiss, thankful for her girlfriend's slight delay.

Yuzu's distraction lasted mere seconds before she roughly fondled the glowing mounds in front of her. She wanted more. Giving Mei some leeway, yuzu released the tight grasp on raven-haired girl just enough to slip her arm behind her, unclasping the only thing keeping her from devouring her lover's breasts.

As soon as the bra was thrown to the floor with the long-forgotten shirt, Mei was slammed back against the door, Yuzu wasting no time as she took the protruding nipple in her mouth, moaning at the sensation it brought her. She could feel Mei's back arch into her as she continued to flick, suck and bite against the pink flesh. She did not ease as she came up for air, as she rolled her hips into the girl's ass, who was currently grinding hard against her torso. Massaging both mounds, she aggressively rolled the nubs between her thumbs and forefingers, loving the way her partner was salvaging the feeling. She continued to pinch and squeeze the points, as she bit down on the soft flesh of Mei's exposed neck and shoulder, the moans Mei made encouraging her not to stop.

Mei felt ecstatic, the Yuzu who was normally quite chipper and bubbly was gone, now she was lustful and dominant, and Mei loved it. She quite frequently took the lead in moments like these, so when the blond took control, Mei was overwhelmed with excitement. She continued to grind her now soaked pelvis against the still fully clothed blond, trying to make as much friction as possible. When her partner released her breast, she couldn't help but gasp as the cold air stung against the saliva covered nipple, sending a chill down her spine. Taking the blonds face in her hands she looked deep into her eyes, they were full of lust, desire, and love. She was captivated by the emerald orbs. Lips locked again, this time Mei sucked on Yuzu's tongue, nibbled at her lip, as her breasts were continued to be pleasured by the blond.

"Y-Yuzu" Mei managed to spill out between her gasps, stuttering at the overwhelming pleasure she was reeling in at that moment.

"No-not... H-here" It came out as almost a whisper, Mei thought the older girl hadn't heard her as she was pushed back firmer against the door, Mei was positive even if she unwrapped her legs from around the blond's waist, she would still be pinned in place as Yuzu pushed against her so hard. Yuzu continued her advances now sucking on her neck, which she gladly tilted to the side: giving her better access. She squeaked as she felt Yuzu's hands once again clasp the soft skin of her ass before the pressure was gone and she felt light.

The attack on her neck was released moments later, as she heard the raspy breath of the blond.

"I know, don't worry we're going" Yuzu almost growled into Mei's ear before licking the sensitive skin, she felt the legs around her tighten as she continued. Using memory alone to guide them through the newly decorated apartment, she never once ceasing contact with her lover.

Yuzu practically threw Mei down onto the mattress, as she waited for Mei to shuffle back, she watched her girlfriend with an alluring gaze, Mei knew her eyes were full of just as much hunger and desire as Yuzu's were.

"Hurry up" Mei almost commanded to the still staring blond, who snapped out of her daze at the words, immediately stripping out of all her clothes before pouncing over Mei, capturing her soft lips again. This time, however, it was much gentler but firm enough to make Mei gasp at the sudden action.

"As you wish," Yuzu said with a grin, as she left her girlfriend's lips, moving lower, she skilfully unclasping the skinny jeans and dragging them down alongside the drenched panties, revealing the soft pale skin of Mei's long slender legs. Leaving no time for complaining, she dove into the groin of the younger woman, licking all her juices. She had had enough foreplay, she wanted Mei. Yuzu heard Mei gasp at her bold movements but continued without hesitation.

Mei felt as though she couldn't get enough as she ground into her lovers' face, meeting her every time as she felt the warm tongue enter her at a rapid pace. The burning sensation between her legs continued to grow, she soon felt the knot in her stomach become more intense.

"Y-YU-ZU" Mei almost bucked her hips off the bed as she felt her climax grow. Yuzu smiled as she watched the expressions on Meis' face, she could feel her clamping down on her tongue every time she thrust it inside her. She knew she was close, very close. She doubled her efforts and thrust her tongue deep inside, her speed growing every second, as she began to thumb her lover's clit. Yuzu couldn't help but help feel joy as she heard her lover scream out her name as her body convulsed beneath her. She continued her actions as she let Mei ride out her orgasm, licking up all of her lovers' juices before she returned to her side.

She could see Mei's chest heave up and down, her bangs stuck to her forehead as she attempted to regain her composure. Yuzu captured her lips one last time before parting and laying down contently beside her lover.

The lust she had felt, now just pure happiness. Only I can make Mei feel this way. She thought to herself. She felt Mei move beside her and turned on her side to face Mei, her eyes never once wavered as she looked into the amethyst eyes, smiling happily as she began to run her fingers through the dark slick locks.

"Your amazing Mei" she pulled the woman closer until their foreheads met, and began to hum a light tune.

"I think I should be the one saying that" she chuckled as she cupped the blonds face in her hands, knowing she was content with just being held tonight.

"I don't know where you get your confidence from but honestly, it would be great if you had it more often because that was just...Just...Incredible." Mei finished, smiling at Yuzus sudden shocked expression. However, she quickly recovered as she brought her in for a final kiss, before embracing her tightly, Mei's head resting in the crook of her neck.

"Maybe I will," she said seductively into Meis' ear, a small laugh emitted from Mei until the room was plunged into a comfortable silence. The only sound was their soft breathing.

After several moments of silence, Yuzu whispered as she continued to stroke the black strands

"I really am sorry about tonight mei, you know you are the only one that I want," she said sweetly into Mei's ear. She got a small nod from the younger girl before she heard her breathing soften. Yuzu smiled as she caressed Mei in her arms, before drifting off to sleep herself.

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