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22.22% Class S Wish System / Chapter 1: A What?!

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Chapter 1: A What?!

Typical day sun rises in the east and rosters crowing. This was the time when people would get up do work and start a new day.

On the small room where the sunlight penetrate through the room illuminating the whole room. In the bed lies a man with an unkept apperance and was rolling in the bed, clearly annoyed.

The Sun penetrated through his eye lids making it annoying for him. He finally opened his eyes stretched his whole body and yawned. He rubbed both of his eyes and slowly lifting his body with a 90 degree angle and was sitting on the bed. He scratched his back and stood up and was prepared for a new day.

He donned on his suit and was getting ready to leave the house. He look at the small apartment he sighed, because the room he was living in was too small and was only able to fit or accommodate 1 person only. It only had 1 bed, a small bathroom and a kitchen to cock but it was to narrow and it was hard to move around while cooking.

Today he went out because he wanted to find a job and improve his living condition. The man left and went to apply a job in a campany and was always rejected 3 times, because he was not fit or was not up for the standard.

It was already afternoon and the day was almost over. He went to the last company hoping they accept him, he waited for almost 2 hours and finally it was his turn. He stood up and sucked a lot of air and puffed them, then finally pushing the door open and entered.

No one knew what was going on inside the room, only those who were in it knows including those who went in a long time ago. Time was ticking and finally the door was open and the man about to walk out but was called by the interviewers.

"Oh right, Mr. Jack! You must be here early in the morning and not be tardy, because we dont tolerate that kind of action." The interviewer smiled and reminded Jack.

Jack smiled and nodded happily. "Yes! I will not be late on my first day." Jack was happy because he finally found a job and earned some cash, thats why he nodded soo happily. In his mind was "Finally i could earned some money and improve my living condition."

The interviewer nodded and said. "Very well then, you may go." Jack then turned around and left happily.

Jack was soo happy that he could land this job and tomorrow was the day he would finally work his butt off. Jack hummed a tone indication he was in a good mood and didn't take note of his surrounding he just hummed merrily.

Suddenly, when he was walking happily and was crossing the street, there was sunddenly a delivery truck that was speeding through and on the back of the car was cops and was chasing the truck. Clearly the delivery truck was being chased by the police car and was speeding in the road very fast and the people crossing acted very fast ran to the side walk. The people was safe now including Jack, but some people were unfortunate including a little girl who was left behind by her parents.

Very quickly people realized that the little girl was left in the middle of the road and soon would be rammed by the truck, how tragic would that be?

Most people called out to the little girl to run quickly and avoid the truck, but the little girl basically stood still because she was afraid and was frightened that cause her to feel fear and can hardly move.

The people noticed that the little girl was traumatized and was basically stunned on the spot. Most people covered their eyes and was afraid to witness a gruesome scene. Suddenly, someone ran beside the little girl and pushed her aside the truck.

People witnessed the scene when a man with a business suit ran and pushed aside the little girl avoiding a tragic sight. They then saw the man getting flung very far away by the truck, and the chase stll continued.


Suddenly someone shrieked, that cause the people to wake up from their stupor. All of them hurriedly called helped from a nearby hospital, within 30 minutes the ambulance came and hurriedly carried the patient to the hospital.

The man opened up his eyes and saw that he was getting carried by a stretcher and he was losing a lot of blood and he couldnt handle to much blood lost and thus he turned paler and paler, because of the collision between a man and a speeding car his internal organ was bleeding profusely because of the bone fragments.

Suddenly, the patient realized that he was not gonna make it, and thus cried.

"*Sigh*... Is this gonna be the end for me? Am i truly unlucky? I just got a new job and i lost my life after that.... how tragic." That right this man was Jack who was humming happily because he scored a job and never expect that the truck would score also with him, thus ending his life.

Jack slowly closed his eyes and said farewell to his virgin life, thinking about this point he cried again and slowly lost his life.


Once again he opened up his eyes and saw everything black and said. "I truly died... what a short life i lived." Jack sighed and shook his head.

"A pity indeed."

Jack was startled and look around and couldn't see anything and he was puzzled. "Who said that? Come out!"

Suddenly a elderly man who had a long beard appeared and said. "I did."

Jack was stunned and said. "Are you here to pick me up? Or are you giving me two choices which is either to go to hell or heaven?"

The old man laugh and said. "What you said is almost on point, but im not here for that." The old man shook his head.

"Then what is it? Are you saying your giving me a second chance?" Jack said in a perplexed manner.

"Smart! What you said contains the truth and thats why im here." The Old man laughed and said. "Im giving you a second chance! but not to be reincarnated..."

"Huh? then what is it? If your giving me a second chance, I, atleast can get reincarnate again." Jack said.

"Im not here to put you in reincarnation, but asked you to transmigrate your soul to the other world." The old man stroke his beard and said.

"Oh! At world? Is it gonna be a magical world? Or cultivation world? Which world is it?" Jack was happy, because this was his dream to be transported.

"Smart lad, your knowledgeable about these worlds?" The old man said.

"Of course! Who would not know about this kind of things?! If they didnt, im gonna beat the crap of those people." Jack said.

"That's good to hear! but its neither those world, but those two worlds combined!" The old man said.

"Ooh!! That's even better!" Jack said enthusiastically. Who would not wish to go there? Jack was delighted he got the chance to go there.

The old man nodded about his mood and spoke. "But first i need to give you an ability thats gonna help you in that world. What kind of ability do you want?"

Jack was delighted! This was the most people would want when they reincarnate, a special ability that only they can use!

"Really old man? Anything?" Jack said questionally.

"Yes, Anything! But only 1, choice wisely and say what ability you want." The old man spoke proudly.

"Do i have choices or not?" Jack asked.

The old man shook his head and said. "No, you can choose any special ability you want!"

"You promise?" Jack grinned.

"I promise." The old man replied.

"Really really? Anything i wish for?" Jack asked again.

"Thats right! Anything!" The old replied.

Jack was laughing at his mind almost going crazy. He could wish for ability like a system or becoming an immortal instantly or some kind of ability that was super over powered. Actually, Jack already thought of a wish and it was neither of those wishes.

Jack grinned and said. "Then elder, i want Trillions of wishes! Even better infinite wishes!"

The old man was stunned and immediately rejected. "Impossible! Im already here give you only 1 wish and you want more?! Dream on!"

"Old man you lied! You said it yourself that you would grant what i wish for! Where's your credibility in the world?!" Jack acted that he was crying.

"This..." The old man did promise that he would grant any wish he wished for, but the wish of the man in front of him was too much, it was simply ridiculous!

"You can wish for anything, but except increasing your wishes here." The old man said.

"Hmph! Im not trusting you anymore! If i wish for something your just gonna decline again, because you have no credibility!" Jack acted that he was angry.

"You... Fine! Im gonna grant anything you wish for, except for granting you more wishes that you want." The old man spoke angrily and harrumped. The moment the old man spoke of the former Jack was elated, but the moment he heard the latter he was disappointed.

"This is what you said old man, you better not regret it!" Jack said.

"Sure you can trust me." The moment the old man said that he felt a foreboding and he frowned.

"This is what you said! Then i want a Wish system that grants me wishes everyday, not small wishes but supreme wishes!" The moment Jack said this he was grinning from ear to ear. This was simply scumming the old man.

"A What?!" The old man said angrily and almost puked blood, he was about to erupt.


Fallen_Raiji Fallen_Raiji

Im out of inspiration for my old novels and was just wondering a story i want to write, here it is! I was kinda tired writing novels and stopped because i was sick of it. btw i addressed the "Elder" as an "Old man" just because why not? hahahahha im out! Peace!

To Be Continued!

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