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Chapter 6: Is it my time to shine?

After Jack vanished on the spot. He was quickly making his way through in the forest and arrived at his destination. He then stopped a few meters away from the group, he then quietly followed the group.


After quite some time Jack was wondering, what were they doing here? but on the next second he finally knew what they were doing here. Apparently they were searching for a 'Treasure Light' which was in this forest, after he heard that he was laughing internally.

"Pfft... these idiots think they found a soo called 'Treasure light', where will they find these treasure? Hahaha..." Jack was laughing and was mocking them. That 'Dazzling light' that guy saw, was when he first made his wish and broke the restriction. It was simply laughable that he simply couldn't stop.

After following for quite some time he already saw their own faces except for one, which was being blocked but he didn't care about it and ignored her. He saw it was simple a woman, after exaimining for a while the other three women, he assumed that she was the same as them, and thought she was also wearing a make-up and was ugly also, so he didn't care that much.

After observing for some time, he was disappointed. These guys were just normal and so he lost his interest at following them, he shook his was about to leaven. When suddenly he heard the leader shouted. "Stop right there! If you move another step Hmph don't blame me for being impolite!" Jack then turned around in curiosity.

Jack first saw the woman who he couldn't see her face earlier, her back was facing Jack he still couldn't see her face completely. When Jack saw this he still lost his interest and was about to leave yet again but stopped when he heard a cold voice. ""Why should i listen to you?" he paused and saw the woman face for the first time.

When Jack saw the woman, he was captivated by her beauty and her sexy body. When he first saw her, it was like 'Love at first sight' he just stood there stunned and he didn't notice had already made a move, after it was soo close to that beautiful girl did he finally noticed.

He smiled and said. "Is it finally my time to shine?" He then vanished from his original spot and was heading his way in front of the girl.

After he arrived arrived in front of the girl he scoffed and raise his arm and using a little strenght of an Mid Stage Core Formation he then swung his arm at the incoming Fire ball and deflected it.


When the Fire Ball was gonna Yu Shishi, they suddenly saw the Fire Ball going in another direction and hit a nearby tree and was blasted. When they saw that the one who deflected it they were stunned. Oh God! What did they see?

They saw a kid who was taller than most 10 years old kids, and he swung his arm like he was slapping a mosqiuto. They were dumbfounded.

How could a kid deflect a shot from an Elementary Mage spell? It was simply rediculous, and they thought this was a dream.

Yu Shishi felt something a miss and opened her eyes slowly and saw a kid standing infront of her, he was surprised but it only lasted for one second and she regained her composure.

After seeing their surprised and stunned expression, Jack was delighted with himself. He raised his head proudly and said. "You, Why are you bullying a lady here?" Jack pointed at tge leader.

When they heard Jack voice, they woke up from their stupor and becomed more vigilant, they didn't underestimate the kid infront of them. After seeing what the kid can do they now know he was not simple, but the leader was different.

When he heard the kid was looking down on him he was mad, he shouted. "Kid who are you?! Your pretty arrogant here kid, who do you think you are? Do you know who i am?"

Jack expected this kind of reponse and said calmly. "Who i am does not matter to you, and it doesn't matter to me who you are."

The leader harrumped. "Hmph! Kid, you don't know how vast the world is. I'll give one chance, get out of my sight or leave your corpse behind."

When Jack heard it, he laughed mockingly. "Why are you laughing?" The leader shouted.

"Oh! It's nothing. I just remembered a funny line that's all." Jack replied and then said with a glare. "The way i see it, it should be you leaving." When the other five saw his glare they unconsciously stepped back.

"Hmph! Pretty arrogant, remember you did this to youself!" The leader burst out, he then vanished on the spot it was extremely fast for the group of five, but for Jack he saw his movement.

The leader then sent a palm strike powered by Qi and it headed for Jack chest, but Jack calmly dodge from the side and sent a punch in the face that cause the leader to flew black to where group was and landed in front of them.

When they saw the leader coughed out blood and lost conscious, they hurriedly helped the leader up. One woman then shouted. "Do you know who this is?! This man is the Sect guardian only grandson!" They then examined his expression.

But to their disappointment Jack just calmly glared at them and said. "Whoever he is, i don't care. I'm gonna give you a chance, If you don't leave my sight, you can only blame yourself." When they saw his glared they instantly shallowed their curses, they gritted their teeth and hurriedly left with the leader. They left with their tails tucked between their legs. They felt humiliated and they would not let this past.


After the group left. Yu Shishi was in an awkward position. All of this was all started because of her, that's why she felt awkward that she didn't know what to say.

She manage to speak up. "Thank you for saving me..." She expressed her gratitude and continued. "But was that neseccary?"

She felt that she was responsible for this, and that made her a bit guilty.

Jack smile happily as if nothing happened and said. "Pretty sister, it was nothing. You don't have to be guilty about it, it was my own action after all." She was surprised at how fast he changed his mood.

"But still, because of me your not gonna have any peaceful days because of them. I'm sorry." Yu Shishi apologized. Even though she was cold all the time to people, it doesn't mean that she had no emotion.

Jack saw a beautiful girl apologize to him was definitely not what he wanted so he hurriedly replied. "It's nothing really. If your really feeling sorry, then have a date with me." Jack shamlessly said.

When she heard what Jack said, she blushed a little and said. "Hmph! Who would go on a date with you? Your only just 10 or 11 and your already looking for a girl? Shamless!"

Actually Jack might looks like a 10-11 years old, but he kew the true age of this body he does feel awkward. Formerly because he was a 25 years old nobody and now his hitting on a 16 years old teenager on a kids body, this was truly awkward. Jack just shrugged it off.

Jack continued to tease the girl. "Oh, what's this? She's actually blushing. Hey, you know if you blush it makes you even more beautiful, i wonder how you will look when you smile. Maybe even more beautiful now!" Jack giggled. She heard what Jack said it made her more bashful, since she didn't show any emotion towards other's.

After teasing her for awhile they totally forgot about the scene earlier. Jack then asked nicely. "Pretty sister, what's your name? Name is Jack by the way." He then extended his hand.

When Yu Shishi saw this gesture, she was confused. "Yu Shishi." She kept staring at his hand.

"Oh, What a lovely name." Jack smiled. He saw that she kept on staring at his hand, he felt awkward and retracted his arm.

He eased his awkwardness and said. "So... are you heading back?" Jack asked politely.

Yu Shishi nodded. "Yes, I'm going back to the sect... What about you?"

"That's great! Can i follow you along the way?" Jack said.

Yu Shishi was confused and she hesitated, after sometime she then nodded and said. "Sure."

When he heard her agreed, Jack was delighted. "Ok then. Let's go." Yu Shishi nodded and she started walking to the direction where the group came from, Jack then hurriedly caught up.

What happened earlier was totally forgotten.

Fallen_Raiji Fallen_Raiji

Right dudes! I gotta remind you something. There will be new chapter if im in the mood to write something or i have inspiration. It depends. As you may also notice that i changed something, let me remind again. I have no pre-made chapters and im doing this solo, soo.... thats all! My writing skill is only so-so. So sorry in advance if i made any mistakes or anything like that.

Cya! Peace im out!

-To be continued.

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