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Hope's Training - Collin's Otherworld Adventure - Chapter 137 by JuanOrt10410556 full book limited free

Chapter 137: Hope's Training

A few months have passed by since me and Ellena, officially became Husband and Wife, and during that whole time that I've spent been waiting for King Dave to summon me, so that I can be briefed on what exact role I'll be taking in the magic academy, I have been training hope in my physical training sessions.

After jogging for about an hour Hope asks hesitantly.

"dad, can I ask you something?"

I respond.

"yeah, of course you can ask me anything."

she then says.

"I had a weird dream last night."

I ask, like a concerned father.

"oh, was it a nightmare?"

she shakes her head.

"no, it was something else."

I gently put both of my hands on her shoulders and say.

"well whatever it is, I'm all ears."

she sighs and says.

"I was in a dark place, where I couldn't see even if I placed my hands in front of me."

I reply.

"I can see why something like that, can be weird."

she replies.

"but that was not the weird part of my dream though."

I ask.

"then what was it?"

she nervously plays around with her hair and replies.

"a silver wolf, appeared before me and told me about some awakened power."

I then ask myself.

"so Hope was born with the werewolf's blood, because of me?"

I then ask her.

"did the wolf mention, what kind of power you unlocked?"

she replies.

"don't worry about it, it was just a strange dream."

I gently pat her on the head and say with a proud smile.

"no, it wasn't just a dream pumpkin."

she asks with confusion in her voice.

"what are you talking about dad?"

I respond, feeling a sense of overwhelming pride within myself.

"the wolf appearing before you in your dreams, is a good sign, that your innate powers are unlocking."

she asks curiously.

"I don't think that is normal dad, because individuals can only learn through spell books, or spells that are passed down, through bloodlines."

I sigh and ask.

"has your mother ever told you, what I am?"

she nods.

"yes, she has told me that you are human."

I then think to myself.

"I guess Ellena has kept my identity of me being a werewolf from her."

I reply.

"that's sort of true."

she tilts her head to the side and asks.

"what do you mean dad?"

I respond.

"it is true, that I was born human, but due to certain circumstances, I became a werewolf and because of that, you have inherited the werewolf's blood that I carry."

she then asks.

"does that mean, you have also seen the same silver wolf in your dreams?"

I nod.

"yeah, the silver wolf, has visited me in my dreams a few times already."

I then asks her.

"what was the power that wolf told you about."

she replies.

"I think the wolf called it, silver eyes."

I smile and chant.

"silver eyes."

I then ask her.

"was it something like this?"

she stares at the color of my eyes in awe and asks.

"can I do this too?"

I answer.

"yeah, go ahead and try it."

she asks.

"should I just chant, silver eyes?"

I respond.

"try concentration all of your mana, and then chant it."

Hope takes a couple of steps away from me and

breathes in and out a few times before chanting.

"silver eyes."

Hope's beautiful green eyes, suddenly change into silver, I then find myself, staring in awe, she then asks, as she moves her arms and legs around.

"am I supposed to feel light, when I'm doing this?"

I nod.

"yes, it's because silver eyes, heightens your physical strength, beyond its normal limits."

after hearing that, Hope immediately start running circles, at an incredible speed, she then stops and laughs with excitement.

"this power is awesome dad."

she gets out of her silver eyes form and yawns.

"it really drains a lot mana though."

I grab a mana potion out of my pouch and hand it to her.

"drink up, because I'm going to teach you some spells that can't be learned through spell books."

she gets excited.


I nod.

"sure, I don't see why not."

she replies.

"okay, dad, I'm ready to learn."

I respond.

"alright, first things first let us start by using magic barrier."

she nods and chants.

"magic barrier."

the familiar huge circular green shield that I used to use for defense, suddenly appears all around her, she stares at it amazed and asks with curiosity.

"what is this?"

I answer.

"it's a defensive shield that will protect from projectile spell. well at least until it reaches the threshold of how much damage it can take and then it will break."

she replies with such a one simple word.


she then asks eagerly.

"what's next?"

I reply.

"alright for this next one, aim with your palm and chant, triple fire shot."

she points up at the sky and chants.

"triple fire shot."

three fireballs come shooting out of her palm, and fly straight through the clouds, she the n says with a smile.

"it s so cool that I have many spells at my disposal, without even reading a single spell book."

I ask curiously.

"what else do you know?"

she answers.

"my wings and paralyses."

I then think to myself.

"I guess paralyses magic is part of Ellena's bloodline, that was passed down to Hope."

Hope interrupts my thoughts.

"is there any more spells that I need to know." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-otherworld-adventure_14202078705622905/hope&apos;s-training_48302346366674558">;s-otherworld-adventure_14202078705622905/hope&apos;s-training_48302346366674558</a> for visiting.

I respond.

"ah, yes, go ahead and chant mana shift."

she takes a moment to focus, but then I interrupt her by saying.

"oh and makes sure, to focus on multiple places, because, mana signatures are going to be sent on those spots."

she nods and then chants.

"mana shift."

she looks at the locations she sent the mana signatures and asks disappointed.

"is that it?"

I answer.

"don't worry, once you become stronger that spell will evolve."

she asks.


I smile.

"here I'll show."

I walk around twenty feet away from her and then chant.

"mana shift."

sending multiple mana signatures around her, I follow up by focusing on the one next to her and chant.


I catch her off guard, as I instantly move right next to her, she looks at me with such an amazed expression and asks.

"so if I get stronger, I'll be able to do that too?"

I nod.

"yeah, of course you will."

I then place my hand on her shoulder and say.

"now let's head back home, before your mother gets mad at us for training for too long."

she grabs my hand and says with a smile.

"Olay, but you have to promise that you will keep on training me, before you leave to become an instructor for the magic academy."

I kiss on the cheek and reply.

"I promise."

I then shout.

"Celeste, me and Hope are done for the day!"

Celeste comes out of hiding and says, while coming towards us.

"alright, then I'll get you home quick, before your wife starts worrying."

as she opens a portal, I say to her.

"thank for doing this."

she smiles.

"anything for a close friend of mine."

I respond.

"speaking about being close friends. can I ask you something?"

she replies.

"yeah what is it?"

I answer.

"when I leave, for the magic academy, can you oversee Hope's training?"

she replies.

"I don't know."

Hope interrupts with excitement.

"yes, I would love to train with Auntie Celeste."

Celeste, then replies.

"yes, I will personally oversee her training."

Hope the sings to herself, filled with joy.

"training with Auntie Cel."

I then whisper to Celeste.

"thank you."

Celeste blushes and mumbles to herself.

"it's no problem at all, so you don't have to thank me."

I smile.


after Celeste's portal appear in front of us. we step inside and return back home.

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