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Chapter 2: A Tragic Tale of a Girl

Title: A Tragic Tale of a Girl – That Stifling Feeling

Genre: Tragic

One Shot:

In a world filled with diverse intelligent species and dangers lived a little girl who is said to detest all men. Calling her spawn of a devil is not an exaggeration but rather an understatement.

This girl is a human herself but she greatly execrate her own race and have done a lot of things that greatly damaged them. This girl alone was the reason why the mighty and flourishing race of human has dwindle to a sorry state.

The girl was a sinner, clad with a dark aura.

She lived a lonely life which was full of hopeless and sorrowful cries. And even after what she have done, she was still unsatisfied and decided that she would not leave a single human in the surface of the world.

Thus she continued her journey of ever flowing blood with every creatures loathing but at the same time fearing her.

During that time, she was called in various names…

Crimson murderer, Scarlet sinner, Red devil…

The Forsaken Ruby.

Then, when the time came when she killed every human in the world, she still felt unsatisfied for the forms of human still lives on so she decided to kill every humanoid creatures there was on the world.

Thus, while trembling in fear, each humanoid species united after learning that the eradicator of humans was after their deaths.

The Dwarves crafted tools and weapons, the elves distributed their wondrous potions, the fairies gave everyone their blessings and even the mer-people left their homes to increase the man-power at the lands.

Yet, even after all of these, the alliance of the humanoid species was fully decapitated and they could only succumb to their extinction.

The girl, who eradicated all humanoid creature, was still feeling that stifling dissatisfaction so she started to destroy everything that the human and humanoid creature have made. She demolished cities and burned every village.

She have done everything to satisfy that feeling but all of it was still futile, then, she realized one thing and decided that she needed to kill everything that had intelligence, but after doing so, she still felt that feeling thus she killed everything that can see, but it was still the same.

Then she killed everything that can hear, then everything than can smell and even anything that can feel.

The world has become a mess, a very big mess.

When that time came that everything was gone, the girl then thought that there was a much simpler solution to achieve what she truly wants.

A solution that was more efficient and time bounded.

A solution that was more peaceful and less tiring.

A solution that was so simple yet hard at the same time.

If she just killed herself, then wouldn't she suffer from that stifling feeling? If she just ended her life, then wouldn't she stop suffering from those staring eyes?

From those pesky noises? From those irksome presence?

But then, when did she start feeling those feeling? Those feelings that feels so stifling to feel?

Was it just after she was born or was it even before that?

Maybe it was after she was seen by many, but was that really it?

Even she herself doesn't know but surely deep in her mind it is seen, that scenery of crimson liquid flowing from a gruesome hole by the chest of a lovely golden haired madam, that scenery filled with scarlet fire eating away the chopped flesh and guts of a warm and gentle looking lord, and that scenery of a girl covered in ruby red blood staring at a mirror in her front.

Was this the start? No, but it can be called the prelude though.

It truly started at that time when she felt that she had done wrong. At that time when everyone had also wronged her.

They hoped for revenge, and after it, she hoped for revenge.

It was the typical cycle of vengeance. You hurt me, I hurt you, because I hurt you back, you hurt me again.

Later it turned to, you kill, I kill, you kill again, then also will I.

After killing all of those in her opposition, she thought that everything was finally over until the cycle was once again repeated after she was betrayed by her own people.

She was deeply hurt after she was betrayed but because she still had others with her, she thought that it was fine.

Yes, it was all fine before everyone abandon her.

Why did everyone leave her? She was good to them, she loved them very, very much, but then why?

Even after all this time she still don't know.

After she was left alone, many started to come after her life using all possible ways. Some came directly to chop her up with a sword, some put poisons on her food, while some would despicably befriend her to trick her to her death.

Every time it happened she would always be covered in red.

Because what would she do if someone comes to hack her to death? Just stand still and wait for her demise? What about if someone let her eat something obviously bad to her health? Would she obediently spew out foam from her mouth and shake like an epilepsy patient suffering from a seizure? Moreover, what if after trusting someone to the point of seeing that person as your family, you'll just found out that that someone is always planning for your end? Wouldn't you be so angry that you'll just want to kill them?

Thus, she acquired those flashy red name. Crimson, scarlet, ruby, red…

By that time, she was already fed up with everything, wondering if the people will call her in a name with a 'pink' on it.

She had a loose morality toward death and killing but it doesn't mean that she like doing those stuff.

It was just that feeling that she felt all day long was so stifling, like a rope that was tightening on her neck or maybe like her whole body was submerged in water, her lungs crushed by the water pressure.

Then, what was that feeling?

It was a feeling that would worsen when she feels that someone was looking at her.

A feeling that would ignite when she meet someone who knows who she was.

A very heart wrecking feeling that would just crumple her red fist size organ whenever she knows that anyone or anything can learn who she is…

Can learn on what she had done.

But now, back to her present situation, back to the time when she had successfully eradicated anyone and anything that could know her, that suffocating feeling that strangles her heart was still there.

It didn't lessen but instead, after the accumulation of time, grew.

Like a tiny bud that grew into a long and sturdy vine that creeps along her body, with its vicious thorns prickling her as it grows.

When was this bud planted? The death of her lovely mother and warm father wasn't the start but the prelude. The beginning was just shortly after that when she stabbed herself, wasting all of the sacrifices that her family had done to save her life.

At that time, everyone she knew, loved and cared was already dead so why would she even bother living in this lonely world so she stabbed herself on her chest, successfully putting a hole in her heart with the knife that was used to kill everyone whom she spent her life. Yet, instead of death what welcomed her was a never ending life filled with misunderstanding and pain.

She turned into an undead. Maybe it was a curse of the knife or maybe it was the will of her family who was slayed by it.

But still, what awaited her was everyone's hate and fears. They all thought that she killed her whole household so that se can obtain immortality.

At first it wasn't that bad but after everyone around her died one by one due to the ultimate prowess of time, while she remained as her little self, she was left alone, lonely and feeling betrayed as they died while she still lives. Many wanted to learn what she did to obtain what she had thus hordes of people came after her.

Later, everything was twisted and she was turned into a wicked person who was a spawn of a devil.

She didn't want to kill but she was forced to do so. She didn't want to slay but she had to. She just wanted to fulfil what her family wanted her to fulfil: to live a long and happy life.

But not even a day has passed after being told by this, she had already broken it and now this was her punishment.

That tiny bud of guilt due to defying her parents will grew as the fate forced her to kill.

This vine that is now currently covering her from head to toe was like a viper tightly coiled around her, biting her at every second.

Those looks, noise… The presence of other sparks this guilt.

This guilt that is so stifling.

But now that everyone is gone, it was still there.

It doesn't sparks, ignite, or worsen, but it stays right their, never leaving, never disappearing.

Meralalala Meralalala

Hi! The MC didn’t die, but still, it’s tragic isn’t it?

So this is the first tragic tale that I wrote (except for the tragic fanfics) and this have gone under a huge revision in the past four years, the first one that was posted was the third one I wrote, and it is also my personal favorite.

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