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Compilation of Tragic Tales

Author: Meralalala

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Chapter 1: Tragic Tale of a Family

Title: Tragic Tale of a Family - The Kind Devil's Contract

Genre: Tragedy


Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom lived a princess that was not blessed with the usual beauty that each royalties posses.

Since childhood, she was ignored by her parents, the king and queen, she was bullied by her siblings and even the servants disrespected her.

This princess was disregarded by everyone except for a single boy.

This boy that was a child of an average noble was the only person the princess trusted for it was him alone who had cared for her.

There was that one day, when the princess was 9 and the noble's son was 12, when the boy had promised:

"I promise that I'll be with you forever, even after death."

"But aren't promises meant to be broken?" The princess asked and hearing this, the boy thought for a moment the answered...

"Then I swore to the God's name that I'll never leave you and even death would not tear us apart!"

After that certain day, the house of the boy sent a marriage proposal to the palace and unsurprisingly, the unfavorable princess was engaged to an average unknown noble who wasn't even the heir of the family.

Everyday, the two engaged fellows would meet and talk about things in their future. Their future house, the number of their children and about the names of their grandchildren.

The two lived a pleasant life, waiting for the year when they are eligible to be wed but unfortunately, things didn't go the way they expected.

As years passed by, the disregarded princess' beauty arose. A lustrous platinum blond hair, an emerald like eyes, a skin as fair as pearl and a perfect body that no one can rival, yes, this was possessed by the princess who was ignored and bullied by her family. This was the princess that only a single person has cared for. This was the princess that was scorned due to her once plain appearance.

People may think that the princess and her fiancé would be joyful about this turn of events but they are wrong. Tremendously at that.

When the princess was about to turn 18, the king revoked the engagement between her and the noble's son reasoning that the lad was not good enough for her.

On the day that was supposed to be the wedding day of the princess and her beloved, the two eloped and hid at a faraway unknown island.

This two runaways have wedded and gave birth to a pair of daughter and son. This family of four lived happily until the kingdom's soldiers found them making the family live a life of no permanent address.

After years of running, the family found themselves in a well hidden village that was full of harmless devil and seraphim.

All villagers cared for them, yes, even the devils, and in there, the family lived a life free of worries until the kingdom's soldiers have found them again.

Trapped with nowhere to go, the noble's son decided to make a contract with a devil to acquire the ability to slaughter his family's pursuers with the exchange of his sanity.

Driven by insanity, he ended up killing every being that could be killed... Even his beloved wife. It was all thanks to the benevolent devils and seraphim that the twin children survived.

While the father of the twins continued his journey of slaughter, his children grew up while training to be strong in order to take revenge for their mother's death not knowing that the receiver of their hatred was their own father.

Time passed by and the kingdom from where this story started was destroyed due to single man and now, atop the mountains of corpse was three silhouette. A man in his prime, a lad with burning bloodshot eyes and a lass whose chest was punctured by a sword.

"I agree." The lad murmured with hatred in his tone and then tremendous strength and vitality entered his body while sanity slowly faded from his eyes.

On the side, the dying lass was using her remaining breath in wailing and shouting "Don't fall for the devil's temptation!" while continuously vomiting blood but soon, not even a breath was heard.

The lad completely ignored the silent and cold body of the lass and ran, or more like flew toward the man and then the two fought using nothing but their own fist.

From a far away place, a lady with six shining wings on her back let out a sigh while the man with a pair of horn on his forehead pursed his lips.

"Ahh, and here I thought that you will change."

"I have changed! I gave the man the ability to slaughter his family's pursuers and gave monstrous strength and vitality to lad for him to take revenge for the death of his mother and now also his sister! What's more? I gave this without asking for their soul!"

"Yes, yes. You have changed, you became better at making lives more miserable."

"You shudup! I was very generous about the contracts I made with this two! It was stated in the contract that after they achieve what they want to achieve, then their sanity will return!"

Hearing this, the lady's eyes widen and exactly at this time, the lad's right arm was clutching the man's hearth.

Sanity returned to the lad's eyes and in front of him, he saw tears flowing from the man's eyes and saw the man's lips moved to form a word, a word with a single syllable.

As the lad continued to stare at the man's face, he slowly felt that he was staring at a mirror, a magic mirror that shows you your future appearance. He suddenly thought of what the man wanted to say using his last breath.

Die? Kill? Blood?

No, he knew the truth but cannot simply believe it.

The lad suddenly thought of what his sister that was now with a sword in her chest once told him... "Why must you keep on thinking about revenge? Our mother would be sad if she knew that you were wasting your time for something useless. Father will surely return soon, why don't we just wait for him?"

If only he listened to his sister, wouldn't they meet their father?

If he didn't insist of killing their mother's murderer, then his sister wouldn't die right?

With these questions whirling in his mind, the lips of the lad moved the in the same way as the man but the difference is that a sound was emitted...

"Son." This was what he said.

With this, the lad suddenly thought that he was unfilial, as unfilial as the most unfilial child there is in the world.

"Really, I was sincerely trying to help that family!" The man with a pair of horns on his forehead exclaimed as he saw the corpse of the man, lad and lass.

"It seems that no matter what you do, it will all result to misfortune and despair. If you truly want to do good things, then it is better for you not to do anything at all." The six winged lady retorted as she glared at the man.

"Humph! And here I was planning on burying their corpse next to that princess' grave." The man mumbled and the lady sighed.

"At least doing that can be considered a good deed."

Meralalala Meralalala

Hello! I really like tragic stories and I have been writing one-shots ever since I started junior high though I could only complete almost only one every year. I only have four of them on stock and I will publish them in 12 hours interval and after that, the updates will go by one story every two months. Just think that in a year, I'll be posting six stories, and if I live a long life, then this compilation would surely at least have a hundred+ chapters before my demise right?

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