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25% Complicated Creatures of Chaos / Chapter 4: Lock Axe and Owen Coal

Lock Axe and Owen Coal - Complicated Creatures of Chaos - Chapter 4 by Main_Island full book limited free

Chapter 4: Lock Axe and Owen Coal

Harold looked upwards and saw a towering old man who boasted a height of at least 6"10 or 6"11 and a figure belonging to that of a body builder.

Harold knew he was supposed to strike already but he held back his fists as something in his subconscious was wrong!

It was not like he had turned chicken but...

He stared blankly at the old man's feet in confusion…

'Owen…? Why do I know his name already?' He felt a strange emotion of familiarity to the old man he can't comprehend. A kind of familiarity that by some very sharp gut or instinct, he can't ever doubt itself…

He can't help but ask, 'Is this one of the people who abducted me?'

His mind instantly fell into shambles, strange memories of him living as someone else welled up in his mind like a movie, and at the same time, he felt like he was only recalling past experience as a concoctor of doubt and certainty clashed in his heart...

'Lock Axe…? me…?

Lock Axe was an orphan who had just turned fourteen on the month of February. He was currently a third-year student studying in a wizard academy. His magic progress was stagnant and even after three years, he remained at the lowest wizard rank: F-Tier…

Then there was the old man who had woken him, Lock's guardian. Owen Coal, this towering old man was the owner of the orphanage who had retired as a Human Council agent due to the decision to build an orphanage and become the Headmaster of the only wizard academy in a new territory after discovering the native's lack of conducive living standards...

At that moment, when Harold saw the face of the old man, he felt like the fragments of memories that already invaded his mind seemed to be real which made no sense at the current moment at all…

He faced Owen who seemed to be smirking with an annoyed expression. He raised his palms in the air and a small flaming magic circle quickly formed danced about as a small will o wisp started to form wildly.

'...A wizard?' Harold remembered how he was outdone by a wizard, igniting a torch of flame in his heart. 'This strange feeling must be because of some magic…how disgusting!'

Seeing this, Lock felt betrayed!

What was wrong with the Headmaster of a wizard academy being a wizard? Harold, of course, clearly knew Owen was a wizard. He was an S-Tier wizard to boot…

But who knew if everything happening was actually just an act right at this very moment? It was more logical to believe this was some trick or an effect of some spell or something…

He violently lifted himself using his hands. It was instinctive but his mind was clear on something, no matter how seemingly realistic, he can't believe something right in the spot. He had been kidnapped and he thought he had died! But he was actually still alive and an enemy now showed its face.

Something erupted in Harold and such swept his other thoughts as his more believable and truly genuine memories can still vividly remember how a wizard had taken him. Now wasn't this old man a wizard?

Harold didn't do enough rationalization and he was pessimistic about waiting for the man to attack when he himself could quickly start the fight...

What happened next was not in the wildest of imaginations of the Old Man!

To Owen, Lock suddenly switched to fighting mode and thrown out a punch aiming at him, but it wasn't your regular punch. It contained the precise angle and right amount of force—a showing of outstanding specs of a regular attack that was supposed to be honed from some sort of habitual training and fighting talent…

Seeing the approaching punch in slow motion, Owen could not believe it, his expression astonished.

When did he get to have a decent form?

It was only a flash of thought, before he calmly deflected Lock's attack with his left palm. Slam! At the same time, the will o' wisp vanished from his right palm which he only casted to permanently wake the kid up…

The punch was blocked clean. To an ignorant bystander, it looked like a baby punch sucked to the control of his daddy but,

But in reality, in order to execute such a show, Lock must had possessed an outstanding feel of his own body enabling himself to display a kind of physical coordination like he just did…

'Quite good...' Owen could tell a lot of Lock's power erupted though that fist alone.

However, he hadn't expected it, his eyes quickly realized the realness of the absurdness of the situation. Lock was yet to stop as he actually had the ability to take advantage of his body's momentum.

To Owen, the boy seemed to have grown and learned a few useful crafts. Where did he learn such fighting abilities? Was he training secretly all these years?

Unfortunately, he was in no mood to play as he had a busy schedule for today… Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He decided that, for now, his questions were better left to be answered when he actually had time to spare for a good quality conversation...

Owen's eyes narrowed and his expression turned serious like a hawk in a hunt.

Towering, Owen stood in front of him unfazed, like a dangerous statue in dungeons unmoved, his eyes quietly observing the next moment of attack. Based on the boy's movements…

Harold didn't care as he sent a kick, and his emerald eyes fiercely glinted in a slit.

Like the old man expected, he carried the momentum of his previous attack to his next one, as he had accurately positioned himself properly before he launched a roundhouse kick aiming at his massive biceps. Slam!

When the boy's right leg was at full throttle, he quickly grabbed the boy's ankle with his large palm before he casually slammed the inferior little body to the floor—right at where his vomit had remained untouched. Slam! It was as if a troll had swung a goblin to the floor.

"My God. You're getting uncontrollable." Owen immediately commented.

In his new body, Harold inelegantly sat blankly against the dirty floor. 'I'm really no good?' He thought as he felt strangely powerless, shocked as he just concluded that there was a massive drop in his physical strength.

'Where did my strength go...?Had it been sealed by magic?'

'My back hurts…'

But it didn't take long for Harold to feel the physical pain, as, a mental crutch suddenly started to form. An instant passed and his alertness, fear, anger, and adrenaline were already all swept away into a corner of his mind.

'What the…!' When he slowly realized his hair was black and long and his hands...the slightly bigger palms and thicker wrists, he felt like tears were about to burst...

He involuntarily swallowed down his saliva asking himself the 'obvious'.

'Whose hand was this?'

'Could it'd be?'

Right then, as the frenzied teenager stared at his seemingly familiar surroundings, it felt like his vision was cleared for good. His eyes involuntarily followed to look...

...onto the two beds, two study tables, empty bottles of alcohol, and then at the huge old man...

"You finally sobered up?" Owen asked but Harold didn't hear anything but muzzy sounds as a moment of contemplation entrapped him.

This time, it was from his past life…

Not exactly a memory fragment, but a thought flashed in his mind, ultimately taking him back to his last memories as Harold: the Third Prince of Letters Kingdom.

Death! The idea of death rang loudly in his mind without any notice.

He was dead, right?

When he lost consciousness for losing against the young assassin who was able to enter his royal chamber, they probably killed him...

It was the most logical and realistic scenario. Before his Awakening ceremony that was about to happen a few minutes from then, killing him was the best choice. That way, he, the threat would cease to exist. Took him? Obviously not! If he was to still live, wouldn't that put those who plotted of his assassination in the category of stupid? It was as if a criminal admitted to his crime.

'Of course I died…'

'Never thought I would actually live again…yet in another body.'

"Lock? You even fight me now?" Owen's face turned seriously disappointed.

As soon as he heard Owen's words, he was able to remember more. As if a muddy water has gone clear as crystal. Like a dirty mirror window had finally been splashed with water.

'I'm really in an another body. Really?' Despite knowing he was asking the obvious, he can't help but think of the chances of this happening and he can't begin to imagine the future…

The memories already poured all over his brain so he can only inspect it…

'What the heck!' he exclaimed inwardly as the moment of realization of where he actually was kind of impossible that he felt he was smite with thunder!

"Clean yourself up and get ready to put on your uniform. If you still want to become a mercenary, go to the hall. You can't stay here forever. You finally graduated so you should also go home. It's your choice."

He heard Owen talking about something in the background but his own rapid heartbeats, huffing cycle of inhales and exhales were much louder in his ears.

He was shocked as his eyes widened and the astonishment he felt were enough to make all the negative emotions vanish in a flood of a variety of emotions.

'I'm in the Borderlands of all places…?' he thought shocked.

Harold had been reincarnated not in an another world or another time period, but only to a certain place…

Owen noticed his facial expression and he thought it appeared like his words and efforts went through him.

"If you don't want to…" Old man Owen did not finish his words and sighed as Harold suddenly glanced at him before immediately turning his gaze away only to strangely stare at his palms.


Harold heard Owen repeating his sigh, sounding tired when it was still morning…

Harold was well-aware of what the old man was talking about.

Like any world, the world of Argon was not kind at all. And the strong old man was getting older.

Due to Lock being tested to have aptitude for magic, Owen, who was both the guardian and the Headmaster of the wizard academy always felt it right to invest in his children's futures. Therefore, if it was within his financial capability, he always insisted on sending every kid to an educational institution.

For those with magic, they were sent to the Wizard Academy.

As for those who were not, they attended an ordinary school. In any case, having some education at a young age will not fail to become of value for them.

Anyway. Lock Axe. In the last three years, he was a student of the Wizard Academy, and was now going to graduate. Yes, at this very moment.

However, Harold wasn't really shocked about that.

It was where he was.



If there was a place in the world where monsters live like ants, never ceasing to become extinct and increasingly reproducing for better or for worse, he wouldn't hesitate to answer that such a question had an answer called the 'Borderlands'.

Main_Island Main_Island

Please comment if you were to notice a grammatical error. I would fix it.

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