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6.77% Conan Casanova (+18) These woman are mine / Chapter 2: Chapter 1: Ending up in a manga as a seven year old

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Chapter 2: Chapter 1: Ending up in a manga as a seven year old

On the way to the first aid station, Giacomo decides to test his hypothesis of inhabiting the body the boy's favorite person Conan Edogawa aka Shinichi Kudo. Remembering the first chapter clearly he decides to act according to how Conan had acted.

So now half an hour since arriving at the station Giacomo is about to give up on acting like Conan and shouts. ''How many times do I have to tell you?!... I saw it all a guy smuggling guns and another blackmailing him!! But his accomplice found me... That's when I got whacked from behind!''

Knowing that he is just following the manga this situation is just too much for the old man. -I thought just having a shrunk body and turning into a little kid was bad, but having the mind of a 73-year-old is many times worse than having a 16-17-year-old mind.-

Laughing to his words the nice police officer says. ''Now, now little boy... you have watched too many cop shows!!''

''I am not a little boy!! I am a junior in high school!!'' Giacomo says causing all present officers to laugh out loud.

-Ok. Everything develops exactly as in the boy's drawings. The only problem is, that up till now despite everything being exactly the same it could all be pure coincidental.- He thinks to rub his head while looking in the mirror to check his appearance. This new body has dark brown hair which mostly hangs downwards just above his blue eyes, but there are also a few strands that stick up at the front and back of his head. -That guy must be a looker when grown up. Problem this all could still be purely coincidental.- Thinking that he hears two officers talk to each other. ''Well then... for now all we can do is to is contact the station and leave him in the custody of the police daycare center...'' Says one man, before turning around and telling Giacomo. ''C'Mon, kiddo. We are going to take you to a fun place...''

Following the plot of the manga, Giacomo is already gone. Having avoided the police dogs and run down a barely light street he is already out of breath, cursing the guy Gin, the poison named APTX 4869 and this whole situation of reincarnating into this strange but familiar world. Standing in the street it starts raining. -Fuck all everything. I want my old live back.- He thinks suddenly hearing the familiar sound of a bus. Thinking that he will not die like the boy he narrowly avoids out of sheer luck the vehicle.

Falling onto the asphalt he hears the driver shout: ''Idiot!! What are you doing in the middle of the street?!''

Ignoring the driver's angry antics Giacomo moves down the streets of this strange city until he reaches a house with a strong iron gate. Reading the nameplate he comes to a sudden stop. -Kudo. Isn't this the name of this body's true identity?-

Thinking about it and remembering the plot he decides to one and for all test his theory ending up in the manga as a seven-year-old. Waiting five minutes nothing happens. Getting up an wanting to continue walking down the street, it truly happens.

A huge explosion happens next door and an elderly looking exactly like Shinichi's neighbor Hiroshi Agasa, known in the manga as Professor Agasa. -No way I am really inside this manga?!-

Diverting from the manga Giacomo says. ''It's me, Shinichi Kudo, you are Professor Agasa, 52 years old, a mad inventor, self-proclaimed genius and you have a mole with a hair grow on your butt...''

Before he can further elaborate on his argument old man interrupts him by saying: ''You must be a friend of that asshead Shinichi. How dare he tell others about my secrets!''

''Shut up old man and be convinced...'' Says Giacomo once again following the plots to perfection. Before long the old man is fully convinced.

''Grasp! Shinichi! You really are Shinichi!'' The old man says with sparkling eyes as if seeing a beautiful woman naked.

Snorting Giacomo now fully convinced that he is inside a manga says: ''Didn't I tell you already? Didn't you listen?''

Ushering him into his house Agasa explain: ''I still can't believe it. But first let's go into your house and you can tell me all about it...''

Having told the old man the details Conan or Shinichi would have known up to this point Giacomo has found himself some fitting clothes. Instead of Conan's usual outfit consisting of a blue suit jacket with a single button and a pair of shorts, red trainers and white socks, Giacomo goes for a blue suit, a pair of leather shoes and a red handkerchief forgoing anything limiting his breathing.

Now fully dressed in clothing he approves of Giacoma tells the Professor. ''Now Professor. You have to make an antidote to get a grown ups body for me.''

''Don't be foolish I need to know the composition of the original substance,'' Agasa explains, making the reincarnated old man think about his future. -Do I want to follow the manga?- Remembering the long convoluted plot he comes to the firm decision. -No, definitely not. It takes Conan way to much time just to get the girl and I don't want to see so many people die.-

Before he can continue this conversation he hears the front door open and a girlish/womanly voice can be heard. ''... You could at least answer the phone if you are home... You even left the door unlocked.''

-Ran?! Thinking about getting the girl. Here she is!- Thinks Giacomo hearing Agasa just like in the manga say. ''Oh, no! Quick hide... Listen to me your true identity has to be our secret!''

''Fuck that!'' Giacomo tells the old man, just when Ran Mouri is entering the library hearing her say. ''Oh, hello Dr. Agasa...''

''Hello there Ran...'' Agasa says desperately trying to hide Giacomo behind him but failing.

''... Who is that?'' Ran says instantly catching the heart of the 73-year-old womanizer from the 18th century with her honest and straight forward personality.

Losing the ability to think straight Giacomo says stuttering for the first time since puberty when addressing the opposite gender: ''Casanova... Ahm,... Conan Casanova.''

''Oh?! You are a friend of Shinichi? A relative? You look an awful lot like him when he was your age.'' Ran says inquisitively looking at Giacomo.

''Yes, yes a relative.'' Confirms Agasa feverishly nodding his head.

-Fuck it. In for a penny in for a pound as the English say it.- Thinks Giacomo confessing to Ran. ''Sorry for lying to you it's me Shinichi. I am sorry for lying. It's a long story, so please sit down and listen...''

Half an hour goes by without Ran saying a word and Giacomo retelling the events before and since his awakening, only omitting his soul being from the 18th century and the knowledge obtained from one boy's obsession with a certain manga.

''... Ran? Please say something?'' Asks Giacomo seeing the girls dazed expression. -Shit, I most likely break her. I just had to deviate from the plot to much.- He curses himself when he suddenly hears Ran crying.

''So it wasn't because we didn't kiss before and you thought I rejected you?'' Ran says, fully convinced that Giacomo is the shrunk Shinichi and still loving him.

''You reject me?! If you did that that would have meant that I didn't work hard enough to convince you to keep me.'' Giacomo says letting his Italian temperament come through.

''Hahaha... Are you sure that you are Shinichi? You never were that bold before.'' Ran says laughing at him while wiping away her tears.

''Well getting shrunk by an evil organization changed my perspective on life in general,'' Giacomo says looking deep into Rans' eyes, getting close to her.

Without Ran, a romantic atmosphere is created between them. Seeing an inappropriate relationship grow between a seven-year-old and sixteen-year-old Agasa who is still present humps breaking up the flowery atmosphere.

-Dam you old man for disturbing my first seduction in this life!- Giacomo thinks fully ignoring the fact, that before his body hitting puberty he would stay incapable in plucking Ran.

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